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Ok so this is my 2nd fan fic and I just wanna tell you all what its about before I start writing it.


So Bella got raped at 15 and ended up having a little girl. 3 years later Edward comes into the picture and Bella catches his eye.  Charlie isn't doing anything but bringing Bella down so she decideds to move out. Edward however is not about to let her and Sara just walk out of hs life. After knowing Bella a couple of weeks Edward makes a  decision to keep Bella in his life no matter what. Will Bella leave him and Forks forever or will she see that Edward is what she wants and needs and stay with him??


Comment and find out!!!


Oh I need banners too! I know some of you make some amazing ones!!











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Thanks and im not really picky just a long as it has the name and the saying "maybe its true I can't live without you"
Lol it'll be fine
Just post it when its ready

Ewwwww can I make a banner to (pouty face) pwease?


lol of course you can make a banner too!! And ok ok i'll post the first chapter now!!!!




(Bouncing up and down the chair) This is going to be great

Oh I do have a question how does the baby girl look like. Is it Renesmee cuz I have pix of Renesmee

ummmm I actually havent given that much thought into it but ima say no cause its not Edward and Bellas daughter but just wait and see whose it is!

Okay thnx

Write it TODAY and DON'T HOLD BACK AT ALL.This sounds so good please please keep me updated. (gasping)

First chapter posted tell me what you think!!
I do I just love reading but the things she write are so interesting and they have you guestioning things that makes your head spin around so fast. But Yeah I am excited are you excited lol cuz i read that you already have a banner


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