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Hello!! My name is Bella Swan. I work in Seattle Washington. I reside in Forks,WA.  I live there still because I still love the small town feel and love to come home to a peace and quiet place.  I live with my boyfriend that I have been living with for a year so far.  I love him so much! He means the world to me.  I guess since i just told you I have a boyfriend, I am going to have to tell you his name.  Well his name is Jacob Black.  I knew for my whole life he had something for me and i didn't want to admit it.  I just never knew that we had this kind of attractions with each other.  He is such a great boyfriend.
A couple of months ago i met this man, well not just any man, i met GOD!  This man i met was the best that could ever happen to me.  The only problem is that, I have been sneaking behind Jacobs back with this GOD. Oooh man, I just can't stop thinking about him.  This goddess name is EDWARD CULLEN.

I don't know what to do now.
Well, here is my story from the beginning to now.

Do you think this is going to be a happy ending.
Let me know if you thing i should continue this. I have to at least have ten responses.


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Chapter 16 continued.

"Bella I.." Rosalie had something to say. I had to say something first to be the bigger person.

"Rosalie." She looked shocked because I cut her off. " I honestly don't want to hear what you got to say, but I am going to stand her like the big person I am and listen what load of crap you have to say." I say with a hiss.

"BELLA!" Edward says and grabs my arm and turns me around.

"What Edward. This is all her fault. Like I didn't start this. She did." I whisper to Edward.

"Bella, Please don't make it worst than what it is now. Please?" Edward says with a pleading face.

I Nodded. I turn back around and look at Rosalie. She had a angry face. I couldn't believe I have to be nice after what happen two nights ago. Tania better not be here.

"Ok Rosalie, You can speak now." I say to her.

"Bella. I am sorry what happen to you." Rosalie said

"Apology accepted." I say to her. Everyone looked at us with less stressful looks.

"Bella. I am sorry that I had Tania here." She says. I looked at her like she purposely had her here.

"Wait, What?" I say to her

"I purposely had her come here to get Edward to come back to her. I am jealous of you. That's why I try to get her to make you jealous." Rosalie says with no hesitations. I looked at her with a shocked face. I turned around and looked at Edward with so much anger, He took me and put me behind him.


"Edward..." Carisle says. He walks over. "Calm down. Don't be like this to Rosalie."

Edward was tensed up. I have never seen him like this.

"Ok. I am sorry dad." Edward calmed down.

"Rosalie. I am very disappointed in you. I can not believe that you would do something like this. I don't know what you told Tania but You just made a major problem." Carlisle says with authority.

"I am sorry uncle carlisle." Rosalie says upset.

"Ok. We are good here now. Right" Carlisle says looking at Edward, Rosalie and myself.

"Yeah." We all said together.

Edward took my hand and we headed up to his room. This was his room when he lived here. They left it the same when he left. We walked up the stairs and Headed towards his old bedroom door. We walked in and I was so excited to see a bed. Oh my goodness, How I was so tired of those hospital beds. They hurt my back so bad. Edward walked in with all my clothes. I got out my lingerie. I saw Edward eyes pop out of his head.

"Are you ok?" I ask Edward with a little seductive look.

Edward was still staring at me stunned. I just had to put a huge smile on my face.


"OH! I um...I Um." Edward couldn't even get a word out at all. I wasn't shocked.

"Edward, come on honey. Just tell me that I look hideous." I say to him a little upset now. I think the hormones are kicking in.

"Oh no love. Oh no. I think you look amazing. I think that you are glowing just like the sun. You are so beautiful." Edward says with pure confidence.

"I..Well thank you Edward. I thought it was something on me or something wrong with me." I say

"NO bella." He walks over to me and holds my hand. "You are amazing. I couldn't of picked anyone else. You are the love of my life." Edward says to me

"Thank You." I looked up into his eyes.
Edward leans down to kiss me on my forehead.

"Are you ready for bed?" he ask

"Yeah. I am tired. I didn't like those beds." I say to him rubbing my belly. That's weird. I am rubbing my belly. Hm..i do have a little bump there. It's so cute though. Can't really notice but I know my baby girl is in there.

"Ok love. jump in the bed. I am just going to put something on for bed." Edward says

"Ok." I walk to the bed. Jumped in and waited for Edward.

He finally came and came into bed with me. We both started talking about what we were going to do since we are having a kid. Where we are going to move at. We were talking about all of that for a while and then I don't remember anything after that because I woke up to the sun shining in the windows of Edwards room. It was kind of blurry but then I got my vision back. I turned around where Edward would be and he was still asleep. He looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake him at all. I didn't want to even move but i had to go to the bathroom bad. I don't think that he would even notice that I was getting of bed. So i ease my way out of bed. He didn't even notice. I walk into the bathroom did what I had to do. I came back out and Edward was wide awake. He was sitting down in the rocking chair he had in there.

"Oh hey honey!" I say a little startled.

"Hey Bella." Edward says.

I looked at him. He looked upset.

"What's wrong?" I ask

"I need to tell you something important. This could really make or break our relationship.

"Um, ok? What is it about?" I ask

"Tania." Edward says

"Oh no Edward. Please don't. Please?" I say to him

"Bella you should want to hear this." Edward says

comment...what do you think!?
what will Edward reveal about tania now?? I hope Bella will understand what will Edward tell..

should she listen?

Hmmmmmm..... this could be interesting........ I dont think Edward should have brought this up until Bella actually asked him about it! cuz this might ruin their relationship!!! hahahah like that could ever happen cuz i mean they are having a CHILD for crying out loud! now unless u make Edward leave Bella for Tania or Bella just leave in general, it wont ruin Edward and Bellas relationship...... anyway I love it!!!!!!! and I cannot wait for what you have coming up next
Breana what could Edward possibly have to say to Bella about Tania? It doesn't seem good...It could make or break our relationship? I don't know why you did this to us!!!...until you post again

i don't could make things tense for the both of lol

OMG I luved yhat chapter hope you post more tonight I just hop it is nuthin to bad lik tanya beig pregnant or anythin that would be VVEEERRRYY HORRIBLE

Chapter 17


I can't believe he has more crap to put on my shoulders. He is going to kill me. I can't take this crap no more.

"Bella Please sit down." Edward says


"Ok." I say with a sad face.


"I don't want to you worry Bella. I don't want you to think that this is going to ruin our relationship." He says


"Ok. We will see." I say. He grabs my had. "If it has anything to do with Tania, we will see."


He gave me a frown. I shouldn't be mean. I put my hand on his and rubbed his back with my other hand.


"Ok. Tania and I dated for five years." he says.


"oh wow um..Ok." I couldn't say anything I was kind of shocked.


He looked at me and took a deep breath. Oh no what is he going to say next.


"We were together for five years and during our five year relationship, we were engaged for two years." Edward says at the end as a whisper.


"OK. So you are telling me that you Tania had a serious relationship like that!?" I say a little pissed that he didn't tell me


"Bella, Please. Don't get crazy." he says to me all calm and productive.


"Edward. We have been dating for a year now and you didn't bother to tell me about this?"


He grabs my arm to pull me closer to him. "Bella love. I am so sorry. I was going to tell you." he says


"Really? Well this just made my stress level hit the highest it could ever go." I say to him trying to keep calm


"Bella don't get too stressed out. We don't want anything to happen with the baby." Edward says upset.


"Edward. How could I keep from getting upset. Your just throwing all of this stuff at me." I say.


"I don't know." Was all he could say.


I start to stand up. Edward stands up with me. "I don't know what to tell you Edward." I say


"Bella just don't go nuts. I really need you here with me. I love you." He says the three words that would really set me off now.


"You love me?" I ask him

"Yes I do. why would you ask me that?" Edward got upset


"I am asking you that because, You can not be over Tania since you were together for five years and engaged for two of the five years together." I say to him with anger building up.


" don't know Bella. I just...I..." Edward couldn't say a word. He was speechless.


"You know you love her in some sort of way. Until you figure it out, You let me know who you love more." I say

I start to walk away to grab my jacket.


"Wait." He grabs my wrist. "Where are you going?"


I look up at him. "I am going to my place. Until you could really give me a truthfully answer, I will sit here and listen to you." I say to him.


"Please don't go." Edward says as he pulls me close to him with out hurting my belly.


"No, I am leaving. Call me tomorrow morning." I say to him. I give him a peck on the lips and walk out of the room and started going down the stairs.  Alice and Esme heard me coming down the stairs. They saw the anger in my face.


"Bella What's wrong?" Esme ask walking up to me.


"Well Edward just told me that him and Tania were together for five years and engaged for two." I say to them with so much acid in my voice. They both looked at each other very sad.


"Bella. I am so sorry. I thought Edward told you." Alice says concerned.


"We are all sorry that you are in the mess right now. We have been trying to get away from her for a while." Esme says.


"Away?" I ask a little confused.


"Well.."Alice says


"Well?" I say


"Lets go to the cottage to talk." Esme says grabbing her jacket and we started walking to the back of the house. The cottage was a five minute walk to get to it. We finally got there and Esme open up the door to the cottage. It was so beautiful. This could be another mansion. It's so nice.


"Have a seat Bella." Esme gestured to the couch. I walk over to the couch and sit down.


"Spill." I say


"Ok." Esme says.

Alice and Esme sat down next to each other and looked at each other, then nodded at each other.

"Ok well Edward and Tania started dating before Edward even got into college. They met their senior year of high school.  They hit it off. He was so happy. They did everything together. Tania didn't have a family like us so we welcomed her with open arms. She lived in a foster home. So when she met Edward, she felt like he was giving her everything she wanted. We kind of took her in. It was great the first three years. There wasn't any problems. They went to the same college. It was great for Edward because he was lonely. He was the only one with out anyone." Esme looked at me.

I couldn't blink, I was in shocked they took this crazy girl in to their family. I just couldn't even move.

They both looked at me and just continued. Alice looked at me and started talking.


"Then there was the day that Edward proposed to her at one of our family dinners. It was a great moment. It was the best for them. i was honestly happy for them. I did like Tania. I did, now..well you know. They were only engaged for, I wanna say a year when things began to go down hill. Tania was being really shady. She wasn't around as much. When she would come around, she would pop in and pop out. It was random times. She would say she was going to a friends house, but she would show up late late at night coming home. It was the weirdest thing we have seen. I didn't put two and two together. When they were engaged Edward was very closed out. He wasn't telling us much. He didn't look happy at all. I tried to talk to him or even ask him what's wrong or is he ok. He would just say that he's alright don't worry about it. I would just let him be. Mom would be worried all the time but what could we do? Talking couldn't do much." Alice took a deep breathe.


"So...?" I say a little confused


"So it was around there two year mark of there engagement. Edward told us that he went home early one night from in internship.  He thought coming home would make Tania happy. When he got home he walked in on Tania and another man." Esme says upset with anger.


" am so.." i couldn't speak.


"don't worry about it honey. It's not your fault. Bella. It's great that he met you. When Edward finished with college, he knew he had to do something with his life. He had get her off of his mind. So Edward worked really hard to get where he is at right now.  For working hard he owns his own business. He is so proud of his hard work and dedication.  When Edward came home and told us about you, he was the happiest man in the world. He glisten like glitter when the sun hits it. He truly truly love you Bella...That situation is really  hard for him to really get over and tell anyone. I understand you hate Tania and you had that accident how she made you really emotional. We are sorry that you had to deal with that. Just ever since he broke of the engagement and broke up with her, she has been calling us and hanging up, she has been calling Edwards job and hanging up. It's been a crazy couple of years. I don't know why Rosalie brought her here. We told her know but she doesn't listen to us well. She is miss bossy girl. We truly are sorry Bella. We are glad you are with Edward and we are glad that you have brought Edward back to life. We don't want you making decisions that could really hurt not only you and Edward but the baby as well when she comes in the world." Esme says


"Wow. That is so much to keep in my head. I am sorry about this crazy stuff I did. I just couldn't go through what i went through with Jake." I say sad.


"It's ok Bella." Alice says coming to sit next to me. " We love you! Don't worry." She hugs me.


"Bella, you are the best thing that cold happen to all of us." Esme says and walks over to me and hugs me.


"Thank you both. Love you both so much. Thanks for letting me know about this. This is really a lot to really think over. I think I owe Edward an apology." I say


"No Bella. You don't. You just have to give Edward the support he need. He just wanted to tell you about what did happen in his past." Alice says.


"Ok. Thanks again. I think I am going to go back to the house and talk to him." I say.


"Ok." They both say. "Good luck" They say.


"Thanks." I say and headed out the door and towards the Cullens main house. I hope Edward didn't leave. I hope he isn't mad at me. I get back in the house and it was empty. Good. I don't want anyone listening to anything we talk about. I start walking up the stairs to where Edward was. I walk into his room and I see him just sitting on the bed with his hands on his face rocking back and forth. I run over to him.


"Edward!" I yell.


"Bella" He whispers. "You came back." He says with a little excitement.


"yeah I know. Esme and Alice told me everything. I am so sorry that I left you like this without listening."


"Oh they did? That's great. They are awesome. It's ok Bella. I know it was a lot to throw at you. i am sorry." he say


"it's ok. I understand what you went through. I really am sorry. I hope I could make it better for you." i say to him


"yeah you can." he says and picks me up and put me on the bed.


"Wait..what you doing?" I ask a little confused.


"Well Bella what do you want me to do for you??" Edward ask.


"I want to know if you are ok?" I ask


"Bella Love, I am ok. I am glad you understand everything." he says and starts kissing me in every place that I love. That's what made me stop talking and the rest of the night was amazing. All i know is, this was the best night ever. He really was upset and wanted to make it up for me and himself. I just couldn't believe how this night ended. Overall it ended well.


I love Edward Cullen.






yeah it's great. i didn't want to make it that dramatic with Tania would of really made it really hard for Bella and Edwards thanks..glad you liked it

Tania is really the villain here... Well I am so happy that Bella knew the truth and she understands it..

Tania is evil always. don't worry she is going to keep trying everything. lol


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