The Twilight Saga

There will be two perspectives to this story "Ty's and Lesette's" told in two different links but they will keep up will each either and be the same story just each told in the others head.  So with no further a-due and enjoy. 


Screams rang loud and lose bouncing off the nearby cobble streets. Gun shots rang out from all corners and were fallowed all too closely by the familiar sounds of bodies hitting the pavement. Smoke billowed out of buildings and filled the air with a nexuses smell that made Ty want to just stop breathing all together. For once it wasn't Ty's fault that people were dying and it held a strange sensation. Knowing for once that the people he saw and herd dying were dying from another’s hands. Looking around him he saw dozens upon dozens of the frozen upturned faces of fear that lay still on the street. He could hardly breathe as he looked at each one. They all had a story, a life, and a place in the world and yet now those things were gone. They were as Meaningless as the cold un-breathing bodies that surrounded him. Looking at them made him think of the past. Of Margret the woman he had used for his unsettling needs until she was dead and dry with nothing left to give. Of Daniel the farmer boy who so graciously decided to show the new comer his way around only to be found with a broken neck hours later. Or of Tanya blue blood who thought of Ty as a toy she could woo till her hearts content and then do away with. Yet she had been the one thrown away used simply as a means to tying a loose ends. No one was sacred to him and he didn't mind it. But that had changed the moment she was there. In his world soul mates happened but they were only allowed to the select few who had been good longer then he had been alive. Many of his kind wished for one daily praying to him asking for forgiveness for being cast down. Not Ty, he knew the dangers that came with being his sold mate. How others of his kind would hunt her just because he was lucky enough to have one and they all wanted more. How other of his kind would envy her for him choosing her and how being a soul mate brought with it special gifts. Gifts no one else had and was usually something Lucifer or God could use at the moment. Funny part was not God nor did Lucifer determine if it was time for you to get a soul mate. It was the fates, the all seers between the worlds that knew past, present, and the future. They were cruel and kind and always there. The moment you didn't need one they popped up and the second you did they would stay away. Ty never thought he would be grateful towards them for they were why he was who he was. But as he reached her house standing there looking at her threw the window he knew now more then ever he had been wrong.

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Chapter 1

Slowly Ty knocked on the window begging for just a glance.  It was all he could do not to smash the window and take her far away from here.  Far away from all the gore that now surrounded them.  Slowly she turned and looked at him curage shone threw her eyes and then he felt the bullet hit him.  Had she shot him?  why had she done that, had the fates bonded him with a crazy person.  They did say it was the pretty ones you had to look out for.  An she was by far the prettiest girl he had ever seen with her dark black hair.  And that was saying somthing because he had been around since the 1400s.  Slowly he saw her run to the window and look at him.  "Oh no." I herd her whisper. "Oh no your not in a uniform you wern't here to capture me were you." she cried.  This is perfect I thought to myself.  This is my chance to get in good graces with her.  I played it up and slowly shook my head.  I let the blood drain from my face let more blood poor out and allowed myself to slowly black out.  The last thing I saw was her hand on my face.


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