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My story is my idea of what would've happened in New Moon if Bella was forced to go to Jacksonville.

The characters that i'm using all belong to Stephanie Meyer! there is not copyright or plagerism intended!!!!!!


Thank you to all of the people who have read my story so far:
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Jake : Yeah! I think you should post it. It would be a great story.
Thanks! i might post it soon...
i think tht u should post it.
you should and you should let Bella meet Alice Cullen's daughter who is Bella's age and Alice never knew she exist.
Thanks!! I'm going to post the first chapter very soon!
your welcome and the only difference of her is that Alice Cullen's daughter is a tomboy.
i'm so sorry but i didn't mean it as a rely to your idea but i am going to work on your story idea too!!!
After Edward leaves in New
"Bella you are going to live with your mom i told you if you couldn't have a life again and find balance you would have to live with. So you will leave tomorrow and thats final." Charlie said
"Dad you can't do that I haven't had long enough to try and do anything."
"Bells I gave you almost three months you should at least try living with your Mom and Phil" he said sounding sad but serious.
"But Dad what if something happens to Billy, or Jacob, or even you? I can't leave!"
"Billy, Jacob, and I have everyone in La Push and Forks to take care of us. Besides I don't think it's that you can't leave it's that you won't"
"Fine but i won't have a 'life' there either" i yelled then i ran up to my room
After a while i decided to write a letter to Edward.. if he ever came back
'Dear Edward,
I wanted you to know that I still love you and I'd still be in Forks if Charlie hadn't made me go to Jacsonville(i didn't want to leave but he made me go). I hope you still love me and i think that might be why you left, believe me or not but if you ever come back into my life i'll forgive you. You are the love of my life, and i still wish it was my existance.
Please come find me Edward I want to visit my heart, because it's with you.
with all of my love and life.
I put on lipstick that was similar to the color i blushed and kised the letter.
I hope you liked it!! btw the more comments i get the sooner i'll post the next chapter!

ps: A banner would be appreciated
this is good I nlove it update me soon
Thanks, i will!
your welcome and check out my fanfic too since the second chapter is up.


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