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Unexpected love


AUTHORS NOTE: This Twilight/Harry Potter crossover takes place, between Eclipse and Breaking dawn whilst in Forks, and then in the 6th year when at Hogwarts.


Warning :this chapter may contain a sensitive subject for some people, don't read if you don;t want to. None of the characters are my own either they are all the excellent work of Stephanie Meyer.


Chapter 1- Tragedy

"You'll see me again in an hour" Edward smiled moving Bella's arms away from his waist, and placing a tiny kiss on the corner of her lips. "I promise, I'll be around yours for 7pm to pick you up. Just make sure you're prepared for Alice tonight, she's desperate to go over some of her ideas for the wedding with you". Bella gave a tiny shudder at the thought and Edward couldn't help but laugh. He knew it wasn't Bella's idea of fun, but they both couldn't put it off much longer, the wedding was meant to take place in only a month.


Edward turned and opened the driver's door of Bella's Chevy truck, and helped her into the seat. He gave her one last peck on the cheek before shutting the door between them. Bella smiled back at Edward through the window as she turned on the ignition. The truck spluttered a couple of times before the engine came to life and Bella drove away.


It didn't take long for Bella to make it home, living in forks meant there wasn't much traffic on the roads and there wasn't far to go. As she pulled into the driveway she noticed that Charlie was home. His cruiser was parked in its regular spot and the lights were on in the house, but he was home earlier than usual. Bella climbed out of her truck and opened the front door, she noticed Charlie in his normal seat in front of the TV.


"Hi dad" Bella said chucking her keys on the wooden unit next to the main couch, before taking a seat.


"Hey Bell's, good day?" Charlie asked looking up from the TV, one hand still on the remote and the other holding a can of beer.


"Yeah it was alright, the usual. Edward's picking me up in an hour, Alice wants to go over some stuff for the wedding" she responded. Bella noticed Charlie flinch slightly at the mention of the wedding. It hadn't been easy for him to except, but he had come around easier than she had first thought, and had agreed to walk her down the aisle, which had meant the world to Bella. "How comes your home from work early?" she asked trying to keep the conversation flowing.


"I didn't feel too well, and it was quiet so the others told me to go home and they'd call if I was needed for anything serious". Charlie noticed Bella looking worried so added "I'm ok just tired I think, it's been a long week, I'll be ok after I've eaten one of your delicious meals" he smiled giving Bella a small wink. Bella managed to give a smile back, but she was still worried about him, he did look sort of ill now he had mentioned it. His eyes were slightly sunken and she was sure he looked paler than usual. Maybe Charlie was just tired like he had said. Her dad had been working pretty hard lately, since there had been a string of robberies in the town.


Bella got up and walked into the kitchen. She had already prepared tonight's dinner earlier because she had known she was going out later in the evening. From the other room Bella could hear Charlie start coughing, he really wasn't sounding very healthy, maybe he's caught the bug that's' been going around. I should give Edward a call and cancel tonight, I don't want to leave dad on his own when he's feeling unwell, she thought to herself whilst placing the already made lasagne in the oven. Afterwards Bella turned to the wall by the kitchen door, and picked up the house phone to start dialling Edwards's cell number. It was then Bella could hear Charlie start gasping in between the cough's and splutters.


"Dad? Dad are you alright in there?" Bella asked dropping the phone and rushing back into the sitting room. Charlie's head was slumped slightly in his chair and he was clutching his chest and left shoulder. He looked awful and Bella could see he was short of breath. "Dad I'm getting help ok. Don't panic" she said raising his head above his shoulders and onto the back of the couch. She knew it was serious so, hurried into the kitchen and turned off the oven trying to remain calm. Bella then picked up the phone and dialled 911. Next she called Edward, hoping that Carlisle would be able to help. "It's my dad, I think he's having a heart attack" Bella cried down the phone as soon as she heard the phone being picked up on the other end.


"Bella you need to calm down, Charlie mustn't panic. We're already on our way, Alice had a vision, I was just about to call when you rang. Carlisle said all you can do is help Charlie remain calm and sit with him until us or the ambulance gets there". Bella put the phone down and went back into the sitting room. Her dad looked so worn out and he was barely managing to keep his eyes open.

"Dad you must stay awake, the ambulance is on its way, and Carlisle too. They're going to help you and make you better" Bella said placing her hand in his, struggling not to burst into tears. Charlie gave Bella a small smile and squeezed her hand to try and comfort her, he could see that truthfully Bella was panicking inside and was trying to hide it and be strong. Charlie also knew he was weak, he could barely breathe and he was getting worn out quickly.


"Bella its ok, I'm so proud of you, you're my little girl, and I'll always love you" he breathed, a small tear rolling down his cheek.


"I love you too dad, but you're going to get better Carlisle is going to help you" Bella cried, not able to hold back her sobs any longer. Charlie focused on his daughter and shook his head.

"I know I'm not going to make it Bells, I'm too worn out, I'm sorry but I can't fight it anymore, stay strong for me, I love you Bells." He managed to gasp, before his eyes stopped moving and his hand went limp. His chest no longer rose and fell and his laboured breaths no longer existed.

"Dad! No! Wake up! Please No! You can't leave me! I love you, please!" Bella screamed into Charlie's shirt. He didn't respond to Bellas pleads, instead he just sat there not moving, not breathing but still holding his only daughter's hand.


It was then Edward, Carlisle and Alice came bursting through the front door, not bothering to knock, as Edward had heard Bella's shrieks of angst, Edward knew it wasn't good. He rushed straight to Bella's side, and tried to pull her off of her father, she was gripping him so tight and had tears rolling down her cheeks. She was shaking uncontrollably and Edward could see the fear in her brown eyes. "Bella, let Carlisle look at your Dad" Edward said calmly guiding her away from the chair.

Carlisle walked forward and checked for a pulse, but there wasn't one. Edward, Alice and Carlisle had known this before they had even entered the house as they could only hear one heartbeat. But not giving up Carlisle started CPR. Carlisle continued to do this until the ambulance arrived. Two paramedics rushed into the house, they were surprised to see Carlisle already there. "I was in the area, and Bella rang my son. Charlie has had no pulse for 10 minutes" he explained to them. Edward noticed one of the paramedics face fall, when Carlisle spoke. The ambulance crew knew Charlie well; they had grown up with him in the town and communicated regularly with him, as he was the chief of police, so it was hard for them to hear as well. They assisted Carlisle for the next 15 minutes, doing everything they could to bring Charlie back to life, to get him breathing again. But it never happened, soon they pronounced Charlie dead, when they were sure there was nothing else that would help. No one could do anything more.


"No, No, No!" Bella sobbed before screaming again in pain. This couldn't be happening; he had been fine in the morning, before he had gone to work, it had all been so quick. Bella clutched to Edwards chest with all her strength just to try and stop herself from sinking to the floor. Edward held her close and let her release some of her grief. He hated seeing her hurting like this, he wanted to take the heartache away, but he couldn't, all he could do was be there for her.


"I'll just be outside if you need me. I need to let Jake and Billy know, and Renee" said Alice looking at Edward and Bella. She was in shock and felt as though she couldn't stay in the room, Alice had always had a soft spot for Charlie and it hurt her to see Bella's in so much mental pain. Alice didn't want to interrupt what seemed like such a private moment. Instead she would make herself useful and take some of the burden off Bella. Jake would want to know and it was only fair to call Renee too. Alice took out her phone and walked back through the front door into the driveway where Charlie's cruiser and Bella's truck were parked.


"He loved you Bella" Edward whispered into Bella's ear. He kissed her repeatedly on the top of her head, as her father's body was covered over and placed on a stretcher.


"Pleases no, don't take him away from me!" Bella sobbed as they wheeled her father out the house and into the back of the ambulance.


"You're dads gone, there's nothing anyone can do. They'll look after him Bells, Carlisle will make sure of it". Edward said trying to comfort his fiancée. It hurt him so much to see her suffer like this, she had loved her Dad so much and Edward never wanted Bella to have to feel like this, ever. Her screams were almost too much for him. Every single one ripped through his body like an inferno, him feeling her sorrow.


The paramedics closed the door of the ambulance. "Is there someone you can stay with tonight?" one of them asked Bella sympathetically. Bella didn't talk, she physically couldn't because of the huge lump that had caught in her throat and throbbed every time she opened her mouth. Instead she looked up at Edward.


"Bella can stay with me, I'll look after her". Edward answered, looking over at Carlisle who also nodded in agreement. The paramedic smiled awkwardly in approval and climbed into the driver's seat, before he turned on the engine. As the ambulance started to move Bella tensed even more. She gripped as hard as she could onto Edward's grey shirt.


"He's gone. Charlie's really dead. I'm never going to see him again" she bawled. Not watching as the ambulance carrying her dads' lifeless body disappeared out of sight.


"Yes he's gone Bella, but he loved you so much, he'll be watching out for you already." Alice said moving closer, and joining Edward in the ongoing hug. She had finished making calls. Edward could see that if Alice could cry right now she would.


"W-what did mum say?" Bella asked Alice through sobs.


"Renee's upset too Bella. She said she is going to give you a call tomorrow and will fly over for the funeral. She said if you want to go back with her to Florida you can. I told Renee you could stay with us as long as you liked and she said It's up to you Bella whether you go or not". Alice answered squeezing Bella's arm slightly.


"What about Jake, a-and Billy?"


"They're also deeply upset Bella and they gave you their commiserations. Jake said he would come and see you, when you felt up to it" Alice replied again.


"T-thank you Alice, I-I wouldn't have been able to do it m-myself" Bella managed before breaking down again. Edward had to grab Bella's arms as her knees gave way beneath her again. He lifted her right off her feet and cradled her in his arms, pulling her face closer to his body.


"Let's get you home" Edward said following Carlisle to the shiny Volvo. Edward helped Bella into the backseat and belted her in before sliding in next to her.


"I'll grab some stuff for Bella and lock the house up; I'll make my own way home, won't be long". Alice said. She watched as Carlisle drove away before heading back indoors. Alice stopped and looked around for a second. Nothing looked out of place, just empty, how had this happened? Alice thought quietly, wishing she had seen earlier what was going to happen, and then maybe Charlie wouldn't have died. They could have got him help earlier. But it was too late, nothing could be done now. Bella was distraught and Forks had lost one of their most valued members of the community.


Alice quickly packed up some of Bella's stuff in a bag and then made her way downstairs again. She was just about to leave and lock up, when she saw a picture of Bella and Charlie at graduation on one of the pieces of furniture in the living room. Bella would like that, Alice said to herself picking it up and placing it safely in the bag with the rest of the stuff.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks for reading. Please, please please comment I love them and they make me smile: D. I also like to hear what other people think. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, I know it's sad but I sort of had to do it as it makes things easier for future chapters. Charlie's death won't be a major part of the story, and is only a sub plot to make the next chapters more believable. I'll try and post the next chapter soon. Thanks Stevie419 x


p.s can also be read on the twilightfam and an uncensored version avaliable on


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ha pleased you liked it :)
PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey i promise i haven't stopped writing, i am slowly working towards getting the next chapter up... i have just gone to uni so life is a bit hectic at the moment, and i have sooo much work to do. But i am still writing when i can and i promise i will update soon. Thanks for being so patient and giving me the kick up the butt i needed :) Thanks xx
Thank you so so much i promise i am still writing... just slowly at the moment, should pick it up again soon though. thanks so much for reading it means a lot to know people are reading and still kinda care a little bit :L, i will try and update soon :) i have about 3/4 of next chapter finished. Thanks so much again for reading and commenting x
HI:)) im a new reader!!!(REALLY LOVE IT!:) but i can't find the second chapter!?:O
Hi :) yay i love it when i get new reader and im pleased you like it :) thanks for reading and commenting. The second chapter got taken down for a violation so i can link you up in an email to where you can read it, but i can't post it here. I had a clean version and that still got taken down so i gave up in the end trying to post it. Hannah x
lol okay:) that would be great!! thank-you:)

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Hey, yay :) always happy to see new readers :). I;m pleased you like it. I didn't know there was a special section. I might just do that thank you so much x 

PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! I"M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOUR STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you :) i appreciate your interest in the story so so much and i am writing more stuff... its just a busy time at uni at the moment i have two assignments and a practical exam before i break up to go home, so kinda have to focus on that at the moment as much as id love to focus on this, But i will have something up soon, i havent abandoned this :) Thanks so much for the comment x 


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