The Twilight Saga



I slowly stalked toward my prey. The animal within me was in control. But I was still in my human form. Still, it was like I was a panther approaching my prey.


The made vampire turned suddenly and caught sight of me. But it was too late for him to run. I pounced on him with the grace of a jungle cat and pinned him to the ground. He looked up at me with wild, scared eyes as I positioned the wooden stake over his heart.


He was just a kid. One of the younger ones I had seen. He probably hadn't even realized what he had been doing. But still, I had my orders.


" I'm sorry," I whispered. Then I plunged the stake into his heart.


I got up and lit his body on fire so that there would be no evidence. Then I pulled out my cell phone and Hunter on my speed dial.


" How did it go, Tigris?" Hunter Redfern asked.


" Target has been terminated," I stated flatly.


" Good," he said happily. " Now, come back home. And no detours."


" Yes, sir," I said before hanging up.


I gazed at the young boy's ashes for a minute. Then I shifted into a panther and started running back home.



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Oh my gosh... I wonder what that was about great job!!
Well, I haven't read the Night World series but after reading this I sure as heck am going to do everything in my power to make sure that's changed! :)

Rite moor sune!
Update, Miss Nina!!! :D
Its Awesome n is this some kind of imprint thing with them.
Pls update soon. :-)
OMG !!! dont kill him
he seems innocent
am i right or not LOL
Poor Kiren! Instantly my fav!! XD
Love it! Update soon!
Oh no! She can't possibly kill Kiren, just by the sounds of it Tigris and and Kiren are stuck together by the soul mate principal. She can't kill him!
post more soon, i love it


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