The Twilight Saga

How would Twiligt have been when Edward is the human and Bella is the vampire. Twilight twisted gives Twisted Light.

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I like your story, I thought I commented on it before but I don't see it....anyway........I'm enjoyed the role reversal...I can't wait to see how it al unfolds..until you post again

.P.S. I love your Banner..It's AMAZING!!

The banner was made by Minn!!! She absolutely rocks!!!!


And thank you so very much!!!!

Really awesome! :)
Thank you Amanda!!! :)
I love it... please update soon...
Thanks and I'll try.
As amazing as the first chapter, so well written...
I really love reading your Fanfic, every chapter amazes me,
Keep it up.....=D

Thank you!!!!

Gosh you make me blush :)

Interesting.  I like stories where Bella and Edward switch places.  I haven't read one though that "followed" the story like yours though.  I am eager to see how it all works out for them.  Are you going to just do the first book like this or are you going to do all four?  Hope you update soon because I can't wait for more.  :)


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