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I'd like to thank a person, and that person is my friend Blue Eyed Bella Kayla. Thanks for encouraging me to write my stories! :)

After Edward leaves in New Moon
Chapter 1
"Bella you are going to live with your mom I told you if you couldn't have a life again and find balance you would have to live with her. So you will leave tomorrow and that is final." Charlie said.
"Dad you can't do that I haven't had long enough to try."
"Bells I gave you two and a half months. You should at least try to live with your Mom and Phil for a while."
“But dad what if something happens to Billy, Jacob, or even you. I can’t leave!”
“Bella Billy, Jacob, and I have all the people in La Push and Forks to take care of us if something happens. Besides you can’t leave or you won’t.”
"Fine! But I won't have a life there either!" I yelled than quickly went up to my room.
I decided after a while that I would write a letter to Edward if he ever came back.
`Dear Edward,
I wanted you to know that I still love you and Charlie made me go live with my mom in Jacksonville (I didn't want to but he forced me to). I hope you still love me and I think that's why you left if you ever came back into my life I would forgive you. You are the love of my life and I still wish it was existence.
Please come find me Edward I think my heart wants to visit me.
With all my love and life,
Writing his name made the hole in my chest a millimeter larger.
Then I put on lip gloss that was really close to the color I bush and kissed the letter.
Chapter 2
~~~The next day.~~~
I told Charlie I had to do one more thing before I left and if I wasn't back in 45 minutes that he should call me. Then I got in my truck and I went to the Cullen's old house. It looked different I know it's ironic but it looked dead. The grass was tall and it had weeds.
I got out of my truck and walked up to the front door then put the note in an envelope, sealed it, put it in a waterproof bag, and then put a heart shaped rock I bought on top of it. I figured this way the letter would survive all the rain we get. Then I went home for the last time without looking back.
When I got home Charlie said "ready to go?"
so I replied "No."Then he gave me a look that said `you know what I meant` so I said “As ready as I’ll ever be."
"Okay then lets get this show on the road."
“It wouldn’t be a show if you let me stay.” I muttered but he either didn’t hear of ignored me.
So we put my stuff in the cruiser and left for the airport. My stomach hurt like I had been punched and there was now another hole in my chest just as large as the one he left. I started holding my self together again when Charlie said “we’re almost there.” And so I held myself tighter, and sarcastically mumbled “great.”
When we got to the airport I said “good bye” to Charlie.
He responded “Bye. You can visit if you want, but at least do me a favor and act alive.”
I said “I’ll try” then left to get my plane.
After a little while on the plane I fell asleep. When I woke up the pilot announced we would be landing in an hour, so I decided to think about how warm and humid it was. I felt like I did when I went to Forks accept worse because I knew that if he didn’t find the letter I’d be stuck here until I graduate. Also there wouldn’t be any Cullen’s or any vampire like them. I shouldn’t have thought their name it made me hurt more. I thought how my truck would arrive in a week, and that it would annoy people oh well.
When we landed I got off and went to find my mom. When we saw each other she yelled “Bella!”
So I said “Mom!” with a little enthusiasm. When we reached each other we hugged then we went to get my bag. When we found it she said “Ready to go or do you want to get something to eat.”
I told her “I’m not hungry lets just go home.”
She said “okay” and so we left. On the way to my new home we made small chat about the plane ride and Charlie.
I hope you like it! :) (PLZ COMMENT>)

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No prob i'll read your stories! :)
So I decided to watch a little girl’s dream she was dreaming she was sitting on top of a rainbow eating clouds made out of cotton candy then she slid down the rainbow into a pot of gold. That was a little to sweet for right now. I wish Jasper was here to make me happy. So I decided to listen to my iPod.
When we started to land I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t know how to tell my family, and I didn’t know if Alice knew or not because I’ve tried to be undecided. Then the plane was starting to decline so I put my seat belt on even though I didn’t need it.
Once I was inside the airport Alice ran up to me maybe even a little bit to fast, quickly followed be Esme, Carlisle, and the rest of the family. We all hugged and said hi then Alice said “Edward why have I been seeing flashes of the future?”
I responded by saying “Alice you’ll just have to wait until we get home.”
“Well let’s get home and have our first complete family meeting.” Carlisle said, emphasizing the word complete.
Emmett practically yelled “Here, Here!”
So we all headed to the parking garage. I rode with Carlisle and Esme, and Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie rode with Emmett.
I hope you enjoyed it! :) plz comment
once again this was way to short. I need more. Please please please please
too short ,, write more please xD
I love it so far!!! Can you let me know when you post more?????? Thanks! :)
Post more soon! :)
Chapter 5
When we got home we all went to the dining room for a meeting. Carlisle said “The floor is yours Edward”
“Thank you. Now before I begin, Alice can you not blurt out whatever you see?” I said
Alice replied “Yes, I can refrain.”
“Thank you. Ever since we left forks my chest feels like my heart was ripped out and every time I think of Bella it hurts worse, I don’t know how much longer I can take it. I think we should go back to Forks. If Bella is happy without me we will leave, if she would like to be with me again we can make some decisions. So do you want to go with my idea?”
Hope u liked it! i'm soooooooooo sorry it's short but i have to write more. :)
why so short I need more. more more more please please please

Why did u stop there??
i stopped there because it's a cliff hanger and you have to wait! sorry 4 the suspense. :)
Come on Ali! PLEZ post more! Call me soon
Kay? Love it!
Carlisle said “Yes, I believe your making the right decision.”
“Yes, our family might be complete again!” Was what Esme replied.
Jasper said “Yes, it will make Alice happy.”
“Yes, I’ll have my best friend back!” said Alice.
Emmett replied “Yes. I miss seeing her fall and het mad at me.”
“No, but it doesn’t matter.” Was what Rosalie said.
I said “Thank you for your honest opinions.”
Carlisle said “We can start packing tomorrow.”
I will post more later but i really need to write more! :)


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