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What if Jacob went away with Leah as they thought of when he found out about Bella being pregnant? And he of course wouldn't have imprinted on Renesmee. What would have happened between Leah and Jake? Would they have fallen in love? Imprinted? Or just be friends?......... Find it out, at least, as how I thought it:)

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Disenchanted (co-written with Staceycakes)

Forbidden Nights (co-written with Tomtom, Krissie M. Clearwater


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Love… Is it magic? Is it a way to pass through a path in the best way possible? Does love worth enough as to endure any pain, any situation? Yes it does.

Chapter 1 - Awkward.

Jacob’s POV

Jeez Leah, stop with that! You are giving me a headache with all those bitter thoughts! Put yourself together, woman. I thought as clear as possible for her to understand my message.

Being in werewolf form sure had it disadvantages when it was about doing it with Leah… No matter how hard she tried not to, Sam’s memories always strained to her mind and with that, those unbearable thoughts…

Oh, look who is talking! The one that was whining for months about that stupid girl, ha!

Ouch. That hurt. I couldn’t help myself and memories of B-- her, -I couldn’t even thought of her name clearly- starting emerging from a corner of my mind I didn’t allow myself to enter usually… It was too painful, too dark.

Sorry Jake, I didn’t mean it, really. She thought regretfully, after sensing my anguish mood.

Yeah, yeah. Don’t worry, I deserved it… Are we running or what? I asked with indifferent tone, didn’t need to keep thinking about it.

I shut really firmly that corner of my mind; I wasn’t planning on going back there any time soon, though my dreams were…

You know it! She grinned in her head.

We started running through the woods of some random place, letting our animalistic instincts surround us… That was what we were up to at this time… Running, worrying about nothing, trying not to think about the problems our past lives held…. Trying to enjoy ourselves as much as possible.

Living with Leah, if it could be called like that, wasn’t difficult at all, in fact sometimes it was almost enjoyable. Well, the times when she wasn’t a pain in the ass, at least.
We complemented each other well, we could give each other the room we needed and the silences that held our ‘conversations’ weren’t awkward at all, they were those peaceful, necessary kind of silences, the ones you can have with someone you know and trust.

I race you to the edge of that mountain! She said anxious, pointing with her black snout to a very distant place, in the end of a mountain, easy 10 miles away.

Don’t even bother baby, you know I’ll beat you! I chuckled and started running to the goal.

Don’t you dare calling me baby again! She growled and started running too.

I laughed loudly. I had to admit sometimes I did make her feel pissed on purpose, it was too funny.

In a couple of minutes we were already only one mile away, I was at the head; she was just some feet behind me. Her thoughts only focused on the finishing line, competitively programmed.

Suddenly, when I was just a foot from the finish, her thoughts changed, and she howled loudly.

When I looked back, I saw her lying in the floor, without moving. I panicked, and went as fast as possible to her side. I started shaking her with my snout, Leah, Leah you 'ok?!
After some seconds, she opened her eyes.

Haha, tricked you! She laughed, standing up and reaching to the goal.

I win, I win, I win! She started to jump up and down, grinning hugely. Jeez, she sometimes was a child…

Oh, come on! You can’t be serious, that can’t be call ‘winning’ you totally cheated! I grumbled. And besides, you can’t do that to me! I thought something bad had happened to you, jeez… I complained, shaking my head.

Aww, poor Jakey-baby was worried? She teased with a mother like tone, laughing. I’m all over you! She kept dancing on the spot.

That did it. I wasn’t letting her win, not after she called me like that… I was too haughty.

So I tried to think about the most random thing at that moment – so as it would be unexpected – and just lunge myself over her, bringing her down, me over her.

Ha! Who is over whom now, ha? I bragged, snob like tone.

And we just stayed there, like that; one over the other… Eyeing each other weirdly, with blurred thoughts.

When suddenly her thoughts were clear again.

Hmph… get off me, you mutt! She snapped, pulling me off her and standing up in a second.

Yeah, hmm, sorry… I said awkwardly.

What on earth did just happen?

I think I want to run alone for a while. See you in a couple of hours…

And with that she left, leaving me with a big mess in my head. Not risking about her listening to my not-so-tidy thoughts, I phased back, lied on the floor with my hands over my head, thinking….

PS: my first language is spanish, so sorry for the mistakes :D

CHAPTERS: (To read the Chap. just click on it!)

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Chapter 2 - OK
Chapter 3 - Dreaming
Chapter 4 - Lift
Chapter 5 - Oops!
Chapter 6 - Mexico City
Chapter 7 - Flour
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Chapter 9 - 'Vive la Vida' (Part 1)
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Chapter 10 - Unexpectedly... expected
Chapter 11 - 'Month-versary' (Part 1)
Chapter 11 - 'Month-versary' (Part 2)
Chapter 12 - Words with J and re-J (part 1)

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that they were very long just kidding .no he said that he loved them they were rlly good .....but now he luvs twilight hes into both ...........
oh i wouldn't mind if the books had 40 chapters i would read it i'm just sayin 30 chapter s of magic is not me i luved vampires bfore twilight made them
i forgot to say somethin bout the story

i KNOW its gotta suck to almost kiss the person u love and then they fall asleep lol good one i made u think that they were finally going to hurry thursday i want more or i will DIE !!!!! lol
lollol :)
yes everyone that reads them say the same, but idk i think the same as you i would read twilight even if there 40 but 30 of magic.. :/ lol
You did?
U wanna know something funny? When I was a little girl I was SO afraid of vampires it was insane, it was like the worst chreature. Its so ironic now to see how much i love them, and how i suffered when i was a kid lol! How i wish the stories'd have been out when i was little so i wouldn't be scare. LOL
Now i love them at least the good ones XD
Why did u love them?
lol cool story isn't it this story is the best!!!!!!!!!
Yaay thanks Rosalie :) Im glad u like it!! You should and then tell me :), thanks again!

hahahha lol u are soo sweet! XDXD
I will update tomorrow! I promisee!
I have the edit version of chap 9 part 2. Im gonna put it up now :)
XD lol!
Thanks for reading!! :):)
CHAPTER 9 – ‘Vive la Vida’ (Part 2) EDITED

My mind was a mess. My feelings for this were all over the place. While we tried to look anywhere but into each other’s eyes, a complex debate was taking place inside my head. One side of my brain was telling me to go away, to leave her there with her stupid decisions and her betrayals. She deserved it. She’d lied to me as if I were her enemy, as if all the things we went through together were nothing more then mere figments of my imagination. She was a hell of a liar, oh yeah; I’d to give her credit for that. She really had fooled me for a moment there.

The trembling grew even more violent when every piece seemed to fall into place of the hypocritical puzzle. The phone call from ‘Mrs. Badeys’ when we were about to kiss, the sudden interest in clothes and the hesitation and overall composure when I’d told her I wanted to go too. Even the encouragement to go find clothes for myself and how she’d turned me down when I’d offered to drive her to the Badeys’. Everything seemed to fit into the puzzle all too well now. I was furious but I tried to hide it by taking a deep breathe.

The other side of my brain, the one that wanted Leah in that pathetic, sick way, wanted to stay. It wanted to continue with this game and give her a bit of her own medicine but take her home with me at the end of the night. Against all odds I gave into that part of my mind; besides I wasn’t strong enough to leave her here with this M-ass guy, alone and without a protector.

The number of thoughts I managed to register in only a few seconds was incredible. We were both still avoiding eye contact but the debate within my head had ceased and the decision had been made. With that, the tension dropped a little bit and I could appreciate what I now saw in front of my eyes. Leah was beautiful and the dress she was wearing complimented her curvaceous body finely. But the way she looked tonight didn’t betray much of the beauty she usually held. This wasn’t Leah, with all that make up spread over her face or the tight clothes. This wasn’t the Leah that would laugh with me at my bad jokes. Nor was it the Leah who’d play in the mud without complaining about getting dirty. It certainly wasn’t the Leah who’d feel comfortable with yelling at me every time the need arose. No, she wasn’t the Leah I’d grown to appreciate so much, the one I grew to love. I was going to show her that.

“And by the way, what areyou doing here?” Leah’s question brought me back to reality. Oh crap! What was I going to tell her? ‘Well, the truth is, I thought something might have been wrong. So I came to look for you because I’m a sick, overprotective mutt.’ Yeah sure, that would be perfect! The pessimistic voice snapped sarcastically.

“Well? Did you even hear what I just said, Jacob? Or are you trying to come up with a story so…” Leah started to complain but I wasn’t listening anymore. I couldn’t listen. My mind was now a hundred percent focused on the task at hand. I couldn’t restrain a mischievous smile that started playing at the edges of my lips. Why wouldn’t I smile? What I had in mine was just perfect. There, near the doors of the blaring night club, stood a tiny yet constantly happy girl. Her usual personality wasn’t evident as she stood timidly by the corner. A girl I’d gotten to know, a girl Leah knew.

“Actually, I’m waiting for someone,” I tried to say, the smuggest way I could manage.

“Oh,” Leah mumbled, clearly surprised. Again that mischievous smile threatened to give me away. “Really? So who is the lucky girl?” The grin she managed to flash me was so obviously fake it almost looked grim.

“Well, to tell you the truth I’m the lucky one. After all, she is the awesome one.” I looked towards the familiar face in the corner to show Leah who I was talking about. I wasn’t entirely lying. She was very nice, but well… being nice enough wouldn’t get anyone jealous.

“Maria-whatev—” Leah muttered under her breathe when she saw who I was talking about.

“Excuse me? What did you just say?”

“Nothing,” she sneered. “You should go to her, Jacob. The poor, tiny thing is waiting for you,” she said, faking indifference. I could see a pinch of pain in the depths of her eyes but I didn’t want to think about that. My eyes could be deceiving me again.

“She has a name you know. Marianne ring a bell?” I needed to keep to the plan. But there it hit me. What plan, stupid? Marianne didn’t come with you! The pessimistic voice interrupted, cutting my genius idea off.

“Yes, yes. Marianne, whatever… You should go, someone could crush her without noticing,” she grinned evilly.

“You should go look for Mas-x, maybe he can lift two tequila shots with those arms. You’d be impressed with that, wouldn’t you?” I snapped back. We probably look as childish as two arguing 15-year-olds, but it didn’t matter. If she was going to continue with this, so was I.

“His arms aren’t bad at all. At least he can sleep without snoring.” She glared at me and started to walk away. My mind got stuck on that last statement. ‘At least he can sleep without snoring’[/i]. What? How would she know he didn’t snore in his sleep? Unless…

I couldn’t contain myself and before I could stop myself I started walking toward her, determined for answers. The trembling was starting again but I manage to diminish by breathing deeply. “What do you mean ‘at least he can sleep without snoring’?” I snapped without thinking. “Have you… seen him sleep?” OK, that wasn’t exactly the right question I’d wanted to ask, but I couldn’t ask her the real one.

“Yes,” she said calm. My jaw snapped together so tightly I was astonished that my teeth didn’t crack. “I’m in his house almost every day, he’s always taking naps,” she finished and walked away. Her walk was provocative, almost exaggerated.

I breathe a sigh of relief. Jeez Jacob, just control yourself! You’re being a pathetic paranoid idiot! The voice inside me complained again. I frowned, realizing it was completely right. With that thought I went to look for my ‘date’, my thoughts leaning towards what I’d tell her.

“Marianne!” I shouted over the music when I was just a few feet from her. She seemed to have heard me and started looking whoever had called her name.

“Jacob?” She shouted back when she saw me, her expression surprised.

“This is the second time I ran into you today; I’m starting to think it might be fate,” I grinned playfully. OK, I didn’t want to give her the wrong impression but I needed to win her over someway.

She smiled. “Maybe, what are you doing here? Didn’t you have enough excitement after the fight at the race track?” She laughed, arching one thin eyebrow.

I laughed in return, remembering the scared face of the blonde guy. “I came to look for Leah,” I stated truthfully.

“Oh, are you two together?” She asked, intrigued.

“Nah, nah,” I tried to say indifferently. I wish, my internal voice added. “We’re just friends.”

“Oh, if you say so,” she said, eyeing me suspiciously.

“So, I was actually wondering if you can do me a favor,” I grinned angelically.

“Alright… I’ll see what I can do. Shoot!” She encouraged. She was always so enthusiastic and joyful it made me smile.

“It’s pathetic really. But I want to make her feel jealous,” I closed my eyes so I didn’t have to see her reaction. I was afraid she would laugh at how pathetic I sounded before leaving. I deserved no less.

She didn’t though. I opened my eyes to see an enthusiastic Marianne. “Can I ask why?”

“She is on a date with a dumb ass!” I growled.

She smiled an understanding smile, almost maternal. “Just friends, huh? Of course I will Jake. If you believe this is what you have to do to be with her then I’ll help you.”

“Really? You will?” I grinned from ear to ear; she really was a good person.

“Yep. Only if you promise you’ll let me know when you get together,” she giggled, shaking a finger at me mischievously.

“You rock,” I cheered and lifted her from the ground in a smothering hug. She was so small my arms looked like they could make her fall apart at one touch.

“Jacob, I can’t breathe!” She managed to gasp.

“Oops, sorry,” I apologized and loosened the cage so she could stand. My hands covered her shoulders easily.

She looked behind my back. “Oh, she’s watching us,” she giggled. Her smile disappeared quickly and I frowned. “Ok, now I’m scared. She looks like a fierce wolf!”

I laughed on the inside. She had no idea how close to the truth she was. “What is she doing now?” I whispered, worried that Leah would hear with her sensitive hearing.

“She went to meet a guy who has two tequila shots,” she said in a detective-like voice. “Oh, they’re kissing now.”

“WHAT?!” I hissed, beginning to turn around. Her frail hand on my forearm stopped me.

“I was kidding, I was kidding. I’m sorry!” She laughed, eyeing me with regretful eyes.

I sighed in relief and looked down at my feet. “Let’s dance!” I invited.

“I really don’t know how to dance, Jacob,” she said, shaking her head.

“Oh, come on! It’ll be fun!” I didn’t wait for her answer but instead grabbed her by the wrist to tug her to the middle of the dance floor. We started dancing as if we were crazy. She seriously didn’t know how to dance but I didn’t know any more than her. So we danced together, moving our arms and hips like lunatic chickens, laughing the whole time.

Suddenly, I saw Leah standing in a corner of the dance floor. She watched us with angry eyes but as always I could see the sorrow hidden within their depths. I was going to stop dancing and apologize when M-ass walked to her side with two more tequila shots. She downed both in seconds still eyeing me. Her eyes grew angrier with each passing second. She grabbed the dumb ass by the wrist and pulled him to the middle of the dance floor, stopping just some feet away from where Marianne and I danced.

We started playing ‘whoever-dances-in-the-most-provocative-way-wins’. Leah would move her hips and arms as close to M-ass as possible. Her eyes flickered to me every now and then and I would growl and curse under my breath when she did. I’d react in the only way I knew how to; hug Marianne and spin her occasionally. In response Leah would glare dangerously at Marianne and bring herself closer to dumb ass.

We kept dancing for an hour or so until my feet were killing me. I guided Marianne to sit at a table and talk for a while. Besides, this situation was really tiring and frustrating. I just wanted it to end but I knew that if I did, M-ass would have his way and I couldn’t permit that. It pissed me off just to think of him touching Leah’s hand - Hell! Just the thought of anyone other than me touching her hand. When we reached the table, I saw her glaring at me from the floor. She took M-ass by the wrist to pull him to the bar. Jeez, she was drinking a lot.

“So, tell me about yourself,” Marianne suggested when we sat comfortably at the table in the corner of the bar.

“What do you want to know? You know everything. Or don’t you remember all those questions you asked me in the garage?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know everything. There is something in your eyes that you don’t want to tell me, like a hidden secret.” She whispered, scrutinizing my face. Oh crap! She was too perceptive.

“Well…” The truth is I’m a werewolf, a very big werewolf that keeps the world safe from disgusting leeches. Oh and by the way, those bloodsuckers exist! “I don’t have any hidden secrets. I’m not that interesting,” I lied, trying to sound composed while also trying not to meet her eyes, just in case.

“Alright, if you say so…” she sighed, lost in her own thoughts.

Irrationally my eyes started looking for what they wanted to see until they found it and I relaxed significantly. Not for long though. Leah was still at the bar, resting her head on her left hand. It seemed as if she was drawing something on a napkin.

“I’m really thirsty, I’m gonna get something to drink. Do you want anything?” I informed Marianne without thinking about it. I was a bit thirsty but that wasn’t my first priority. She shook her head and I shrugged before turning to the bar, curious about what Leah could be doing.

I walked as stealthily as I could so she wouldn’t notice me looking over her shoulder at the tiny piece of napkin. Leah B. was written in black pen. She was going over the ‘B’, absentmindedly half smiling.

“Leah B, as in Leah Black?” I whispered in her ear, my excitement lacing my voice.

She jumped having been caught off guard. When she saw me, she placed the bitter mask over her beautiful face again. “Pff, you wish! Leah B, as in Leah Badey,” she snapped smugly. As I took her words in, something in my chest cracked a bit.

“Oh, of course,” I mumbled trying to hide my pain. That was it, she really did want him. The anguish that provoked me was starting to emerge from every inch of my body. I quickly asked for a bottle of water and returned to the table and a waiting Marianne. I don’t know how but I managed to make the trip without looking back to her once.

I sat on the chair and drank the water in seconds as if it were a bottle of whiskey that’d ease the pain. Marianne saw my expression and sighed.

“She wants you, you know that?” She said, looking at Leah.

“That was what I thought before, but now…” I trailed off, shaking my head.

“No, she does. I can see it in her eyes. It’s obvious in the way she looks at you,” she said with such security it made me wonder.

“How do you know that?”

She sighed deeply as if preparing to open up her soul. “Well, because I once was in love. I had the same look she has when she looks at you,”

“Once?” I asked, catching onto the key word. “What happened? If you don’t want to tell me, I’ll understand.”

She sighed again and I caught a hint of the old yet immense pain deep in her eyes. “I really don’t want you to feel sympathetic. After all, my life is a bit tragic,” she half smiled.

I laughed bitterly. “I hated when people were sympathetic towards me. That’s not what I needed. You didn’t give me the slightest unwanted sympathy and I intend to return the favour,” I reassured her, understanding bleeding from my eyes.

She bit her lip and dropped her eyes to the floor. “Although I’m small, I’m really 21,” she rolled her eyes and continued. “When I was 17 I met the most wonderful boy any girl could ever hope to meet. He was handsome, gentle, caring, sweet… He taught me things about life and love I hardly think anyone else could have ever taught me.” She was talking really quietly, so quietly I doubted that I’d be able to hear without my enhanced hearing. She looked up and met my eyes before continuing.

“He showed me love and happiness in ways I’d never imagined possible. He believed that everyone could be better, and that dreams could always come true if you fight hard enough for them. He was everything to me. My first real friend, my first love…” she trailed off and looked to the floor again, trying to hide the tears that blurred her brown eyes. “My only love!” She laughed sarcastically, some seconds later though the sound was torn.

“What happened?” I whispered. I didn’t want to push her, but I needed to know more.

“One day – the day of our second anniversary actually, he was coming to my house. We were going to celebrate by having a romantic dinner at my house - he was very old fashioned,” she said, a half smile appearing as the memory invaded her mind. “He only lived a few blocks from my house so he always walked. That day for some reason, God only knows why, he decided to use the car…” she trailed off again and wiped away a stray tear with the palm of her hand. I took her hand, encouraging her. I could see how hard this was for her and I couldn’t help remembering a similar memory of my own that tortured me the same way.

She squeezed my hand and continued. “As he was driving through my street only a few feet from my house, a drunken man driving a huge truck turned the wrong way. My love was crushed and died instantly. I saw everything through my window as I was lighting candles.” On the last words her voice became ever so strangled. The tears were trailing down her face like torrents of salty water. She kept shaking her head from side to side as if trying to erase the memory I was sure would haunt her forever.

“You want to know the worst part?” she smiled bitterly. I nodded, hypnotized by the tragic story. “When the police came and took the body, they found a ring in his pocket…” she trailed off once again and took a golden ring from her left ring finger. She gave it to me with shaking hands. ‘This is the proof of my eternal love. My life is yours.’ That was the message written on the inside of the beautiful ring. My hands started to feel shaky too and I had to fight to restrain a stupid tear that threatened to escape. I gave the ring back to her, trying not to look into her eyes; I wasn’t doing very well with my sympathy promise. Her life was really dramatic, first the love of her life, then her parents… I didn’t understand how she could bare it. How could someone so torn smile so joyfully? I suddenly felt very stupid for complaining about insignificant things. She’d been through so much but didn’t get caught up in her sorrow. She’d learnt how to appreciate the important things in life all by herself.

“I really don’t want you to feel bad for me and I don’t want you to have nightmares about this either,” she laughed, trying to lighten the sorrowful atmosphere with a half hearted joke. “The only reason I’m telling you this is because I think you may need a little push to do what you really want.” She eyed me intently, a strange wisdom in her eyes. “You know, before any of this happened to me – when my life was worth living – I was always one of those people who thought there’d always be plenty of time. I always thought I’d have plenty of time to do what I wanted, to tell him how much I loved him or the love he brought to my life. I was wrong. You never have plenty time, you never know what could be just around the corner. If you keep waiting for the perfect moment, you might just run out of time altogether.” With that she stood up from the table.

“I think I’m going to go, now. See you around the garage maybe. My car is still having problems,” she explained, making a face and after she shot me an encouraging look. Before she turned away from me I noticed her eyes were filled with that wisdom again. I could only blink in response, speechless. I was so shocked, so froze I couldn’t formulate a solid thought. I tried to merely swallow but my throat was so dry due to the disuse, I found I couldn’t.

Time. That was the only thought my mind could form. Marianne was right, you could never trust time. Not even the filthy bloodsucker could have trusted time. Lucky for him, he had an easy solution.

Despite the fact that we were werewolves and a car accident couldn’t really kill us, we’d never know what could happen. Just around the corner. With that thought I decided I wouldn’t let time decide for me what I wanted, I would decide for myself. What if she didn’t want me the way I longed for her? I didn’t care; I was going to fight for what I wanted. I was going to show her I was the one that would always make her happy, that would always be there for her, that would always love her. Without thinking about it again, in case I chickened out, I went to look for what every inch of my body, my mind and my heart screamed for.

I started to get worried when I couldn’t find her. Really worried. I started to search all over the place, moving at an abnormally fast pace. I sharpened my inhuman senses as much as possible so I could find her even faster. When I felt I was going to collapse, I saw her. In a distant corner, lying on the floor… what?[/i]

“Leah!” I ran to her, panicked. “Leah, are you alright?”

My nose involuntary wrinkled when I reached her. The smell of alcohol emerging from every pore of her skin was too repulsive. Leah was totally drunk.

“Jakey,” she tried to mumble, grinning. Oh God. “Jakey, I missed you.”

“Jeez Leah, how much did you drink?” I asked, trying to pull her to her feet.

“Umm, a lawt, I’m a tough drinker!” She giggled. She really looked like an inoffensive little girl like this. Impossible to imagine the anger she could irradiate sometimes.

“Yeah, I can see that,” I rolled my eyes. “Alright, tough drinker, let’s get you outta here.” I sighed and took her by the waist to help her up. Suddenly anger overpowered me. Where was that stupid M-ass? He left her alone like this?!

“Leah, where is Max?” I tried to say between my clamped teeth, barley managing to restrain a growl.

“Umm, dunno. Somewhe,” she managed to say, her words slurred. “And Mariawhatewa?”

“Mariawhat what?” I laughed, confused. By now we were already outside the club. The air was refreshing and it didn’t burn my throat like the alcohol. I was sure it would help Leah feel better.

“Nothin, nothin.” She waved her hand as if to dismiss her last statement. “Jakey, led me go. I wanna stay!” She shouted, trying to shake my arm off her.

“Leah, why would you want to stay? That idiot left you alone and you’re totally drunk!” I snapped, too angry to be polite.

“Why da ya bother anyway?” She snapped back with anguished eyes.

“Because I care about you, silly!” I shouted, trying to meet her eyes to show her the truth of my words.

“I don believe you,” she said stubbornly, folded her arms over her chest. She lost balance and was going to fall to the ground when I caught her just in the nick of time.

“Leah, look at you. Please, let me take you home. Please,” I pleaded, trying to manage the most persuasive expression I could.

“Jakey the puppy with puppy’s eyes,” she laughed and relaxed so I could carry her.
I really could have just helped her walk but I wanted to be close to her so badly. So I embrace her with my thick arms, holding her closer against to my body and lift her up.
She yawned in response and clutched my shirt, pulling herself closer. She was a bit cold which was strange for someone whose regular temperature would kill a human. I wrapped my arms around her and tried to warm her with my heated body.

“Leah where is the car?” I asked, remembering she drove it here. I suddenly felt stiff at the thought of what could have happened if I hadn’t have come to look for her. What if she drove as drunk as she was? She wouldn’t have died but… I couldn’t even think of that. If something wrong ever happen to her I was sure I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

She pointed to the end of the street and in less than a second – I was sure no one was watching – we were already there. The ride home was quiet. Leah rested her head on the seat with her eyes slack, grinning as if she was five. It was a funny and relaxing scene to see. I kept thinking about what Marianne told me and right there I completely convinced myself that I should let her know what I wanted. Soon after that we arrived home.

I lift her up again, noticing her body was even colder, and took her inside quickly. I went to her room and placed her in bed. She yawned again, and smiled with her tired eyes.

“Everythin is spinnin!” She grumbled, looking at the ceiling.

“Yes, that’s what happens after drinking too much tequila,” I sighed. She made a sick face in response.

I leaned over her to tuck her in when I noticed the temperature of her body had decreased even more. Too much. “Jeez Leah, you are freezing!” I chocked, not able to keep the worry inside.

“P-probably a-a fever,” she managed to say. Her temperature got lower with every second and I almost had a panic attack.

“What? What do you mean with a fever? You are freezing!” I shouted too nervous to just talk.

“J-Jakey, i-it’s a wolf thin. I t-tell you tomorraw,” she explained, too tired to tell the story. But that didn’t give me peace, what did this mean?!

“What should I do? Should I call a doctor? What—”

“N-naw, naw. J-Jakey war-rm me-e,” she tried to say between shivers, rolling to a side to make me a place in the bed. I lay beside her, and put my arms over her shoulders to warm her as much as possible. She moaned and pulled herself closer to me, resting her head over my chest. “Jakey, you really are my hero. You saved me two times today,” she mumbled through my chest while trying to make a two with her fingers. She wasn’t stuttering anymore, and with that I breathed a sigh of relief.

“I guess I am,” I grinned, too lost in my thoughts. How everything seem just too right now, when I had her so close to me. Suddenly a flash of lighting appeared in the sky, outside and I pathetically smiled, thinking it was the sky taking a picture of us, agreeing that we deserved to be happy.

“Jakey,” Leah whispered.


“Don’t ever leave me, please.” She cried, looking deeply into my eyes.

“I won’t. I promise,” I smiled and bend down to seal my word.

She squinted, waiting for my action but closed her eyes. Our heart beatings were really fast, as were our breaths. I slowly kissed her forehead, then her left cheek, then her right one, then her chin, her nose… And when I reached her mouth, she dropped her head down and a low snore escaped her lips. She was asleep.

I shook my head as I smiled, thinking of how the tiny fraction of a second our lips touched was like an electroshock through my body. With that I fell asleep, completely sure that what I would always want would be what my arms were holding.
the reason i loved vampires so much was bcuz to me they were awesome cool pale things that have fangs hello!!!!! that was kool for me and still is but now they sparkle
Hahaha well you have a point there ;P
yeah now they are better XD lol


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