The Twilight Saga

This is a Bella/Edward story.


Something belong to SM and other belong to the writers of the movies Underworld everything else and the plot line belongs to me plz dont steel it


heres somethings u will need to know

  • Bella and Aro are brother and sister
  • Bella was bite by a lycan there for a lycan (cullens dont know this)
  • Aro was bite by a vampire so he is a vampire
  • They had a falling out when Aro started to kill children of the moon and lycans
  • Bella is in love with Edward
  • War has been going on for many centuries






            The war had almost ground to a halt in a blink of an eye. Nearly 12 centuries have passed since that night. Weapons had evolved but our orders remain the same. Hunt them down, and kill them off, one by one. The underground war between two immortal families, one family fights for control and power and the other fights for survival and revenge. No one knows who will win, but the one that does will rule over both families and the mythical world.



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Absolutely love it, it's original and well written.....
Please keep at it and if you wouldnt mind... Uptake me in the process !!! =D

Chapter 2

Minutes turned into hours; hours turned into days. Those days I sit looking out my window trying to make the right decision. The decisions to go to war or stay here and watch my kind get killed. But I could not bring myself to do either. That is until an old friend showed up at my doorstep.

“Raze?!” I yelled-whispered, I was shocked that he was here in the US.

“Lady Isabel” Raze said while he bowed.

I acted as quickly as I could when he called me Lady Isabel. I grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him inside. I looked all around to see if someone saw, but I was lucky that no one was out there. I turned to him with a pissed off face. I started to pace in front of him.

I turned to him, “WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING. SOMEONE COULD HAVE SEEN YOU.” I yelled. Raze looked away, he knew I was mad and no one likes to see me when I am mad.

I took a deep breath and calmed down enough not to yell. I looked into Razes eyes “I am sorry for yelling…. It’s just you cannot be doing the whole Lady thing in public. What if someone saw you, they would start asking questions and I don’t need that right now.”

“I am sorry also, Isabel. I forgot that we weren’t in the castle.” He said in a calm voice.

“Its fine………..Why are you here?”

“I’m here because of Lucian.”


“He’s here talking to Lord Carlisle?”

I just looked at Raze. I was even more pissed off then before. I grabbed my weapons out of my secret hiding area and headed to the door. But Raze blocked my way.










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love it!!!
love it omg omg omg girly this is so super duper awesome im like so serious Im mad at myself for not reading it sooner!!!!!!!!!!!!


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