The Twilight Saga

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My mother drove me to the airport with the windows sealed shut. The gray clouds outside dampened on my already bad mood.

It was thirty-eight degree rainy weather in New York. I thought of this as a treacherous departure, I wasn’t that happy to leave either.

I watched the scenery flash by as the car road on.

“ Annabell. . .” my mother had said to me. “ I hate to make you do this.”

“ Don’t worry mom. It’ll be fine.”

Maria, my busy with work mother, was a traveling women. She had places to be, and clients to see. No time to tend to a 16 year old girl.

I didn’t mind.

I would wake up to an apartment to myself. Get ready, and take a taxi to my high school.

At 3 o’clock I’d come home to an empty apartment. I was always alone. That’s what had mom worried.

So I decided to do my fair share. I suggested I move in with David, my dad.

My mom was reluctant, she knew I hated Oregon. But she rather I was there than with her. I could tell.

We arrived at the airport fifteen minutes before take off.

My mom turned to me.

“ Are you sure, hun? You could always back out now.”

“ No. It’ll be fine.” I lied, once again.

My mom gave me a hug and kissed my forehead.

“ I love you.”

“ Love you too mom.”

She hugged me close, then left me so I could board the plane.

It was a four hour flight from New York to Indianapolis, then another four hours to Vancouver, Oregon.

I hadn’t seen my dad in two years. I used to spend every summer with David. But those summers ended when I turned 14.

Since then I’ve yet to see him.

The plane landed without any trouble, and I was handed my luggage. I walked off the plane into the sea of waiting people.

“ Annabell, over here.”

I turned my head to see a tall man. He was handsome, and had a sandy colored blonde hair. His eyes were the same dark brown as mine.

He was David.

“ Hi dad.”

He walked the short distance over to me.

“ It’s nice to see you again.”

I smiled weakly.

As much as I loved David, it didn’t mean I wanted to live with him.

He grabbed my bags and loaded them into his SUV.

It was a long silent drive to Astoria, Oregon. David tried to make a conversation, but I wouldn’t budge. I wasn’t one for small talk.

David drove into his subdivision.

He’d bought a new house since that past two years.

His neighborhood looked elegant. All the houses looked historical and significant in their own ways.

He finally turned down his street and there lay his house.

It was old Victorian style. The house was painted a muted white color. And the garage section was covered with red orange bricks. The front entrance had a storm door which was made of black iron.

All in all it was beautiful.

David pulled into the driveway and stopped the engine. “ Well, we’re here.”

He looked over to me and saw me stare at the house. “ Amazing isn’t it?”

“ Yah.”

He smiled and got out to fetch my things.

I got out and walked along the brick sidewalk that led into the house.

It was dark, once I was inside. I walked through a large opened room and into a hallway.

I didn’t bother looking for a light switch.

“ Your rooms upstairs.” David’s voice said from behind me. “ It’s different from New York, but it’s a great place.”

“ Yah.”

“ How’s Maria doing?”

“ She’s fine. Her company’s moving full swing ahead.”

“ Good for her.”

I didn’t say another word as I walked up the Victorian stairs.

My room was the east bedroom that over looked the front yard.

I switched on the light and saw a simple bedroom layout in front of me.

David had placed a bed and a nightstand on the opposite wall from the bay window that overlooked the front lawn.

Across from that was a dresser and a closet door. And on the only available wall was a plain desk. The room had no feel to it. It was empty.

I walked over to the twin mattress and laid down my suitcase. David came in then with my other suitcase and bags.

“ The bathrooms across the hall Ann.” He smiled on last time before he walked out.

I was finally alone.

I shoved my bags out of the way as I sat on the window seat next to the bay window.

I looked at the skied which were still as depressing as when I left New York. This day had finally reached its end. But with that end came a more dreadful beginning.

My new high school.

David had enrolled me in Harrison High. And I was supposed to attend that school tomorrow morning.

My reflection in the bay window looked back at me. I watched myself sigh, and rest my chin on my hand.

But as the sky’s dreary clouds turned darker, I decided to unpack my things.


* * *


The pitter patter of the rain eventually woke me in the morning. Only moments later my alarm clock buzzed by my ear, making it very clear that it was 6:45 a.m.

I dress in a black trench pea coat. It was knee length, so I put leggings underneath it. I brushed through my shoulder length blonde hair. I made sure that my brown hair, under all my blonde hair, was perfectly straight.

David had written me a note explaining that he had an emergency client that needed to see him. It said that he was sorry and that he wished me luck at school.

It was still raining when it was time to head to school so I grabbed my black umbrella and headed out into the dreadful weather of Astoria.

I walked, alone, to school. The black rain pounded lightly on my umbrella. I stared at the brick sidewalk as my feet danced lightly across it.

It wasn’t that difficult to find the high school. David had given me simple directions, and it was only a mile or two away from his house.

I walked to the front door, it was crowded, and headed for the main office.

“ Can I help you dear?” Asked a middle aged women with brown curled hair.

“ Yes, I am Annabell Terran, I’m the new student.” I smiled.

“ Oh! Yes. We don’t get new students often yah, know.” She smiled then dug in her top drawer for some papers.

“ Okay, dear, this is your schedule. Here is the map. The cafeteria is in the center of the building so you won’t have much trouble there. Your locker is over in this area.” she circled an area with her pen. “ If you have any trouble you can ask your teachers or you can come here and any of the office help can assist you.”

“ Thanks.” I smiled warmly.

“ No problem.”

I dashed out before I had to smile one more time. I headed down the hallway into the circled area on my map. I arrived at my locker 13.

A nasal sounding bell rang, and I walked along the hallway into my first hour class.

“ Hello, you must be Annabell. I’m Mr. Long. Why don’t you take a seat over there.”

I walked quickly to the seat. During class, several kids stole a glance at me. Some blushed when they were caught staring.

I couldn’t really figure out why I was that important.

The bell sound and I gathered my things.

“ Hi.”

I looked up from my things and say a boy stand in front of me. “ Hi.”

“ I’m Matthew by the way.”

“ Hi, Matthew.” I said awkwardly.

“ Do you need help finding your next class?”

“ Uhh. . .” I looked at my schedule. “ I’m headed to chemistry with Miss Taylor.”

“ That’s one my way. I’ll show you to it.”

Matthew walked me to that class, and blabbed the whole way. He told me that he had moved here five years ago from Indiana, and said that he didn’t like the rain, or the very few population in this town. He talked about his interests and hobbies.

To soon for him we came to Miss Taylor’s class. I smiled and waved a good-bye and fled into the class.

A few other kids introduced themselves and walked me to my classes. By lunch time I had most of all the students name’s down.

Matthew invited me to sit at his table.

He was one of those popular kids. All the nice, and friendly kids sat with us. I recognized most of them from classes.

But it was then, at that moment when I didn’t care about those popular friendly kids. I looked to the end of the cafeteria. There sitting all alone were three kids.

Two were boys and the other was a girl. But they were no ordinary kids.

One of the girls sitting at my table noticed my stare. “ Oh, those or the Morsin’s.”

One of the guys made a quick glance over. It was so fast, I couldn’t be sure if he really did look. His hair was a light brown color. He had muscles all over. He wasn’t extremely mocho, but he definitely was built.

The other male was even bigger. He had pitch black hair, and golden colored eyes. Sitting next to him was the girl. Her hair was bright red, and long. She looked at the wall with the same golden colored eyes.

“ The girl is Olivia Karid, and the black haired is Damien and the other is Tyler Morsin.”

I didn’t say anything. All I could do was stare.

She giggled. “ I know!”

I pealed my eyes away from the table in the back, but before I did I stole another peak at the brunette boy.

Finally the bell rang and I walked out with the girl who told me about the Morsin’s, Holly.

She, like Matthew, liked to fill silence with her chatter. “ It’s so hard to get a tan here. Yah know? I’ve tried on the sunny days but it’s impossible! Ugh! I was born here so I’ve never had a real tan. I usually have to spend every second in the sun during summer vacation. . . “ I tuned her out as we arrived to my next hour class.

I was sent to sit in the back of the math class, where I saw a familiar beautiful face. It was Tyler’s.

“ Role call everyone, listen for your name.” said Mr. Monica, my math teacher.

I looked sideways at the boy. He didn’t even look at me. He was sitting one desk over.

“ Tyler Morsin.”

“ Here.” answered the most perfect sweet sounding voice I had ever heard. I felt my mouth fly open. Tyler still did not look at me.

“ Annabell Terran? Annabell Terran?”

It was then that the boy looked at me. His golden eyes met my brown ones.

I looked away as fast as I could. “ Here.”

I heard a heavenly snort come from the desk over.

I felt my cheeks grow hot under my skin.

The rest of the day went by. I walked to David’s house in the rain.

He was home. “ Anna! How was your day?” I laid down my umbrella by the door and joined him in the kitchen.

He handed me a cup of hot cocoa. “ Thanks.” I said silently.

We sipped silently, while David looked through his work papers. The phone rang.

“ Hello? Oh yes. Of course I can make that work. Yes. Okay. Well tell him that I’ll see him next week. Bye.”

I looked up in curiosity. “ I need to see a client down in La Push next week.”

“ La Push?”

“ It’s in Washington. You’ll have to come with me too.”

“ What?” I almost shrieked.

“ I promised your mom that I wouldn’t leave you alone to much. And I’m not going to leave you alone here when I’m in a completely different state.”

“ But mom did that all the time! She went across the country and I was home alone!” I shot out of my chair.

“ That is why you are here. So your not alone as often. You need to sit back down and relax. This is my final decision.”

I settled back in my chair and sipped my drink with a huge frown on my face.

“ I’m going to go finish my homework.” I said grumpily. I put my mug in the sink and rinsed it out.

I rushed through the hallway and through the living room. This house was like a maze. But as I rounded the corner for the stairs I saw something in the dark. It was near the window, so the soft light from the window told me what it was.

It was a baby grand piano.

I walked slowly up to it and ran my fingers down the scale. It was perfectly in tune. I sat down on the black leather cushion on the bench.

And I began to play.

This was a song that I had written a long time ago. Three years ago. On one of those extremely lonely days when my mom was in some other state.

It was a very emotional song. It droned out the endless pitiful rain, and filled me with sadness. Tears began to fall from my face. They fell from my cheek and landed on the keys as my fingers worked their way through the song.

I heard footsteps come around the corner, and furiously wiped away my tears.

“ Anna?”

Then David came around the corner.

“ Was that you playing?”

“ Yah.”

“ I didn’t know that you. . .played.”

“ yah.”

“ What song was that?”

“ I’m not sure. I made it up.”

David’s mouth popped open. “ You made that?”

“ Yah.”

David shook his head, as if in disbelief. “ Well, I’m going to go to the den, if you need me.”

“ Okay.”

I hated the one word sentences I kept feeding at David. But it was all I could give him.

I wiped my puddle of tears of the ivory keys. I shuffled up the stairs and finished the packing that I never completed yesterday night.

When I had finished I walked over to the window seat. It was dark. I could see no stars of the great white light casting from the moon.

I let my tears fall. I needed a good cry to get through with the rest of this week.

The melody of my piano song replayed itself in my head. It’s depressing tune made my tears fall faster.

I eventually made it to sleep, and the last image my brain saw, was the brilliant beauty of the boy Tyler.





The muted light of another cloudy day woke me, again. I lay my arm across my wet eyes. I had been crying all night.

I knew today was not going to be a good day. But I dressed in a black coat, with four large buttons making a square to the side. There was a tie that I tied around my waist. I put fishnets on underneath it, the jacket came to the middle of my calves. And I readied myself for school anyway.

I looked at myself in the mirror, making sure the collar of my jacket was smooth and never the less, perfect.

I descended down the stairs, to find a dark room. I found my way to the kitchen blindly.

David was sitting in his chair drinking coffee and looking at the newspaper in his suit. “ Morning dad.”

He looked up from his paper. “ Good morning.” he looked at me for a moment. I’m sure my eyes were still a bit red from my cry. But he didn’t say anything.

“ Well, I’m going to school, or I’m going to be late.”

“ It’s not good to be late on your second day.”

“ No, not really.”

David smiled and I walked out the door into a another dreadfully dreary morning.

I arrived at my locker, and there to greet me was Holly. I was beginning to feel a pattern in the making. I was just hoping it wouldn’t stick.

Holly walked me to my first hour, and was there after. We met up with Matthew and we all walked together to lunch.

I sat at the table I did at yesterday, everyone was still excited to see me. Soon their excitement would wear down.

Lunch was filled with chatter. I talked at the right times, and laughed when it was best to. They were nice and all, but I’d rather be alone.

Throughout lunch, I couldn’t help but stare at the three Morsins’ in the back of the cafeteria. They’re perfect looks intrigued me.

But they sat same as yesterday, doing nothing at all, not touching their food. I wondered how their weren’t hungry at school. They didn’t eat yesterday either.

Tyler didn’t look at me. A minor detail that disturbed me for unknown reasons.

Soon the lunch hour ended and I walked to my next hour.

I was sitting in math. Then left over tears from last night puddled into my eyes. I looked up, and tuned out the teacher, I’m sure he didn’t notice, I wasn’t the only one.

I listened to the teacher preach of the last of the lesson. Then thankfully the bell rang and everyone emptied of the room. Mr. Monica walked away too, I’m sure to refill his coffee out of the teacher’s lounge. He couldn’t survive without it.

Then the left over tears from last night trickled down my cheeks like a peaceful waterfall. And I corrupted.

I was crying, just like I had done last night. Then I heard a honey suckle sweet voice.

“ Are you okay?”

I looked up to see Tyler standing over me, his golden eyes filled with nothing but concern.

“ Yah.” I wiped at my eyes furiously, and grabbed my books in a hurry to get out.

But in my hasty rush, I tripped on my chair, and crashed to the floor, spilling my things everywhere.

My tears started to flow faster. This was the worst day of my life. I hardly ever tripped. And of all days my feet chose today to be careless.

Tyler bent down and gathered all my books.

“ Annabell, are you sure your okay?”

“ Yah. I’m just having a bad day. I have to go or I’m going to be late.” Tyler nodded his head. I dashed out of the room.

I wiped the remaining tears off my cheeks and I blushed heavily with pure embarrassment. I ran to my next class, not really sure if I was going to go in.

But when I arrived at the door, I sucked in air and walked in. I took my seat, and I wasn’t even late.

But while sitting in that class I wondered why Tyler had talked to me? Though, it was probably out of the kindness of his heart. If I had seen someone crying, I would try to be nice and asked if they were okay.

By the end of class I let it go, and grabbed my umbrella as I entered the afternoon gray skies.

David was there when I came home. He was in the home office working on some project.

I walked by the door then David hollered at me. “ Hey, Annabell. Come here.”

“ Huh?”

“ Do you remember our trip this weekend for La Push?”

I fumed.

“ Yah.”

“ Good. We’ll leave on Saturday, early too. La Push is far away, so we’ll need to head out so we can get there by late afternoon.”

“ Sure.”

David watched my face. “ While I’m at the meeting your going to be off on your own. You can visit the shops there and there’s First Beach. It’s really beautiful.”

“ What?”

He was going to take me to Washington because he didn’t want me to be alone while he was in a different state. But he would let me be alone in a place that I’ve never been too, and knew no one?

“ What?” I repeated with the same amount as steam.

“ You’re going to make me go even though I’ll still be alone?!”

David sighed. “ You could always stay outside the meeting office in the waiting room. But I knew you wouldn’t like that. It’s either that or off on your own.”

“ Fine.” I sighed in defeat.

David started whistling as he turned back to his work.

I trudged back into my bedroom and flopped my bag down. I was dreading this trip. I wish he was like mom, so he could just leave me here alone. But that would sort of defeat the purpose of me being here.

The whole week passed with nothing but the dread of Saturday arriving.

Holly and Matthew were great people, who I continued to sit with at lunch. Eventually my new girlness wore off and I no longer got weird awestruck glances from strangers. Thank goodness.

But I still everyday, every moment I could, glanced at the Morsin table. Their was something about them that kept inviting me in. Sure I was somewhat terrified of the two, but Tyler just kept creeping into my mind. And I almost didn’t want it to go away.

But I shook all that out as I pulled my umbrella out and stepped into the pouring down rain.

When I was halfway home, a strong wind hit, and grabbed my umbrella from my fingers. I was left alone in the rain, to soak.

I started to walk when I heard a sweet, sweet voice that I just couldn’t get enough of.

“ What happened to your umbrella.”

It didn’t sound like a question.

I turned to face him, his eyes were still that glowing honey color, and his face still looked sincere as it was earlier this week.

“ That’s not much of a question is it?”

He smiled a bit. “ Your voice matches your clothes.”

Of course, only he would note my bored voice, and my black trench coat outfit. It wasn’t my fault my voice was bored, it was a long day.

“ It’s been a long day.” I quoted my thoughts.

Tyler smiled. Then as soon as he smiled, he frowned. His chest seemed to stop moving, he seemed to stopped breathing.

“ I have to go, I’ll see you on Monday.” He said. He walked off. I didn’t want to watch him leave me on the street. It was unsettling. The whole exchange was odd.

I was completely soaked by the time I got to David’s. I could hear him in the kitchen unloading groceries. I’m sure that he would have been very grateful if I were to help him unload them, but my attitude toward David was a sour one, because I had to go to Washington with him very early tomorrow morning. And I was certainly not a morning person.

After my shower that night, I lay awake in my bed. I was thinking of home, wondering what my mom was doing, and what she was thinking about.

I heard a knock on my door, and David stood there, in a crummy old college t-shirt, and old sweat pants.

“ Annabell, you asleep yet?” He whispered.

I rolled over to face him. “ No.” I cringed a little. I kept shoving these awful one word responses to David, I really hated that.

“ Okay, I just wanted to talk to you about tomorrows agenda before you went to sleep.” He shifted his weight at the entrance to my room. But decided against entering and just stood there looking at my zitless face. People often told my mom that I was a plain beauty. I had perfect skin. With perfect straight shoulder length hair. But other than that I was plain. Brown dull eyes, and regular blonde hair. Only the brown underneath my hair made me some what unique.

David smiled a bit. I could only tell because of the soft moonlight entering my room.

“ I want you to be dressed and well fed by 6:30.”

Ugh. I wanted to groan. That was early then the time I had to wake up for school.

“ And then it’s off to La Push. We’ll be there for most part of the day. We’ll eat lunch before I meet up with Mr. Thomas, and then you can go off to the shops and down to the beach. I’m thinking that we’ll probably leave around 8pm.”

I wanted to groan again. We would be gone all day. And we probably wouldn’t get home till midnight or later.

“ Is that okay?”

I wondered for a moment why he would be asking for my permission, or my blessing. He was the authority in this situation, he would force me to go if he had to.

“ Sure dad, I’ll be ready at 6:31” I joked just a bit. Just to make myself not feel guilty for all the one word responses.

Surely enough David smiled. “ I’m good with 6:30 or 6:31 whatever kido.” He smiled one last time before he left for his bedroom on the west side of the house.

I rolled my head back to face the window. Tomorrow, La Push. Today, odd encounter with Tyler.


His face was a vague shadow in my mind as I slipped myself under neither the enduring sleep my brain needed. . .

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i think tyler would win a fight but im team seth all the way!!!!
I'm team.......SETH.! But its not fair Seth never qets his imprint without SUMTHING happeninqq its jusz not fair.!
nice very nice,,,, when will you write more????
awesome oOMq team s:3TH all dAy!! lOlsz tyler reminds meh o0f edward plus ann iis iin a love triangle lyk bella wasz iin smh
I'm working on chapter 11 right now! Hopefully I'll post today. . .most likley i will, and that way you guys can read it! It's starting to get really dramatic, like which one she loves the best and who does she choose? What will happen?
I'm thinking about posting a few paragrahpes of like Tyler point of veiw, and Seth's point of veiw about ANnabell. But Don't worry guys more is on the wwaaayyy!!!!
* SORRY! its a short one once again! Sadly Annabell will have to make her choice soon, and then the story will be over:( But thats sometime in the future. There will be maybe 5 more chapters and then POOF its done. Tell me what team your on and Y!!! :)*

“ Annabell. . .really, you look too distracted to be cooking.” David said standing over my shoulder as I chopped onions for the beef stew I was making.
My eyes were stinging, because of the onions, and my thoughts were far away from the kitchen. I wasn’t even thinking about cutting the onions. I could have cut my hand off and I never would have noticed.

I looked up at David, putting down the knife. “ Dad, I’m fine. Don’t worry. Just go sit down, and watch TV or something.”
David sighed, but said nothing else as he left the room and entered the den down the hall.
The words that were my haven for all 16 and a half years of my life.

But did I really want to be alone?
Did I want to be with Seth? He was still in town. Did I want his warm arms wrapped around me? Or did I want Tyler’s? Did I want to talk to him about his dark mysteries? Did I want to tell him I loved him?
I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. Being with Tyler alone. . .I couldn’t wait.

The door bell rang, ripping the thoughts of both Seth and Tyler out of my head for the moment.
I walked over and opened. Half expecting a client of David’s, or something else unimportant.
But its seemed that moment when I opened the door that the Heaven’s opened up and spit out this perfect being right on my front step.
Seth looked at me with a goofy grin on his face.
“ Ann!”
“ Seth!” I wrapped my arms around his neck securing my self to him. Now everything was perfect. One look at Seth and my life was back on track.

My ears could hear David getting up from the chair in which he sat on in the den. He was coming to the door to see who it was.
I only had seconds to decide.
Tell David that I was imprinted on? Tell him that Seth and I one day in the future would be married, and have little wolf babies. Explain to him that there was some wolfy connection between Seth and me?

I let go of Seth. “ Wait here. I’ll meet you here after supper.” I closed the door in his face, and walked back over to my chopped onions.

“ Who was that Annabell?”
I looked up, trying so hard to be nonchalant. “ Hmm? Oh, it was just some salesmen, nothing important.”
Lies, lies, all lies. Seth was very important. My love, my life, my laughter, my soul. He was everything.

“ Oh. Well, is super almost done? I’m starving over here Annabell.” David said eyeing the food laying out.
“ Almost dad. Relax it’ll be done soon enough.”

Dinner was done soon enough. I slopped it together quickly and ate the stew even though it boiled my throat as I swallowed it. I had no desire to even finish, I didn’t even wish to eat in the first place, Seth was more important than any human thing, like food.

I stood from the chair, and rinsed my dish off quickly, and David’s too when he was done.

“ Hey, dad. I ate so fast, that I think I need some air. Do you mind if I go on a walk?”
David looked at me funny.
“ You did eat in quite some hurry. Sure kido, but be back soon. This weather isn’t going to hold, its going to rain soon.”
I kissed David’s cheek before leaving the kitchen.

The air was heavy, David was right, I don’t think the weather looked very promising.

I looked around the outside, seeing if I could find Seth in the fog that was starting to rise up.
But I couldn’t see him anywhere.
The feeling of abandonment rose high into my chest, and threatened to crush me with it.
Seth had left me, even though I told him to wait.
“ Ann?”

I whipped my head around to face Seth. He was standing, always shirtless, behind me.
“ Come on, let’s go for a walk.” He reached eagerly for my hand. His hand was so warm. For the past few days everything as been so cold to me. Without Seth here with me, everything was a deep cold hole. A hole that Tyler was waiting for me.

I erased those thoughts.

Seth and I walked down an empty path that was behind the Victorian houses.
“ Why is it so empty over here?” Seth wondered aloud.
“ Well, David said that back in the late 1800’s they never finished back this way because of bad blood. There was some battle for land, and no one ever built here, not even now.”

It was a beautiful place. Great trees, and rocks. It was magical. It was beautiful. It felt warm, because my Seth was with me once again.
We talked a little bit before things got to serious. It was serious when Seth stopped walked and turned in front of my to face me.
We had just started to talk about the vampires here in town, a touchy subject on my part. I didn’t say much.
Seth put his warm hands on either side of my face. His eyes slowly closed, and I knew what he wanted. He wanted to kiss me. And I wanted to kiss him.

There was nothing better then putting my lips to Seth’s. His were soft and warm, perfect match for my lips.

We kissed until we both pulled away, it stopped being romantic after we started huffing and puffing for air to breathe.

“ Ann, I forgot to tell you.” Seth said, as we started walking again. “ We found out that the vampires actually live here. They have a house not to far out from the main parts of town. There are six living there. They weren’t home when we got there, but we know that they must be living like the Cullen’s, we don’t know about eating style but living wise. They live right under your noses.”

Then Seth looked deeply into my eyes.
“ Annabell, is there anyone you know at your school that looks like Edward, or Bella? Do they have red eyes, gold? Do they wear contacts? If you need you need to tell me.”
I would tell Seth anything, I was his girl, and he was mine. But this. . .this information that could get Tyler’s family killed was not the information to give out. If I was the only one to protect Tyler, I would do it.

“ No, no one looks like them.”
I said my first lie to Seth. The first lie of many more to come. And all of which were to save Tyler. He wouldn’t die. They wouldn’t fight. Because seeing Seth as a wolf leap into the air at Tyler with his vampire speed, he would never be caught and Seth would ware him self away.
I had no idea who would win, if I was the prize.

Seth had to go and it was time for me to go to bed.
My dreams this night were not pleasant. I woke in the middle of the night with a pounding headache and fear in my eyes. My dream couldn’t be true. It couldn’t. It felt real, and that’s the part that scared me the most.
LOVE IT!!!!!!
well im always on team vampire but i this case i have to say team seth because hes a wearwolf and they friends with the cullens anyway so if the were to fight the would probly win so team seth.
Team Seth they are perfect for each other tylers okay but seths perfect for her!!!:) loved it please post more soon!!!:)
Can't wait til yhu update.!
this is getting good!!!! i think that annabell should end up with tyler and seth should end up with holley because he truely imprints on her.... he thought that he imprinted on annabell because he had felt it through the other wolfs and was just so desperate to have an imprint he made up the feeling himself!!!!!!!!! message on here if you didnt understand that haha




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