The Twilight Saga

(All human story) 

Edward Cullen is a handsome 21 year old who works at his fathers very successful law firm, he is swamped with work and decides to go out whit his brothers for a drink one night,that same night Isabella Swan is taken to the same club by her best friends,they meet and have drinks together..will they remember the night before when they wake up right next to each other??




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Chapter 1 Edward P.O.V

The Night


    "Edward come on!" my older brother pushed as i had my head bent over my paper work..."no Emmett i have A Lot of work to do dad wants this done by tomorrow"

 "eddie when are you gunna stop being a brown noser??, and let loose once in a while!"


i glared at my brothers, they always pushed me to go out with them and pick up 'chick' but i always refused, and they would let it go but they were really pushing it..what was up?


"why are you guys so pushy tonight?"

they looked at each other then back at me"

"okay well you know the girls we have been seeing?, well they have a friend and they can't go out tonight because its her birthday, so they thought we could set you guys up!"


i looked at them completely stunned "really you guys are dragging me out tonight because your girlfriends want their friend to get layed!?" they smiled 


"pretty much" jasper said standing under the door frame waiting to leave


"No! absolutely not!" i said their grins turning into frowns.


"oh come on Eddie boy! lets go have fun! don't be such a wet blanket!!"

"Em you want me to go out with a girl i have never met, maybe take her home just so you guys can go out with her friends?"


they laughed "pretty much" i layed back in my chair running my hand through my hair "you guys are seriously going to owe me!"


"dude after you see her you wont be saying that!" Emmett said as i got up and put my jacket on

"have you even seen her?" he laughed and shook his head "well not really i met her once when i was picking rose up she" he said winking


"okay Em"

what am i getting myself in??


Bella's P.O.V

"Ali are you sure i don't look too...desperate?" i said looking at myself in the full length mirror i had a short red leather shorts and a tight black top with stilettos my hair was in wavy curls and i had smokey make-up.


"no Bella you look hott!" Rose said coming up next to me pulling my arms to my side

"but i shouldn't be going out so soon! i just broke up with-"


"don't you dare say his name bella!" Alice said walking up behind rose and I i turned around facing her


"But-" "no! bella tonight is about you! we even got a guy for you!"

"you guys didn't!" i said crossing my arms across my chest feeling self conscious


rose pulled my hands to my side again, "we did and bella you will love him!"

"have you even met him before!?" i asked furious they were setting me up


they looked at each other and then back at me "ehhh welll not exactly, we heard wonderful thing though!"


"can't believe you guys are doing this!" i said grabbing my purse and walking on ahead of them they squealed with joy


alice ran up behind me and hugged me "you won't regret this bella! promise!!"


we got in a cab and headed to the club, we got out the cab and went to the head of the line

"hello mark!" alice said hugging the bouncer "alice, long time no see! come on in!" he said opening up the red velvet rope for us to go inside everyone gawked and starred like we were some kind royalty, we got in alice turned to mark


"oh mark we are waiting for some friends so could you please let them in" she said all smile

"sure hun" he said writing their names down as alice said them


she kissed his cheek and we went in the loud music enveloping us we went straight to the V.I.P section where Alice ordered us fruity but strong drinks, i had about two and was already buzzed


"alice its getting late i have to teach a class of six and seven year old children tomorrow! i don't think their parents will appreciate their kids teacher sleeping on her dest while the kids go crazy"

"Bella calm down! its barley eleven! and the guys will be here soon, have another drink" she said handing me a pink drink with a lemon slice floating in the inside


i drank it bitting my tongue to keep me from saying anything that might offend alice,


it was about an hour later that they guys came, i had met Emmett and Jasper before when they picked up Ali or Rose.


"hey!" they said coming in to the V.I.P section and greeting them right behind them was i was guessing their friend, he was tall, bronzed tousled hair, and jeez he was a complete god!


"Bella! this is edward jasper and Emmett's brother" Alice said i stood up


"hi" we both said awkwardly, Alice and rose soon left to the dance floor edward and I both stood there "uh so bella?, what do you do for a living?" i sat down just as he did too


"first grade teacher" he nodded "what about yourself?" "im a lawyer at my families law firm"

"nice a lawyer" he smiled and nodded we sat there and drank and drank...soon i wasn't so coherent and neither was he since we got up and started dancing the last thing i remember was kissing edward..many times and then blank!


Edward's P.O.V

Last night is a complete blur...i knew i would do something stupid but i didn't really expect bella to be laying down next to me...and us both...naked i had no idea what to do my head was pounind and all i felt like doing was going back to sleep, and my eyes agreed so they slowly closed on me so i just caved and slept...


Bella's P.O.V

I woke up my head pounding! what did i do last night? and why am i naked under these covers, and laying next to edward, who is also naked oh i did, i was freaking out and looked at the time six a.m oh no my class starts at eight! i have to get back home and get ready!


i slowly got up looking for articles of clothes...all i found were my shorts his t-shirt and my heels, shoot i quickly put them on and was about to leave when the door opened ! ohh no!


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Its really great and plzz post another chapter soon

Thank-you, i will:))

I very much enjoyed this story. I like the way that you haven't said too much about how they got to be where they are in the morning, I guess that will be all part of the story.

I look forward to more.

Lik it :)

post more soon

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