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After Edward Left Bella she was broken and hurt, so she went to the Volturi and Asked Aro to change her. Aro thought about it long and hard and turned her accepteing her like a daughter, only later Demetri and Alec both fall for her, Bella both falls for them making Jane jealous as Jane falls for Alec and Jane is also mad as she loves Alec even though he's her brother.  Jane also gets jealous as Heide and Bella get along the best from the girls in the coven.

What will happen?


Based on this song:

Note~I know Jane and Alec are related, I made this plot that way so it would be more fun so I would appreciate if you would not judge or say rude comments about the plot, its my story and I have a right to make it how I want, thank you for understanding




Preface: Bella's Pov:

I looked at me self in the mirror, I was not the same person I used to be anymore, I brushed my long dark hair away from my pale cold face and smirked at my self in the mirror, I was not Bella Swan anymore, the clusmy human. I was Bella part of the Volturi, a Vampire, red flaming eyes and powerful. Part of a powerful ancient family that took me in when no one else would, Aro regarded me as a daughter.

"Bella, come on lets go and hunt" I heard Heidi calling me from outside my room

I smashed the mirror angry as Edward came into my mind again, the mirror shattered into a million peaces just like he shattered my heart when he left me. I called back to her "I am coming" I said pulling my hood up and walked out of the room joining her outside.

We broke into a ran beside each other and ran outside into the darkness of the Volturi streets to hunt for a midnight snack. I saw a little kid and smirked, I walked over to the kid like a human would do and kneeled by her "Are you lost my dear?" I asked faking the nice voice

The little kid was shaking in tears "I lost my mo...." I did not let the kid finish as I shoved the kid against the wall sinking my fangs into its neck drinking its rich creamy wonderfull blood, showing my true ruthless and fierce self. My red eyes glimmered with revenge and hate.




Chapter 1: Choice

Chapter 2: Thirsty New Born

Chapter 3 Part 1-Suprise Visit



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Love it post more soon please and keep me updated!!

Chapter 3 Part 1-Suprise Visit

Bella's Pov:

After Me and Heidi finished hunting we swiftly walked back inside, the wind blew in my long dark hair and into my face, and we walked into the throne room. As I walked in after her I was very aware of Alec's piercing eyes on me and Jane's jealous stare. I could tell she wished she could hurt me using her powers but that was not going to happen.

Alec walked over to me and he smiled "You look beautiful Bella" he said and took my hand in his kissing the top of it

Jane snarled "Why don't you just marry her" she said, her voice filled with disgust and hate as she spat at the floor and then walked past me nudging against my shoulder as hard as she could.

I looked at Alec and pulled my hand back "Umm thanks" I said and put my hands behind my back and looked at Aro, the look in my eyes was a questioning one.

Aro walked over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder "Don't worry about her my child, she's just jealous, it will soon pass" He said

Demetri nodded "Yes, Master is right Bella" He said as he looked deep into my eyes, there was kindness in his red piercing eyes, something that made me feel warm and safe.

"I guess so" I said as I leaned back against the wall and ran my hand in my hair

"How did Hunting go?" Alec asked as he looked at me and Heide

Heide smiled "It went perfectly well, I never seen such skill from any new born like Bella, it's like she has been doing it for years" She said, making me feel slightly emmbarased.

"Wow" Alec and Demetri breathed out.

I smiled at them and in that same instant, I smelled two people walking into the throne room, their smells both tantalasing and so fimilar, I knew it was then. Both of the smells filled my nostrils and made me wrinkle my nose at one of them dog wet smell. I looked at the door and they walked in, I saw the tall dark one first and breathed out "Jake" My voice cold and filled with Hate. I then saw him behind.............................Edward

OMG!!! They're both there!!! Wow!!! Can't wait for more!!!!

yeah Jake and Ed turned up.

great story!  wow, I can't wait for your next update!  please post more again soon....

Aww thanks, I will keep you updated when I post the next part to chapter 3 

Love it post more soon please

oh love it.cant wait to see how everthing goes with Bella Edward and Jake

i just found this story and I really like it  please continue and update soon!



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