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My story is my idea of what would've happened in New Moon if Bella was forced to go to Jacksonville.

The characters that i'm using all belong to Stephanie Meyer! there is not copyright or plagerism intended!!!!!!


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YES YES YES YES she does!!!!!! LOL........ update soon!!!!!!!!!
Upsate sooon like as in now please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it!!!n i hope she sez she does!!!your storys fab!!!

Chapter 10
I was surprised that was an easy question “Yes Alice, I think I do still love him.” ‘Even though he broke my heart…’ I thought.
She smiled widely and hugged me “That’s all I needed to know! Now get your rest, you’ve got a big weekend ahead of you!”
“Umm what do you mean by big Alice?”
“Night Bella” Alice said and then hugged me.
“Night” it looked like she was going to leave I said “You can stay Alice, if you want to.”
“I’d like to but Jasper is getting anxious.” She said
“Oh… Bye!”
“Bye Bella see ya later!” Alice said before she jumped out of my window. I turned the lights off and went to bed.
~The next day~
I woke up and remembered it was Saturday, the weekend, what did Alice mean last night? Was it even real? I decided to write in my diary about what had happened yesterday.
‘Dear Diary,
Yesterday started off normal, everything was normal. But after school the door bell rang so I answered it, and it was Alice and Jasper they told me how Edward supposedly wanted me back and that they moved from Africa back to forks to see me, but I wasn’t there so they read my letter and Alice jasper and Edward came down here to find me. I guess they might want me to move back to Forks, and I want to, but what does Edward want, does he really want me?! Anyway I passed out, but before I did I heard him and last night Alice and I talked about what happened after the left and then she asked me if I still loved Edward, I said yes and she said that’s all she wanted to know… now I’m suspicious and waiting. According to Alice I have a bog weekend ahead of me, great!
I went downstairs and mad breakfast, cereal. Phil was at practice, and Renee was out shopping. I had the house all to myself, which was the way I liked it!
I went upstairs and picked out and outfit. Then I took a shower, dried off, and got dressed. I put a little bit of makeup on; if Alice saw me I think she’d be proud. My fashion sense isn’t that bad. I went into my room and I froze

Bella's outfit:

Chapter 11
EPOV (a little bit earlier that morning)
I couldn’t take this much longer, I was going to see Bella. I told Alice and jasper what I was doing and Alice jumped up and down, while protecting her thoughts. I didn’t have time to care I left the hotel we were staying at and ran to Bella’s house. I had to be careful not to get in the sunlight, or at least not be seen.
I heard a shower stop and after a few minutes I decided it was now or never so I jumped up to her window and went inside, she needed to learn to keep the window shut. Bella suddenly came in her room and that’s when she saw me. She whispered my name and my heart melted, I’ve missed her so much. She didn’t look very good so I rushed over to her and said “Bella it’s okay, it’s me Edward.” I led her to her bad and we sat down, she kept looking at me and then she finally started talking “Edward! Oh my god it’s you! Your actually here!”
“Yes, I am-” I said but then I got cut off.
“Edward do you have any idea what you put me through! I wouldn’t eat, barely slept and when I did I had nightmares, I didn’t go to school on time, it felt like a huge hole was ripped from my chest!!! Charlie forced me to move down here!!” She started sobbing into my chest. I was shocked and pained I had no Idea what I did to her.
“Bella, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what I can do so that you’ll forgive me!” I pulled her onto my lap and held her.
In a barely audible whisper she said “You can love me again.”
She really did think I didn’t love her. “Bella I never stopped loving you! I lied, but you believed me even after I said I love you so many times.” She looked up at me and all I could do is look at her, then I slowly leaned in and just barely touched my lips to hers.
Edward leaned towards me and barely touched his lips to mine the kiss deepened, and all of my questions were answered. We loved each other passionately and nothing could keep us apart, not even each other. As always Edward pulled away from me too soon. For a while we just sat there, but then Edward pulled something out of his back pocket, it was a letter, my letter to him.
He started reading it
“'Dear Edward,
I wanted you to know that I still love you and I'd still be in Forks if Charlie hadn't made me go to Jacksonville(I didn't want to leave but he made me go). I hope you still love me and I think that might be why you left, believe me or not but if you ever come back into my life I’ll forgive you, I’ve already forgiven you. You are the love of my life, and I still wish it was my existence.
Please come find me Edward I want to visit my heart, because it's with you.
With all of my love and life.
Do you actually forgive me?”
Of course I forgave him, he was back and he said himself that he loves me. “Yes. How could I not forgive you? I love you!” I said.
Edward said “Thank you, Bella will you move back to Forks, with me and my family?”
I hope you enjoyed the chapter i won't be on for a while so i posted 2 chapters! :)
Awwwwwwww.............sweet!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
awww thats soo sweet!!can't wait for next update!!your storys fab!!
loved it glad that they are back together post more when you can
keep me postedd (: x
I just love it.
Oh I love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep me posted plz!!!!!!!!!!


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