The Twilight Saga

This fan fic is about a different Bella and our same old Edward but Bella's life holds more secret than she can imagine and even more than Edward's. She'll have to learn that she has no choice but what happens when her only choice forces her to give her back to the people that had always been there for her? Will she do it? Or she'll pretend like if nothing happened and go back to her previous life?


I’d thought I wouldn’t have to see him ever again. I had ran away from this place months ago, but it seems like its been years. Suddenly I don’t understand anything, I feel out of place. Wonder why . . .?
Oh, yeah! That’s right. It’s because apparently nobody here is entirely human.
Here am I, stuck as always. But this time is different. Because on one side I’d have to leave everything and on the other I’ll keep everything, but I’ll never be able to see things like I saw them before, not after what I’ve seen. A darker side of the world and I’ve found Edward. No matter what I won’t ever ever forget him.









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Guys I had forgotten about the outfit here it is


Bella's Outfit: (

Hey, new reader!! I love itt!!!! Post more soon!! pleasee!! keep me updated please!!




I'm really glad you like it!!!!!!!!

love it!!!!!!!!!
i love it... please update soon!!!
I'm really glad you like it! I'm posting more now.

Chapter 7

Bella POV


I was sitting in the living room—my living room—trying hard to watch TV but failing miserably. It’s not that I regret leaving La Push, no, in fact I like being alone. Not having to fake smiles, to try and make conversation, it just wasn’t my thing despite how much I love Rachel and Rebecca. There was always some point in which I gave up on trying to keep up with their conversation. They were always desperate when silence came, and we all knew why they were like this.


They had lost their mom in a car accident when a couple of years ago. I think it was just like 1 and a half year after I lost mine. Jake had been 8, Rebecca 12 and Rachel 14. We had ended up making each other feel better and that’s how we ended being friends and the Charlie thing just brought us closer. And though we were all really good friends there are stuff that I couldn’t bring myself to say out loud plus I didn’t even like thinking about it. Ugh! I ramble too much!


Gong back to why Rachel and Rebecca are always so chirpy is because they say that their mom wanted them to be happy and they experience happiness a lot! I must say that sometimes I feel jealous of them. If I could bring myself to be as happy as they are I wouldn’t wish for more. But I guess happiness wasn’t meant for everyone. Look at Rebecca she found her true love, her soul mate at the age of 18 and now is getting married and going to live to Hawaii.


I was tired so I decided to change into my pyjamas. A grey ¾ sleeved shirt, pink checked pants and a pair of dark grey slippers. Ugh! Rachel and Rebecca had to be sisters, only by blood you could inherit that insane love for all stuff pink. I was glad that the bridesmaids dresses weren’t pink, if they were I would so die. Ok, maybe that was a little too dramatic but I’m not a fan of color pink. [A/N: I mean no offence to girls who like things pink or that pink is their favorite color but it’s an idea a mate gave me. personally I like pink but it’s not my favorite color. Mine are red, purple and black. I know what you’re thinking that girl is emo (no offense to emos) but I’m not, I’m just like that.] I also pulled my hair into a small ponytail and stayed in my room.




I ended up staring at the light blue painted walls of my room. It had a greenish tint to it so it didn’t look that much like the room of a baby boy. I became completely overwhelmed by being in this room. I used to be here all the time, but since Charlie disappeared I barely even came to this house at all.


I felt so guilty about spending more time in my room than with Charlie before he left or disappeared or whatever happened to make him get away from me.


Have you ever felt like your being watched? I always have. But right now it’s creepy like if the person watching me is obsessed with me, like a stalker or something. That made me put dark curtains on my window. I closed with double lock all doors and windows in the house. Ok I was getting a little paranoid but living alone and feeling watched can make anyone go crazy.


I tried to distract myself by thinking about something that was happening in only a week. Rebecca’s wedding. I can believe my almost sister was getting married in a week and to believe she only 2 years older than me! I’m so happy for her. She and Will are perfect for each other. The way he looks at her, as if she were the only girl in the world. And I believed that for Will, Rebecca was the only girl in his world.


Sometimes I couldn’t stand the all lovely-dovey eyes they made to each other and left the room. Rebecca used to think I didn’t approve Will, the thing was I did approve him. But I was jealous of them, I had always wished for someone to look at me that way. But no one ever did, ‘cause I’m not special, I’m not pretty, I’m not smart. I’m just a brown hair, pale and brown eyed ordinary girl.


That’s when I knew why no one will look at me that way. Because I feared any kind of thing that would make me repeat Charlie and Renee’s steps. And if I fall in love it would just be like that.


And those were mistakes I so did not want to make.


Plus I already got my life planned. I would finish high school and while I’m at it I will figure out the mystery my parents left for me to solve. At least I got something to do I thought sarcastically. I think the only think I missed form La Push was Jake. He always knew hot to take my mind off things and make me just enjoy whatever we were doing.


I gave up on it and went to sleep.



I really hope YOU like it and sorry for keeping you waiting so long.

love it
I love it... please updates soon.....

Hi Gigi I just read your story from the beginning to here. I really like the plot line off this story! I find myself wondering if Renee was the stalker presence Bella felt or was it Edward or maybe even Alice? And Charlie is he with Renee and does Billy know the truth about Renee and Charlie's disappearances? So many questions I can't wait to read more, no pressure but post when you can.!! Hope your not still grounded.



ahh i love it plz plz plz update as soon as u can


Ok, so I feel terribly sorry for not updating soon enough, I don't have an excuse this time, except that life is complicated. :(

Anyway that doesn't matter, but please read this, hey I need a banner and I can't do them so if you could please do one for me I'll be grateful!!!!


Chapter 8
Unexpected Meeting with Mystery Driver Part 1

    I woke up really late, it was almost 3 in the afternoon and even though I felt like if I hadn’t slept at all. Maybe it was homesickness, maybe it was that I would catch a cold, maybe……… ugh I don’t know but the point is that never in my life I had slept in that late. Before giving myself a headache I decide to eat something. I chose a pop tart even though it was afternoon I didn’t feel like cooking real food.

    After eating my pop tart and cleaning the house a little I went to take a shower. I took a long, hot shower to relieve my nerves and to relax myself. After the shower I planned to change into a white t-shirt, some sweats and some black and comfy flips-flops. But instead I found tons of clothes I would have never bought. Note to self: Never let Rebecca or Rachel go shopping for me again. After going over all my clothes I chose a checked floral 2 in 1 shirt, some gray jeggins and a pair of gray uggs.


     I took a book from my bookshelf and slowly descended the stairs. It was immensely weird for me and also difficult to explain how difficult it was for me to live in this house and especially alone. Trying to wrap my head around those facts was difficult and a little painful considering all the memories this house held. No, don’t get me wrong I don’t regret it but I admit it will definitely take me a while to get used to it.

    I sat on the couch and began reading. Wuthering Heights is a great book. Before I realize I started reading out loud, well not exactly loud but more like reading to myself. Before I had read even 5 pages I knew I couldn’t read in this position so I got up from the couch, went in my room, grabbed a the first hoodie I found, just my luck it was purple. It’s not that I don’t like it but I’m more into neutral colors, purple and pink things are so not my thing. (A/N: No offence to girls who do like that). Also I took out my IPod nano from my bedside table. Before leaving the room I attached my IPod on my bra strap and put the earplugs in my ears, I put on the hoodie and walked out the front door.

    I started walking and reading a habit I had since I learnt to read. I mean it’s an easier way to concentrate more in the book than in your surroundings, at least in my opinion, Jake would always say that someday I’ll get hit by car or run into a wall, or something along those things and maybe just maybe it would happen now. Because you know how much danger can you find in a beach besides waves, that I can name: none. But compared to the danger of a city, well Forks isn’t that much different, if you take out the beaches and change them for paved roads. Ok, that’s’ not true I’m just babbling too much but I think you get my point.

    With all my concentration on the book and not my surrounding I decided I’ll just walk in a straight line so when I want to get back I’ll just turn around. I started reading out loud:

“It is strange,’ I began, in the interval of swallowing one cup of tea and receiving another ‘it is strange how custom can mould our tastes and ideas: many could not imagine the existence of happiness in a life of such complete exile from the world as you spend, Mr. Heathcliff; yet, I’ll venture to say, that, surrounded by your family, and with your amiable lady as the presiding genius over your home and heart ‘
‘My amiable lady!’ he interrupted, with an almost diabolical sneer on his face. ‘Where is she my amiable lady?’
‘Mrs. Heathcliff, your wife, I mean.’
‘Well, yes oh, you would intimate that her spirit has taken the post of ministering angel, and guards the fortunes of Wuthering Heights, even when her body is gone. Is that it?’”

    I don’t know when I left the civilization and ended in the middle of the woods. I wasn’t at all scared of the woods, I left my fears in my childhood, Rebecca likes to say I’m really weird but I’d like to believe I’m just different. I found a tree that had fallen and decide it would help me read since my surrounding were so calm. I took of my hoodie and placed it over the tree and sat on it.

“WHILE leading the way upstairs, she recommended that I should hide the candle, and not make a noise; for her master had an odd notion about the chamber she would put me in, and never let anybody lodge there willingly. I asked the reason. She did not know, she answered: she had only lived there a year or two; and they had so many queer goings on, she could not begin to be curious.”

    When I reached chapter four I noticed the sky was getting darker and that if I didn’t get out of the woods soon, I wouldn’t be able to find my way back. I closed my book and got up from the fallen tree. In between reading and zoning out I barely registered the soft music that came from my earplugs, I recognized the song immediately ‘River Flows in You’ by Yiruma. I continued walking while enjoying the song. After about 20 minutes I noticed that I hadn’t walked in the straight line I believed I did. I let out a long and heavy sigh, only I could be that stupid to walk around not paying attention to my surroundings in a town I had moved to barely more than 24 hours ago. I smacked my head with the hand that wasn’t holding my book.

    “Save me Catherine,” I muttered.

    ‘It was.’
    ‘And who is that Earnshaw: Hareton Earnshaw, who lives with Mr. Heathcliff? Are they relations?’
    ‘No; he is the late Mrs. Linton’s nephew.’
    ‘The young lady’s cousin, then?’
    ‘Yes; and her husband was her cousin also: one on the mother’s, the other on the father’s side: Heathcliff married Mr. Linton’s sister.’

    “Are you lost?” I heard someone say, I almost didn’t catch it because the music didn’t let me hear much. I took out the earplugs and turned around.

    “Um……… did you say something?” I asked shyly.

    “Yes. I asked you I you were lost.” He stated in a sweet velvety voice. It was a boy with pale and perfect features, deep golden eyes and bronze hair. He was tall, maybe a little over 6 feet, really tall compared to my 5 feet 4 inches.

    “Yeah, I am,” I admitted.

    “You wouldn’t be lost I you didn’t walk and read at the same time,” he added swiftly and I noted the hint of curiosity behind his voice.

    “I know I thought I had walked in a straight line, but I guess I was too absorbed reading to notice that I didn’t,” I answered truthfully.

    “That’s what I thought, so maybe I could help you find your way back, it’s getting dark and though this is a peaceful town, it’s not safe to wander too close to the woods.” He said nonchalantly as if talking about the weather.

    “No, thanks, I don’t think it is that hard but thank you anyway,” I answered while rejecting his offer; I wasn’t looking forward to being the town’s damsel in distress.

    “Not talking to strangers rule?” he said raising an eyebrow in a teasing way. Maybe any other person would have laughed but his teasing had hit a nerve because even if I avoided thinking about my mom that comment made my thoughts revolve around her. For once when I thought about my mom my eyes didn’t fill with tears but I wasn’t gonna risk it. Being near this boy, guy, man, or whatever he is, made me feel safe and that was something that more than relieving was perturbing. For (insert swear word) sake! I don’t even know his name!!!!

    “Not exactly,” I mumbled and I hoped he’d just leave but instead

    “Then? What’s wrong?” he asked and his voice filled with concern, his hand reached to touch my arm and even through my shirt his touch sent tingles through my body. But stranger than that was the way in which the moment he touched my arm a memory came back, the one of my dream, my dream about that pretty little girl and the sweet velvety voice. God! Now I’m going crazy!

    Before I had the chance to answer a wind blew rapidly around us, it sent a chill of fear through my spine and I saw the guy tense.

    A few raindrops started to fall and the air was getting colder by the minute but none of us could move. Panic started to grow within me and my breath became shallow and fast. That seemed to bring out mystery man out of his trance.

    “Are you alright?” he asked and I saw in his beautiful golden eyes fear, panic and something else I can’t name.

    I couldn’t answer so I just shook my head. Ok, maybe I didn’t leave all my fears in my childhood, but definitely a sudden rain was never one of my favorites events.

    “Come on, let’s take you home,” he said, and I think I heard him mutter, “and fast.” Before I had the chance to make sense of his words he was already dragging me to a car. He opened the door and helped me in. I was still in shock, just once I had been outside in a storm and it wasn’t a pleasant memory. Thunder crashed in the sky and I flinched.

    Even through my shock I heard mystery man talking, “no, no, tell him to forget it! Rose please don’t get difficult, yes, no, I need to talk to Carlisle! Carlisle, in shock, thunderstorm I guess, no, what? I can’t! It’s not safe! Alice knows! Bye!” and he hung up right before everything went black.


So I hoped you like it, please comment and if anyone wants to make a banner for me I would be grateful!


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