The Twilight Saga

Edward Cullen was in love with the sly and beautiful Tanya, or so he thought.
Emmett Swan also fell for her masked personality and gorgeous looks.

 Then both men find out about each other. FIGHT! FIGHT FIGHT!
Yes-they did fight, and it was so severe that they were both sentenced to prison.
What happens when Bella falls for the guy that she believes screwed her brother's life up?

 Should I write this?

 The way I write -its not in any specific order, more then less times I will write the first chapter or the preface before anything. But I get completely submerged in the story. I will  just burst out with an idea for one chapter and quickly type a few paragraphs (these are literally labeled 'some chapter') and then a few 'some chapters' I write connect. That's how the story goes. Its like all of the sudden there is a thread linking these out-of-order chapters. Then my story comes together.

 This fan fiction came to mind in an unusual way, as most of my ideas do. I was just Halloween browsing and then this idea hit me like a ton of bricks. Then it started to form itself in my mind. So, I already have several 'some chapters' saved on my computer, and the 'some chapters' are already connecting. I am super thrilled to write it.
The first chapter will be posted soon.


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This does seem very enjoyable to read, so If you decide to continue PLEASE update me :)
Okay, so I will write it. I just want to get the first few chapter done before I post, and I also need an editor.
Yeah, sounds good!
This sounds so interesting that it would be a shame if you didn't write it :P
Can't wait to see what you come up with! :D
love it update me
haha, sounds wow x)
soundz amazing...
I was scared no one would want to read it.
It was really random idea, I was just out shopping for Halloween decorations, and then it just came to me!
love to read it
It sounds interesting.Please keep me updated.It's a great idea.Anyway,I can't wait for the 1st chapter! :)
I just want to write a few chapters before I post!


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