The Twilight Saga

It has been 7 years since the Volturi tried to kill us.
Nessie is fully grown and everyone is at peace.
Or so we thought.>:]

Aro's P.O.V
            UGG!!! It has been seven years since they have humiliated me in front of half of vampire kind! But those Cullens won't know what hit them all because of my newest guard member, Juliet. She can block all of Alice's visions and send decoys of what we are doing but no more.(Oh if only I had Bella, my guard would be unstoppable! Muahahahaha!)*LOL evil dude laugh*

Tell me if you like what you read for now.
I won't be able to write more until Thursday the 24th of June cause that's the day my stupid exams end.


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I am sorry all cause I didn't update at all but I have at the least two reasons:
1.Not many people are reading my fan fiction and I don't know if I should continue.(Sorry to all those who like it)
2.I am going to Libya on the 12th and the Internet is very bad there so definitely no updates for the whole summer.(Sorry again)
I know that's why I'm spending more time writing them so hopefully they will satisfy me and my readers so sorry
I'll be updating in a few hours if I finish the chapter today
Thanks for waiting
Cindy-I love it
Thanks for showing an interest in the story
I read your reasons and I honestly do love the story, and even though you may not have many readers, does it really matter? When it comes to writing you should do it for you and you only. And if some people like it, it's an added bonus you know? If you like to do things like that, nothing should hold you back.

Luv ur story hope u continue
Thank you
When I wrote that I wasn't very encouraged by my family except my older brother and I was a little put down.
But now I 'm soooo over quitting I've written soo many chapters over these few weeks but I will post them when I am back in Malta with a better internet connection
Lollipops:) :D

Chapter 5
Bella's P.O.V

Oh my darling Angel. I hope she's OK. I cannot bear it anymore if my heart was beating it would have been fluttering with anticipation.

Her eyes fluttered and she jolted upright in a second.She looked around her in fright and smiled when she saw me and Edward who just entered the room.

"What happened?" she asked bewildered.

''Don't you remember?'' I asked, ''You fell over a tree trunk and broke your leg!''

''My leg?'' Se asked flustered by all this information. ''It doesn't hurt at all, I don't know why?''

''Well I think that we should pay Nahuel and Hulien a visit.'' stated Edward finally speaking.

''Oh yes!'' I agreed, ''Maybe we can know more about Renesmee and we wont worry so much next time.''

We told the family and they all agreed, they were very surprised at first to see Renesmee standing on her legs but nonetheless very happy.

Once we got into the car, Edward turned on the radio and K'naan's new song was playing:
When I get older, I will be stronger They’ll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag
When I get older, I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back
Born to a throne, stronger than Rome
But Violent prone, poor people zone.......

''I like this song.'' Nessie stated looking at our confused faces explained why, ''It reminds me of what's going on with the Volturi and all the injustice that comes with their reign.''
I understood now and listened more:
So many wars, settling scores Bringing us promises, leaving us poor I heard them say, love is the way
Love is the answer, that’s what they say,
But look how they treat us, make us believers
We fight their battles, then they deceive us
Try to control us, they couldn’t hold us
Cause we just move forward like Buffalo Soldiers

But we struggling, fighting to eat
And we wondering, when we’ll be free
So we patiently wait, for that faithful day
It’s not far away, but for now we say

When I get older, I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back ...
The song finished and I realized that what Renesmee said was true. The song very much explained what was happening with vampires all over the world.

After long hours of driving at breakneck speed we arrived near where Hulien and Nahuel lived.

''Ah, hello my dear friends, what do I owe the pleasure?'' Hulien said as she emerged from her home. We noticed that her eyes were golden unlike the time in which we last saw her.

''Hello, Hulien. I see that you have adapted to our way of life if my eyes do not deceive me.'' Carlisle stated as he emerged out of the car.

''Yes, we find it more satisfying to not kill humans and most animals here have a taste very close to human'' she replied with a glint in her eyes.

Just then Nahuel came sprinting in our direction with a wide smile on his face.

''Hello,'' he said sounding as happy as he looks ''To whom do I owe the pleasure?'' He said in a very odd way *Too formal dontcha think? o.<*

''Hello, Nahuel. As we were saying to Hulien we came here to ask a few questions about Renesmee and her nature'' Carlisle explained hastily.

''Well, what are we doing standing here? Come in, Come in,'' Hulien ushered us into her home and we all sat down on her vast arrangement of sofa's and armchairs.

I know I said till summer's over but I was bored so I posted chapter 5. Chapter 6 will be out soon Hopefully.
Au revoir mes amis! Ciao.
i love it!please keep me updated!!
Don't worry I will! :) :D

I like it it's very good


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