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this is something new i wanna try i really hope you guys like it and please comment and criticize it as much as you want,,i want to write what you guys will like in it so tell me ideas pleasee


Wouldn't you be freaked if your own sister had disappeared in the middle of the night? If you guess yes, then your absolutely correct.


I knew something was off as soon as my eyes opened. I couln't sense my own twins prescense, even though she slept with me last night. I tried to convince myself that she just went to a friends even though the something-is-off feeling kept nagging at me in the back of my mind.

My parents weren't even home when I walked into the kitchen, hoping my parents had atleast made breakfast. But no, they hadn't. Again there was that nagging feeling that something was terribly wrong. My parents always made breakfast before they went out on Sunday mornings. I tried to push it away thinking they were just running late and made myself a bowl of fruity-pebbles.

I was lounging on the couch when the phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Is this Jeni?" A mysterious voice answered back.

"Yes. What do you want?" I asked again.

"Your sister is safe. Don't worry. Your parents will explain when they get back." the mysterious voice said again.

"Wait, who is-" but they hung up before I could finish.

Great. My sister was gone and noone had told me. How could I even trust that she was safe? This had to be a bad dream. I pinched myself to see if I would wake up. Nope, definitely not dreaming and that hurt like crap.

I started pacing around the room thinking about what to do. What could I do? I didn't know who the person was who called or where they were. My parents weren't home to talk to me and I had no idea when they would be home or if they even knew she was gone yet. I basically had no choice but to sit around and wait till they got home. That just wouldn't do though, I had to do something to keep myself busy and sitting around isn't what I had in mind at all.

God I was gonna kill Heather when I found her and made sure she was okay from this big scare she was giving me. But before I could stress myself out even more I got all of my spray painting supplies and put them into my bag and put all my designs into the bag too. Then I walked around my room and packed a few changes of clothes and put a pillow in it too.

I wrote a note then for my parents saying:

Something has happened to Heather. I'm going out to look for her so don't worry about a thing. I'll call when I can.

    Love Jeni.


Then I walked out of my house for what would be the last time in my life, and walked into the unknown world to search for my beloved twin sister.

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its short ill post more if you guys like it

Love it :)
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Love it. Write more please?

of course(:


so do i haha thanks
thanks you guys. im working on more right now and it will be longer and betterr. so tell anyone to come on and read it :)

Heathers POV:

Where the hell am I? This wasn't Jeni's bed and Jeni wasn't with me either. I couldn't sense her at all. Hell, this wan't even anywhere in my house because I didn't recognize it at all. The walls weren't a nice and relazing ocean blue like Jeni's walls were. They were just a plain white color from what I could see of it by the window. I hadn't realized but there was a guy sitting by the window watching me in the dark. It creeped me out and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Fear trickled all through my body as his eyes raked over my body laying on the bed.

Finally he said, "Its okay. You're safe with me."

"Safe? With you? Where the hell have you brought me?" I screamed at him.

"You don't need to know those things."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Oh, I'm sure you know." he said, unzipping his pants.

I hadn't realized until now that I was chained to the bed by my wrists and ankles. I was naked too, and that freaked me out even more. I was trying to break free when he climbed ontop of me and taped my mouth shut. He's going to kill me, I thought as he put himself inside me. I was disgusted and it hurt so much that trears trickled down my face.

He didn't stop until I could no longer feel my body and by then it didn't matter. He raped me. I was no longer a virgin anymore. I would die in this place before I ever saw Jeni again. She was most likely looking for me but she would never find me, not here atleast.


Jeni's POV:

I knew something was wrong with Heather, I could sense it in the pit of my stomach. Where ever she was she was definitely not safe. Whoever called to tell me that was a liar. But I didn't even know where to start looking for her, so I just climbed into my old ratty Jeep and drove to the police station in town.

It didn't take but five minutes although it felt like it took hours, or maybe even days or weeks to get there. I ran inside straight to the front desk and looked at the lady there saying my sister was missing and there was something terribly wrong happening to her. I don't think she believed me by the look on her face but she told me to go down the hallway to the left and go into Detective Brians office. I did as I was told and went straight into his office.

I wasn't expecting to see someone like him there. He was totally gorgeous. He had dark curly hair that hung around his olive colored face and his eyes were the darkest blue I had ever seen. It wasn't like the blue all those blond headed pretty-boys had, but a really dark blue. Like the deep part of the ocean blue. His eyes peirced through me and I felt a sense of calmness crawl over me as he asked me to sit and tell him what had happened.

"Okay but you have to believe me. The lady out at the front desk didn't really believe me so promise that you will." I demanded a little hysterically.

"Okay. I'll listen to what you have to say. I'll try my best to believe it and if I don't I'm sorry about that. So go ahead and tell me." He said. "Oh and by the way, I'm Brian."

"Okay, I'm Jeni. Well when I woke up this morning my twin sister wasn't in my bed with me. She had slept with me last night because she had a bad dream and didn't want to be alone." He nodded as I said these things. "I woke up and she wasn't next to me anymore so I thought she was at a friends house. Naturally. But I found out later that day that she wasn't at a friends house at all. Someone who I had never heard called my house and told me she was safe. I didn't believe them so I packed some stuff and was gonna start looking for her when I got this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that said something bad was happening to her and I came here as fast as I could." I finished telling him and he was looking at the table seeming to ponder what I had told him.

It was a while before he said anything back to me. "I understand you went throught quite a scare. We are going to have to go back to your house and trace the call back to where it came from. I hope you don't mind if we do that right now."

"No, no. I don't mind at all." I said seeming a little frazzled.

"Well then lets go." He said walking towards the door of his office and out of the building. I followed him and lead him to my car and he got in the passenger seat. We set off for my house but on the way there something landed on the roof of my car and I guess it was heavy enough to pop one of my tires because one of them was popped. He got out to look at it and shook his head like he thought it was no good anymore.

"Do you have a spare in the back or something?" He asked.

"No that was the spare." I said sounding a little worried.

He sighed and got back in the car. "Well we might as well wait here for Roadside Assistance to come put on a new tire for you."

Oh great. Now I had to wait some more to find out where my sister was. This was stressing me out so much I swear I could feel myself start to break out right there in the Jeep. I sighed and sat back against the seat. All we could do was wait now.

Whoop whoop LMBO it's awesome post soon :)
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it is good cant wait 4 more.
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111post more soon and keep me updated please!


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