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The point of view of the whole family if two new people were now going to be apart of the family.

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"Edward" said my father Carlisle "would you gather the rest of the family into the living room please" so I get up from my spot on the floor (I find it more comfortable) and put my book down which was called Breathing Underwater and go to Jasper and Alice's room and so as not to be rude I knock on the door "Its not locked come on in" came my younger sisters shrill voice through the door once the door is shut behind me I find that Alice was making some new fashions for Rosalie's wardrobe on her new computer she just bought (guess what its pink phk) and Jasper laying the wrong direction on the bed reading "so what do you need" said Jazz now instead of Alice "Carlisle wants everybody in the living room" I say in my regular voice even though I know everyone can hear me and head down to the living room where I see my sweet sweet Bella talking to two people I have never met before.
The young girl had very nice brownish blond hair and was sort of small I guess around 5'1, 5'2 the most and wore mostly black and looked very skinny and the male she had with her had sort of long black hair and was rather lean instead of musclar and rather thin for a boy his age and also wore mostly black I notice Nessie in Bella's arms and my baby girl says "hi Daddy" in her cute good girl voice "hey Ness you being good" I say back to her "yep" she says "well Edward lets not be rude introduce yourself to the new members of the family" says my mother Esme says "new members" I say and behind me came alot of "WHATS" and I knew then that they finally decided to come downstairs then the girl says "well I feel welcomed" and I actually laugh but she still doesn't smile the boy only smiles at her and then kisses her head "kids" says Carlisle "this is Starly and Jamie" Em I can tell has a comment about the names one there both girl names "um which one is Jamie and which Starly" he says "I'm Jamie and the perty lady is Starly" says Jamie losing the smile "you have a girls name ya know"
says Emmett which earned a look from Carlisle to shut his mouth which would be wise at this moment well that is exactly what he did.
Well Nessie is now looking 5 years old when shes actually only 7 months old "Ness isn't it about your nap time" I say to my little girl who I love with all my life also my dear wife Bella who I would do anything in the world for them "yes it is daddy" she says grabbing my neck well "I'm going to take Nessie to the house and put her to bed ok dear" I say as I kiss Bella on her cheek and running at vampire speed to the house I guess I needed a distraction I mean two new people to an already large family and I don't think I like Mr and Mrs death there teaching anything to Nessie this is going to be a long night.

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keep on riting. its great!
Please update me!!! :)
thxs so much guys I am so glad u like it and I can't wait to post chapter 2
Chapter 2 Jaspers Point of View

Ok Edward totally cheated using Nessie to leave the house which might I add was quite smart naptime the perfect excuse for a father to leave a uncomfortable situation which knowing him he probably stall by playing the twenty minute lullably he made for her and then read her a book that will take him an hour long to read but so far in his absents I have probably started annoying Alice by being my overprotevtive self but I just don't trust well and I certainly don't trust the female because knowing girls from past experiences from my sisters and wife they can be sly, tricky, and can throw a punch when they want to and mostly because they like their privacy which I try to give out of respect for the women folk I live with and sense they can get really angry when you don't (which I learned enough from Edward) "Hullo miss" I said politly to the one called Starly Ems right though Jamie does sound and I think is a girls name but I'ma not as rude to say it verbally though mentally is a whole new way to say it with out being rude they looked and felt rather uncomfortable so I thought it be nice enough to atleast make them feel comfortable in a new environment for I was once in there shoes so I sent waves of calmness throughout the room for it seem that everyone was a bit fritish bout to newbies coming into are family but the waves seemed to make the young gal infritated for I knew this because of the death glare she was sending me and I'm not sure but I felt her anger as if she were five other people now I was more cautious now more then ever "um Starly are you ok" I asked quietly even though she can hear me crystal clear "YEA" she snapped at me I wasn't sure if everybody else felt the tension as I did which so badly was wanting be to get in a fighting stance just in case but that would only infirate my parents and from the look on Esme's face she felt the tension and was down right ticked about it "JASPER" she have yelles have tells me "its not ... me I ...swear" stammering for the right answer

XXsorry folks but my hands are starting to hurt now so I will take a break and continue soon so enjoyXX


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