The Twilight Saga



I slowly stalked toward my prey. The animal within me was in control. But I was still in my human form. Still, it was like I was a panther approaching my prey.


The made vampire turned suddenly and caught sight of me. But it was too late for him to run. I pounced on him with the grace of a jungle cat and pinned him to the ground. He looked up at me with wild, scared eyes as I positioned the wooden stake over his heart.


He was just a kid. One of the younger ones I had seen. He probably hadn't even realized what he had been doing. But still, I had my orders.


" I'm sorry," I whispered. Then I plunged the stake into his heart.


I got up and lit his body on fire so that there would be no evidence. Then I pulled out my cell phone and Hunter on my speed dial.


" How did it go, Tigris?" Hunter Redfern asked.


" Target has been terminated," I stated flatly.


" Good," he said happily. " Now, come back home. And no detours."


" Yes, sir," I said before hanging up.


I gazed at the young boy's ashes for a minute. Then I shifted into a panther and started running back home.



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I like it you should keep writing
awesome nina!
you should continue, this is awsome
I lurve it, Nina! :D Keep writing it, and I promise I'll read it! :D
I like it
looooovvvveeeee itttt
Aw, poor Tigris! :( Makes you feel so sad for her!!! Lurve it!!!!!
this is good keep going and the night world saga is the bomb
poor Tigris
hey, i read the 3rd ook jest a few daays ago!! So it the first 2 books good? the libary only have the 3rd one....soooo bad, i really want to read them all. Huntress was the best! Any way, the chapter is amazing. UPDATE SOON OR ELSE...
ooooooooh i wonder wats gonna happen next
amazing as usual!


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