The Twilight Saga

It has been 7 years since the Volturi tried to kill us.
Nessie is fully grown and everyone is at peace.
Or so we thought.>:]

Aro's P.O.V
            UGG!!! It has been seven years since they have humiliated me in front of half of vampire kind! But those Cullens won't know what hit them all because of my newest guard member, Juliet. She can block all of Alice's visions and send decoys of what we are doing but no more.(Oh if only I had Bella, my guard would be unstoppable! Muahahahaha!)*LOL evil dude laugh*

Tell me if you like what you read for now.
I won't be able to write more until Thursday the 24th of June cause that's the day my stupid exams end.


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