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A story about Jake and Alice!!! Will they ever be together? Can they reveal their secret to anyone? What will Jasper and Renesmee think about this? By Renesmee Cullen. If you want me to UPDATE you then ADD ME AS A FRIEND!!! BANNERS NEEDED!


APOV~Chapter one

   Staying home alone as usual while everyone goes out hunting. Except Jake, he was digging in the fridge behind me. "You know, Nessie doesnt like fat boys." I said while giggling. Me and Jake have become good friends, I even got usedto the wolf smell. It actually smells pretty good to me now. "You little-" He was about to scoop me up and throw me on the couch like usually when I make a mean comment about him but this time something clicked, his big warm hands fit perfectly around my tiny waist. He pulled me close to him. Our eyes meeting and lips almost touching. Then they did, my lips were moving in weird way. Me and Jacob were like puzzle pieces, we fit together like mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, the color in the crayon. I loved Jacob as much as I loved Jasper. Loved, Jasper, Jacob. Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. Oh no Jasper. I loved him he was my life, existence, soul but Jacob is that now. I'm in love with him and he is in love with me. I'm sorry Jasper, Renesemee..........



    I did it. I kissed her, Alice Cullen. The most beautiful girl in the world, of course my imprint was on my mind. This never ever happened before, I am not in love with my imprint. I am love with this stupid stinking vampire. That beautiful stupid stinking vampire. Oh Alice, I love you. I was kissing her so passionatly, when I felt the back of her neck she shivered. Not in the cold way, I'm the warmest person she knows. But in the "Ohh pleasure, pull me tighter, hold me closer. I love you" way. I picked her up while our lips were still connected and walked to the closest room with a bed. This girl is so tiny, I was afraid to hurt her. "Dont be afraid" She whispered while unbuttoning my shirt. I took her pants off and threw it across the room. When I pulled back all our clothes were on the floor. I looked over at the clock, its been sixteen hours. "Oh Jacob" Alice said as she pulled me back to her.



     Oh the muscles, I said as I ran my hand down his chest. I spread my legs and it felt as we were one person. Then I pulled back, I never have been so exhasted. When Jacob tried to come back to me I pushed him pack down. "Sleep, I know your tired." He put his hands on my face and said, "Rest my Angel" and he fell asleep.


APOV~Chapter 2

        "Are you ready?" I asked Jacob. "Yes" "We have to leave before-" "Before what?" A familiar voice called from behind us. "Jasper!" I screamed. "Where are you going?" Jasper asked. "Shopping!" I cried. He grimced and walked back to the house. Jacob and me both kissed eachother passionately then we split. We were going to meet in Vegas where we would elope and then start a new life together.

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luv it

But I loooooooooovvvee it any way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz
Add more stuff about Alice and Jacob!!! Jacob should purpose to Alice... then they could marry each other and have kids!!!!
they did and vampires cant have kids
I loved it! Keep going!









I was walking in the halls alone, I didnt want to go to school. Suddenly I was shoved against the lockers, "I cant live without you" Someone said. He started kissing me, I kissed back. I didnt know who this was, I wrapped my arms around him.
"Meet me at 4:30 at the lake" He said in a rush. Then he left, I could find him. I looked around, who was he? I'll risk it and meet him there.

I hate to admit but I'm not happy with Jake anymore. We never see each other and he never talks to me, I miss Jasper. I turned around. There he was.
"you need to come back" Edward said. I shook my head.
"How did you find me?" Edward smiled.
"your scent" I glared at him.
"I'm perfectly fine." I snapped,
"Jasper misses you. He's trying to escape to the Volturi but he never leaves our sight." I shivered at the thought of Jasper dying.
"Even you miss him! Face it Alice, you and him belong together and Jacob and Renesmee do too" I hissed.
"You wanna know why the only reason you love Bella?" He glared at me.
"Shut up Alice."
"You've know all along! You were going to marry and be with Tanya for 'eternity' but you saw Bella and couldnt read her mind! Thats the only reason, Edward! You always lie to Bella! When your out hunting, your out hunting with Tanya! I see it Edward, I see it" I screamed. He winced.
"Fine Alice. Screw your life. I dont care anymore." He walked out the door. I knew everyone would try, except Bella.

"Jacob?" He walked towards me.
"I cant live without you Renesmee. Your my imprint and I love you" I smiled.
"I've been waiting so long to hear those words" He looked down.
"I'm sorry your pregnat." My stomach was the size of a blimp.
"Dont be. I'm going to name him EJ. Like my mom" He smiled and kissed me.
"I'm sure they are going to be part werewolf." I said. I know they will be. I felt a tremble in my stomach, then I puked again. This time blood.
"Renesmee!!!" Jacob yelled.
"Get Cullens" I managed to get out.
"GO!!" I screamed.

~One minute later~

I was still in pain, I saw Alice and all my family. Even Jacob, I missed them all. I screamed as loud as I could. I just want to die, die, die, die, die, die...............

I saw Carlisle take out the baby. It was a beautiful baby girl, I gave her to Edward and Bella. Then another popped out! A baby boy, I gave him to Alice.....and Jasper. Looks like they made up, then ANOTHER ONE!!! It was another boy! I gave him to Esme. What the hell? Another one? Is she going to be the new octo-mom? It was a girl, I held her. She was perfect, now it was over. Four kids and one day. Renesmee was bleeding out, we had to do something! Edward ran and sealed her up. I couldnt look, so I didnt really know what was happening. But this little baby girl in my hands was so beautiful, I pressed my lips against her head. She was so sweet smelling. "I love you" I told her. Renesmee and I had four kids to take care of. This first week is going to be hell week..........
Love it Keep Writing PLEASE!
why did u stop writing this is really good!
omg p-plz update me


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