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Ok so this is my 2nd fan fic and I just wanna tell you all what its about before I start writing it.


So Bella got raped at 15 and ended up having a little girl. 3 years later Edward comes into the picture and Bella catches his eye.  Charlie isn't doing anything but bringing Bella down so she decideds to move out. Edward however is not about to let her and Sara just walk out of hs life. After knowing Bella a couple of weeks Edward makes a  decision to keep Bella in his life no matter what. Will Bella leave him and Forks forever or will she see that Edward is what she wants and needs and stay with him??


Comment and find out!!!


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Okay  i love this story so far i just found it! And i cant wait for more!!!
I'm about to post another chapter soon before I leave!


*2 weeks later*
It was moving day!
 Nobody knew what was going to happen except for Edward.
We decided to go to Seattle, that way were still close to everyone but on our own to.
I was putting everything in my truck when Edward pulled up.
It was Saturday so Jasper and Roseallie were over at alice and emmetts house.
 He got out of his car to help me.
 When everything was packed up he held me in his arms
 "Bella are you sure your ready for this?" he asked
 ''Absolutely'' i said.
He smiled at me
 "I love you bella"
 "I love you too"
 he kissed me.
After a minute he pulled away.
"Lets go"I said.
He kissed me again and we were off.
 Off to Seattle where we would be on our own with Sara.
We were on our way to Seattle now.
 Me and bella had everything worked out.
 School,Jobs,Apartment,And day care.
 I hated leaving my family like that, but i wasn't about to let Bella walk outta my life.
This was gonna be a big change for me, but totally worth it.
Bella and Sara meant everything to me.
We were here now.
The apartment was really was really nice.
It had 3 bedrooms and a big living room.
My uncle was nice enough to give us his old furnature since he and his wife were remodeling
I parked my car and waited for bella tp park her truck.
I can't believe i' actualy here with bella.
She parked her truck and got out
I went to help her with Sara.
She was asleep so I took her while she grabbed some bags.
Sara had gotten to th point were she wouldn't cry everytime she saw me with Bella but she still didn't want anything to do with me.
Which I understood, I mean she was ony 3 and had never seen Bella with a guy before.
Bella started walking into the apartment and I was rightbehind her.
When she opened the door and I took Sara to her room and laid her down in her crib.
When I laid her down I went into the living room to see Bella sitting on the couch.
I went and sat next to her.
She looked at me
"Edward promise me something"
"Promise meyou wont resent me"
"Bella I promise you I will never resiet you for anything, I wanted this, I wated to be with you and Sara. I love you both more than you can understand"
Ok I didnt get much sleep astnight and im leavin for ATL soon so i gota gt some rest!! Hope ya'll enjoy it!!

This is great I wonder why Bella made him promise that for, all well. Hold on did they finish school. Man I hope everything turns out good for them. Please keep me updated.

I'll be waiting (whispering) lol 

Love it!!!
Awesome chapter! cant wait for more!
it was so amazing............
this is such a great story keep it up


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