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Chapter 1

Dance Shoes

In the heart of Seattle, Washington, nestled in a 2-bedroom apartment were Alice and me, Bella.

We were best of friends that came from opposite ends of the earth. She was the overly perky one, while I rested at a calm neutral.

I had just returned home from an afternoon of classes. I flung my bag onto the counter and made way towards the sofa, where I prepared to put my feet up and relax. Ah, my favorite part of the day: the transition between when I came home and when Alice came home.

Alice. Sometimes that girl was too high energy for me. I looked around the apartment and her bubbly personality was definitely evident on every surface she could get her crafty hands on.

Currently, she used her interior design skills to remake our apartment into an abstract art museum. The couch was now plush and an ivory white, contrasting the boldly streaked pillows. Paintings contained busy layouts of primary colors. Our apartment was like Alice: busy. Sometimes, I can’t keep up with her. And her room…

Her room surprisingly didn’t change that often. Right now, it resembled a royal suite. Framing her suite was a four post bed that was stacked so high with mattresses you would think The Princess and the Pea would have been set there. She had satin sheets of aquamarine and lime green that glittered and draped onto the floor. Her bed was finished off with an over abundant supply of pillows, ranging from sinkable soft to rock hard firm. On her vanity, there is a mound of makeup, various shades of blushes, eye shadows…each one seeming to have some significance.

But even Alice had her secret: she had a shoe fetish. Shocking, I know. One day, I walked into her to see her pushing against her closet door.…

“Alice, what’s going on?” I asked, frightened by the horror stricken on her face. She was startled and all of a sudden a wave of shoe boxes sprayed across her room.

“It’s not what it looks like, Bella,” she sped. “I don’t have a problem. I don’t have a problem…I do have a problem. But I need them. All of them,” she gestured towards the array of shoes. She slumped to the floor cradling one heel and she began to stroke it like a cat. “Each pair goes with a designated outfit. And ‘You’re never fully dressed without a Manolo Blahnik…,” she trilled.

“I thought it was ‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile.’”

She just shrugged.

But, there was one room Alice couldn’t touch: my room. I liked the simple things and my room represented just that. My bed wasn’t sickeningly soft. It was soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough that you won’t suffocate in fluff. My closet had a decent array of clothes (though Alice may disagree), and I had only a brush, a couple of clips, and a tube of lip gloss lying on my dresser.

“You have serious problems,” she would say.

…Anyways, between working in a bookstore, going to school, and keeping up with Alice, this short 30-minute break was my heaven. I liberated my feet and began to massage them. I tripped today, but that was no big deal. If I only tripped once, I was having a good day. After I felt like I soothed my feet enough, I lay back on the sofa and closed my eyes.

“Bella, I have a surprise for you!” Alice sung. Man, thirty minutes went by quick. Well, it was good while it lasted. I hesitantly peeked out of one eye to see Alice beaming as she held out a package towards me. I groaned in disgust.

“Get it away from me,” I muttered as I slightly pushed the box away. I absolutely hated surprises and Alice knew that. Why does she like to press my buttons? I stared at her with both eyes as I crossed my arms. She temptingly waved the gift in front of me. Like I was trained, I curiously watched it flow back and forth. “You know you shouldn’t surprise me. One of these days, I might blow up,” I joked as I snatched the box from her. She giggled giddily as I began my mutilation of the parcel brown wrap. There was another layer of wrap. But, this one shimmered when it caught the light. I looked at her confused. More wrap?

“Open it,” she ushered. I proceeded with my tearing through the layer of wrap and revealing the contents inside.

“Heels, Alice? You got me HEELS!?”

She ignored my outburst and took the shoes. Apparently, she didn’t think I appreciated her gesture. “Bella, these are signature Marc Jacobs,” she frowned from my lack of recognition. The name itself seemed to electrify the air with class. “These shoes have a peep hole for your toes and they are not that high, Bella.” Indeed she was right. The shoes – smooth black leather that danced together to expose minimal toe – had only indeed a one and a half inch heel. But, they still looked too sophisticated for my clumsy feet.

“But Alice, why would you buy me a pair of heels?” I inquired. She moved towards the opposite end of the sofa and put her feet up to sit Indian style. She let the shoes rest in her lap as her smile widened.

“I wanted to start you off with something small and easily manageable. And well, because I knew you were going to need a pair to start off with when we started our…tango lessons!”

“WHAT!” I, Bella, do not dance. I couldn’t dance. I was like the whitest person I knew. It was like when my genes where being factored, dance skills seem to have disappeared from the batch. “I draw the line with this, Alice. No way!” I protested as I stalked towards my bedroom. I knew she was following me so I didn’t even bother to close the door. I sat down on my bed and looked at her as she leaned on the door frame, staring at me incredulously. “I refuse to participate this time. Count me out.”

“Come on, Bella,” She whined.

“No! Alice, you always get me caught in your crazy ruses. I went along with stealing the Porsche. Why? Because you said we wouldn’t get caught. I went along with you when you wanted to go cliff diving. Why? Because you said it wasn’t dangerous. Now, you want me to get in front of a group of people and dance. In heels. No. I. DON’T. DANCE.” She crossed her arms and pouted as I glared at her. She narrowed her eyes to glare back. She broke first.

“Ah, Bella, it wouldn’t be as much fun without my best buddy in the whole, wide world there,” she reasoned. I continued to stare at her in disbelief. “Imagine all the cute guys there.” I raised an eyebrow. I haven’t dated since high school. No, still wasn’t worth the humiliation. “Please, Bella. Do it for me,” she begged.

I searched for an escape. Window…no, it was too high. Bathroom…no, I would have to come out sometime. Door…shoot, she was in the way. I didn’t have any options. It was no use. If I didn’t give in now, she was probably going to drag me onto that dance floor…

I sighed. “Where do I sign up?”

Alice clapped and bounced around until she registered my question. She shrugged nervously. I groaned again.

“When did you sign me up, Alice?”

“A week ago,” she squeaked.

I glared at her. “Wow…Alice, you are special,” I enunciated slowly.

“Thanks, Bella,” she smiled, mistaking my sarcasm for a compliment. She drew me into a hug. Finally, I pushed her jokingly aside and went to retrieve the dance shoes that might be my undoing. Tango lessons could be fun, right? Who knows, I might actually learn something.

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i haves a questionsssss....uh.. is Alice a vampire here? and...was the porsche stolen to rescue edward? or for purely recreational purposes? hmmmm...... how does she know alice? and umm. . . WHERE'S EDWARD????? does he exist? i wonder.

*sniffs sadly*...i can't live in a world where he doesn't exist..... :-(
Chapter 2

Partnering Up

What have I gotten myself into? Oh, that’s right: another one of Alice’s plan. Now, not only was I going to dance, but I was going to do it in heels. I strapped in my feet and said a quick prayer that I wouldn’t I killed myself.

“Bella, are you ready yet?” Alice banged on my door. I swung the door open to face her.

“I guess.” I stepped out self-consciously, feeling Alice inspect me as I awaited her daily rejection of my wardrobe. Today I put on some fitting jeans and a nice blue top with three-quarter length sleeves. “Do I pass today?” I said saucily.

“Oh, Bella, for a beginner, this isn’t half bad. You make me proud,” she expressed before kissing my cheek. I rolled my eyes. “Now, come on before all the cute guys are gone…” Then, she took my hand and attempted to pull me towards the door. I only made it three steps before I took a tumble. I might not make it down the street before a heel gave out.

I picked myself off the ground and reestablished my equilibrium. “Oh, Bella, I’m sorry. We are going to need to take it slow…” So step by step, I gained enough confidence to let go of Alice’s hand – people were beginning to think we were a couple. She led me all the way to the street corner before she was able to distance herself from me.

Eventually, we did make it to the dance studio with minor stumbles on my part. As Alice went to confirm the time, I scanned the studio. Everyone appeared to be more comfortable than me. I saw a group of nine gathering. There was this beautiful blond girl. I wondered if she knew how to dance. She was too gorgeous. Her partner was very muscular, built like a linebacker. Maybe he was in here to help with his training…no, they took ballet.

“I have some bad news Bella,” Alice said interrupting my thoughts. Oh no, did she sign me up for an advanced class. I would walk out right now… “One boy dropped out of the class. It’s an uneven partnering.” Whew…I thought it was worse.

“Well, that’s okay. I mean, I didn’t need to be humiliated in front of a guy standing too close to me anyways,” I assured her.

“Are you sure, Bella?”

“Positive.” Maybe this tango thing will work out better for me after all.

I spoke too soon. Just then, another man walked in. He was old, old enough to be my grandfather. His skin could be natural pockets because his wrinkles were so deep. And his hair line was receding. No way… I did not sign up for that.

“My name,” he wheezed, “is Mr. Johnson.” Everyone began to swarm around him. I thought I noticed him take a step back. Poor guy, we intimidated him. “And this is the first session of our beginner tango class. Now, the first order of business is to partner up.” Everyone looked around eyeing their choices. My heart sunk because I knew I was the loner.

“I see we have odd number of students. Someone must have dropped. The remaining lady can stand by me for the moment,” He spoke. Then, he called for me. I gulped and walked slowly towards him. I could feel the nausea float over me. “You can stand right here.” He gestured me to his side then, continued with the rest of the class.

“Let’s see: I have Rosalie and Emmett. Very good. Angela and Ben. Okay. Jessica and Mike. Alright. Tyler and Lauren. Huh. Alice and Jasper. Excellent. And…that leaves you,” he spoke pointing to me. “You must be Bella.” I nodded in confirmation. “In this situation, I would have to be your partner once I instructed the class.”

I gulped again. I was afraid of that. I looked to Alice and she mouthed “sorry.” I shook my head, slowly; “Sorry” was not cutting it this time. The old man still didn’t seem to be done with me.

“But, unfortunately, I will not be instructing this class. This beginner level class will be taught by a new teacher.”

Just then, I felt my breath disappear as I stared at perfection. He was gorgeous, the most immaculate thing I had ever seen. And he was approaching me… “May I introduce Mr. Cullen, your dance instructor and your partner,” Mr. Johnson finished, staring at me.

Mr. Cullen raised my hand and gracefully bowed to kiss it. I trembled at his soft touch. “Please, feel free to call me Edward,” he smiled as I blushed deep red. “Now, I will be teaching this class and I look forward to being able to share this dance experience with all of you.” Suddenly, he turned toward me again and said, “Let’s begin, shall we?”

I smiled. Somewhere deep, I knew Alice was probably cursing me for my lack of communication skills. But he was God-like. He took my hand once again and took his other hand to cradle around my back. I shivered at the touch. It seemed to send a shock through me.

“Are you okay?” Edward asked, concern. I only nodded, but then shook my head ‘no.’ “It’s okay to be nervous. I promise I will go nice and slow. Is that alright?” I peered at his face. The light of the dance studio playfully shined his dark hair in flicks of red. His eyes…emerald green…and drawing me deeper into an abyss. I wanted to get lost forever in those eyes. I smiled and nodded. He flashed a smile, too. It was perfect, also…crooked, but perfect for him.

“Tango has been known as a dance that is provocative and bold. Some say it’s crude and vulgar. But, I think it’s beautiful and so do you or you wouldn’t be here. The way you step, glide, and sway is… sensual. And romantic. The man might lead, but it is the woman that seduces. Everything about them is close, tight. Each move is done with passion and fluidity. They flow rhythmically together as one entity. When done right, you will experience a story unfolding from the moves themselves.

“However, in the beginning, the tango was seen as something only the low class did. At one point, only men practiced it. But, eventually the French made it popular again. What you see on the streets of Argentina has taken years to perfect. You are only at the beginning of your journey. You will take the same steps they took as they got the tango just right.

“But, the only way to make it to that level is to establish a connection with your partner. A bond of trust. So, the first lesson is for everyone to get comfortable with their partners. Can everyone please get into this position we are demonstrating,” Edward spoke. I was mesmerized the silkiness of his voice. He was mesmerizing. “Do you trust me?” He whispered.

“Yes,” I whispered, shocking myself with my own voice.

“Good. Now, when I step forward, I want you to step back. Can you do that, Bella?” he spoke. The way he said my name sent another ripple of chills through me. Wait… How did he know my name? Oh well.

“Yes, Edward,” I said trying to imitate his smooth rhythm, failing to stay composed. I knew he was about to move. But, I was in heels. This is why I said that prayer. I don’t want to die in front of this beautiful man. I didn’t want him to see my flaws, if I couldn’t see any of his… He took a step up and reflexively I stepped back. And then, he rocked back into his starting place. Wow that felt way too easy. I looked around the class to see everyone mocking what we had done. None of the guys could master the same grace as Edward…he was the instructor.

“Now, I want to dip you,” he muttered partially to himself. My mind instantly flew to the song: I put my hands upon your hips. When I dip, you dip, we dip…

“Excuse me?” I questioned.

“I want you to lean back, letting me support you…” he explained. Oh.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I mumbled, but he pressed his index finger up to my lips.

“Trust me,” he whispered and I did. All the way to the floor… I blushed, knowing that Edward was holding me inches away from the wooden floors. I felt a scream build in me, but I suppressed it. Taking deep breaths, I felt Edward slowly draw me back up. Wasn’t he daring? But, I couldn’t get enough of him.

“Are you sure, you haven’t danced before?” He laughed. I shook my head, surprised at my willingness. “I think we’re ready to start with the basics,” he concluded.
I'm so glad you're posting here! I've been anxious to find out what happens in the competition.

he's not a vampire...his eyes are green...... I LOVE THE STORY!!!!

hmm...he wants to dip her...... ;-) in what? chocolate?

i'm sorry. my imagination is running away with me.
please forgive me. It was unthinkable for me to speak so.

lol maybe caramel.or.....idk go ask him
that would be so funny if he dipped her in chocolate
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! i really needed to read some fan fic!
this is so good im squeling!!!eek
dont you just copy and paste urs too? what does it mean to upload it and more please!! i lovvveee your story so much!! and yes thank you for taking the time to put it on here!!
Chapter 3: Basics

“Ugh,” I muttered. I dropped my hands from our embrace, my confidence fading. He drew back, returning his hands to his sides.

He chuckled, “Ah, it won’t be so bad.”

“No, you don’t understand. Truthfully, I have danced before – badly.” I shuttered as the memory flashed across my mind: ballet lessons when I was no older than nine years old.

“Sadly to say, you are the one that is mistaken,” he smiled. His eyes beamed in smugness. I hated him. “You just didn’t have the right teacher.”

He strolled out to face the rest of the class, leaving me to ponder over his last statement. You just didn’t have the right teacher. What made him so special? Yes, he was handsome, to the point of almost being unbearable. And yes, he did move gracefully. He was a very urbane guy. But he was no different from any other guy besides the fact that he was my dance instructor.

“Since it seems like we all have established a connection with our partners, we are able proceed to our next lesson: learning the basics,” Edward begun. “Now, the basics of tango are much like any other style of dance. The foundation of the tango is laid with the eight-count. A tango-count can be expressed in two ways. The first is a simple slow…slow…quick, quick, slow.” He snapped as he paced the class.

“While you continue to snap, the second way is characterized by walk…walk…Tan-Go, close.” Soon, I found myself partaking in his infectious activity as well.

As Edward went to assist Lauren and Tyler with their bonding issues, Alice shifted toward me.

“Bella…” she hissed.

“What?” I looked into her eyes – practically bulging out of their sockets in astonishment. I understood that look: she wanted to talk to me about everything – but mainly Edward. “I’ll talk to you later,” I promised.

“Bella,” she pleaded.

“Not now, I’ll –” Just then, Edward was making his way back over to where Alice and I were standing – giggling like little school girls with a secret. He came back and stood in front of me, grinning.

“Is there something you, ladies, would like to share?”

“No, Mr. Cullen. Not at all.” I responded rather curtly. He pondered that for a moment and sighed.

“Well, let’s continue. Shall we?”

Alice and I walked home from our current lesson. My feet were screaming in agony. Heels were torture to my feet. As I unlocked our front door, Alice smiled to herself – blinded by infatuation. She didn’t see me fuming with frustration.

I kicked off those stupid heels, stamped into my room, and slammed my door. I flopped down on my bed when I heard the door hinges squeak.

“Alice, why don’t I have the same grace, the same poise as you?”

“Bella, we been through this…some are just born naturally graceful and others well, have to learn,” Alice struggled. She noticed how lifeless I was and came to peer over me.

“Why am I such a jerk?” I said, more to myself.

Alice groaned in exasperation. “Are you obsessing over our teacher you got the hots for?”

I shot up and opposed, “I do not!”

“Bella, Bella, Bella, you are physically a grown woman. But, honey, sometimes I think I need to take you back to the basics…”

“The basics of what?” I was dying to know.

“Of flirting. It was obvious he was flirting with you. Every step, move, sway,” she said imitating Edward, “he does for you. And you just stood there – gawking at him. Although he is our teacher, he is interested in you. ” She finished with a satisfied grin.

“Oh, so like you and your dance partner,” I stated. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

“Was it noticeable?”

“Oh, no. It wasn’t noticeable at all. Besides the fact that half of time you were getting up close and personal with your partner. Bonding, HA!” I crossed my arms. Hopefully, she caught onto my sarcasm this time.

“It was that bad…oh well. Jasper, my partner, is amazing. And I returned the feelings. But you, missy, I don’t know why I even claim you,” she said pointing accusingly at me. “Edward was throwing all kinds of stuff at you and you wouldn’t even bite. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Your lack of game.”

“Game?” Now, she was confusing me. Edward, flirting with me, the klutz. Yeah, right.

“Bella, you got to keep up. Sometimes, I feel like your gears are stuck in neutral and the rest of the world is shifted into drive. Game, caking, flirting, they are all synonymous.” She made her way to the door.



“You are doing fine in the tango lessons. But don’t think you’re hopeless or pathetic. That’s a turn-off.” She left me in a stupor. I finally rose from my pathetic funk while processing Edward through my mind. I checked my body odor; I smelled like sweat. Yuck! I ran the water to shower.

The hot water woke my body like it was caffeine. Why was my dance instructor interested in me? Well, besides the fact that I was his worse student. But he wasn’t just interested in me because I needed to improve. He liked me, as a woman, as Bella. How could Alice see that? Was Alice the only one who saw it or was I the only one that was oblivious to his intentions? Well, I guess I would have to find out at our next tango lesson. That was exactly in three days. I don’t think I could wait that long; I needed to know now.

I stopped the water and wrapped my soaking hair. I came up with a plan: I would see Edward on my relaxation break. I know it was untraditional, but it was worth the shot.

I walked towards the studio, my anticipation rising with every step I took. I was trying to encourage myself to go through with it.

“Okay, Bella you have gotten this far. Now, just open the door, go in, and talk to the man.” But my hands didn’t respond to the command. Trembling, my hands held onto the handle. I took a deep breath and finally pulled the door opened. Music greeted me.

I slowly walked in breathing shallowly when I saw him dancing – with another girl.

The dancing was just as Edward had described. They flowed across the dance floor. He was leading her around as she seduced him with her intricate footwork. The crowd looked on in admiration like me - she and Edward were flawless and majestic in every move. The music slowly faded until it was inaudible. Edward withdrew from the woman and the crowd dissipated leaving me exposed. Edward excused himself and walked…towards me. The mystery lady turned her back to him and started directing the rest of the people – the students. When he finally was over here, what was I going to do…or say?

“What a pleasant surprise!” He smiled showing his brilliant smile before taking my hand to kiss it. I smiled back, while trying to form phrases, but could only muster incomprehensible mumbles.

Finally I said, “That was…beautiful.”

“Well, yes, but it has taken practice,” he chuckled.

“I wish I could dance like her…” fading my voice.

Then, he leaned toward me, as if he had a secret. “I can help you if you’d like?”

“Yes, I could use a little extra help, but how will you do that?” I asked, doubtful.

“I could give you private lessons?” he suggested.

“Huh. I’ll think about it,” I joked. “What level is this class?” I was changing the subject in a desperate attempt to get comfortable.

“This is the advanced class. Up until recently, I used to be part of it,” he answered. I looked past him to see the dancers executing actions I had never dreamt of doing. He followed my gaze and chuckled. “Lovely, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but it would take me years to train my feet to move like that,” I complained. Crap, there was the self-pity.

“Well you could always get a head start tomorrow with me but only if you wish.”

“But I don’t have class with you until Thursday.”

He smiled and whispered into my ear, “Exactly.”

I backed away from him, giving myself some space. “But why do you want to help me?”

He rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. “Ah, Bella, it is my job and duty to assist you in every way to make sure none of my students become lost and left behind. As your instructor, I’m offering myself to you as a tutor. So, what do you say?”

“That would be fine,” I said sheepishly. We compromised on a time.

“So, it’s a date,” he spoke lightly. His jade eyes seem to lure me in as I felt the heat on my cheeks. Leisurely, I walked out of the studio until I rounded the nearest corner. Once the studio was out of sight, I ran. But running was a terrible idea for I tripped on uneven pavement.

In that tumble, I fell back into the real world.

Why hadn’t he asked me what was I doing there? What did he think my intentions were? Who was that woman? Did he like her? Did I care if he liked her? Was he genuinely friendly with everyone? And who did he think he was? Was I going to tell Alice about this meeting?

Questions boggled my mind as I entered the apartment. I knew a definite answer to one question. I wasn’t going to tell Alice about my secret meeting.

I exhaled and placed my bag on the counter – like the routine. Alice came strolling out of her room to greet me.

“Hey, Bella. I was a little surprised to not see you ‘meditating’ when I came home.”

“I know it was different,” I laughed nervously. I walked into the kitchen towards the refrigerator for any ideas of a possible meal. “I’m going to start dinner. Anything you want in particular?”

“Not really. Surprise me!” Alice came to the kitchen bar and leaned over the counter while I prepared baked ziti. “Bella, you know my dance partner – Jasper?”

“The one you were getting friendly with?” I kidded.

She glowered for a second and then proceeded on. “Yes, well, Jasper asked me to accompany him to a new dance club that opened up.” I turned to look at her, but her face signaled she wasn’t done. “And I was wondering if you and Edward could…”

“Come with you. Like a double date.” I said it so flatly, I shocked myself. A breath of air whooshed from her lips from relief.

“I’m glad you understand.” She was about to ramble on until I interrupted her.

“Alice,” I began while I placed the baking dish in the oven. “I’m not going.”

“And why not?” she frowned.

“Well, first I’m not going because I don’t dance. And second, because I just don’t know about Mr. Cullen. I mean come on, he’s our teacher.”

“Yes, he is, but he is also your age and happens to be fond of you…”

So, we were back on this subject again.

“How do you know?”

“How do you not know?” I had no answer to give her. “And I have hunch that you like him.” I looked at Alice for a split second, panic showing in my eyes, but still I said nothing. A smug smile spread across her face. She rose up from the counter to take on a confident stance. “I’m right, aren’t I?”

I didn’t say a word. I started to make my way out of the kitchen when, like a savior, the phone rang. I rushed over towards it and stared at Alice – still grinning at me – while I picked up the receiver.

“Hello,” I greeted

“Hello. This is Jasper. If Alice is available, may I please speak to her?”

“Sure.” I handed the phone to Alice, who took it excitedly. While she babbled on I made my escape to my room.

I knew Alice was right about my feelings, but I didn’t know if these feelings were appropriate or not. I was behaving as if I was a young girl who had a petty crush on her teacher. And that girl knew that her teacher would always be out of grasp, but she secretly hoped that someday he would return her feelings. Had I really regressed back to my middle school days?

I reemerged from my room and Alice and I ate in silence, until I saw her looking at me with the same grin from earlier. I groaned; she wanted to tell me something.

“Go ahead, Alice.”

“Well, Jasper and I extended our invitation for our night out to include Rosalie and Emmett.”

“Isn’t that the blond and the super buff guy with dimples?”

Alice nodded. “So, why are you not coming again?”

I didn’t want to start on this again. “Alice!”

“What?” She filled her mouth with ziti.

“You’re so…intrusive! Why does it matter to you if I go or not? I’m already taking tango lessons because of you. Isn’t that enough?” I realized that I was standing up in frustration. Alice continued to eat, calmly.

“Bella, have a seat, please.” I regained my composure and sat back in my chair. “Now, Bella, listen to me carefully. You are a very beautiful person. You also have a very beautiful personality. But you don’t give yourself enough credit. I signed us up for tango lessons so you would come out of your shell. You’re in college, honey, and you in need to start owning up to be an intelligent woman. Not the high school girl.

We both laughed off the tension and engaged in lighter conversations: new shoes, school, and new colors for the apartment.

Finally, Alice cleared the table and I went to my room. I changed into some comfortable pajamas. I knew I would have to change how I handled myself around Edward. I would have to be attentive to everything he did to make sure I responded correctly.

I pulled back my comforter and sheets and curled up underneath. I closed my eyes, already anticipating what was to come. That night, I dreamed of Edward’s alluring eyes.
Chapter 4: Private Lesson

I woke up the next morning with one thing on my mind: dancing with Edward. Wait, excuse me, Mr. Cullen. He was my instructor aiding me in my poor dance skills. It was already difficult enough to dance, but he made it worse for I couldn’t concentrate.

But today, I would have to focus. This morning I was working a shift from nine to one in the afternoon. Then, I would afternoon classes to attend to. Those classes would finish up around five in the afternoon. I won’t be home until five-thirty and Alice won’t be home until six. But Edward had a class then, so I had to push it back to six-thirty. Which meant I would run into Alice; I would have to make up an excuse later.

7:45 the alarm clock read. I rose from bed, showered, and brushed my teeth. I let my hair hang and finished my morning ritual.

8:20 I walked out of my room, fully-dressed and made myself some toast. Then, I locked up the place and walked to work.

My day progressed in a blur. I remembered the manager informing me my shift was over. I remembered raising my hand to answer a question, but not really sure what the question was.

I collected my books and notes from my last class – Spanish Literature – and stepped out into the streets of Seattle.

Subconsciously, I made it home. I placed my bag down, but then decided to move it into my bedroom. I went back into the kitchen to reheat last night’s ziti. While it nuked in the microwave I anxiously eyed the time. What was wrong with me? It seemed it like time was taking forever. Finally, the microwave dinged. I swooped down to retrieve it from the microwave and curled up on our sofa.

But I couldn’t eat. I was too nervous. Way too nervous. “Well, let’s watch some TV, Bella,” I said to myself. I must have been going crazy. I flicked on the TV and turned to last bits of the news.

“…the police caught up to them after spotting their name tags…” the TV blared. How pathetic? I thought. But, as if it were a drug, I kept watching the news, fascinated by the stupidity of some people.

Soon, I heard the front door open and Alice’s jewelry jingling together. “Bella? TV?” she puzzled.

“What’s wrong?” I asked innocently. She shook her head dismissing any notions. She walked past me suspiciously into her room. She reappeared five minutes later and headed towards the kitchen. She took a portion of the ziti and placed it in the microwave. While it was nuking, she came towards me.

“So, Bella, I was wondering if you wanted to go out with friends tonight. Or even practice our lesson?” she asked. I felt bad for keeping my secret, but it was no longer any of Alice’s business.

“Sorry, Alice, but I have already made plans – to study…with friends,” I lied. I was not good at lying and I was sure Alice was about to catch me. But, the microwave dinged and she shuffled back into the kitchen.

“Well, maybe next time,” she concluded before taking in a mouthful of the pasta. I excused myself to wash my bowl and go into my room.

I silently shut my door and then frenzied around my room to gather everything I needed. I threw the Marc Jacobs’ into my school bag along with a textbook (to keep my cover). I went into the bathroom to give myself the go-around where I even attempted to play with my hair. I was about to change clothes when I thought, he isn’t THAT special. I sighed, threw on a jacket, and rushed out of my room.

“Have fun, Bella,” Alice called out as I closed the door. I thought I saw I faint smile play around her lips.

I clutched the jacket closed as I navigated the windy streets until I reached the studio. Without hesitation, I strolled in to see the dance floor surprisingly clear.

“Hello…” I called out, but the studio seemed to be empty. I instantly felt uncomfortable being alone. I noticed half of the lights were switched off as if the place was closed. But that couldn’t be true because the door was open.

Confused, I continued to walk to the middle of the dance floor when I spotted another door, slightly ajar. I remembered it because Edward had came through it before. I crept over and silently pulled the door open. I stepped inside a backroom, astounded by the sight.

This room was smaller, more intimate than the main floor. It must serve as an extra floor space. My eyes wandered over the interior of the place, but had to adjust for it was dimly lit. That was when I realized the source of light came from candles, lining the perimeter of the room. My gaze traced over the floor until I noted a figure, crouched in a corner with its back to me.

“Mr. Cullen?”

He rose from his heels and turned around. He slid the butane lighter back into his pocket while he still held a candle in his hand. The candle cast a glow on his face, illuminating his warm smile. “Is it too much?” he asked, his voice dripping with silkiness.

My heart melted and my breathing hastened. I was reacting to him, unintentionally. I shook my head and smiled. “No, no. Actually, it’s quite toasting,” I assured him as I removed my jacket. I placed my bag unto the floor and probed for my heels. As I slipped into them, I noticed a shadow cast over me. As I looked up, I met his face. My breath caught.

“Ms. Swan,” he began, extending his hand, “would you like to begin?”

I continued to gape at him. My mind was screaming Answer him! Say anything! But instead of answering verbally, I held out my hand and he softly enveloped it in his warm hands. He led me out to the middle of the floor where he, again, embraced me into our starting position. He raised his arms in a relaxed stance while I followed suit.

“Now, Bella, what seems to be troubling you,” he questioned. Immediately, he began to dance while I was beginning to catch my breath and move as well. Step back, step up.

“Well, first I do have questions that have been gnawing at me…”

“About dancing?” His left brow raised in wonder. I shook my head. “Well, go right ahead,” he smiled. He let me go as he started demonstrating the forward ocho. His legs extended marvelously. My eyes traced over his legs until I blushed at my immediate visions. I needed to remember what my question was.

“My first question is how did you know my name?”

He smiled confidently. “Easy, I heard Mr. Johnson say it before I walked in.” I mused over his answer. I guess it was possible, but Mr. Johnson was wheezing the whole time.

“Well, my next question is how did you get involved in dancing?”

He turned to me – still dancing – to answer. “Well, it all began when my mother started to teach dance classes. She would bring me here and I would watch in awe over how enchanting their moves were. So, at a young age, I enrolled into dance classes. Gradually, I found my calling in Latin ballroom.”

I tried to pay attention to his words, but I kept getting lost in his beauty. My eyes ran over his eyes, his nose, and his lips. The way his lips exposed his teeth and his tongue as he enunciated every word. As if it was inviting me…

Soon, he helped me understand more moves. After I had the forward ocho, we started on the back ocho. Moments passed before I asked another question. There was one in particular I wanted to ask.

“So who was that girl yesterday you were dancing with?” I asked nervously. Please don’t let it be his girlfriend.

He shifted tensely as he demonstrated a side step for me. “Her name is Tanya. She was my dance partner for my advance class. Now, we both teach various levels of dance.”

“She is very beautiful,” I pointed out, hoping he would answer.

“Yes, she is very beautiful, but I don’t find her the least bit attractive.”

“Oh, really?” I teased.

“Yes. You see I’m not attracted to blondes. I prefer brunettes,” he smiled. I blushed. I became so distracted by his comment I nearly tripped in my heels. He noticed my blunder and instantly was at my side to help me regain my balance. He chuckled.

“Well, that’s embarrassing,” I muttered. Edward placed his hand under my chin so I would look into his eyes.

“No, it was real and beautiful. Just like you.” I felt myself wanting to reach and touch him to make sure he was real, but I didn’t.

I sighed, trying to slow my rapid heart rate. “Now, let’s get back on track,” I joked. “Now, Mr. Cullen, I need help on my footwork.”

“What’s wrong with it?” he questioned.

“Well, it doesn’t look like Tanya’s. I mean she has skill…”

Before I could finish he was shaking his head. “That wasn’t skill she displayed, that was attitude.”


“Her attitude is what made her moves the way they were. She was being sexy. For the record, you could be sexy, too.” He had brought his hand to caress my cheek. Blush riddled my cheek as I rolled my head back at his touch. My eyes closed in delight.

“I don’t think I can.” I was lost in his touch.

I felt his lips at my ear. His breath teased my skin as he whispered, “Trust me, you already are.”

I stared back to look at him and slowly he bent down advancing towards me. Gently, he placed his lips onto mine. His kiss was soft and pleasurable. They moved against mine, patient. Thoughts swam throughout this encounter.

What are you thinking? He’s your teacher!! This is inappropriate. You know better Bella.

I drew back and he frowned. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“You’re my teacher, Mr. Cullen,” I whispered.

“Bella, during class hours, I’m your instructor. After hours, I’m whatever you want me to me.”

Moments passed by us again. I thought about his statement. I wanted to kiss him again. I didn’t care that he was my teacher. I wanted to feel his lips on my again. I reached up on my toes but just my lips brushed his cheek as he turned his head away.

“This doesn’t feel right,” he muttered, “not here.” he gestured towards the room. “You’re right, I am your teacher.”

I looked down, disappointed. “Well, maybe I should go. It’s getting late anyways.” I wanted him to kiss me again. I thought he wanted to kiss me.

“Yes, I think that’s for the best.” He, too, ducked his head. We both stood there in an awkward predicament, unable to take action. My heart returned to its normal rhythm and my breathing slowed.

I finally turned to retrieve my bag. The candles softened into wax puddles. I slipped on my jacket and hurriedly walked out on Edward, leaving him conflicted.

I quickly paced back to my apartment, not bothering to change my shoes. The wind felt unusually cold on my face. That’s when I noticed silent tears rolled from my eyes. These tears were not from my agitation caused by the chilled windy weather. These tears were in response to Edward. I was hurt by his contemplation. But I had to understand he was my teacher first. Tonight we were bordering the line. But I wanted to cross it with him. I had only met him, but he seemed so…real. Yet, I would want to touch him to make sure he doesn’t fade away.

I climbed the flights of stairs. At the apartment door, I fished – tear-blinded – for my keys. I was so shaken up that my hand trembled as I lined the key up to the lock to insert it. I sniffed away any lasting emotions, so I wouldn’t alert Alice. I locked the door behind me. In the dark, I walked towards my room. I shut and locked the door to keep Alice from questioning me. Before I could change, I sat on my bed, staring out my window.

It was a starry night. I closed my eyes and did something I haven’t done since elementary school. I made a wish.

Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.

I wished that I would make the right decision regarding my feelings for Edward.


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