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Unexpected Love
this story is about a girl who falls in love with a cullen that just joined the family. hope u like it =)

Preface: I’ve never given much thought to how my life would be until I found out what was coming for me. In my world there are a lot of things humans don’t know about but I know.
People grow old and die, but in some worlds it’s not like that. There are vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters and other creatures that humans believe that are myths and legends, and nothing but pure fantasy.
That is why there after me because I know everything, either I become one of them or I will be silenced forever.

what do u all think? should i continue it?


the rest of the story is in the comments below =)

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thank you everyone for commenting back and i will update very soon
Love iiiitttttt keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved it!!
Chapter 2

We walked in a slow human pace towards our plane. My sister and I got a seat near the window while Jane, Felix, and Demitri, sat in the back of us trying not to catch attention from others passing by.
“So why are the Volturi after you anyway they wouldn’t tell me a thing?” she whispers making sure nobody over hears.

“Do you remember Matt?” I whisper.

“Yes, why?” she says looking confused.

I remember him perfectly clear as if he were standing right in front of me. His green eyes with perfect brown hair, he knew me by our parents though we weren’t related just family friends.

“Um… well he was turned by a nomad vampire and he told me, but said not to tell anyone about it. So I kept it a secret for about a year, he started missing some days of school till his parents reported him missing to the cops. Of course I told no one where he was. That was when he started saying that werewolves exist, and he said he’d show me where they would hide and stay. The next night I snuck out of the house and he wasn’t careful enough that we were attacked, and I saw…” my voice lowered into silence.

“It’s okay you don’t have to say it.” She says hugging me.

“Then they turned and ran for the woods.” I whispered back.

I sighed, remembering every moment that night I will never forget how my friend died. I looked out the window knowing we were going to Italy, the pure white clouds moved around us as we flew.

“So, what’s your gift about?” I asked curiously.

“Well mine is a shield, that is why you couldn’t feel Janes gift in the car.” She said whispering quieter than before, so others won’t overhear our conversation.

“Mines-.” She interrupts me.

“I know its seeing the future.” She says, finishing my sentence.

“How did you -?” She interrupts me again.

“Jane told me when she came to the house.” She sighs.

I turn around towards them and in the space between the seats I say. “Way to go Jane ruins the thing that I was supposed to say.” I smile still looking at her.

“You know if it weren’t for your sister you’d be in a lot of pain right now.” She smiles back.

My sister hissed back but it was so low I barley heard it. Jane gave a low humph back then she says. “Ooh like that’s supposed to scare me, you’re lucky you have that gift then you would be next” She smiled. My sister smiled back taunting Jane.

I practically stayed up the whole night because I had slept earlier. But somewhere along that time I must have fallen asleep, because I was again woken up by my sister.

“Were here at Volterra wake-.” She says but I’m barely able to here the rest of the sentence when I have a vision of a vampire family with golden eyes. That was when I look at Desiree’s eyes and I notice there a bright gold.

“What was it?” she asks wanting to know what I’d seen.

“Your eyes.” I whisper. “There gold.”

“Yeah, I’ve been wearing contacts so you won’t know.” She says before I can say anything. “What did you see?” she asks.

“A family of vampires they have golden eyes like yours.” I say. I could tell Jane and the others were listening, but I ignored them they’d hear no matter how low my voice was.

I sigh, looking back at the vision.

“There were ten people, they all had golden eyes but one she had brown human eyes.” I said, still trying to find some trigger search in my vision. After finding nothing else, the vision still bothered me. Who were these vampires I’d never seen them before.

It was already nightfall when we arrived at the Volturi’s ‘castle’ as I put it in my mind. It was a dark night; it was very peaceful there were few people out. I could hear people talking somewhere nearby, but I couldn’t pinpoint where it was at. We went through the entrance and through a series of halls then to an elevator. It was silent the whole way toward the doors that led to the place I wished I’d never see.

“Don’t speak unless spoken to.” Jane tells me.

I nod to her.

“Good luck.” She says smiling to me and my sister.

The room was the biggest room I’d ever seen in my life by height and width, the floors was a glossy white tile there were three chairs set in the middle one more ahead in the room.

“Welcome back, Jane.” Aro says smiling to both of us.

I stop a feet away from Aro.
“Welcome, Nina I’ve been looking forward to meeting you” He says looking into my eyes. Aro’s eyes were bright red with a milky film over them, his skin was pale like any other vampire but it looked softer by looking at it. Aro was surrounded by a female vampire, Caius and Marcus.

“Hello, Aro.” I say. Desiree was a few steps further then me being protective, her eyes locked on Aro’s making sure he won’t do anything to me. Aro offered his hand to me holding it out, but Desiree wouldn’t let me she held me back in a protective posture.

“Desiree it’s alright, don’t worry.” I look at her with a glance that says ‘trust me’. I look at Aro and take out my hand and look into his red milky filmed eyes, his hands weren’t as soft as I thought they would be his hands were more rough than expected. They were also cold but I didn’t flinch at the feel of them.

That was when I heard him whisper ‘Cullen’ under his breath, and then the vision hit me I saw myself in the house full of vampires with gold eyes. Aro held his grip on my hand.

“Ah, you see the future such a rare gift to come across.” He sighs continuing his sentence in the same breath. “So what do we do with you now?” Aro says pulling his hand away from mine and folding them together.

Caius enters our conversation. “You already know what you’re going to do Aro, she’s a liability.” He says in a low voice.
“Yes, but Caius look at her gift it’s very rare the only one we know about is Alice from our knowledge.” He says still looking at me.

“What do you say Nina would you join us or I’ll give you another choice and that is choosing which coven you want to go to?” Aro looks at me questioning my gaze.

(hope you like it) =)

LOVE IT :)) i have a feeling nina is going to choose the cullens , i'm happy she saw them in the vision :) can't wait till ur next update :))



i will post soon im glad u liked it
luv iht :)

Chapter 2 (Continued)

I guess Aro was feeling a little generous today. “But of course one of those members is going to have to change you, and if they don’t the consequences won’t be well.” He says.

I considered what he had offered.

“What about my sister?” I ask.

“She must go with you.” He replied.

“Ok.” I agreed. I thought about what he had said about earlier something about the Cullen’s, who were they? They one thing different was their eyes they were gold like my sisters but I wondered why.

I looked at my sister; she had gold eyes for a reason. I turned to my sister, “Why do you have gold eyes?”

“I have gold eyes because I drink animal blood instead of human blood.” She said, not caring what others think.

I nodded. Now I understood why the Cullen’s eyes are gold.


"The Cullens, i'll go with them." I said.


sorry for the short update i will be out of town and wont be able to update... =(

i know its been years since ive updated this story but i re read it and hav decided to bring it back to life and write another chapter =)

Chapter 3

  Jane escorts us to the enterence of the castle. I walk out the 'Volturi's castle' with my sister at my side her cold arm brushes against mine as we walk. Jane smiles.

"The sun should be rising soon so leave as quickly as you can." she hands me an envolope, the paper was thick and had red wax with the symbol of the Volturi sealing it.

 she adds."for the Cullens it explains what Aro has negotiated with you and your sister. They probably already know you're on your way but this is just proof." Jane smiles and closes the door.

"Now what?" I say to my sister.

"Well we need money to fly us out of Italy and a car" she sighs.

she adds" mind telling me which car here is unlocked in advance so I wont have to go hot wire one."

I point to a silver car. Desiree laughs.


"Nothing,its just today has been a crazy day and thats because im a vamp and you can see the future" she laughs more but i keep thinking shes trying to hide something.


I know its short but ill be posting more later please comment =)

Love it


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