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[PG-13] SECOND CHAPTER UP:)..Please read! Is there a reason why Seth is one of the only ones who hasn't imprinted? Did a previous relationship change him- and stop him from loving ever again? Read this fanfic to find out:) This story takes place 4 years after Breaking Dawn, and The Cullens and Jacob have left two years ago, moving north to the Denali coven (but they will play HUGE rolls in this story-so dont worry :P). Seth is now eighteen years of age-and will remain 18 forever:) All characters belong to SM, except the ones I will add! Happy READING:)


I was in trouble. Deep trouble. I had fallen, and fallen hard. No- I was not going to get any bruises, cuts, scrapes, nor was I going to bleed. But I was going to suffer- a tremendous much. I could not breathe. Because when I had fallen, the air had been knocked right out of me. I was dazed, blinded. The world didn't make any sense anymore- nothing did. I had fallen before, and I had suffered as well. Whenever I could I would visit the cemetery- the place where my life had been laid to rest. That fall had made me weak, fragile. But today- yet again I had fallen, so weak and powerless I was now.
Yes I had fallen. I had fallen in love again.


CHAPTER ONE (first chapter!please read and commenXD)

I sat on my bed, waiting out the time. It was only a couple of minutes past midnight- I knew I had to wait longer. I sighed and picked up a photo album which was underneath my bed. I opened it, flipping through the pages, glancing at the dozens of photographs-looking for the one I wanted to see. Moments later, I had found it. My heartbeat quickened as I looked at that photograph. My eyes were adjusted to her sight, but for some reason whenever I would look at her face,my mind conjured the same reaction. She was perfect. Her hair was a beautiful dark auburn color and very wavy. Her body was angel like, perfect in all ways. But it was her eyes that had always captivated my attention. Her eyes were a stunning hazel color. She was an angel- my angel, but she was stolen away from me. She had the most gentle soul. She wouldn't even hurt an ant. But why did she have to leave? Why her?
It has been one year since that day when - when it happened. A tear splashed on to the page. I quickly dried my eyes with the back of my hand, and with my other hand, I swiftly slid her picture out of its protector-and into my back pocket. Shoot! I could hear footsteps approaching my door. I quickly flung myself onto my pillows, kicking the album hastily out of the way. The door creaked open as Leah peered in to check on me. Ten maddening seconds later, the door closed and Leah walked off into her own room, shutting the door. I sprang up automatically, and walked to my tiny closet. I reached in and picked out a bundle of roses. Slowly, I opened my window trying not to make a sound. Nobody really knew about my night time visits- nobody really knew about us. I leaped out of the window, sprinting into the woods. The air rushed past me- as gravity took over and hurled me forward. Before long, I had reached the edges of the forest, on the outskirts of La Push. I walked forward and opened the rusty gate, and walked in slowly. I continued down an aisle, looking for her. At last I had found her. I dropped down on my hands and knees, tears streaming down my cheek. It was her grave. Today was her death anniversary. I glanced down at the many flowers- that were brought by me and her other friends. I ran my hands slowly down the smooth white marble of her gravestone, tears dripping onto the ground.
"Why Haezel?" I whispered aloud. " Why did you have to leave me?" I cried. The wind rustled the trees slightly. Whenever I would come here, I always had to read the inscription on her gravestone-even though I had memorised it.
"Haezel Greenfield," I read my voice hoarse. " Born on November 10th 1991, Died November 9th 2009.". Tomorrow she would be 18, the same age as I. I began to cry harder, this was too much for me to bare. I could not take it. I wanted to murder the beast that had... I paused, letting my anger cool down. I continued reading."Quote- You would sacrifice your life, for the love of your life." I would. I would sacrifice anything, absolutely anything to save her life,or to bring her back. I would have sacrificed everything to be with her right now. She was gone, gone forever-for the rest of my existence. I clutched my heart and continued to sob. I didn't know how long I was sitting there crying my soul out. Time was nothing to me anymore.
" Seth?" A voice called out. I jumped, startled."Yeah," I called out hesitantly. Leah stepped forth out of the shadows.
" Seth! What are you doing here? And...are you crying?" Leah asked surprised. I ignored her questions and asked one myself.
" How did you find me?" I asked. Leah sighed.
" Seth, I am not deaf. I heard you sneak out, and I followed you here." Leah replied. She walked forward to the grave I was standing next to.
" Who is Haezel?"Leah demanded. I didn't know what happened. I couldn't control it. I just broke down. Leah gasped.
"Seth! Are you alright?" Leah put an arm around me, and together we sat down. Leah soothed me.
"Seth,please. I need to know what has happened. I want to help you- can you tell me?" Lea asked lightly. I wiped my eyes quickly, and smiled. Leah had a nice side, but she only shared it with me-privately. I sighed.
"Okay,I'll tell you-but promise not to tell anyone alright?" Leah nodded urging me to continue.
"It started a couple of years ago-you know after Edward and I had killed Victoria and Riley..yes..after Renesmee's birth. Yeah-that was when my tragic love story began." I paused wiping away the tears that had started again. " Her name was Haezel. She was my life,my joy. She was the most sweetest,and loving person you could ever meet. When I met her, I swore to change my ways. I had vowed to be as kind and caring as her. And till this day, I don't think I have broken my promise. We had something Leah-we were inseparable,even though she wasn't my imprint. And then last year..she left me. Left me in this world. She left without me." I covered my face. Leah nodded hugging me, and questioned.

"Did anybody else know about the two of you?" Leah asked. I nodded.

"Edward and Jasper." Leah raised an eyebrow. I sighed and explained to her.

"Well, I had accidently slipped in my thoughts around Edward, and I knew when I did, I couldn't keep it away from him-so I told him. Jasper and Edward had taught me self control lessons, you know, just in case I didn't slip up in front of our pack. I've been practising myself lately, since the Cullens and Jake have left. I knew Jake was a bit suspicious that something was going with me,but he kept it to himself." Leah smiled at the thought of Jacob. We all missed him.

"Seth?" Leah asked." I need you to tell me EVERYTHING, not just snippets. Wolves have fantastic memory, and I need you to tell me every little detail. I need you to tell me your story Seth." I sighed slightly annoyed.

" Leah, you do know you are just ripping my soul even more-right? But I guess I do have to tell you. I knew that one day I would have to spill." I reached behind me and took out her picture, handing it to Leah.

" She's pretty," Leah said smiling. I shook my head.

" No she wasn't pretty. She was beautiful." And with that I began pouring out my story. My tragic love story.

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A Forever Moon (jacob and renesmee story)

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Chapter 1- this page:)
Chapter 2- pg. 19

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so the story is going to be Seth telling Leah his story right?
umm no not exactly ;)
for a couple of chaptrs it will b-but then aftr im dun tellin da story, i will continue the plotXD
so no the whole story is not gonna b him tellin the story!

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so the story is going to be Seth telling Leah his story right?
lol no:)
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i love it so the acual story part is seth telling his story


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