The Twilight Saga

It has been 7 years since the Volturi tried to kill us.
Nessie is fully grown and everyone is at peace.
Or so we thought.>:]

Aro's P.O.V
            UGG!!! It has been seven years since they have humiliated me in front of half of vampire kind! But those Cullens won't know what hit them all because of my newest guard member, Juliet. She can block all of Alice's visions and send decoys of what we are doing but no more.(Oh if only I had Bella, my guard would be unstoppable! Muahahahaha!)*LOL evil dude laugh*

Tell me if you like what you read for now.
I won't be able to write more until Thursday the 24th of June cause that's the day my stupid exams end.


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I like should definetly keep going :)

Thanx I appreciate the comments
Thanks i will
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Chapter 1
Bella's P.O.V
Ah my dear family, how I love them, I can't believe that they are mine and what I did to deserve such a loving family.
Oh it's Edward calling, I wonder what he needs?
Edward's P.O.V
Oh how I've waited for this day! It's Bella and Renesmee's 7th Birthday! How lovely it is to celebrate all these wonderful moments.
"Bella,"I called knowing that she would come.
Renesmee was already blind folded in the garden and soon Bella will be too!

I know I said the 24th but I was free and bored of studying Maths for three days straight

Chapter 2
Bella's P.O.V
Once I jumped the river, out of no where Alice was on my back and had a blindfold, covering my eyes.
Ugg! That stupid pixie! I'm gonna get her!
"Love?" It was Edward. "Relax love everything's fine just trust us please." I could imagine his golden eyes boring into mine.
"OK" I said defeated and knowing that they were going to get their way especially when Alice is involved.
Someone took my hand and led me somewhere. I couldn't tell where we were going for everything smelled the same.
Edward's P.O.V
It was very funny watching when Alice jumped on Bella's back. If she only saw the look on her face! It was enough to get us all rolling on the floor with laughter.
"Love?" I said after gaining back most of my self control. "Relax love everything's fine, just trust us please." I pleaded to her knowing that she would oblige.
I took her hand and lead her to our meadow where the family set both her and Renesmee's party.
Bella's P.O.V
We suddenly came to a stop, and the blindfold was taken off my eyes. For the first time in years I was lost for words.
For everything was perfect.
Until we heard a great thud of falling trees and a high pitched scream.......................and the sickening snap of bones.

I know I'm evil and I will take all the cussing you give me I only did this to see your reactions cause I already wrote till chapter four.
O...... M...... G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE WORSE THAN THE EVIL PIXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAARRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!
LMAO! Will do will do.
But not until Thursday cause if I do now my mum would flip!
keep on going i need more
As I said more on Thursday
We all love that pixie
OMG!!! HURRY UP WITH MORE!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


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