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Hey Guys, It's Cindersarah... about a year ago I had fanfics on this website but I took them off to start new things... but unfortunately, the one fanfic I did won't come out of my head... so lucky you guys... I'm putting it back up so I can finish it. .. this story is about how Bella has two children instead of just Renesmee... and the drama that goes with it :P


Chapter One (Bella’s POV)

I stared at Edward, watching as he caressed my stomach. I felt so much love for him at this moment, not that I didn’t before.

“They’re happy.” He said in almost a coo. I froze at his words, sure I heard wrong. Everyone else around froze too.

They?” I choked out and Edward nodded. Very gently he put his head on my stomach.

“They both love you.” He whispered lovingly. “They absolutely adore you.” I felt frozen still. Twins. There are twins in my belly right now. So that’s why I’m so huge. Jacob made a strange choking noise and Edward looked up, his eyes understanding. He reached into the drawer and tossed something to Jacob.

“Go Jacob. Get out of here.” Edward ordered and I could feel the wind the door created when Jacob slammed it.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked quietly, feeling guilty that I caused him to be so upset.

“He’s just upset that I changed sides.” Edward replied with the crooked smile I loved so much. It’s the first time I’ve seen it since that night at the honeymoon… I smiled and Edward laughed at me.  “Still thinking about feathers?” He teased and I blushed.

“Maybe.” I said, blushing even more. He gave me a kiss, which was the first in awhile too. I kissed him passionately in return. He pulled away after awhile and grinned. I frowned back jokingly. “Took you long enough.” I muttered. “I thought you were repulsed by the fat pregnant woman.”

“Not repulsed love. You looked beautiful even though you were on your death bed.” Edward joked and I smiled…until Leah came rampaging in. I looked at her in surprise, considering this is the first time I’ve seen her in the house. She had a very guarded look on her face.

“Why did Jacob leave so quickly in your Aston Martin Vanquish?” Leah asked, her eyes shifting around the room, I guess looking for danger.

“Well…I could hear the baby’s thoughts and I guess Jacob thought I was betraying him. Making him the only one against this whole ordeal.” Edward tried to explain, but I don’t think Leah took it the right way, because her dark skin almost turned purple.

“OF COURSE HE’S AGAINST IT!” She shouted and I shrank into the couch. Edward and Rosalie jumped in front of me with protective stances, hissing at her. She was too upset to notice.  “Bella you just don’t get it! Jacob LOVES you! And you’re just taking that love for granted! It HURTS him to be here, yet you ask him to stay anyway.”

Tears filled my eyes but Leah continued, “You are just selfish Bella! These bloodsuckers can buy you anything, yet you still feel like you should play games with Jacob’s heart! You want him, then don’t, then want him again. You have ties to his heart and keep tugging on them. All Jacob wants to do is murder Edward then go away, yet you won’t let him will you? You can’t have both Bella! Ice and Fire do not mix together. Yet you’ll still go to Edward won’t you? Even though he left you, and have caused you to almost die multiple times, you’ll still go to him. He impregnates you with a dangerous baby, yet you’ll still stay with him.” Leah finished and shook her head at me. “Bella, you may be the stupidest human ever if you’re with a vampire.”

At the point at which she called me stupid Edward lost it. He didn’t go after her, knowing that would upset me, but he had his hands shaking violently. “Leave now.” He growled and Leah gave me a final glare before leaving.

When she left I burst into tears. Edward wasted no time hurrying to my side. “Bella, don’t listen to her.” He soothed.

Rosalie snorted. “Yeah, that girl just is jealous you’re pregnant.” She said and both Edward and I looked at her in surprise.

“How would you know Rosalie?” Edward asked. “I thought she was seriously trying to defend Jacob’s feelings.”

At that I started sobbing, but could still hear Rosalie. “That may be part of it, but I saw the look in her eyes. Every time she looked at Bella’s stomach her eyes got almost misty. She probably was hiding it with her anger though, that’s why it was so severe. I would know I’ve suffered it a few times myself” She said with a grin at Edward. “Remember me in the maternity ward a few decades ago?”

Edward gave out a short laugh. “I remember how we couldn’t get you to leave. You frightened the nurses so bad that they took the babies to a different room, afraid that you’ll kidnap one of them.”

“I still say that one of them was a mind reader.” Rosalie said with a grin. I had to laugh; I can see Rosalie stealing a baby just by being sweet to a male nurse, who willingly gives her it. I yawned and rotated so I could lie down. My body being broadsided by different emotions makes it tired. I felt my eyes close and Edward kissed my forehead.

“Bella, I’ll be right back. Have to go do something.” Edward said quietly, and then slipped out. Alice skipped down and sat on my foot, then started tickling it.

“Alice, stop it.” I mumbled, but I was awake now and thirsty. “Rosalie can you get me some more…uh…tomato juice for vampires?”

Rosalie laughed as she headed to the kitchen. When she came back she handed me a clear cup. I looked at her funny. “What? You know what’s in it… and right now I don’t feel like cleaning up the other cups.” Rosalie said and I shrugged. I averted my eyes from the cup as I drank it. Unfortunately my eyes grazed over to Alice, who was even more giddy than usual because of her headaches.

“Twins! I can’t believe I wasn’t first to know.” Alice grumbled, and then brightened up quickly. “Just think about it! We can dress them exactly the same! You’ll have to think of names all over again. Just in case you have girl and girl… or boy and boy…or girl and boy…”

I took my lips off the straw so I could think about it and went through names in my head. “I guess I’ll go with Renessemee and Edward still… but if I have another girl I’ll name her Edelle.”

“Edelle?” Alice asked with a tilt of her head. I blushed.

“You know, like Edward and Bella together. I’d go with Edwina…but it doesn’t sound right with Cullen.”

“That’s so cute!” Rosalie cooed. “What if it’s another boy?”

I searched my head for a name. “I don’t know…how about… Jem?”

“Jem? Why Jem?” Alice asked and I smirked.

“Wouldn’t Jasper and Emmett love haven’t a nephew named after them?” I asked innocently, causing Rosalie and Alice to laugh out loud.

“If anything, Jasper would whine that he only gets one letter and Emmett gets two.” Rosalie said so I thought seriously for a few moments. I shrugged.

“I’d probably just name him Jeremy.” I said with a shrug. “Or I could let Edward pick the name.”

“No!” Alice said and I raised my eyebrows at her.  “He doesn’t know good names.” She said defensively.  “He won’t let us call him anything but Edward…so annoying.”

I laughed. “How about you pick the name if it’s a boy you two. I just want one to be named Edward.”

Alice and Rosalie nodded their heads in agreement so I started sipping my…drink again. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t going nauseous from the smell. It’s good practice though for later… I was contemplating this when Edward came hurrying in.

“Bella, love, I thought you were sleeping. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left.” Edward said and I smiled at him. He was so caring, even though just a few moments ago he wanted to kill the baby inside me.

“Don’t worry. I just got so thirsty-it woke me up.” Also Alice tickled my foot, I added in my head. “It’s a good thing Carlisle is bringing more. These kids are going to need it when they get out of me.”

“True. That’s a good point.” Edward agreed.

“I wonder if they’ll want anything else.” I wondered. If they were just going to be vampires, or they can eat human food too…

“I suppose we’ll find out.” Edward said with a shrug. Jacob came through the door.

“Finally.” Alice grumbled, rubbing her head. I gave Jacob a huge smile. This was my best friend Jacob, going to his enemy’s house for me. Then I remembered what Leah said and I tried very hard not to cry.

“Hey Bells,” Jacob said quickly. “How ya doing?”

“I’m fine.” I muttered quietly.

“Big day today, huh? Lots of new stuff.”

“You don’t have to do that Jacob.” I replied, not wanting to be the one to keep him here.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jacob told me as he sat near my head.

I gave him a look. “I’m so s—“ I started to say, but then he pinched my lips together to keep me from talking. “Jake,” I mumbled around his hand then tried to push it away weakly.

Jacob shook his head. “You can talk when you’re not being stupid.”

I had an idea. “Fine, I won’t say it.” I mumbled and he took his hand away. “Sorry!” I finished then gave him a cheeky grin, which he returned after rolling his eyes at me.

There was this little awkward silence that I swear Jacob’s eyes looked pained during. “So,” I said, trying to fill the silence, “How was your day?”

“Great. Went for a drive. Hung out in the park.”

“Sounds nice.” Wish I could leave this house… but not until the babies are out of my belly.

“Sure, sure.”

I made a face. This is the worst part of being pregnant. “Rose?”

Rosalie chuckled at me. “Again?”

“I think I’ve drunk two gallons in the last hour.” I explained. Rose came to lift me off the couch. “Can I walk?” I asked, thinking that if Jacob gets some exercise today… “My legs are so stiff.”

“Are you sure?” Edward asked skeptically.

“Rose’ll catch me if I trip over my feet.” I said with a grin. “Which could happen pretty easily, since I can’t see them.”

Rosalie set me down carefully and kept her hands on my shoulders so I stretched my arms in front of me. It was kind of painful, but a good pain. “That feels good.” I said then frowned playfully at my stomach. “Ugh, I’m so huge. One more day.” I said, patting my stomach.

I noticed Jacob’s face go all contorted, but decided to leave it alone. “All righty, then. Whoops—Oh no!” I exclaimed, spilling my blood. I bent over to reach it, just seeing the hands before it was too late. This strange ripping nose came from my stomach. “Oh!” I gasped. Then went limp, falling into Rosalie’s arms.

“Bella?” Edward asked a little unfocused. A shot of pain came from my stomach. It was excruciating. I gave a hair-raising shriek. My body twitched and I then vomited a fountain of blood.



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By the way, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE the banner, who made it?
Umm Lynn from the graphic group. :D It's amazing. :D
hahah you should post the next chapter soon!! lol
haha you know, I probably should.. but I've hit writer's block since the next chapter I want you guys to get to know Edelle a little more before i continue on my story plot. . . but I have no idea how to do it. :D probably tomorrow or the next day i'll work on it.
thanks! And I'm working on it. :P
New reader this story is very good plz keep me update
I love this statement from Emmett!
"I groaned exaggeratingly. “Alright, but if you ask me which dresses are better when they look exactly the same, I quit.”
haha thanks guys! Glad you're liking it. . . .and wolfeagle, I enjoy that comment too. :P

Chapter Nine- Edward’s POV

I stared as my children left, before glancing at my family who were mostly wearing worried expressions. They were mostly worrying about my daughter’s attitude, something that has gotten worse over the years. I went and sat down on the couch, looking up at my family. “I think that Edelle is affected by your thoughts.” I spoke hesitantly, not liking how I wasn’t sure at all, “She has made little comments about her death over the years, and normally I would just ignore them…but maybe we shouldn’t. I know how much all of you are worrying about Edelle and Renesmee, but I’ve noticed a huge difference between their attitudes. Renesmee can’t hear our thoughts, and she’s a happy girl, while Edelle…” I stopped talking.

Rosalie looked at me with sympathy, “You can take the girls in your car…or maybe Edelle so she feels like she has special treatment,” She held on to Emmett’s hand as she spoke, “I think Edelle may also feel a little bit unloved. We all just naturally revolve around Renesmee, her happiness being so contagious. But Edelle doesn’t let us know any of her thoughts or opinions at all. I think she’s trying to make it easier for us when she does die.

“I think that the maturity the girls have isn’t good for Edelle, especially with her power—what we do know about it anyway. I think Edelle has your power Edward, and she’s had it since birth. We all know how hearing people’s thoughts has made you so depressed at times, and you can remember times without the power…with Edelle though…” she went silent. I gave her a half smile before standing up.

“I’ll talk to Edelle. I hope you don’t mind just having Renesmee in your car Rosalie.”

She smiled, “Of course not, I’m sure she’ll be an angel.” We all left the house, not really surprised to find the twins already in the separate cars, with Edelle wearing a pout mixed with snarl. I sighed with my wife before sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Edelle…” I began, but my daughter interrupted me.

“I get it Dad. I know you guys love me, and that I’m a precious miracle,” her voice changed on that word, almost a tinge of bitterness, “So now that we have that over with, can I please go sit with my twin?”

Bella shook her head, “I think we should spend some time with just you Edelle. We haven’t really spent time with you guys separately. We have spent time with Renesmee, but you always seem to be off doing your own thing. I’d rather know my eldest daughter as well.” Bella had gotten in the passenger seat during this monologue, but she was turned to face our green eyed beauty.

“Alright. My name is Edelle, and the reason why I keep my power a secret from you guys is you don’t want to know how powerful it is. Okay?” She started to leave the car, but I locked the doors. The only thing that kept her from breaking the door was the respect for my car. She sighed and leaned back in the car, tears threatening to spill. I noticed my family’s cars move one by one so I started the car as well. Bella’s face softened as she reached over to grab Edelle’s hand.

“Sweetie, we’re trying not to be mean here. We’re just trying to understand you.”

“Why though?” Edelle asked, “Grandpa says I only have a few years left, and it’s such a tiny amount compared to what you will live. We’ll die and all of you will continue living…I’d rather you not miss me and love me, or you might try and provoke the Volturi like Daddy did before.”

I shivered involuntarily, as did Bella, when reminded of that time. I was wondering how Edelle knew that, but she shook her head minutely in a way to tell me she wasn’t going into detail, “Daddy, my power is stronger than yours…it’s even stronger then Aro’s. It’s a good thing I’m going to die, or I’d be collected by Aro anyway.”

“We wouldn’t let that Edelle,” I spoke through my teeth…whoever was thinking about the Volturi would get a talking to…giving my child such ideas.

“It’s no one’s fault…trust me. I’m just gathering information the easiest way I know how Dad,” She then laughed, “I’m surprised you having discovered my power’s not that tricky. Maybe you guys are just ignoring the evidence in front of you.” She shook her head and put in her headphones, listening to her iPod…telling us that she was done talking.
Bella looked over to me with a sigh. I smiled back at her reassuringly, though that’s not near how I felt.

Bella’s POV

The ride back up was silent, though Edward and I had a few conversations. We attempted to drag Edelle into the conversation, but she’d just speak cryptically. I looked at my daughter and felt like crying. She seemed to keep everything to herself, barely talking to anyone except Renesmee, and those two just seem to have their own little private conversations that we don’t understand. If Edelle was human, I’d suggest we take her to a psychiatrist. I noticed the rattle had dropped from her hand as she slept and I picked it up, studying it. “What does this rattle have to do with anything?” I asked Edward gently as I showed him it.

He looked at it, slightly alarmed, “She had dropped it?”

“Yes, why, can’t you hear her thoughts?”

“No…they’re still blocked,” He looked into the review mirror and noticed the headphones that were still playing, “Maybe we were thinking of it too narrowly. Maybe it just doesn’t revolve around that rattle…but she wants us to think that it has to do around the rattle. Perhaps it’s just coincidence, or perhaps it has more to do with music.”

I smiled a bit at that, “She took your piano playing skills and turned it into a power?”

“Maybe…I’m started to put things together a bit. I think her power is like mine and Aro combined…as long as she has music, she can use her power. Perhaps she’d be happier if we took it away from her...” I trailed off when I noticed Bella glaring at me, “bad idea?”

“Uh, yeah! Can you imagine how much she’d hate us if we took music away from her? Music is part of her everyday life Edward; we can’t just take away the one joy in her life.”

I raised a hand to calm her, “I was just thinking out loud Bella, that’s all.”

“Good. She’s our daughter and I know we have to protect her, but still…to take away something like that…” I shook my head, thinking of the fuzzy memories of when Edward had left, and with him he took music as well.

“Okay, we won’t take it away…but I can’t stand seeing my child depressed like this.” Edward murmured, before catching the bemused look on my face, “What?”

“Now you know why everyone pushed you towards me when I was human.” I laughed before looking at Edelle, my face reflecting sadness once again, “Will she even know the love we have before she dies?”

Edward reached for my hand and kissed my knuckle, “It’ll be alright love.” He promised, a promise both us of knew probably would be broken.

We all got to the house in plenty of good time, with how quickly this family still love to drive. I was slightly shocked the first time I saw Esme drive; she beat even Edward and Alice. Later I was told they had let her win. I watched Edelle get out of the car with a scowl on her face. I leaned over to whisper in her ear, “Smile, you look prettier.” She gave me a look and then gave me the cheesiest smile ever before going back to her scowl. She headed into the house ahead of Edward and me. I glanced at my husband and sighed, “I wonder how many times I had given my father that look.”

He chuckled and kissed my temple, “And now you can sympathize with him. That’s why parents always say wait until you have children, isn’t it?”

I rolled my eyes at him and we walked into the house hand in hand. Tanya looked at us and gave us a small smile, causing me to hold on to Edward’s hand a little tighter. “Your daughters told us to tell you they are going on a little hunting trip. I guess we are having adult talk today.”

I smiled, “I guess so.”Edward and I followed Tanya to the kitchen.

Renesmee’s POV

I watched as my sister swung up onto a tree. I easily followed her up until we were near the very top, still on branches that could withstand our weight. She sat down on a branch, leaning on the trunk. I however, went up a branch higher and hooked my legs onto it so I could swing down upside, “So what did Mom and Dad want to talk to you about?” I asked, “Emmett wanted to get here first so we weren’t really within hearing range.”

She looked at me with a look of annoyance so I just gave her a cheeky little smile, “They wanted to talk about my attitude, and how I seem to not be as happy as you.” She reached up and unhooked one of my legs. I fell and flipped so I
landed neatly on my feet. She laughed, “Just like a cat.”

“So change your attitude. Pretend to be all happy sappy in front of them. What’s so wrong with that?”

“I don’t want to give them any pretense.”

“But you are happy. You and I have great fun by ourselves. What’s wrong with showing them that side of you?”

She sighed and looked at me but I didn’t budge, “I know you hear a lot more then you tell me. But I’m not an idiot, I know Mom, Dad and everyone thinks that we’re going to not be immortal. I know that’s why we get measured thrice every day. But Grandpa says we’re slowing down. Maybe we’ll slow down enough to be normal human rate. Maybe…”

“Maybe we’ll still get eighty years?” She asked and shook her head, “They expect us to have fifteen years. Fifteen years Nessie! Compared to the lifetime they’ll have that’s…”

“Very little,” I ended for her. I start walking the branch carefully, “But why compare it? I mean, we can still have our lifetime to spend happily with them. You worry too much about how they’ll be afterwards. Why can’t we just live in the present and not worry about the future?”

She sighed again and reached up for the branch, “I can’t do that sweetie…especially since I have to hear about everyone else’s worries on top of my own.” She grabbed the branch and swung around it like a gymnast would a bar before letting go and falling to the ground. I watched as she did quite a few fast flips before landing cleanly.

“Show off!” I called before doing the exact the same thing, but one extra flip. I however, didn’t land as cleanly. My footprints were engraved into the snow quite neatly, whereas no one would have known that Edelle was there. I scowled and she laughed her laugh almost an exact imitation of Mom’s.

“If you weren’t trying to beat me, you would have been fine. Face it,” she tossed her hair and gave me a superior look, “You can’t beat your sister.”

She turned around and started heading back to the house. I ran and pounced on her from behind, well, tried anyway. She had anticipated my move and grabbed onto my wrist, throwing me over her head and tossed me onto the ground. She
leaned over me and grinned, “Again. Don’t try and beat me.”

I stuck my tongue out at her and swept my leg to get her legs out from under her as I somersaulted back up to my feet. She had fallen, but she had somersaulted back onto her feet as well. I frowned and looked at her ears, “Your headphones aren’t in, so we should be an even match.”

She laughed and shrugged, “My intuition is better than yours,” She tried to hug me, but I placed my hand on her cheek,
showing her an image of what she should do with that intuition. She shook her head and shoved me away, “Meany,” she crowed as we were walking back. We were in comfortable silence until she mentioned, “You know, if we had more time on this earth, I would tell you that your power could probably work over a distance like Mom’s and Dad’s can. I’d tell you
to work on it.”

I mulled that over and smiled, “Well, because I believe in living life to the fullest, unlike you, I’ll work on that. The day I can finally tell my thoughts over a distance will be the day you admit that we will live longer then they think we will.”

Edelle smiled, “Sure Renesmee. That’s a deal.” She slung her arm over my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around her waist, “If all else fails, at least you’ll be able to tell everyone your last words over a distance.”

Polar bears in the North Pole could have heard my laughter.
i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!
write more soon!
geez! luv ur st0ry.. pls pls post more soon..
geez! luv ur st0ry.. pls pls post more soon..


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