The Twilight Saga

Hey i've writen my first fanfic called: Unforgettable Love(Embry's Imprint)
It's about Embry's imprint and how they both try to be together even with all the bad things happening to them

OH! and his imprint isn't human!

I can't post my chapters here because it's mostly for 17 and up but if you still want to read it Join my site =) The link for the chapter are there. Leave a coment there if you want of here to!

Chapter 1-8 click here

Chapter 9-13 click here

Chapter 14-17 click here

Chapter 18-20 click here

Chapter 21-22 click here

Chapter 23 part I and II click here

Chapter 24 click here


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the 1 of the best imprint stories eva.....!!!!!!! fave 1s are this and i found her. about seths imprint.plz write more.i cant beleive shes blaming him its half her fault to.WRITE ,MORE PLZZZZZ
Im really enjoying your story. Can you message me when you update??
i really like ur story i dont understand y she going to die its jut a baby right?
Great chapter!!
What could have possessed her so that she blamed Embry for everything?? How would he make her die??
lol i;m glad you like my story....ill try to update soon,
i went bac on ur site to see if u wrote more but it doesnt go up to anything past wen it show 2 hikers found dead
the chapter were moved to
I changed most of it because i was going to add Seth's info of the story since I'm about to write his POV.
OMG thank u ive been dieing to read the rest of it and i love the characters calista is a beautiful name to


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