The Twilight Saga

Hello!! My name is Bella Swan. I work in Seattle Washington. I reside in Forks,WA.  I live there still because I still love the small town feel and love to come home to a peace and quiet place.  I live with my boyfriend that I have been living with for a year so far.  I love him so much! He means the world to me.  I guess since i just told you I have a boyfriend, I am going to have to tell you his name.  Well his name is Jacob Black.  I knew for my whole life he had something for me and i didn't want to admit it.  I just never knew that we had this kind of attractions with each other.  He is such a great boyfriend.
A couple of months ago i met this man, well not just any man, i met GOD!  This man i met was the best that could ever happen to me.  The only problem is that, I have been sneaking behind Jacobs back with this GOD. Oooh man, I just can't stop thinking about him.  This goddess name is EDWARD CULLEN.

I don't know what to do now.
Well, here is my story from the beginning to now.

Do you think this is going to be a happy ending.
Let me know if you thing i should continue this. I have to at least have ten responses.


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i know sorry i confused you!! i will explain more promise
edward did what!? omg please say it was a mistake...& it wasnt what it looked lioke?! please! ugh!

edward did wat??????

btw luv the story post more soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Chapter 20


*Ok I am going to bring it back just  a little for those of you that didn't get it.*




Renesmee is 8 months old. She is walking now, she is really young for that. She even started talking young too. It's amazing how smart our daughter is. She is the light of my day. I waited a while to go back to work. I wanted to spend as much time as i can to be with our daughter so I didn't mind. We are loving every moment we get with her. I have been home alone a lot lately as well. Edward has been working a lot. His business i getting noticed by other big corporations. This has been a rough time for him. He would try to come home when has a few to visit with us. I love it when he comes and visit. The only time I really get to see him is when he gets home late from work and he goes right to bed. There would be days when he would come in with the biggest attitude, I never know what I have done to him. I would be really confused. Then when he would hug and kiss me I would forget about it. I don't know what was going on but I just didn't care. I thought it would be stress from work. Then when I thought it was getting better, it wasn't. There would be night where he wouldn't even come home till late late at night. I would notice he was coming home late because I would wake up to him just getting into bed. This was going on for I wanna say 3 weeks. It was something I was meaning to talk about with Edward but I just never got around to it because Renesmee keeps me so busy time flies by so quick. It's crazy. Here is how it all started with time going by so fast and where it gets bad.



Today was my lucky day. I actually had a day free to myself. Alice and Esme took Renesmee for the day. I thought I could do some shopping for the place and go to spa. I need to relax, that's all I need. I have to take in this day before I get my daughter back tonight. I got to the shopping center and get some groceries. Glad the grocery story is only down the street, easy to bring right back. I went to do some shopping. I thought I would go to spa that is by Edwards job, that would be very convenient. I would enjoy my spa day. By the time I get out, it would be his lunch time. I could maybe catch him and grab a bite to eat with him. I finally got the spa. Traffic sucks here.

I walked in the door.


"Welcome to Wendy's Spa! What can I do for you?" The front desk girl says


"I would LOVE  to have a full treatment of everything. I need it!" I say


"Well seems to me you need you. I think I have the thing for you." She says to me "What's your name?"


"Bella Swan" i say to her


"Bella Swan" she says and check something off. "Follow me this way." She walks down the hall the steam room.


"We will start you here. Just undress and just use the towel to cover your. Take fifteen minutes in here and I get back to you. OK?" She says


"Yes." She walks out. I get undress and put the towel on. Oh man this feels amazing, I love it. This is opening my pores so well. I love it. I think I should do this often. While I was relaxing, I heard a knock on the door.


"Bella?" the girl says.


"Yeah..." i say in a whisper. I think I fell asleep.


"Is everything ok in there?" She ask


"Yeah. Sorry I fell asleep. I am unlocking the door now" I say to here. I open the door.


"It's ok Bella. I kind gave you a few minutes more." She says smiling.


"Oh..well than. Thank you very much." I say to her with pleasure.


"Ok now we are going to the mineral room. We are going to give you a body scrub with minerals, then wash you down with sea oil to cleanse your skin." She says.


"Sounds fancy." I say with sarcasm in a joking way.


"HaHa! It does! It's your final body treatment. Then after that, you will be all brand new." She says with the biggest smile ever. I like this place. I coming here a lot.


"Ok. Thanks. I really appreciate this. This is making great timing for me to go see my fiance at work in a few." I say


"Your fiance? Who's your fiance? If you don't mind me asking." she says.


"It's ok. His name is Edward Cullen." I tell her. Then she makes a uh-oh type look but I didn't say anything.


" ok we are going to put you in this room. Tania is going to be right with you." She says and runs off fast. Hm...i wonder what that was about. Hm..I don't know. I just want this mineral scrub.


I lay down with the towel covering my butt. I put my head in the hole of the table to get comfortable. Finally the girl came in.


"Hello. I am Tania. I will be here to do  your scrub for you." She says


"Thanks. I am ready when you are." I say.


"Ok haha." she says then laughs. After that, she began her scrub and I don't remember anything after that because the scrub felt so good, I fell right to sleep. I feel someone tapping me on my shoulder.


"Miss....Misss." I heard her but I didn't want to wake up.

"Huh? I am so sorry. I fell asleep. Sorry." I say sitting up. When I sat up, I was so comfortable, I wanted to keep sleeping.

"It's ok. I would do the same if I was in your place." She says.

"Yeah, you did an amazing job." I say to her "Here is your tip." I handed her thirty bucks.

"Oh my! That's way too much!" She sounded surprise.

"No, No. Keep it. You deserve it. Thank you!" I say to her

"No Miss, THANK YOU!. You and another girl are my biggest tippers ever. Thanks a lot." She says, really really pleased.

"No Problem. Your Welcome!" I say to her.

"Have a wonderful day!" she says

"Thank You ----"

"Tania." she says

"Oh yeah Tania. Sorry I forgot. Bye." I say to her and walk down the hallway to where the front desk girl was sitting at on her computer.

"Ok. I am all set." I say to her

"Ok Bella, you owe us. $75 for today." she says

"Seventy Five? That is it. Oh man I have to come back here often." I say to her with a huge cheese

"umm..yeah that would be great." She says a little hesitant.

"Here you are. Eighty. Keep the change." I say to her

"Um..Thanks. Have a nice afternoon Miss.Swan. Come soon" She says a little nervous.

"Ok. Bye. Tell Tania she did an amazing job." I tell her


"Bye" I say and walked out of the spa.


I have only one block away to get to Edwards job. So I start to walk there. I finally made it. That was a little tiring. Oh well. I get into the building to get to the Elevator to get to his floor. I got on and heads up to his floor. It' takes for ever because he's on the the last floor. Hope he isn't there so I could surprise him. We will have to see. One more floor to go to then I am there at his place. I finally get there. The doors open to his floor. I walk in. It was empty. Hmm....well let me go to his room and put my things down and wait for him while he's on his way up. I walk down the hallway to his room. Half way down the hallway I heard  voices. I recognized Edwards. I just couldn't  pin point that voice. I try not breathe at all so i could really hear the voice. I kept on walking towards the door. It was open enough for me to kind of see. I saw Edward and then I saw blonde hair. I didn't get who it was. Then I heard her voice one last time.

Oh no no no no. It can not be. NO! it can't be her. Why would he do this to me.

Why is Tania here with him right now. What is wrong with her....oh noo what is wrong with him.


I walk towards the door and I push it wiiiide open. I see Tania on top of Edward kissing him. They didn't see me at all. Well now they will hear me.


"AHHM!!!!" Really loud for them to here me.

They both jumped up really high, I wanted to laugh but this wasn't a laughing matter. This was a serious one.


"Oh my god, oh my god Bella! Please! I am so so so sorry. Please....." she was trying to apologize


"Bella..." I cut Edward off really quick.

"Don't you even give me a lame explanation. I don't want to hear what you have to say." I say with furry in my voice.

"Bella please....Let me explain." He says.

"Oh that's what you want to do is explain." I say "Well give me one explanation to leave you. Give me one explanation to not only leave you but take Renesmee away from you forever!" I say to him When I said that, He winced at that. He didn't like that at all.

He walks over to me.There was still a huge gap between us."Bella. Please." he says


"No." is all he says.

"No...No is all you have to say. All this time you have been lying to me. I fell for it. I was just being used when I was with Jacob and now you. It makes everything even worse that I have a kid by you. You just don't even care." I say to him

He just gave me that look of disappointment.

"Bella please, I don't want anything to be a problem with us." Tania says.

"Oh wait a minute! A Problem! You listen here." I say walking towards her. Edward holds me back. "Edward you better let go of me right now. I swear, this will be the last time you ever see me again." I say to him right directly into his eyes. I have so much anger he still didn't back down.

"I will take my chances." he says

"You will what?" I whisper.

"I Will take my chances." he says.

"Yeah Bella, listen to what he has to say." Tania says

"You keep out of this!" I yell at her.

"Edward. I thought you loved me. I thought I was everything to you? What about our daughter?" I ask him confused.

"Our daughter. I love her like no other. I just haven't been right the last couple of months." he says

"Wait a minute. You have been messing around for the last couple of months??" I ask him. I think I am going to cry.

"yeah." was all he said.


"Bella please don't scream. You know how you get please don't." Edward says.

"You know what. I have never said this to anyone ever." I say to him. I feel my eyes watering up

"Say what?" he ask

EDWARD CULLEN, I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!" i scream so loud at him he couldn't believe that I would say this at all. I start turning around and he grabs my arm

"Don't leave me." He says with so much want.

"No. You chose her. You got her. You don't have me or Renesmee for the rest of your life. You can have fun with that." I say with so much disgust. He let go of my arm and i start walking down the hallways to get to the elevator. I got there as quickly ask I could. I heard foot steps behind me. I start picking up my speed. Obviously my speed wasn't as quick. Just before i hit the elevator button, someone grabbed my arm again. I turned around and it was Edward.

"What do you want Edward!" I yell

"Shhh Bella please let me explain." he says.

"I don't want to hear what comes out of your mouth. This explains why you have been coming home so late. I get it now. I don't need anymore explanation from you. You have chosen her over me obviously. You were just acting around your family. Was the story they told me true? Was anything you said our of your mouth true at all?" I ask him

He didn't say anthing.

"Nothing to say?" i ask

"I am sorry bella." he says.

I hit the elevator button. The door opens.

"Your what?" I ask

"Bella I am sorry." he says

I walk in the elevator.

"Sorry doesn't cut it. IF that's what you want. that's what your going to get.OK?" I say "Oh yeah, one more thing." I start taking the ring off my finger.

"Bella. Bella, no no no don't please don't. Don't take the ring off. I don't want this to go any further. Please don't. I need time." he says begging.

"Oh you already took it far enough." i say to him. I walk over to him. "Here you are." I handed the ring to him. He didn't want to take it. Finally he did. I walk back in the elevator.

"Bella please don't do this. I really have to explain. Please." He says pleading.

"I think explaining will not happen." I say


"NO Edward. This is the last thing I am going to tell you. I loved you with alll of my heat. I gave you all I could give. I am so glad that we bought such a beautiful girl in this world. I will always have you in my heart. Just remember that I will not come back into your life ever again. If you want to see your daughter ever again you can only see her at your parents house with me there. That's going suck for the both of us but we have to be adults and do what's best for her. OK?" I explain to him

"yeah. I guess. I wish you could let me talk to you." he says

"Glad you understand. Have a nice time with Tania." is say "Bye Edward."

The elevator doors close after that. From that i said bye to Edward that was the last time I talk to him for three months.


Renesmee is one year old now. She is so big, I can't believe how time flies by. The only thing is that she always ask about her dad all the time. It kind of sucks because I don't know what to tell her. I just tell her he's away on a trip for a long time.

I heard my phone beep. I go over to it and looked at it. It was a text from --- Edward.


Hi Bella. It's Edward. I Just wanted to talk to you about

setting up a time to meet up at my parents house for

visitations with Renesmee. (Ed)


Great. That's what I really want right now. I can't be around him. I can't be around him at all. I look over at Renesmee. I can't do this to my poor baby girl. She didn't do anything at all to deserve this.


Ok. We can meet you at your parents house at 5 o'clock.

Is that ok?  (Bells)


Yes. That's great Bella. Thank You.

Do you mind having dinner with us? (ED)


I do mind actually. I will have her there to

visit. I will let you all eat together. I will

stay in the living room. Ok?  (Bells)


I guess. See you in a couple of





What does he want from me. I don't want anything to do with him. I don't want to even be there. I am only doing this for Renesmee. She needs to see her family. I can't keep her away from them. Bad enough I don't have family that is close. This would be good for her.


"Come on honey. I need you to get ready to go to your grandma Esme and grandpa Carlisle. Your daddy is going to be there to spend some time with you." I say to her picking up her mess.

"Yeah!" Renesmee says with excitement.

"Let's get you dress up nice for everyone." I took her to ur room and put on her pretty brown and white dress on with her white dress shoes. She looked gorgeous.

"I like it mommy." she says.

"Aw..thanks honey. It try. you look amazing." I say to her and give he a huge kiss on the cheek.

"your welcome. Lets go  mommy I am ready." she says excited

"wait a minute honey, I have to get dressed too." I went to my little closet that has all my clothes stuffed in there. I have no space. Sucks. I finally found my outfit.

I get out of the bathroom and walk back in the room where Renesmee is playing. She looks up at me.

"Mommy, you look so pretty!!!!" she yells. Runs up to me and hugs me.

"Thank you honey. Mommy needs it." I say to her

"I love you!" she says

"I love you too honey." I say to her.

We headed out to Edward parents house. We pull up in front of the house.

"Ok honey we are here. Ready to see everyone?" I ask

"yes." she says excited.

"Ok." I take her out of the car and carry her up the stairs. we get the front door. I knock three times on the door. We waited a few moments. Then we heard foot steps come to the door. The door finally opened up. I hope it isn't Edward. The door opened. It's Esme.

"Bella dear!! How are you!!? Renesmee honey look at you! you are so big!" Esme yells with joy.

"Hi grandma!." Renesmee says

"Hi honey. How are you! I missed you so much." she says

"I missed you too. Where's grandpa?" Renesmee ask

"He is in the living room with Aunt Alice." Esme says

"Ok." She runs to the living Room.

"come in Bella Honey. Don't be a stranger. you know you are welcome  here anytime you want." she says

I walk in. Just stood there.

"Don't be shy. Come help me in the kitchen a little bit. Still getting dinner ready." She says

We walk to the kitchen. It was a mess. It look like tornado hit in here.

"What happen in here?" I ask

"Oh I am so sorry hun. I have been a wreck the last three months. Everything around here has been no good ever since.....i mean um" I know what she was trying to say.

"It's ok Esme. I get it. I am sorry that everything happen so quick. Really I am sorry." i say to her

"It's ok Bella. We all understand." she says

I just look down at my hands. DIdn't have anything to say. In mind I still love Edward. Did I just think that. Oh no no. Don't start it now Bella. We are only here for Renesmee.

"Ok Bella here is the first platter. Can you put that on the table in the dining room." I grab it. "Thanks Honey."

I walk to the dinning room. I walk pass the living room I see Renesmee found her dad. I walked by and he looked up at me and I walked faster past the door. Oh my goodness. I can't do this. I can't. I walk past the door way again really fast so he couldn't see me.

"Ok. Anything else you need me to do?" I ask her

"No Bella we are all set here." she says

"Ok then. I will be in here while you all have your dinner together. I bought my magazine and book with me." i tell her

She didn't look happy."What do you mean?" she ask

"I don't think this would be a good idea right now. I am doing this for Renesmee. That's all" i say

"really? oh Bella. I will respect your choice." she says with a generous smile. I love her she is great.

"Well I am going to get Renesmee then so I can change her into her some clothes she could get messy in." I tell her

"Ok Bella. No problem."Esme says

I go to the living where Renesmee and everyone else was. I walk in

"Mommy!" Renesmee yells.

Everyone looks up at me even Rosalie was there. Ugh. Great. Def not eating tonight.

"come on honey so i can change your clothes for you. I don't want you to mess up your new dress." i tell her

"ok...coming daddy?" she ask.

"Um..It will take me two seconds to change you honey. then you can come right back. I promise." i says

"Bella. I do have clothes her for her.You don't have to go all the way out to your car and get her clothes." Edward says. Why did he talk to me. Why....Ugh! Great I have to say something

"Ok..where are her clothes?" I ask. Trying to  be nice.

"I can show you. Is that ok?" he ask

"I guess." We walk up the stairs, down the all to right. Why are we going to his room.

"Uh.where are we going Edward?" I ask a little confused.

"We are going to get her some clothes to eat in." he says.

He continued to walk in and when I walked into his room he had it set half for him and half for her. I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. He actually had something for her. i can't let that get in the way.

"Ok honey there in the bottom dresser draw there is a shirt and pants in there for you." he tells her.

"Ok." she says excited."I love my stuff daddy." I love it. I think it's great he is dong this for her. I don't think i will let her stay here though. I am a little at ease with that.

"How do you like it?" He ask

"Nice." was all I said

"Really Bella? you are going to be like this after three months?" he says

"Yeah." was all i said. one word answers. He pulls me over to his side of the room by the window.

"Bella I dont want this tension between us. I want us to get along." he says

"well the way it ended and the things that happen I don't think I am ready to even be in your life again. I need time. Lots of it." i say to him.

"Mommy and daddy please stop fighting. I don't like when you fight. It hurts my feelings." she crys.

"oh honey i am sorry. i don't want to hurt you at all. we are so sorry honey." i say to her "right daddy?"

"right mommy. we are sorry. Love you." He gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"Go ahead honey we are going right down stairs. Ok?" i tell her

"Ok." she goes out the room and waits for us.

"You see Edward. I can't do this when we are like this. this is not good for our daughter." I whisper to him

"I know bella. I know. please lets just talk this over after dinner please." he ask

"Yeah for only a few minutes. I have things to do." I just lied.


"What?" I say looking away trying to play it off.

"I know when your lying. So just tell the truth." he says

"Ok!. I don't have nothing to do. I just want it to be over quick. sorry." i say

"why would you want that?" edward ask

"I don't Edward. I am nervous right now. I just want the dinner for you guys to go quick ok."


"we will talk after." i say

"Ok" he says and walks out.

"lets go honey. we are making everyone wait." i say to Renesmee and picked her up and headed down to everyone.

"Welcome back guys." Alice says. "ready to eat?" She ask.

"Renesmee is." I say to her. "arent you honey?"

"yes i am." she says

"Ok where do you want to sit?" i ask her

"i want to sit in between you and daddy." she says. Uh oh.

"Honey I am not eating with you guys tonight. It' just you, your daddy, aunt alice and your grandparents." I tell her.

"why!" she yells out at me

"No! you don't do that. you don't yell at me!" I yell at her

Renesmee starts to cry.

"I am so so sorry guys. I will be right back with her." I tell them

We go to the bathroom by the kitchen to keep them from hearing us.

"Renesmee! stop the crying now! I mean it!" I screamed at her

"stop yelling at me mommy!" she cries

"you should of never yelled at me in front of them." i say to her

"you hate daddy! you hate him!!!" she yells

"stop yelling! don't say that. Hate is not a nice word honey. don't ever say that again." I say with anger towards

"NOOO! YOU ARE THE REASON WHY DADDY IS NOT WITH US! I HATE YOU!!!" she said. she ran out of the bathroom and disapeared. I can not believe she said that to me. I can not. I don't know what to do anymore. Every one hates me! After I say that to myself I just start crying hysterically. I hear footsteps, I didn't care who it was. i was so upset i just kept on crying so hard, it hurt my stomach. All of sudden I felt arms wrap around me. I turned around and put my head in the person chest. Just kept on crying.

"shhh. it's ok Bella. shhh...i am here for you." It was Edward. Edward!

"Edward!" I scream. "I don't know what to do anymore. I can't handle her  by myself. She is so much to handle. She is just like you. 'She reminds me of you all the time. I can't do this!" i start crying again.

"Bella. Don't say that. Please. I don't want you to feel like you can't do anything. You have been doing great. She is so smart like you. she is so much like you too in so many was too. she is stubborn like you. that's why you two bump head. You are alike." he says I just looked up at him. I can't believe he said that. That meant a lot to me. That he even said that.

"really edward?" i ask

"yes bella. i believe you are doing an amazing job with her."

"thanks." i say

"Just one thing."

"what?" i ask

"can i be part of that with you two?" he ask

I sit up."I would love you to be part of my life. I only really want you to be part of renesmee's life right now."I say in the nicest way I can.

"If I have to her when you are around, I want you to be part of it." he says

"i think that is going to take time." i say to him unsure.

"Ok well can we make an agreement." he ask

"sure, what would you like?" i ask

"we meet up every night at 5 for dinner here at my parents house." he says

"ok. that's fine. with me here. i can't leave her side." i say protective.

"Ok that is fine bella. every day at lunch at 1230 we meet up for a bite to eat and coffee to talk." he says

oh no he want to re kindle the flame. oh man. i can't do this. this is going to be heard.

"edward, I ...." he cut me off.

"Bella. This will make everything better. I promise." he says

"i...i guess so." i say

"we can start from scratch." he says

"Ok. I can do that. so we are go on our first lunch tomorrow at 1230?" i ask


Where at?"

"we are going to meet at Linda's coffee shop." he says

"Ok. that's easy by my place." i say

"ok then. agree then." he puts his hand out to shake mines

"Ok Edward. we will do that then." i say to him with a little smirk.

"Ok, lets get you up off the floor." he says and picks me up

"thanks." i say fixing my dress

"Oh wait." He wipes away a tear that was under my eye.

"thanks." i say and smile. "got to find Renesmee." I walk away and start to walk out the bathroom then he grabs my wrist.

"bella wait." he says

"yeah. what's wrong?" i ask

"i just wanted to tell you one thing." He says and pulls me close to him

"You look so beautiful tonight." He says with the sexiest voice ever. Oh man I am so melting right now.

"Um....I...Um...Thanks.."I could speak. I couldn't at all. Oh my goddd. I try to turn away again but he had a good grip on me.

"wait one second please. I just wanted to do one thing." he says. He moves in closer to me where our faces were just a centimeter apart. I started to breathe heavy. "Bella Swan. I love you with all of my heat. I promise you i will explain everything that has happen I promise." After he said that he kissed me. I wanted to stop but his kisses are so amazing I can't resist at all. I chimed in with his kisses. I didn't realize that we were doing it for so long. I pulled away.

"Uh i think we should get our daughter." i say out of breathe

"yeah we should." he say with the smirk i love.

we both walked away and started to look for our daughter.

I can't believe that i did that. oh my goodness. I have to really think about this before lunch tomorrow!

Ahh! help me help me!!!




better explained???


oh goodness was he cheating or was he & tanya talking over things?
That is the question. I will give you the answer. sorry for the confusion. :/
go for it


PLEASE write more :D

fantastic job, Breana (:


I understand now..
ok good. :D
this is so good


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