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Ok so this is my 2nd fan fic and I just wanna tell you all what its about before I start writing it.


So Bella got raped at 15 and ended up having a little girl. 3 years later Edward comes into the picture and Bella catches his eye.  Charlie isn't doing anything but bringing Bella down so she decideds to move out. Edward however is not about to let her and Sara just walk out of hs life. After knowing Bella a couple of weeks Edward makes a  decision to keep Bella in his life no matter what. Will Bella leave him and Forks forever or will she see that Edward is what she wants and needs and stay with him??


Comment and find out!!!


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I was getting ready for my freidns Alices party.

It was her 16th birthday party so I wasn'y going to miss it.

Her house was only 1 street away so my dad trusted me to walk down there by myself

"Bella come on" Jasper called

Jasper is my twin brother.

"Jaz go ahead, i'll meet you there'"

Alice is his girl friend

"K" he said as he walked out the door

I still had to wrap Alices present


I started walking towards Alice and Emmetts house

Emmett is her older brother.

As I was walking I heard someone behind me.

I started walking a little faster but they started walking faster too and then they were running.

The next thing I knew everything went black


When I came too I was in the woods.

I was bleeding too

"BELLA!" I heard

It was my dad

"Dad i'm over here" I yelled

I heard him running towards me

"Bella what happend?"

"I think I was rapped"  whispered


I was woken up by a crying.

I opened my eyes to see a Sara standing up in her crib

I looked at my clock, it was only 6:30

I got up and went to Sara's crib

"Ok Sara i'll get up" she started smiling

I couldn't help but smile at her.

Yes I was raped that night.

 It was the worst night of my life.

But I got the best thing out of it, my little girl.

I picked her up and took her down stairs.

I ran into Jasper on the way down

"Heys Bells I made some eggs but didn't finish them you and Sara can have the rest"

"Thanks Jaz" I said

"Jazpoo" Sara said

"your welcome too little Sara" he said

Then he kissed her head

I took Sara down stairs .

I went over to the radio and turned on Saras fovorite CD, Winnie the Pooh.

My dad came down stairs

"Bella you better get ready for school or you'll be late"

"K dad. Come on Sara lets go get ready" I said

I still had to get her ready and me

Then I gotta take her to day care.


I was at school now and I was talking to Alice

"Bella your still coming to my party this weekend right?" she asked

It had been almost 3 years since I was rapped

"Yes Alice, but my dads gotta work so idk what im going to do with Sara"

"Bring her" Alice and Emmett said together

"I dont kniw"

"Come on" Emmett whined

"Alright fine i'll bring her"

"YAY" Emmett screamed

"Sssshhhhh Emmett you'll scare the new students" alice said


So what on your mind after this chapter?


ok i'll check them out.

Are they all human?

ok i'll check them out.

lol I was ready to see what Takyra would say but I guess they logged off

Lol I'm sorry I wasn't on the computer for twoo whole days AGONYYYYYY, but anyway this is great I like how you started it off. The flashback was good I like how you explain how Charlie felt about her walking to Alice house by herself to make it seem that something was going to happen to Bella.Make sure you check your grammar, but after all of that this was Great and keep me posted.
Oh my goodness I love this! Please, please, please update me!
Sure will thanks for reading!
good! Write it! :)
lol ok
i love it!!!
Omg plzz keep le updated really good


"What new students?" I asked

"The Cullens" Alice said

Just then the bell rang and I ran off to bio.

"Aw Bella your here your finally going to have a lab partner" Mr. Vaner said

"Who?" I asked

"Mr. Cullen"he told me

"Aw here he is now"

I turned around to see a bronze haired beauty

"Hi i'm Edward Cullen"

"I'm Bella Swan" I said

 He smiled the most beatiful smile i'd ever seen


When I went to my Bio. class and Mr. Vaner was talking to a girl

"Ah here he is now"

When the girl turned around I couldn't believe my eyes!

She was the most beatiful girl i'd ever seen

"Hi i'm Edward Cullen"

"I'm Bella Swan" she said

"Ok students please take your seats, class is about to start"

I followed Bella to our table.

As class went by me and Bella got to know each other.

We were so rapped up in talking we didn't even realize someone had walked in.

"Bella you have a phone call"

"From who?"

"The day care"

Belaa jumped out of her seat and ran outta the room

Why would a day care be calling Bella?

As class ended Bella still hadn't come back.

When the bell rang I walked out to see my sister Rosealie talking to some guy.

"Hey Edward this is Emmett, Emmett this is my brother Edward"

"Hi" we both said

"Do you know where Bella Swan is, she just had that class whith you." he said

"Um she ran outta class becuase she was told she had a phone call from the day care" I told him

"She got a call from where?" a guy behind me asked.

"The day care" I said again

After that he took off down the hall

"What was that about?" I asked Emmett

"Bellas his sister and hes a little bit over protective" he told me

Then the bell rang

Everyone went to different classes. Except for me, I stood there wandering what was going on.


Why would Sara's day care be calling me?

I got to the office

"They said I had a phone call"

"Here you go, line 2"

"Hello this is Bella Swan Saras mother"

"Yes Sara is sick and starting to feel a little warm"

"Ok i'm on my way. Thankyou"

I hung up the phone and told the aid I was leaving.

As I walked out I saw Jasper coming down the hall

"Bella is Sara ok?''

"No shes sick I gotta go get her''

''ok i'll tell everyone not to come over"

"who all was coming over?

"Emmett, Alice and the Cullens"

"No dont do that they'll have to find out eventually"

"you sure?"



It was after school now so everyone was on there way.

Saras temp had finally gone down.

"Bells where you at?" Emmett screamed

Why was he so loud?

I ran down stairs

"Emmett ssshhh Saras asleep"


"Hey Bella" Edward said

"Hey Edward" I said with a smile

I knew I would have to pull Edward to the side.

I couldn't hide the fact I had Sara from him forever, he had the right to know.

There was an akward silience

"So Bella is everything ok?" Jasper asked

"Now" I said

"Good" he said

Edward looked very confused

All of a sudden Sara started crying

"Sorry Bells" Emmett said

I ran up stairs

Sara was still crying

"Its ok Sara"

"Jazpoo" she cried

"Ok i'll take you too Jazpoo" I told her

I hesitated to walk down stairs, but I knew I had to with sara still crying.

When I got down there everyone looked at me

"Jazpoo" she cried.

Alice and Emmet started laughing

"Oh shut up" Jasper said coming to get her

After Jasper had her she was ok.

"Awe what a cute little baby" Rosealie said

"Is she you little sister?" Edward asked

Alice and Emmett who were still laughingat the Jazpoo thing got quiet

Its now or never I thought

"No'' I gulped

"She's my daughter" I told him..



Dun Dun Dun find out what happens next!!! lol



Wow! I love the chapters and I hope that u can post soon and when u do will u keep me updated?


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