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Hello!! My name is Bella Swan. I work in Seattle Washington. I reside in Forks,WA.  I live there still because I still love the small town feel and love to come home to a peace and quiet place.  I live with my boyfriend that I have been living with for a year so far.  I love him so much! He means the world to me.  I guess since i just told you I have a boyfriend, I am going to have to tell you his name.  Well his name is Jacob Black.  I knew for my whole life he had something for me and i didn't want to admit it.  I just never knew that we had this kind of attractions with each other.  He is such a great boyfriend.
A couple of months ago i met this man, well not just any man, i met GOD!  This man i met was the best that could ever happen to me.  The only problem is that, I have been sneaking behind Jacobs back with this GOD. Oooh man, I just can't stop thinking about him.  This goddess name is EDWARD CULLEN.

I don't know what to do now.
Well, here is my story from the beginning to now.

Do you think this is going to be a happy ending.
Let me know if you thing i should continue this. I have to at least have ten responses.


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grea6t it!

chapter 19

*time to bring baby home to the family*


We are heading home to bring home our baby to the Cullen Family. I hope they like  her a lot.

"ready edward?" I ask

"Bella. They are going to love her. Don't worry." Edward says and kisses Renesmee

We both walked inside. Edward has our baby in his arms. We looked at her and smiled. She looked so cute. She looked

up at me and she looked nervous. That's weird for a new born. She knew she was in a new place.

"It's ok honey. These people are your family. Don't worry." I say to her. Like she understood me.

We walk and and everyone came running from the kitchen. They all looked so excited. I was kind of scared, like they

were going to jump all over us.


"Oh my goodness you guys are back!" Alice says with excitement

"can i hold the baby?" Emmet says

"Where the baby? I want to hold her?" Esme says with so much excitement.

"Welcome home Bella and Edward. We are so excited to see you two. Ignore these people. They are so over excited

about Edward finally having a kid and settling down." Carlisle says.

"It's ok." I say to him

"Yeah, it's alright. I would be the same way if it was one of them." Edward says.

"yeah but don't want to scare the baby." he says

"that's true dad." Edward says.

"OK.OK.guys lets let Bella sit down. She needs the rest. We can hold the baby while we sit in the living room." Carlisle says.

We all walk over the the couches. I sit down right next to where Edward was sitting. I was so excited to be here. Comfort is what I needed.


"Can I hold her please?" Esme ask

"Yes you can." I say to her

She was playing with her for a little while. Then Alice got a chance to play with her and then Emmet did, it made me

nervous but I trust him. Then Carlisle got a chance to talk with her and get to know her a little bit. By the time we got her back, she was asleep like an angel. I couldn't believe it. I didn't have to put her asleep. Great!


1 year later

Everything has been going well. Well if you want to call, catching someone do something you didn't expect them to do ever. It's partly everything is ok I guess. Well I think I am going to have to let you know what happen. Well this is what I saw when I came home from picking our daughter up from day care.....


Edward, hugged up on Tonya in my house.........

Should I explain more.........




sorry so short..

I will give you a lot more details on it. Just wanted to add a few things in a chapter that would come to make more drama.


:D *Bre*

luv the chapter, keep going

okay im confused on the new chap! what just happened?????? did edward cheat or something???????? i sooo confused but i liked it! plz more!!!!!!

ok i will explain promise
those are huge gaps... Edward is cheating??
AWWWWWWWWWWWWW Breana They were HAPPY!!! Why would you throw this monkey wrench into the mix!!!!..I don't know what's going on................I can't wait for the update now!! ....until you post again
sorry i will explain in the next part of the chapter! sorry :(
i will explain in the next part
omg did you have to bring drama to their perfect little family!!!! :-(


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