The Twilight Saga

Chapter 2

How could it be any worse?


          Rubbing my hand across the ground hard and fast I winced at the pain that shot through my palm. Slowly I turned my hand to see what it was like. Sighing in relief when there weren’t any burns or flames but grimaced when I saw the scrapes that were barely bleeding.

          “What the hell was that?” I mumbled under my breath as I got up. I knew that if I stayed here any longer my mom will freak, and bring the step-ass to find me. Yea, I call my step dad the step-ass; he was more like a drill sergeant then a dad. Which I have come to believe that he was in a past life. As I glanced around I noticed that the sun was already starting sun and freaked. How the hell did it become so late? That was the first thought that shot through my mind.

          Getting in my car my phone went off, scrambling to find it I saw it was my best friend Sammy.

          “Yea?” I asked not really wanting to talk to her.

          “Where are you?!?” She asked in her frantic voice, which she tended to have whenever she started to over dramatic things or over react.

          “I’m at the cliff, why?” I knew it was a mistake to ask her a question because she will not stop talking, she babbles.

          “Well your mom called me worried, wondering if you were here, she didn’t tell me what happened she just said that you got mad and left. Sooooooo what happened?” I instantly noticed the spark of curiosity that would end up gossip tomorrow at school.

          “Nothing really happened” I lied hoping that she would be as clueless as ever. Yea she was my best friend, and yea I liked her. But she talked nonstop, usually about her boyfriend or the latest gossip. I got use to it and mainly tuned her out which made me become a pro of chiming in when needed.

          “Oh, ok, well guess what! You will never believe what happened…….” Her voice just became a blur when I started up my car and headed back towards home. I wasn’t really thinking about anything she was saying, but mainly about all that happened today. There was one and only one question that was going through my mind. How can I face him tomorrow? I knew he was going to have a huge grin on his face like he knew already that I found out it was true. But I bet he knew.

          “Yea….” I answered one of her questions with never really hearing the question at all. There wasn’t that much traffic on the main road, and there shouldn’t have been for 8:30 pm. Pulling into the drive way I said goodbye to Sammy and went inside.

          “YOUNG LADY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?” I could easily recognize the voice of the step-jerk, known as Peter Flimbowsky. Yea there was no way that I was going to take that last name when my mom remarried, so I decided to stay with the last name of my father.

          “I have been out, what’s it to you?’ I hated him, so there was no real reason to show him any respect. I smirked slightly when I saw his face start to go read and his forehead crinkle with fury.

          “Answer your father Luna” My mother’s voice was very quiet compared to the step-loser.

          “He is not my dad; he will always be a rat to me.” I shrugged as if it was nothing.

          “You will not talk to me like that young lady!” His fists were balled up and I could see my mother hiding in the kitchen.

          “You know what? I don’t CARE!” I yelled back at him, I wasn’t scared. “You are not my dad and you will never be, just because you decided to marry my mother and be part of my family does not make you my dad!” With that I stormed up the stairs and slammed my bedroom door. I hoped he would die and burn in hell. That thought made me chuckle, now I wanted to be able to use my “special ability” to great lengths and burn him myself.

          Falling on my bed I didn’t even bother getting undressed. Closing my eyes I could finally feel the weight of the day take affect and I was out cold in just minutes.




          Waking up was something I really didn’t want to do. But this time I woke up to my alarm and sighed. I got up with enough ease but was a little sore in more than one place.

          I took care of my morning routine in less than 20 minutes, adding that I had to bandage my hand a bit. Gliding down stairs this time my step-loser was at the table. Not even glancing at him I grabbed the milk and gulped it down.

          “You know you should really get a cup, there are other people in this house other than you” I heard his deep voice from behind the newspaper.

          I mumbled something that was closely related to go die but he didn’t seem to notice. Grabbing my car keys I was so dying to get out of there.

          Smiling as I hopped into my mustang I headed to school with a slight calm washing over me. There were more cars on the streets this morning and I was use to it.

          Taking less than a minute really, to get to school I pulled into the parking lot and noticed a figure out of the corner of my eye that stood out.

          Quickly looking over he was smirking, just as I predicted. Hoping to miss him I got out and rushed inside, but out of nowhere he was right beside me.

          “Good morning Ms. Lane” His hands were stuffed in his pockets casually and his hair slicked back like yesterday. Which I started to hate, I wondered if he always wore it that way. Shaking my head I couldn’t believe that I was even thinking about that, yea he was cute but I really hated him right now. He was the reason my life was all a mess just in the past two days.

          “What did I say about the formality?” I asked kind of annoyed already.       

          “Sorry about that, Ms……uh I mean Luna” He stumbled and blushed, which was odd.

          “Don’t worry about it” I shrugged it off like no big deal.

          I was at my locker trying to open it when he leaned in closer. “So how did your little fire playing go?” He asked a smirk playing with his voice.

          I pretended like nothing happened. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Trying to play it as cool as I can.

          “Pst! Like no one will notice the bandage on your right hand” His voice grew darker. “You can’t hide it, I know you got those scrapes when you try rubbing your hand against the ground to put the flames out” He chuckled lightly at the end.

          “How did you know that?” I asked very freaked out. I instantly slammed my mouth closed giving away to much.

          “Because, I may be in high school, but that doesn’t mean I’m truly eighteen years old.” He smoothly said then pushed himself off the lockers and started to walk away.

          I had to follow him, what he said freaked me out. “WHAT?” I asked my voice going across many octaves.

          “What, you think that you’re the only one with the powers?” He asked raising his eyebrow and pushing me down an almost empty hallway.

          “Wa-wait what are you talking about?” I asked hoping that my head was on straight.

          “Just watch” That’s all he said before putting his hand in front of me and with his palm up there was a little flame.

          “What?....” I asked my head spinning.

          “Just wait, that’s not all” He said then instead of the flame there was what looked like a little bit of rock, which shifted to water. I was sure that I was still dreaming now. Then that water turned into a little ball of wind, which morphed into a ball of liquid metal and then into a black fog type thing.

          I didn’t know if I was dreaming or if this was real. My head was spinning and I couldn’t get a deep breath. “Yo….you ok?” He asked concerned, but all I can remember after that was the sound of my books falling to the ground, and everything went black.





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i like your story..plz updated it soon :)


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