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this is just something me and my friend made when we were bored lmaoo!

Its after breaking dawn and Jacob is coming over for a visit bella has been visiting Charlie with nessie and is running late. When Jacob turns up at the house he realises that him and Edward are alone.

Things have never been easy between Edward and myself ever since I had feelings for Bella and even more so +since Nessie has come along. I sat next to him on the leather sofa not really talking, waiting for Bella and nessie to return. I had never realised how handsome he was until now and it intimidated me. His hand was resting between us and as I place mine next to his my heart skipped a beat. I always thought that the tension between us was because of our past, but now I was starting to think it was something else, something a bit more passionate.

The smell doesn’t seem so bad anymore, I suppose that I have gotten used to it by being with Nessie so much. My eyes flickered to his face and I could see his eyes were on me as well. Embarrassed we both looked away. I could see a small grin forming across his face. I could see why Bella loved that crooked smile of his.

He turned to face me and asked if I wanted a drink. He placed his hand on my shoulder and the coldness of his skin sent shivers down my spine. We stared at each other for what seemed like a long moment and his fingers entwined with mine. I knew this was my moment and I leant forward slowly as did he. With his one free hand he gently brushed his fingers across my cheek and pressed his lips to mine.

We had barely even touched when Edward moved away.
“we can’t do this. Bella and Nessie are back,” Edward whispered so low that it was hardly audible. Almost as soon as he had said it Bella shouted from the back door.
“Edward darling is Jacob here yet?”
“Yes sweetheart he right here” he replied. Sweetheart? Darling? What had last few seconds actually meant to him? I stared at him in disbelief and could see the regret in his eyes. Bella came through the doorway and I could feel the guilt building up inside of me. I just needed to get out of there and without even I single word I stood up and left.

* * * * * * *

that evening I received a text. It was from Edward. It said…

We need to talk
Meet me in the forest
At the border of la push
1 hour.
That hour seemed to pass much slower than any other. I did not know how to feel at this moment. Did I even want to go? Even if I didn’t I knew that I had to. Before long I was making my way towards our meeting place.

I saw his crooked smile before anything else. He seemed to light up the whole forest. At least I could tell he wasn’t angry. When I reached him his smile altered into an embarrassed smirk. He was the first to break the silence.
“I didn’t know whether you would come.”
“of course I would. You know I care about you”
“I care about you too. But we can’t do this.”
2then why did you ask me to come?”
“I’m not sure, I just needed to see you”
“But Edward….I….” I couldn’t finish. It would be too painful.
“Don’t say a word” He said as he took my face in his hands and pressed his lips against min but this time was different from before. There was no one to stop us. My arms wrapped around him as he ran his fingers through my hair. He pressed his body to mine and pulled me closer. A few minutes had past until I realised that we weren’t standing anymore. Before I knew it, it was over.

The guilt started to wash over me. We had both hurt the ones we loved most. This would kill them if they found out. But maybe they didn’t need to know.

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what?! lolzz very...erm...strange. EDWARD'S GAY!!


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