The Twilight Saga

How would Twiligt have been when Edward is the human and Bella is the vampire. Twilight twisted gives Twisted Light.

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Chapter 1
So this is it. I was enjoying the sun on my skin. I had no idea how long I would have to do without. I heard my mom calling and returned home. No ... this wouldn't be home anymore once I've gotten on my way to Forks. My sweet sweet mom finally had a major succes with her last childrens book. So she and Phil would be on the road, to promote her next book. Although I was really happy for her, I was worried. Would Phil take care for her like I had done.

"Edward come on. You'll miss your plane!"

I started running back, running towards my new home. My dad, Charlie, had sounded really happy when mom had asked him if I could come life with him. And during that short phonecall she never took her eyes off my face. Wondering if I really was shure off my decision to ban myself to cloudy, rainy Forks.

"Come on Edward. Renee get into the car please. We really have to leave now."

Before getting in the car I looked around one more time. I would miss Phoenix, my mom and my safe haven. After I got in my mom started talking. About the plans she had in her head for the school holidays, Christmas and more like that. Planning my days I would spend with her and Phil. I smiled and just listened, and nodded here and there. When we arrived at the airport, we had to run. A quick hugh for Phil and loats off hughs and kisses off my mom. I hughed her back and gave her a kiss on the cheeck, I tasted the tears.

"You've got your lap with you, so you've got no excuse not to let me know when you've arrived. Say hello to your dad from me. ... I'll miss you Edward." "I'll miss you to mom. But if you don't let me go I'll miss my plane."

I kissed her once more on her forehead and waved.

Chapter 2
Charlie was waiting for me at the gate. When I walked towards the car I felt the rain and saw the grey clouds. I signed. And then i saw the car, off course it was his surveillance car. I signed again before I got in and we drove off to Forks. This car was the reason I made my mom asking Charlie to look out for a car. And she had teased me with it.

"Edward I'm really glad that you're her and I hope that you'll like Forks."

I looked and Charlie and smiled. Forks ... there was the most rain, the most cloudy days and as a result off that the least days with sunshine. And once we entered the woods around Forks there was this overwhelming green. Trees, rocks, ... everything was covered with a green layer. I was missing Phoenix already.

"Edward, I have bought a car. It's a silver Volvo. I bought it off Taylor Billy's boy. And no need to repay me. Just look at it as your welcome home present."

Charlie looked a bit uncomfortable.

"Thanks dad, I really appreciate that."

I smiled and looked back out the window. Dreaming off the sun and the colors I was missing already. Thinking about tomorrow, I really don't like being in the center off the attention. But tomorrow I would be the new kid at school. And everyone was expecting me, the son off chief Swan. How would I ever fit in if I hadn't managed fitting in at my school in Phoenix. Here everyone knew everyone and that from generation to generation.

When we arrived at Charlies house we both grabbed one off my bags and entered. My room, still in that same color blue with the same wardrobe in the same corner. The only two new things where my bed, a high sleeper, and a desk.

"You like blue, right? I've bought some new sheets. I'll let you unpack. ... Welcome home."

And he closed the door behind him.

I looked around and felt a bit depressed cause there was no sun shining through the windows. But on the other side, I did not have to act like the happy person I always needed to be around my mom. I started to unpac and gave everything a place. As expected I would need to buy some more clothes that can stand against the amount off rain in Forks.

I heard a loud noice outside and walked up to the front window. And there he was my old new silver volvo. It felt like my car already so I rushed downstairs and stopped right behind the front door. I opened it as calm I was capable off and went outside. Dad stood there smiling. I smiled and I knew he understood the fact that I was really happy with this car. He tossed me the keys and stapped away from the car. I got in and started the engine, a lot off noice came out off it. And I...I did not cared at all. I drove off and went to explore the surrounding roads off Forks. Not thata there are a lot off roads in Forks. I just wanted to enjoy this moment and this feeling.

Chapter 3
I hadn't had mutch sleep last night. I'm just not used to the sound of rain and wind torturing the houses and landscape like that. I looked once more at my alarm, only 6am. I had still loads off time, but staying in bed wasn't my thing. So I got up and mad my way into the bathroom.

Back in my room I turned on my laptop, checking my mails. Mom would have send me one by now and propably more than one. The first one was a simple short one. She wanted to know if everything was okay. The second one was a bit longer, but with the same message. The third one was more like a, if I don't hear something from you in about an hour I'll be on the next plain just to see it with my own eyes. I answered her that there wasn't mutch to tell. I arrived well and got home, installed myself and had a bad night. No wait I need to erase that last part. I reasured her that everything was fine and I would mail her again after my first day at school.

I looked around on my favorite search site to see if I coul find something more about my new school. But other than the normal information there was not a lot. Only a half hour had passed. What could I do now, it was to early to go to school. Maybe the bib w had really early opening hours. So I checked that, no luck for me but I could look into their archief off booknames. After only 15 minutes I was sure that their was nothing interesting. In my head I was already planing a trip to Port Angeles this weekend.

I shut down my laptop and went downstairs to get some breakfast. I took my time and ate one cornflakes at a time. I gave up and got ready for school, closed the frontdoor and laid the key under the second rock from the right under the bush next to the frontdoor. Got into my car and drove off to my first school day here. I was so not looking forward to this. For once I was glad it was raining I would be able to hide under my cap.

I couldn't have missed the school even if I wanted to. Their was only one main street in Forks and one school with a board welcoming everyone to Forks High School. I pulled up to the parking and entered where it said scretariat. I smiled at the lady behind the desk, she wore a colorfull dress covered with bright colored flowers and her glasses matched the overpowering pink of her dress.

"Good morning I'm Edward Swan."

I said and she looked at me with certain intrest in her eyes, Edward Swan the lost son off chief Swan and his former wife. And my mom wasn't your everyday mother in Forks, I smiled at that thought. She gave me my timetable. She showed me the shortest way to get to every class on a little map. I was just hoping that I could remember everything. She wished me luck and I could see she hoped that I would like it here. I smiled again and went out. I got in my car again and followed the cars, that where arriving now, to the back off the front building. Looking around for a spot so I could merge into the crowd off students.

I found a spot and got out. Apparantly my car had got the attention off some students, they looked at me and my car. I signed and looked around. I saw a lot off older cars, appart from one bright red orange pick up truck.
I'm going to try!!!
Omg that was awesome!! One problem though
What about Jacob?
Very, very good! :D You should definitely continue. ^-^
Thank you Nessie and Alexabdra. Will do.
Kay. Thanks for reading and liking it!!!!
Of Course
Thank you. I wll I will!!
Really Good...!!!!!!!!! =D
Thank you. Working on the next chapter. Had some really busy weeks. But now there's again more room for my fantasy!!! :)
This is really a good story. I can't wait to read more!


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