The Twilight Saga

How would Twiligt have been when Edward is the human and Bella is the vampire. Twilight twisted gives Twisted Light.

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It an ok story. But it is just extremely similar to the Twilight that Stephenie Meyer wrote.

I recommend making it more different, like not using quotes from the book. And giving Edward his own personality, something that a guy I might have. And Isabella having a personality that a girl might have.

I understand what you're saying. But my starting point was to turn the vamp/human point. Not the whole story. There will be changes simply because off that change but not very dramatic. One of the changes will be Jacob, need another character to fill in that place. Also who will come after Edward? Not quite sure about that. There are a lot of things to think about, will I swap them and change or will I leave them. That's what makes this so interesting to me. Discovering what comes :)
Will do :) and thank you Cindy!!!!!

this is really damn good keep writing PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

Thank you and will do!!!!!!
when are you gonna update!?!?!?!??!
It's updated :)
omg make more fast plz its so good !!! love it !
Thank you!!!!
Chapter 8

Mike wasn’t happy at all; he did not stop complaining when we entered the classroom. I was relieved to see that the desk was still empty. I sat down while Mike was still babbling; I noticed he had changed subject somewhere along the way. Now he was talking about a dance that he had heard of, a girl’s choice. I was already thinking about a good excuse to avoid it and was hoping that this rumor or fact was wrong.

I noticed the silence next to me and looked up. Mike was staring at something behind me, and at that moment I heard the chair next to mine moving. Mike looked uncertain, not sure to continue or stop. Mr. Banner entered and made the choice for him. He had a trolley filled with microscopes and boxes of slides. He distributed them around the classroom.

“Hello”, said a soft tinkling voice. I looked up, stunned by the sound of her voice and the fact that she was speaking to me. Her eyes locked into mine. I noticed that she sat as far away from me as possible. Something in her eyes caught my attention, almost as if being here was really hard for her for some reason. I smiled back, not sure if it had looked convincing enough for a smile.

“My name is Isabella Cullen, although my family knows me better as Bella.” She paused for a second. “I didn’t have the chance to introduce myself last week. You must be Edward Swan.”

Her voice was soft but determined; her eyes, still locked in mine, were filled with curiosity. My mind had trouble wrapping around the change. I still had that image in my head of last week; I shivered. Her use of language was so polite, her face polished around a dazzling little smile. I noticed she had a little smile dimple on the right. I needed to say something; she was waiting for an answer.

“Do you wear contact lenses?” She hadn’t expected this, I could tell. Her eyes narrowed just a little bit. “It’s just that last week they had a different color, much darker,” I said to explain my strange response. Her smile came back but still wasn’t touching her eyes.

“Guess it must be the different shades of light,” She answered lightly. I had no response to that. Maybe I had seen something more than there is to see.

Mr. Banner asked for our attention. We had to separate the slides of onion root tip cells into the phases of mitosis they represented and label them. No use of books, he had added while looking to someone on the front row. “Get started,” he said.

I moved the microscope towards Isabella...Bella, I corrected myself in my head. “Ladies first,” I said with a little smile. She looked appreciatively and took a peek in the microscope “Prophase,” she said, and wrote it down on a sheet of paper; her handwriting was elegant.

We both reached out for the next slide and our hands touched for a second. It felt like an electric current passed through us. She pulled her hand back; the smile had faded again. She handed me the microscope. I’d already done this so I was pretty confident. I looked and said, “Anaphase”.

I was just about to remove the second slide when she said, “Do you mind if I take a look?” I moved the microscope so that she could look. “Anaphase,” she murmured.

I couldn’t help myself, “Just as I said.” She smirked and changed the slide.

We were finished before anyone else was close. Mike looked lost and kept changing between two slides. I kept glancing around, not sure what to expect and still confused about Bella's change. My mind wondered off.. Maybe if I thought really hard about a bright and hot, sunny day, I would be able to feel the heat.

"Thinking about the snow? I heard something about a big snow ball fight. Too bad it's raining now." What was she aiming for? It felt like she was really pushing her boundaries by talking to me. And the weather in Forks isn't really that interesting. That's when I made the mistake to meet her eyes. They were still locked on me.

"Not really...I don't really like snow, or rain." She hadn't been expecting this answer, like she was trying to figure out something.

"Then why did you come to live here? Forks is known for the least amount of sunny days and the most rain."

"That's a long story,” I answered, not really willing to answer all of her questions.

"I'm sure I can keep up," She said with a little smirk on her face. I wondered what was so funny about my answer.

"My mom remarried." So that should do it, none of the other kids at school had shown any interest in the reasons for me coming to live in Forks.

"So you don't like the guy, or they needed some time on their own...?"

"It's not that. It was my decision to come to live in Forks with Charlie. Phil takes good care for my mom; he may be a little young, but she's happy and that's most important." Why did I tell her al of this?

"And now you're unhappy? That's not really fair."

"Life isn't fair. Hasn't anyone told you that? My mom stayed home for me, but she was unhappy. She missed Phil. He’s a minor league ball player, so he travels around a lot. After a while, I decided it was a good time to come live with Charlie for some time. He's my dad, you know."

When I turned my head towards her, she was still staring at me with those curiosity-filled eyes.

"Life, indeed, isn't always fair, and I'm sure someone has told me that before. You put on a great show. But I'm sure that you're not as happy as you want everyone to believe you are."

The bell rang, and before I could even answer, she was already gone.

Thank you Story Lover :)


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