The Twilight Saga

WARNING TO THE READER: This story will remain unfinished. After Chapter 7 I have written a letter detailing why I stopped writing, why this story will not be finished, and what the plot would have been if I had continued with the story. I tried combining my world with Stephenie Meyers’ world and they just clash too much to meld into one. But if you want to read, proceed at your own risk.

This is a story about a mythical creature that humans, vampires, and especially the Cullens, don't even know about. And it is living in their own backyard forest.

All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer except characters just introduced.

What do you think? I love comments, criticism, grammar corrections, spelling errors, questions anything. And if you know how to make banners I would love one!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1- Hungry (Emmett POV)
Chapter 2- The Vision (Alice POV)
Chapter 3- Meeting (Emmett POV)
Chapter 4- Loch Ness Monster (Violet POV)
Chapter 5- Wrong Idea (Claire POV)
Chapter 6- Little Miss (Claire POV)
Chapter 7- Death and Life (Claire POV)

Ending Letter to the Reader

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Chapter 1
Emmett Point of View

It’s been a couple months since the incident with the Volturi. I still wished that it would have ended with a fight because frankly I wanted to take Demetri down. It looked like it would have been a fun fight between the two of us.

The boys and I were hunting not to far from home. Just a little snack. I came across a grizzly bear standing in the middle of a meadow. It looked so delicious. I positioned myself in an attack position and was about to pounce but then all of the sudden there was a wolf standing right in the bear’s place. Where did it go and where did this wolf come from? Then there was an African Elephant standing there instead. There was no possible way for this to be different animals. It had to be the same creature. But what was this thing? Will I be able to eat it? Because I have never had elephant before and I bet it would taste good because it was so big and I really didn’t have a reason other than it would be a fun hunt.

“What are you?” I questioned as I walked into the meadow. It had to have some brain to be able to respond to my question in some way.

Its next form was a chimpanzee and was holding up one finger telling me to wait a minute. Why was the chimp telling me to hold on? It walked into the trees across the meadow. Questions were flying through my mind. What creature was this? What was its original state? What was its purpose for being here? How long had it been in our forest? How did it remain inconspicuous?

Two minutes later, out walked out a teenage girl in nothing but a tank top and jean shorts. A normal human would be wearing much more clothing in this fifty degree, overcast weather. Who was this?

“My name is Claire. I am a shifter. Are there more of you? Because I would very much prefer to talk to you all at once about what I am.” She answered absolutely sure of what was going on, even though I had no idea.

“The other vampires with me are hunting, too.” She didn’t flinch, most people would when they realized they were the intended prey. She wasn’t anymore though, because she was at least part human. Dang it! I really wanted to see what elephant would taste like. “My name is Emmett, Emmett Cullen. Half of my family is at the house. What exactly do you need to explain to us?”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Emmett. I need to explain what I am and what that means for you and your family. I assure you nothing bad is going to happen, I just need you all aware. Find the people you are with and tell them to finish hunting first. We don’t want any hungry vampires. Now do we? You can too, if it’s necessary. Then they should meet up with the rest of your family. Then you go to the cave a mile north of here to get me, so I can tell you all about what I am. I will be bringing a couple of other people you all need to be introduced to. Only one is human, the other four are vampires.”

“Umm… Okay…” I had so many questions. I guess they just had to wait until later.

“Don’t worry. I will explain soon.” Was this girl telepathic or was she just use to this kind of situation? I guessed it to be the later but I have been wrong before. She left the meadow, and then I ran to find Carlisle, Edward, and Jasper.

I found them near a river. Edward was sitting on a rock, already finished with his meal. Show-off. Jasper and Carlisle were feeding on some deer. I need to tell them about Claire, but she told me to let them finish hunting.

“Who is Claire?” Edward asked picking up on my thoughts.

“Finish hunting. I’ll explain in a minute.” Carlisle and Jasper finished up and walked over to us. I told them about what happened. They all looked curious, worried, and anxious not knowing what to expect.

“Of course we don’t know what to expect. Why don’t we go talk to the one person who does?” Edward said, picking at my thoughts again.

“Good idea. I think we should go back and tell the girls about Claire and see what Alice says. Meanwhile, Emmett can go to pick up Claire and her accompaniment.” Carlisle said.

“Sounds good, but I am going to go with Emmett for some back up.” Edward suggested. Like I need back up. Please.

“You never know,” said Edward.

“Fine but let me do all of the talking.”

“Okay, so we will see you at the house soon.” Carlisle finished. And we went our separate ways.

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I think its a brilliant idea.. Give it a shot though!!
i will put up the first chapter soon. my friend is editing. i want to make sure the fist chapter is perfect. it is when they meet so that has to be amazing. and it is the first so i want everyone and anyone to be drawn in
im working on it
i think its great! i luv reading didfernt stories that people write
thanks Lee
glad you like it
I like where your plot is going. Very interesting. Hope you'll finish it. :) Looking forward to reading more. Drop a message in my inbox when you have the continuation, so i'll be sure to read it. :)
definitely Renesmee Cullen
i'm really liking where this is heading. keep up the good work and post more soon! [=
thanks Cait. i had writer's block for awhile but now i'm back!
i love it!!! post more soon please!!!!

do you know how hard it is to write at vampire speed?


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