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This chapter and the ones following are labbeled imporperly, please excuse the mistakes.



Caper 12: The Sunlight- with quotes from New Moon
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PArt 1 Page 28
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Part 3 Page 30
Chapter 13: Ours
Full Chapter Page 36

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A/N: All characters, except for Magdolyn & the nurses, belong to stephenie meyer. This story is completely mine.

1. ------ After Edward Leaves-----
I ran from my bed and into the bathroom, nearly tripping on the red hall carpet that Charlie had gotten to ‘spruce up the place’. I entered the bathroom, slamming the door back into the oak cabinets on the side. I ran the rest of the short distance to the toilet, getting down on my knees. I lifted the toilet lid and put my head over it, throwing up, what seemed like everything I’d eaten yesterday.
This was the eighth day in a row that I’d thrown up, id gone over the possibilities of my constant up chucking, I checked the expiration date on every single food item that I put in my mouth, most of them expiring in about 2 weeks. I ran through all of things that could be wrong with me, the one occurring the most was Pregnancy. Edward and I had only once done it. He was strongly opposed to doing anything with me, but he gave in. Though it was short, it was delight able, something I had been waiting for for ages.
Jacob, my security blanket, didn’t know anything about my sickness. I decided, that if I were to tell him, I would tell him calmly, without fear. Jacob and I had become reasonably close after Edward had left.
I suddenly felt the urge to find out if I was actually going to have a baby….a baby with Edward’s beautiful eyes, crooked smile, the same, dirty blonde messy hair, having the same eyes that I adored. As I finished throwing up I got out the Clorox™ and started to wipe down the toilet seat, making sure there where no remnants of my disgusting inners all over the place. I got up and walked over to the sink, wiping my mouth off with a towel as I did.
I grabbed my toothbrush from the chrome toothbrush holder; I pulled out the tooth paste from the medicine cabinet above me. I squeezed the tooth paste onto the brush and brushed my teeth thoroughly, getting all puke out of my mouth. I finished up and went to change out of my PJs Charlie had already left to work, he had stayed home with me after Edward had left, making sure I didn’t go crazy.
I changed into one of my red shirts and a pair of tight jeans, who, when I tried to button didn’t fit. I decided just to go for a pair of non sweat looking sweats. I bounded down the stairs, and grabbed my keys, coat, and wallet.
I drove through the rain, hoping it wouldn’t shield my vision, I decided to forget about school today, I was sick anyway. I pulled into a parking space at ‘Care’s Quick Care’ drugstore. I stepped out of the car and locked the door, with my wallet in hand I walked, in confidently into the drugstore.
I sprinted towards the isle where I knew I would find what I needed, I grabbed 2
Pregnancy tests just to make sure. I ran up to the cashier, who eyed me, but then scanned each test, the total amounting to twelve dollars and thirty six cents.
With her hand held out for the money I unzipped my small wallet taking out exactly the total. She grabbed it from my hand and put the money into the cash register.
“Um…may I use your bathroom?” I asked, nervously as she handed me the bag.
“Here.” She said, thrusting a key stick in my direction, I grabbed the stick, not wanted to talk, and walked slowly towards the bathroom.

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Like I've said before, I'm trying my hardest...but nothing is coming to me!!

Thank you for all your love and support,
if you need help here is something
~you could swich it to edwards pov and have him describe whats going on and whats happening and him meating with aro and then aro could send out demetri{i think he was the tracker for the voltori} and then aro keeps edward and alice prisoners entil they get bella. than you could go to bellas pov her waking up to some cold arms around her and how she doesn't want to leave maggie by herself since she is so young

thats just a thought i just reread the last chapter 14part 2 and this is what i thought of i know it probly is bad but hey you might make some really good stuff out of this and hope this helps you to wright more

have fun with that idea and hey can you please read my fan fic and tell me what you think its my first one :)

Thanks for the advice, I'll check out your fan-fic as soon as possible! :) AJ
I would love more plz
no problem hope it works well cant wait to read!!! :D
hey just asking are you still writing this????
Not at the moment. I'm really sorry to let you all down, but I can't just sit down and write because I feel I have to...let me rephrase that, I can sit down and write because I have to, but the truth is, the piece would be terrible.

I havent posted anything in so long because everything I've written does not satisfy me. I would hate to post something that I myself am not proud of. I'm really sorry to be letting all of you down.

I thank you all for your support and kindness.

i finishe deverything u read. hope u'll still write.


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