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This fan fic is about a different Bella and our same old Edward but Bella's life holds more secret than she can imagine and even more than Edward's. She'll have to learn that she has no choice but what happens when her only choice forces her to give her back to the people that had always been there for her? Will she do it? Or she'll pretend like if nothing happened and go back to her previous life?


I’d thought I wouldn’t have to see him ever again. I had ran away from this place months ago, but it seems like its been years. Suddenly I don’t understand anything, I feel out of place. Wonder why . . .?
Oh, yeah! That’s right. It’s because apparently nobody here is entirely human.
Here am I, stuck as always. But this time is different. Because on one side I’d have to leave everything and on the other I’ll keep everything, but I’ll never be able to see things like I saw them before, not after what I’ve seen. A darker side of the world and I’ve found Edward. No matter what I won’t ever ever forget him.









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Hi Gigi wow what a great chapter!! And Bella's in shock just wait till the Cullen's come to the rescue LOL> I loved it and finally Bella meets Edward the man behind the velvet soft voice of her dreams!! Oh I can't wait to see what happens next. Please post more sooooon!



ohh lala
hey sooo cool n sweet!!!!!!!!!!

love edwards entrance!!!!!!!

lol please continue!!! :D

So this is late and I had the chapter written a long time ago but i just couldn't find the time to upload because lately I have been my brother's personal slave because he went through a surgery in his eyes and obviously he can't use the computer, so I have to be there when he has to do some works he's got to hand in at college.



Chapter 8 - BPOV
    Unexpected Meeting with Mystery Driver Part 2

    “Alice?” I heard someone say.

    “Waiting wouldn’t kill you, you know?” another voice answered.

    “Alice, I’m worried!” the first voice almost whined.

    “You are managing to be more annoying than Jessica Stanley, you recognize that Edward? I told you she’ll be fine!” the second voice3 said annoyance obvious in her tone.
    So I guessed her name was Alice, wait! Alice……… Cullen, maybe, and the second was a male voice named Edward and it was almost the same as the mystery man I met today. Oh God! Wait! What happened!? Where am I?! I tried hard to think and last thing I remembered was being outside with a stranger whose name I didn’t know and a gush of cold air and then a sudden thunderstorm, me being in a car, mystery man talking on the phone and then everything going black. Oh no! this is bad. My breath started coming out short and fast, my heartbeat increasing rapidly.

    “Carlisle!” Edward called.

    “What’s wrong?!” another male voice asked.

    “I don’t know, her heartbeat just started increasing out of nothing so did her breath,” Edward explained.

    “I think she’s having another panic attack,” the new unknown male voice stated.

    “Why though?” Alice asked.

    “Shouldn’t you know?” Edward said harshly.

    “I told you I CAN’T SEE HER! Not clearly at least,” Alice said her voice rising but calm on the last part, almost like muttering.

    I heard someone sigh and slowly I was able to open my eyes. The first thing I saw was the slightly concerned face with golden eyes, blonde hair and pale complexion. I closed my eyes abruptly as the light was too bright for my eyes and second because of the piercing headache I was getting.

    “Are you alright?” Edward asked concerned.

    “Headache,” I managed to mutter after a few moments or minutes, but I sincerely couldn’t tell my head hurt too much to be able to really think about it. Ok maybe headache was the wrong word, migraine would definitely define better the pain I was feeling.

    “Are you sure? I’d think its worst than just a headache,” the blonde man said.

    “Ok, maybe that was the wrong word, I suffer from migraine, I just haven’t had one in months,” I whispered but even with my voice so low the pain just got worse.

    “Oh ok,” someone said.

Seconds after I felt a soft hand touch my forehead. Its temperature was cold, almost like ice, but weirder than that was the sparks it sent through my body. Oh great now I’m going crazy. I took some calming breaths and slowly but constantly the migraine started to fade. I relaxed and soon I fell asleep.

    By when I woke up my head didn’t hurt anymore and I actually felt fine, unlike most times when I get rid of a migraine I usually felt like if the energy had been drained out of me. I took in a deep breath before opening my eyes, I willed myself not to panic again, I knew Alice and she seem like a nice person, a little weird but nice, and well………… I didn’t have reason enough to be calm but still I didn’t have a good reason to freak out, just not yet. Weird the workings of my mind you may think? Yes, I know.

    Again the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a pair of concerned golden eyes. But the face wasn’t the same it was mystery man, whom I still didn’t know name of. He smiled and I couldn’t help but smile back, we stayed there staring at each other for who knows how long and smiling for no apparent reason I have to add. Suddenly a door opened and closed so quickly you wouldn’t have thought someone actually entered the room but it actually did. And it was a cheerful Alice. Edward suddenly frowned and muttered something that sounded like ‘exposing us already Alice?’

    “Hey Bella, who do you feel?” she answered but her face told me that she might already know, how? Don’t ask because I don’t know either.
    “I feel fine actually, weirdly enough I’m fine, but what happened to me?” I said.

    Mystery guy’s frown softens visibly as I explain I’m fine. Its now my turn to frown. Does he care about me? Nah, I’m just dreaming, I guess. I look at him from the corner of my eye and see what I couldn’t see before because I was too worried: pure beauty, inhuman beauty. His deep golden colored eyes, his flawless pale and soft looking skin, his small, pink, and highly tempting lips. He was handsome, the living image of a Greek God and definitely the reincarnation of Adonis.
    “Hi I’m Edward,” Mr. Greek God said.

    “Bella,” I told him shortly, I was too busy thinking how perfectly his name fitted him. Edward I thought dreamily, handsome, mysterious Edward. Alice’s cough brought me back to reality and my cheeks burned in embarrassment, because I had spaced out with my eyes still locked with Edward’s.

    “Sorry,” I muttered but it was so low I thought she didn’t hear me; at least that’s what I thought.

    “It’s fine, my brother can really help himself, right Edward,” Alice said.

    Me, after some seconds of shock, ended up choking on my own saliva because I was containing my laughter.

    “Oh great, just what I needed, her to find Alice’s antics amusing, kill me now,” Edward muttered pretty low but I somehow managed to hear, though I knew I wasn’t really supposed to.

    “Oh well, to make a long story short, you were lost, Edward found you, then a sudden thunderstorm started, you pretty much had a panic attack, or that’s what I can decipher from Edward’s crappy explanations, you woke up, with a killer headache-” Alice said quickly—and a normal person wouldn’t have understood but that’s the way everyone at La Push would speak so you learn to understand it—but I cut her before her talking would give me another headache.

    “It’s ok Alice, that I remember.” I told her with a smile. She tried to look angry with me but failed.

    “Ok but would you enlighten me why did you, quote Edward words not mine ‘went as still as steel as soon as the first thunder was heard’ unquote?”

    Oh god, I wasn’t sure if I could really answer truthfully her question without breaking down, so I told her something that was close enough to the truth.

    “I guess I just never really grew out of that fear,” I said casually with a shrug but deep inside me I was simple inches from a complete melt down and I didn’t want anybody to see me like that, ever again.

    Alice smiled but I could somehow tell it was forced but I let it go, I wasn’t ready for this, I wasn’t used to meeting new people, how the hell I go myself in this mess? I just don’t know anymore.

    “So I guess you would like to go home, right?” Edward asked me and I forced myself not to look in his eyes again, because I knew I’d just make a fool of myself.

    “Yeah, I should,” I said with a slight smile. Now officially was screwed, smiling just over hearing his voice? Get a grip Isabella!!!!! I screamed at myself.

    “I’ll take you, if you don’t mind, Alice isn’t feeling well enough to drive, right Alice?” Edward said and I lost myself in the sound of his voice, it was like a soft piano tune. Wait! How did he know Alice isn’t feeling well? I frowned but didn’t mention anything.

    I saw Alice stare at Edward but her eyes were not exactly focused on him. After coming back to reality Alice gave him a brief nod –that I almost didn’t catch—and walked out of the room, of course not before saying ‘goodbye’.

    Soon enough I sat in the passenger sit of the silver Volvo Alice had been picked up from my house just yesterday. It was indeed dark, I must guess late night and as I took in the surroundings of the Cullen –that looked more like a mansion—I was afraid, it was pretty deep in the woods and I was about to sit for god knows how long with a person I barely just met, but as strange as it might sound I was afraid of Edward. I was afraid because I still had the same feeling of being watched, even here, even if I didn’t exactly know where ‘here’ was.


    Edward drove easily out of the deep woods, and soon enough you could see Forks’ road. The instant the car touched the paved road I relaxed, no one could follows us that fast on foot, right? I held in a sigh and continued to watch trees flew past us, or maybe it was the car who was flying, honestly I couldn’t bring myself to actually notice, I was just trying hard not to stare at the Greek God beside me. Before I noticed the car halted to a stop in front of my house.

    “Here we are,” Edward spoke and his voice sounded like velvet. I snapped back into reality and unexpectedly my lips curved into a smile.

    “Thanks,” I said. Edward gave a nod and another breathtaking smile.

    I got out of the car and walked to my front door as slowly as possible, but the thing was that I didn’t want to leave his presence. Edward gave me the safety feeling I had been looking since Charlie disappeared.

    “See you around?” I asked as I gave my back to the door. He still hadn’t left, as if waiting for me to enter my house before he did.

    “Sure,” was his answer.

    “How did you know your way here?” I asked him. It had not occurred to me until now that he didn’t ask for directions on my way home.

    “I came to pick Alice up yesterday.” He told me smiling. Hmm he likes me or just likes to smile a lot.

    “Oh, well see you soon then.” I told him, before opening the door, stepping in the house and giving him a wave before closing my front door.

    So, mystery driver and mystery man were the same person, Edward.

    That night I went to sleep thinking of handsome and mysterious Edward.


Hope you like it!, Please comment

HEy i love it!!


So cool and awesome!!


Cant wait for more!!...........Keep up the great writing!!!!!!!


Wow Edward is so sweet "sighs" I wonder what he was thinking!! I can't wait to see what happens next! Post  more when you can!!




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