The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

It’s Not the Lie, It’s the Truth that Hurts.


                   All I could see around me was black, dead black. My heart raced, my feet pounded the ground as I glanced behind me. There was no end or beginning; I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I could never reach it. My life was over if my feet ever slowed. As I got further, something stepped out of the shadow and stopped me in my tracks.



            Shooting up in bed I let out a screeching scream, which should have caused my mother to run in wondering if I was dead. When I felt myself go quiet I ran a hand through the malted mess of so called hair. It was a nightmare, I was having nightmares lately. Or should I say, I have been having the same nightmare every night. The worst part is that I know it’s coming, but I still get scared every time.

Finally calm I pull myself out of bed and down to the kitchen. Glancing around I felt a deep rush of relief with a hint of surprise rush through me when I noticed my mother was gone. I just quietly thanked whatever special spirit out there and shrugged it off. A smile playing at the edges of my mouth I grab the milk carton and gulp down half of it, heading back up stairs.

Glancing at myself in the mirror as I was getting ready just drained my hopes. My cheeks were paler then it had been a while ago when something actually happened here in Sunnyside, Montana. This place is so small and unknown that nothing happens. But last week the police had finally found the serial killer that had left a number of bodies around the town’s limits. But most of us believed that they didn’t actually find the right killer. The Ironic thing about this town was that it was never sunny. It didn’t rain, or snow or really anything it was just fog.  I have lived here my entire life but nothing has gotten easier about dealing with this place.


Grabbing my book bag and keys I headed out. I always felt out of place, the cold never bothered me I was always warm even when it was close to freezing temperatures outside.  I never really paid much mind to it and found it kind of helpful sometimes.

With a huge grin on my face I started up the engine of my 1990 mustang that my grandfather gave to me. As I could feel the rumble of the engine I started to feel relaxed. It was peaceful in my car. Giving me to think alone and cry when I needed to without having to explain to anyone why. As I sat thinking my face became twisted with sadness. I couldn’t get over the fact that if I don’t find a boyfriend soon I will turn seventeen and still be a virgin. Shaking my head I backed out of the drive way and headed out to school.

The drive itself wasn’t very helpful anyway. It was short, like anywhere else in this town. It was one block off the main road which ran down the middle of the town.  But the town size itself wasn’t the only thing small about it; the school had a total of 500 students.  Ninety in my junior class alone. Everyone knew everyone so it was hard if you mad a social mistake. The gossip never seemed to end.        

The parking lot was semi-full when I pulled out of my day dream and pulled in. My car didn’t seem to stand out much, which was a good thing. Most of the cars were older classics.

Having to a double take my eyes grew wide as I spotted a car that didn’t seem to belong, not by fifty years or so. From what I could tell and from the emblem, it was a 2010 Camaro.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it while getting out of my own car.

“What the….” I mumbled under my breath as I shook my head. Shrugging the fact of the car and headed to my first period.

As I followed the crowd into the buildings I sighed, I could already tell it was going to be a bad day. Hearing Mr. Laneheart trying to get the class under control I sneak in while his back was turned. He was an ok teacher, but his major downfall was that he taught U.S history and that wasn’t one of my favorites. Smirking slightly I started to head to my seat when my face made a sudden change into confusion when I saw someone in the seat next to mine.

I preferred to be alone but that wasn’t the main issue. One, it was a guy and two, he was like a god. I tried to keep my eyes off of him, but mainly failed as I sat down. If you compared his hair to the black of midnight then he made midnight look light.  It was like there was something that was just drawing my to him, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. His eyes were as blue as ice but set deep into his face. His jaw tightened as to show the straight edges. His hair slicked back with so much gel as if just the tiniest bit of wind would blow it down.

All of a sudden he stared at me from the corner of his eye without really moving an inch. There was something in his eyes that I couldn’t really pick out, it was somewhere between fear and recognition. We stayed that way until the teacher yelled my name.

“Ms, Lane is there a problem?” I swear he was going bald prematurely.

“N-no sir.” I could feel my face getting hot.

“Well if there is no problem then please face forward and pay attention.” He shot back into the lecture on the 1920’s as if there was never a problem. Rolling my eyes I was sure my face was hot and beating read. I hoped the guy didn’t see but I was sure that he had already noticed. Sighing deeply I kept my eyes forward the whole time and never glanced at him, but I was pretty sure he never stopped looking at me.

When the bell finally rang a snatched up all my books hoping to get out of there before he could say one word, but as if he knew what was going through my mind he was next to me.

“Hello…” He said in a shy husky voice that I was sure was filled with caution. This still made no sense to me of why he would be cautious.

“Hello….” I said just as quietly back not wanting to meet his eyes.

“My name is Cole Killer” He said a half smile playing with the edges of his lips.

In my head I had heard that name before but I did not let him know that. “My name is Luna Lane”

“Well it’s nice to meet you and hope to see you around soon” With that, he left. It was strange but so much of this day was that it didn’t even faze me that much. Sighing I finished grabbing my bag and left the classroom, so many things going through my mind that it felt as if my life had turned into a vertex, with no end in sight.



Just when I thought I had avoided strange for the rest of the day, it all came clashing down. When I got out to the parking lot which was now almost empty I saw him. I would have been able to just leave without doing, or saying anything to him, except that he was leaning against my car all casually. Rolling my eyes and sighing hoping to get this over with quickly I placed a smile on my face which I think he could tell was fake and headed towards him.

“Hello again….” I started to say in my usual perky voice, brushing a strand of my hair that was stuck to my face behind my ear.

“Hello to you too Ms. Lane” a bright smile reached from ear to ear on his already perfect face. If my heart beating didn’t remind me that I was only human, I might have forgotten to breathe.

“What’s with the formality?” I raised an eyebrow as he scooted over so I could get to my door as if he could read my mind, it was freaking me out. I glanced at him from the side of my eye and noticed he didn’t stop staring. “Is there something I can help you with?” I asked my voice a little sharper than it should have been but it seemed like he didn’t notice.

“Yea you can tell me what you are doing here.” That turned me off guard, was he like slow or something?

“Uh……..I go to school here”

“No….I meant what are you doing in this town…..this is no place for a princess” My head turned sharply when he said princess.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Ok I seriously thought there was something wrong with this guy.

“Do you seriously know nothing of your past? Nothing of your heritage?” He seemed really concerned about the fact that I didn’t know anything of it.

“Uh……..not really. What do you mean?” I was clutching my purse and keys so that my hands didn’t shake.

“Have you ever noticed something different about you? Like could you ever feel a connection to the trees? Ever feel like you knew it was going to rain, right before it did? What about feeling warmer then you think is normal?” My eyes grew wide when he mentioned the feeling warmer, and when he saw my reaction something clicked in his head and he smiled. “Could you ever do anything with the elements through your mind, like this?” And with just a snap of his finger, there was a little flame in the palm of his hand. My eyes were glued on that flame.

When I didn’t say anything, or move his face turned apologetic. “Hey, you ok?”

“Are……you…….insane?!?” I yelled at him. There was a part of me that thought that he was insane, but a much quieter voice was yelling at me telling me he is right. “Stay away from me you freak!” I yelled and got in my car starting up the engine. I didn’t meet his eyes but I could tell he was hurt, and there was fear in his eyes. But I didn’t stop; I drove out of the parking lot and headed home with tears in my eyes.

I couldn’t stop them from coming, they just flowed and as I pulled into the drive way. Shutting off the car I leaned forward against my steering wheel. “This can’t be happing” I mumbled to myself as I tried to breathe again.

When I was sure I had it together I went inside. Finding my brother in the living room playing his stupid video games and I could hear my mother in the kitchen. Dropping my bag off at the door I headed into the kitchen.

“Hey there hunny, how was your day?” She quickly smiled before turning back to whatever she was doing.

I grabbed a Pepsi out of the fridge and opened it. “Weird…..” I answered and took a drink before saying anything else.  

“What do you mean?” Of course she wouldn’t let it go.

I played with the can instead of looking at her. “Mom, you said that you would tell me anything, and the truth, right?”

“Of course…” That caught her attention. She stopped doing whatever she was doing and stared at me. “What is it?”

“Am I really related to you, or did you adopt me?” This time I looked up at her.

She could see something on my face that she thought I really meant it, and then she sighed.  “Well you were going to find out someday, I just wish that it wasn’t this soon”

I don’t know if I was mad or sad but I couldn’t take it. First the new guy asks me some weird things, then come to find out I am really adopted. What the hell?

            I don’t know what it was; I just couldn’t stay there anymore. So I grabbed my keys and I ran. Getting in my car I drove off without even glancing back at the house. The tears flowed steadily now but it was a silent cry. I kept driving, not really sure where I was going, but somehow I think my car knew where to go because I found myself driving to the little lake that was just a few miles to my house. I had to be a lone, I had to think.

            When I was in my favorite spot I got out of the car and slid down so I was leaning against, my eyes closed. So many things were running through my mind. Like why the hell did that guy have to tell me that, and where did he come from? Why didn’t my mom tell me the truth when I was little? I knew I was always different from my family but I didn’t think it was actually real. Balling my hands into fists I took a deep breath and sighed letting it out. When I was calm I opened my hands and what I saw made it even worse. In the palm of my hand was a tiny little flame.

This is the entire first chapter.









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