The Twilight Saga

These are a series of stories that happen "Behind the Scenes". They're little blurps of events you normally wouldn't see happen to the characters of Twilight.

"Once in a Frilly, Pink Moon."
- Erin Friske May 2nd, 2009

Bella sat on the couch, staring at the large pile of clothing in front of her. The smell of the Cullen's aroma was wafting under her nose. It made her itch under her skin, knowing Edward would be home soon. His pale skin was so perfectly smooth. His eyes pools of gold... his abs rock hard...
Everytime she saw his perfectly, chiseled face it made her want to scream and rip all his clothes off.

"That pile of laundry won't get itself cleaned," Alice said as she apparated out of nowhere. Her sudden appearance snapped Bella out of her drool-fest over Edward. Alice skipped over to the couch, flopping down daintily next to Bella. "Emmett is gonna rip your face off if his clothes aren't folded and put back before he gets home tomorrow from hunting. You know how cranky he can get since.... well, you know. The INCIDENT."
"Yeah, you're right," Bella replied, "Ever since he accidenly walked in on those two guys... yeah let's not go there."

The two sat there working until 1:20am on the large pile of fabric and stink. Bella fell asleep on the couch after Alice helped her sleepily drag all the Laundry to the appropriate rooms...or so they thought.

"Uh... Bella?" Bella opened her eyes and bolted upright. She checked her watch: 4:15am; It was still dark out. She looked around and found the source of the voice. It was Emmett. She just about peed when she saw him.
"I think there's something wrong with my laundry..." Emmett stood there on the stairs, wearing a frilly, pink thong with a skull and crossbones on the crotch. He was holding an array of slinky and/or scantily-clad thongs in his left hand.
"Whaaa...?" was all her throat could manage. She swallowed and tried again. "I think you have Ros-"
"EMMETT!" Rosalie's voice broke the akward silence, "What are you doing with my LAUNDRY?!"
Bella's jaw dropped along with the rainbow of honey-moon attire in Emmett's hands.
"Gimme. That!" Rosalie stormed at Emmett and reached for her underwear on the floor. She stood up quickly and glared at Emmett. Her glare then slowly and seductively changed into a smirk.
"Emmy-bear," she started. She caressed the side of his face. His flesh nearly melted.
"Would you mind putting these back for me?" She smiled as she placed her hand on the small of his back. She stared at him with a devious glint in her eye. All of a sudden there was a flash of pink and ruffles and a huge ripping sound echoed through the house. Rosalie sneered, Bella's jaw nearly fell off and Emmett let out a scream that a 4 year old girl would've been proud of.

Let's just say that wasn't the only moon Bella saw that night... (;

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FIRST COMMENT!!!! Hahah. Amazingness, best frannn :) I hope you continue to read mine. This is hilarious, seriously. You should continue to write more on top of this :)


P.S. HAhah. Yeah I'm sitting right next to you. Wow. Lol :)
yes maddie. haha I'll try to write more this week. I'm kinda crazy-booked though with the track confrences this week, but I'll try to. hopefully more people will read this! :D lol.

- erin
omg thats gross and funny in sooooooooooooooo many ways
HAHAHHAHAHAH sooooo funny!!!
post more lmao
you have got to write more!
hah thanks guys! (:
I will soon.


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