The Twilight Saga

Unexpected Love
this story is about a girl who falls in love with a cullen that just joined the family. hope u like it =)

Preface: I’ve never given much thought to how my life would be until I found out what was coming for me. In my world there are a lot of things humans don’t know about but I know.
People grow old and die, but in some worlds it’s not like that. There are vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters and other creatures that humans believe that are myths and legends, and nothing but pure fantasy.
That is why there after me because I know everything, either I become one of them or I will be silenced forever.

what do u all think? should i continue it?


the rest of the story is in the comments below =)

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Love it post soon plz love mizz.Tinker xoxo 1st 2 comment
Sounds really good...please continue:)
Sounds good, so you should post it.

thanks for the comments ill post soon


Sounds good, keep me updated please.
hey this is the first chapter hope u like it =)

Chapter 1
My life has never been normal; I know things people shouldn’t know about. I’ve lived in many places till I moved to Phoenix, Arizona. This is why I’m glad to have moved here because it’s hot and sunny everyday which is good for me because, vampires can’t be in the sun without looking different then other people.
“Nina hurry up and get to school you are going to be late!” my sister yelled across the hall.
I lived with my sister after my mom and dad died in a car crash; a drunk driver hit them on the side which killed them instantly. Both I and my sister Desiree Gilbert had lived together since she was now my legal guardian from now on.
“I’m going!” I yelled.

I hoped into my sisters, white 2002 two-door Chevy truck. I headed towards the high school in hurry but not passing the speed limit. It was at least one hundred degrees outside today, nothing but normal here in Phoenix. It was a sunny day so no vampire would come but any move in the shadows alerted me, it was me they wanted and I knew nothing would stop them.

As I parked in the school parking lot, I headed to my first class which was biology. The reason my life was never normal was because of my gift, that I can see the future. I see werewolves, I see vampires, and anything supernatural or normal is possible for me to see in my mind. Of course no one knows anything of it not even my sister because, that knowledge of her knowing would ruin her life and the Volturi would kill her no questions asked. That is why I persuaded my sister to move from Rio Grande Valley to the hot, sunny Phoenix.

Then the bell rings making me jump in my seat unexpectedly. I pick up my bag and put it over my shoulder as I get my books off the desk, my pen falls and a snowy white hand picks it up. I automatically look up to see two red bright eyes….

~so what do u all think??? hope u liked it~ sorry for it being so short ill write more i should update later this week
Loved it!!
Love it! Update ASAP!

hey this is a continuation of the first chapter

hope u lov it

It was Jane.
“I knew we would find you here the sunniest place” she smiled.
I looked around to see if any of the other students were still around, then that’s when the late bell rang and I noticed there were a few students remembering that this was a small class then the one before. They were just staring at Jane and me as we walked out; when she closed the door we headed towards the front of the building.

“With Demitri tracking you, you were very easy to track.” She raised her hood before we got to the doors, so she won’t attract attention. We walked to a black Mercedes Benz with dark tint you could make out that there were two other figures in the car. I walked towards it opening the door and seeing Desiree with wide frantic eyes.

What?! Why was Desiree here she knows nothing of this why would have they taken her.
“Why is my sister here? She knows nothing of this!” I yelled towards Jane noticing Demitri was also here as well as Felix, but once I yelled I regretted doing it in the first place. Jane inflicted pain towards me I didn’t yell but, I as soon as my sister touched my hand I felt nothing It felt as if Jane’s gift was stopped by something else. I looked at my sister shocked by what she’d done.

“What was that?” I looked at her
Jane turned around. “For someone who knows of vampires and everything you would expect for her to have figured it out by now, wouldn’t you think?” she laughed.

“Y-you’re a vampire?” I stuttered unable to say it.

“Yes.” She says totally at calm. I felt as if someone had sucked the air out of me I couldn’t breathe. I looked at her in disgust in why she didn’t tell me in the first place.

“I was the one to protect you!” I added in the same breath. “Not the other way around after mom and dad died I was the one to choose where we should g-!” I broke into tears not able to hold them back any longer. She tried to hug me but I pushed her away not wanting to see her, I ended up crying myself to sleep.
* * *
I feel someone shake me awake.
“What?” I mumble half asleep, I open my eyes to see my sister.
“Were at the airport.” She adds in the same breath. “Will you forgive me for not telling you what I was I thought I was protecting you, but when the Volturi came I thought I had done something wrong but it was you.”
“Yes I’ll forgive you.” I said smiling at her.

what do u think?? do u like it, love it, or hate it???
LOVE IT !!! PLZZZ keep me updated :))))
Love it
Love it! I like this side of Jane! It makes her nice. Update soon!


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