The Twilight Saga

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This is Seth's story of Imprinting. It has a very strange twist....I hope everyone enjoys!!

Chapter 1
Seth's POV

Everything has happened so fast and no one could have ever predicted what was going to happen.

I have been running double shift patrols for the last 2 weeks. Jacob and Nessie had left to go on their honeymoon. I really missed having Jacob around. While he was away I had been left in charge. But thankfully they were going to be back tomorrow.
"We are all glad that they shall be returning tomorrow." a familiar voice said. It was Edward.I really like Edward. He was not only a good friend but he was also like a father to me in a lot of ways.
Ever since the Volturi came and tried to destory all of the Cullen family over 7 years ago, I have lived with them. I took over Edwards old room. When my mother married Charlie over 5 years ago, our old house on the Reservation had been empty till Leah moved into it with Jona. Jona was an Indian from a neighboring Reservation. Jona had come to one of our festivals about 3 years back and Leah had Imprinted on him during the visit. The rest was history. I liked living with the Cullens because they were my family and close friends.
Hey Edward I moved in his direction.
"You want to phase so we can chat for a bit?" Edward asked me.
Yes sure. Gimme a sec. I walked out of the clearing into the woods to phase. I was zipping up my pants as I walked back into the clearing. Edward was sitting on a blounder waiting for me.
I walked towards him and sat down next to him.
"What's up Edward?" I asked
"I just wanted to check and see how things were going? Being in charge for the last couple of weeks keeps you out of the house a lot. Running double shifts while Jacob and Renesemee has been gone has to be hard on your body." Edward said with a friendly yet father like tone.
"I am tired and ready for Jake and Nessie to get back home." I told Edward, "I have missed them both so very much."
"We all have missed them Seth." Edward began, "Bella and I have never been away from Nessie for this long before."
"I bet you two are really eager for her to get back?" It came out like a question but really was just more like a statement.
"Yeah we are and do not tell anyone that I told you this because I will deny it. But I have missed Jacob around here as well." Edward admitted.
"Your secret is safe with me." I smiled at him
Edward sat silently for awhile. I was starting to wonder what it was that he really wanted to talk to me about.
"Well before Jacob and Nessie left, him and I were talking about Imprintin." Edward said as he took a more serious tone.
So far everyone in both packs had Imprinted on someone. I mean everyone. The elders that passed down our heritage from one generation to the next had always told us that Imprinting was a rare thing and not everyone would have it in them to Imprint. Then again our generation was the first to have a pack any large then 2 or more. So far I have been the only exception as far as it goes with Imprinting.
"Yeah. So. What about it?" I said a bit annoyed.
"We all know that this must be difficult for you, Seth." Edward said with a lot of compassion in his voice.
"I am fine....if it happens then it happens and if not then that is the way it was meant to be." I said as I stood up and stared off into the distance.
"Well son, if you ever want to just talk about it, I am always here for you." Edward told me.
"I know." I said. Edward put out his had to shake mine. We locked hands and Edward pulled me in for a hug. He patted my back and pulled back.
"I need to get back to work." I told him as I started to walk back into the woods.
"Okay but come home soon. Esme is fixing your favorite, Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes." Edward hollard after me.
"OK!" I said and then I shifted. As I was running the line I kept thinking about all of my family and friends. They were all so happy. I was happy that everyone has been lucky enough to find love and happiness in their lives. I still found myself feeling jealous that I had yet to Imprint with anyone for myself.
Just then I came across a new scent. I could tell that it was vampire but not anyone that I knew. The trail had to be only a few hours old. It was still pretty fresh so the vampire had to still be in the area. Before I took off to follow the scent I had to phase because I needed to call Quil and Embry. Jacob had left orders that no one was to go after anything for any reason without back up. I pulled my cell from my pants and dailed Embry first.
"Hey man. I just came across a scent and I want to check it out." I told Embry.
"Is it fresh or old?" He asked me.
"It is only a few hours so whoever it is has to still be in the area." I said.
"OK....where are you I will come meet you?" Embry said. I could here him moving.
"I am about 45 miles to the east of the training field." I told him. The training field was the same field that we had destoryed all of those young vampires of Victoria's and the field that we had stopped the advances from the Volturi so many years ago. Now we used it for training mostly.
"I am on my way." Embry told me, "I will stop by Quil's and let him now."
"Ok I will be waiting for you guys." I said then hung up the phone and put it back into my shorts. I took off my shorts and phased back so I would know when Quil and Embry had phased and were on their way. About 2 minutes later I felt their change.
So how are you doing Seth? Quil asked me.
I am doing fine....and you I replied and asked him in return.
It's all good Quil replied. It only took them about 3 minutes to get to where I was waiting for them.
So why are we checking out this scent? Embry asked.
Yeah it seems to be heading out of our territory. Quil said.
I just want to be safe rather then sorry...I mean what if who ever this is decides to double back when they realize the Cullens are in this area? I was telling them. I could also tell that the scent seemed to be growing a bit stronger the further that we went. Then I saw it. There was a couple of deer down about 100 yards ahead of us. We picked up the pace for the last few yards.
It looks like the Cullens have been out here Quil said as we looked over the dead deer.
No...that is not possible. They just went out feeding two days ago and this is a fresh kill. I told Quil and Embry.
Then who did this kill? Embry asked with some confusion.
I thought that the only other Veggie eaters lived in Alaska? Quil asked me. And he was right the only other vampires that we knew of that drank from animals lived in Alaska and they had not been around for about 2 and half weeks. They had come down for Jacob and Nessie's wedding but went back home the next day.
That is the only other clan that we know of and they have not been here since the wedding I stated in the same confused tone as Quil and Embry.
It looks like the kill is only about 30 minutes old Embry stated as he looked at the fresh deer kill before us.
Then who ever has done this is still close and we should be able to find them. I said as I moved around the dead deer and headed in the direction of the new scent. We had only gone about 200 yards from the deer when two vampires stepped out from behind some trees. Quil, Embry and I all bared our teeth and began to growl and snarl. The vampires crouched down ready to pounce. Then from the right walked in an angel. Suddenly I did not want to attack these vampires. The whole world began to fade as this lovely creature looked at me. My entire world changed. I no longer needed my family or my friends. All I needed was that beautiful woman to be with me forever. I wanted to love her and protect her till the end of time.
No way man Quil said.
No way how is that possible? Embry asked even more confused.
Shut up the both of you I growled in my mind. One at a time go to the woods and phase back. I told them.
Hell no Embry yelled.
We do not know them Seth Quil said to me but I was not listening to them any more. My only thought was of her. She was beautiful. She had long thick black hair. She looked like she might have been from a Indian heratiage before her change.
I walked into the woods and phased. I put my shorts on and hurried back to the trail.
"What the hell are you?" the man standing a few feet from the angel asked. I could not take my eyes off of her. She seemed to not be able to look away from me as well.
"My name is Seth. This is Quil and Embry." I said pointing to each of them, "We are shape shifters, our pack is from the local Indian tribe. We mean you no harm." I explained with my hands out in front of me for them to see.
The angel stepped forward smiling at me, "My name is Mary. This is Jason and Lauren."
"It is a pleasure to meet you Mary." I said never taking my eyes off of her.
"If you are not a threat to us then why have your friends not changed back?" the woman named Lauren asked still in a defensive crouch close to the man named Jason.
"Well we do not know you vampires and we still have to protect ourselves." I told her. "If they phase back will you attack us?"
"No...I am positive that that will not happen." Mary said smiling at me, "They will not harm us I can feel it deep inside of me." she said to Jason and Lauren over her shoulder.
"Go phase!" I told Quil and Embry, "Embry call the Cullens and let them know what we have found."
"Who is the Cullens?" Jason asked still not sure that it was safe.
"They are the local vampires. The keep resident about 50 miles from here." I told them. I started to inch closer to Mary. Her smile became bigger as she moved towards me. I felt this pull to her that I could not and did not want to stop.
"How do they keep a residence in this area?" the woman named Lauren asked skepitcal.
"They are like you... the only feed off of animals." I stated as I stopped just a few feet from Mary.
"How do you know that we only feed off of animals?" Jason asked me.
"Because your eyes are golden and not red." I stated, "The Cullens eyes are like yours and that means you only feed on animals." Mary reached her hand towards me. I took it into mine. Then Quil and Embry came out of the woods. Lauren moved forward and started to pull Mary back.
"No...I want to be next to him." Mary stated still smiling at me.
"You do not know who or what he is exactly." Lauren said in a sharp voice. She was still trying to pull Mary back.
"He could never hurt me!" Mary told Lauren as she pulled her arm free of Lauren's grasp.
"I will never hurt you no matter what." I told her.

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I love it! I feel kinda sorry for Seth. When will u post more?
I had to go back in and finish the first son pushed the wrong button...I am glad you like it so far.
I loved the new addition to the first chap!
i lioved it...
ihoope that u continue it :D
its awesome pls continue:) can u let me know when u have posted more??
Chapter 2

When the Cullens finally showed up everything calmed down. Mary, Jason, and Lauren all came back to the main house with us. Edward and Bella were so excited that I had inprinted. Mary never left my side and never let go of my hand.
"This is completely unreal." Emmett said as he punched my shoulder and grinned.
Embry had called Sam after he called the Cullens. So Sam was at the house when we arrived back.
"This is not possible!" Sam yelled as he paced the living room.
Carlisle moved toward Sam, "What do you mean?"
Sam stopped walking and looked at Carlisle, "This imprint between those two." He was pointing at Mary and me.
"Why can it not be possible? Jacob and Renesmee are imprinted!" Bella was defending the entire situation. She moved to Mary and my side.
"Yeah but..." Sam began to say.
Edward interupted, "But what?" Renesmee is half vampire!"
"But that is different. She is also half human!" Sam began to shake from his anger.
"Excuse me? I do not mean to interupt your argument but what are you all talking about?" Jason the leader of the coven asked.
"I have imprinted on Mary." I said as I looked down and smiled at Mary.
"Is that what I am feeling?" She smiled back at me and I could not help but be lost to her eyes.
"What does imprint mean exactly?" Lauren asked moving towards Mary with a worried look on her face.
Esme came into the room carrying a plate of food for me, "It means that your Mary and our Seth are soulmates!" she explained as she handed me the plate. I smiled at her and she gave me a kiss on my cheek.
"Excuse me Jason but could you live your life without Lauren?" Edward asked as he moved to Bella and put his arm around her waist.
"Of course I would not have my eternity without Lauren." Jason stated and moved to Lauren, "But she is my mate."
"Well that is teh same for Mary and Seth. But their love is so much deeper." Bella told Jason and Lauren trying to make them umderstand the situation.
"I still do not have any idea of how this all happened!" Sam said as he started to pace the room again.
"I guess anything is possible in our world Sam." Carlisle said as he patted Sam on the shoulder.
"I can get used to the idea, I guess." Sam said as he began to grin, "But I want to be there when you tell Leah!"
When he said that I groaned and everyone else started laughing.
"It won'te be so bad...I will be there with you." Mary said trying to make me feel better.
"Who is Leah?" Lauren asked.
"She is my sister and far from the biggest fan of vampires." I told Lauren and Jason. I studied Mary's face to see what she was thinking when I said that.
"But I thought that you all were okay with vampires. I mean you seem okay with the Cullens." Lauren said as the worried look came back to her face.
"We are all well accustomed to each other and live in peace." Sam replied, "But that does not mean that all of the pack like it."
"Leah, your sister is one of them?" Jason asked me.
"She is very friendly when it comes to the Cullen family. See our Alpha, Jacob, who you will get to meet tomorrow. Well he has imprinted with Nessie." I began to tell them.
"And Nessie is the half human, half vampire, Right?" Mary asked me trying to keep up with the converstation.
"That is right. She is Bella and mines daughter." Edward replied smiling proudly.
"But how is that possible?" Jason asked. He became very interested in that part of the conversation.
"Renesmee was conceived before Bella was changed." Edward told them.
"Is that really possible?" Jason asked looking skeptical.
"Yes it is and Nessie is proof of that." Bella said with great pride.
"So why don't you tell us about yourselves?" Carlisle asked.
"Well Lauren and I are real sisters." Mary began, "Our family was attacked by a small coven, but their leader Mika could sense that something was different about Lauren and myself. So instead of finishing us off he changed us."
"Oh my lord you two have wonderful abilities!" Edward said with great enthusiasm.
"Really what can you do?" I asked Mary.
"Well I have the ability to heal anything. Lauren can call animals to her." Mary told everyone.
"We figured that is was because of our Indian heritage." Lauren said with a proud tone.
Sam stopped pacing the room and looked at Lauren, "You have indian blood?"
"Yes we were both full blooded Nooksack. Why?" Lauren asked.
"That makes alot more sense then. Right Sam?" Quil spoke up.
"Of course it does...they are a neighboring tribe in the North." Embry was grinning at Mary.
"Sam and the others belive that because of your indian blood that makes more sense for Seth to have imprinted upon you, Mary." Edward explained.
"Ok, Well about 10 years ago, Mary and I seperated from Mika's coven. While out hunting we came across Jason." Lauren said as she tucked herself into Jason's arms and smiled up at him.
"It was the moment of my existance." Jason replied holding Lauren tighter to him.
"Jason introduced us to a new way of being." Lauren started to explain.
"See I was traveling in Alaska when I came across a coven much like yours." Jason was explaining to us all.
"Oh you have met Tanya and her sisters?" Carlisle asked.
"Yes, You know them?" Jason asked a bit surprised.
Esme perked up and said, "Oh yes they are like our cousins, you know the closest thing to family we have in our world. Well besides all of the family we have here."
"Well Tanya and her sisters turned me from human blood. I was looking for a new way to exist. I was becoming tired and sad from the killing of humans." Jason continued to explain.
I was beginning to get tired so I pulled Mary with me to sit in my favorite chair. She gladly took a sit on my lap. I put my arms around her and she sat back on me. It was strange, even though Mary was ice cold it did not seem to bother me. It felt like my heat and her coldness evened each other out perfectly. She did not smell like the other vampires to me either. She smelled like Sunflowers on a hot summer day, with a hint of clear spring brook. I could not help but stick my face in her hair. She felt me sniffing her hair so she began to rub my arm. I completely loved how her body fit so perfectly into mine. I could feel that she knew just like me that we were at home in each others arms. My life was complete as long as I had Mary.
thats so sweet, i cant wait for leah...what is she gonna say, as long as she has her imprint i think she will be fine:) great chapter:)
Loved it!
shet is the cutest thing that i have never seen!!!
hope u write mroe :)
let me know for the next chap. :)
Hey Kassidy, I really like this. I am looking forward to when Leah finds out - that could be interesting! Hehehe! Keep it up, Girl!
Aww I am so happy for him he finally has some1 to love and love him. I love ur story!
aww please write more!! It is so cool.. :D I really like your story.. I love seth and the fact that he imprinted is just great!! :P:P could you please tell me when you post more..?!?


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