The Twilight Saga

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This is Seth's story of Imprinting. It has a very strange twist....I hope everyone enjoys!!

Chapter 1
Seth's POV

Everything has happened so fast and no one could have ever predicted what was going to happen.

I have been running double shift patrols for the last 2 weeks. Jacob and Nessie had left to go on their honeymoon. I really missed having Jacob around. While he was away I had been left in charge. But thankfully they were going to be back tomorrow.
"We are all glad that they shall be returning tomorrow." a familiar voice said. It was Edward.I really like Edward. He was not only a good friend but he was also like a father to me in a lot of ways.
Ever since the Volturi came and tried to destory all of the Cullen family over 7 years ago, I have lived with them. I took over Edwards old room. When my mother married Charlie over 5 years ago, our old house on the Reservation had been empty till Leah moved into it with Jona. Jona was an Indian from a neighboring Reservation. Jona had come to one of our festivals about 3 years back and Leah had Imprinted on him during the visit. The rest was history. I liked living with the Cullens because they were my family and close friends.
Hey Edward I moved in his direction.
"You want to phase so we can chat for a bit?" Edward asked me.
Yes sure. Gimme a sec. I walked out of the clearing into the woods to phase. I was zipping up my pants as I walked back into the clearing. Edward was sitting on a blounder waiting for me.
I walked towards him and sat down next to him.
"What's up Edward?" I asked
"I just wanted to check and see how things were going? Being in charge for the last couple of weeks keeps you out of the house a lot. Running double shifts while Jacob and Renesemee has been gone has to be hard on your body." Edward said with a friendly yet father like tone.
"I am tired and ready for Jake and Nessie to get back home." I told Edward, "I have missed them both so very much."
"We all have missed them Seth." Edward began, "Bella and I have never been away from Nessie for this long before."
"I bet you two are really eager for her to get back?" It came out like a question but really was just more like a statement.
"Yeah we are and do not tell anyone that I told you this because I will deny it. But I have missed Jacob around here as well." Edward admitted.
"Your secret is safe with me." I smiled at him
Edward sat silently for awhile. I was starting to wonder what it was that he really wanted to talk to me about.
"Well before Jacob and Nessie left, him and I were talking about Imprintin." Edward said as he took a more serious tone.
So far everyone in both packs had Imprinted on someone. I mean everyone. The elders that passed down our heritage from one generation to the next had always told us that Imprinting was a rare thing and not everyone would have it in them to Imprint. Then again our generation was the first to have a pack any large then 2 or more. So far I have been the only exception as far as it goes with Imprinting.
"Yeah. So. What about it?" I said a bit annoyed.
"We all know that this must be difficult for you, Seth." Edward said with a lot of compassion in his voice.
"I am fine....if it happens then it happens and if not then that is the way it was meant to be." I said as I stood up and stared off into the distance.
"Well son, if you ever want to just talk about it, I am always here for you." Edward told me.
"I know." I said. Edward put out his had to shake mine. We locked hands and Edward pulled me in for a hug. He patted my back and pulled back.
"I need to get back to work." I told him as I started to walk back into the woods.
"Okay but come home soon. Esme is fixing your favorite, Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes." Edward hollard after me.
"OK!" I said and then I shifted. As I was running the line I kept thinking about all of my family and friends. They were all so happy. I was happy that everyone has been lucky enough to find love and happiness in their lives. I still found myself feeling jealous that I had yet to Imprint with anyone for myself.
Just then I came across a new scent. I could tell that it was vampire but not anyone that I knew. The trail had to be only a few hours old. It was still pretty fresh so the vampire had to still be in the area. Before I took off to follow the scent I had to phase because I needed to call Quil and Embry. Jacob had left orders that no one was to go after anything for any reason without back up. I pulled my cell from my pants and dailed Embry first.
"Hey man. I just came across a scent and I want to check it out." I told Embry.
"Is it fresh or old?" He asked me.
"It is only a few hours so whoever it is has to still be in the area." I said.
"OK....where are you I will come meet you?" Embry said. I could here him moving.
"I am about 45 miles to the east of the training field." I told him. The training field was the same field that we had destoryed all of those young vampires of Victoria's and the field that we had stopped the advances from the Volturi so many years ago. Now we used it for training mostly.
"I am on my way." Embry told me, "I will stop by Quil's and let him now."
"Ok I will be waiting for you guys." I said then hung up the phone and put it back into my shorts. I took off my shorts and phased back so I would know when Quil and Embry had phased and were on their way. About 2 minutes later I felt their change.
So how are you doing Seth? Quil asked me.
I am doing fine....and you I replied and asked him in return.
It's all good Quil replied. It only took them about 3 minutes to get to where I was waiting for them.
So why are we checking out this scent? Embry asked.
Yeah it seems to be heading out of our territory. Quil said.
I just want to be safe rather then sorry...I mean what if who ever this is decides to double back when they realize the Cullens are in this area? I was telling them. I could also tell that the scent seemed to be growing a bit stronger the further that we went. Then I saw it. There was a couple of deer down about 100 yards ahead of us. We picked up the pace for the last few yards.
It looks like the Cullens have been out here Quil said as we looked over the dead deer.
No...that is not possible. They just went out feeding two days ago and this is a fresh kill. I told Quil and Embry.
Then who did this kill? Embry asked with some confusion.
I thought that the only other Veggie eaters lived in Alaska? Quil asked me. And he was right the only other vampires that we knew of that drank from animals lived in Alaska and they had not been around for about 2 and half weeks. They had come down for Jacob and Nessie's wedding but went back home the next day.
That is the only other clan that we know of and they have not been here since the wedding I stated in the same confused tone as Quil and Embry.
It looks like the kill is only about 30 minutes old Embry stated as he looked at the fresh deer kill before us.
Then who ever has done this is still close and we should be able to find them. I said as I moved around the dead deer and headed in the direction of the new scent. We had only gone about 200 yards from the deer when two vampires stepped out from behind some trees. Quil, Embry and I all bared our teeth and began to growl and snarl. The vampires crouched down ready to pounce. Then from the right walked in an angel. Suddenly I did not want to attack these vampires. The whole world began to fade as this lovely creature looked at me. My entire world changed. I no longer needed my family or my friends. All I needed was that beautiful woman to be with me forever. I wanted to love her and protect her till the end of time.
No way man Quil said.
No way how is that possible? Embry asked even more confused.
Shut up the both of you I growled in my mind. One at a time go to the woods and phase back. I told them.
Hell no Embry yelled.
We do not know them Seth Quil said to me but I was not listening to them any more. My only thought was of her. She was beautiful. She had long thick black hair. She looked like she might have been from a Indian heratiage before her change.
I walked into the woods and phased. I put my shorts on and hurried back to the trail.
"What the hell are you?" the man standing a few feet from the angel asked. I could not take my eyes off of her. She seemed to not be able to look away from me as well.
"My name is Seth. This is Quil and Embry." I said pointing to each of them, "We are shape shifters, our pack is from the local Indian tribe. We mean you no harm." I explained with my hands out in front of me for them to see.
The angel stepped forward smiling at me, "My name is Mary. This is Jason and Lauren."
"It is a pleasure to meet you Mary." I said never taking my eyes off of her.
"If you are not a threat to us then why have your friends not changed back?" the woman named Lauren asked still in a defensive crouch close to the man named Jason.
"Well we do not know you vampires and we still have to protect ourselves." I told her. "If they phase back will you attack us?"
"No...I am positive that that will not happen." Mary said smiling at me, "They will not harm us I can feel it deep inside of me." she said to Jason and Lauren over her shoulder.
"Go phase!" I told Quil and Embry, "Embry call the Cullens and let them know what we have found."
"Who is the Cullens?" Jason asked still not sure that it was safe.
"They are the local vampires. The keep resident about 50 miles from here." I told them. I started to inch closer to Mary. Her smile became bigger as she moved towards me. I felt this pull to her that I could not and did not want to stop.
"How do they keep a residence in this area?" the woman named Lauren asked skepitcal.
"They are like you... the only feed off of animals." I stated as I stopped just a few feet from Mary.
"How do you know that we only feed off of animals?" Jason asked me.
"Because your eyes are golden and not red." I stated, "The Cullens eyes are like yours and that means you only feed on animals." Mary reached her hand towards me. I took it into mine. Then Quil and Embry came out of the woods. Lauren moved forward and started to pull Mary back.
"No...I want to be next to him." Mary stated still smiling at me.
"You do not know who or what he is exactly." Lauren said in a sharp voice. She was still trying to pull Mary back.
"He could never hurt me!" Mary told Lauren as she pulled her arm free of Lauren's grasp.
"I will never hurt you no matter what." I told her.

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oh my...that last few sentence made me cry.....he did have a broken heart!!!!& to think that he is enrage of his lost he still have a heart to let it go & let mary great story...keep me updated please!!
Know wonder they were after Jason. I feel sorry for them even though they had no right to attack Mary. That was a great chapter. Love your story.
I should be able to post chapter 17 later on today
wow i have just read all the chapters you have put up and i have to say it is absolutely brilliant :D:D:D can't wait for your next chpter x
Chapter 17


I am positive that I am the luckiest man in the entire world. Mary has such a kind heart. It has been about 12 hours since Mary healed Nikola's internal injuries. The wounds that she had packed with herbs healed quickly after the internal injuries were healed. Nikola has yet to wake up though. Carlisle said that Nikola was just trying to gain his strength back.

First thing this morning Alice had begun to work on the wedding with Mary. Our engagement party is set for day after tomorrow. Nessie and Mary just left about 15 minutes ago to handout the invitations that Alice had made last night. Alice was now busy making the wedding invites. My wedding to Mary is set for one week. Alice was capable of putting together anything in a short amount of time.

"Okay Seth, you and Jacob have an appointment at 2 p.m. to get fitted for your tux's." Alice said as she danced into the living room.
"Did you tell Jacob yet?" I asked looking up at Alice.
"Yup and he is just as excited about it as you are." Alice giggled in her whimsical way, "Tomorrow Nessie, Mary and I will be flying to New York for a few hours to pick out Mary's wedding dress."
I heard Carlisle and Edward talking upstairs. From the sound of it Nikola had finally woke up. I got up and followed Alice up the stairs to the study.
"Nikola is awake." Edward told us as we walked into the study.
"Well that is good. I have things that need to be planned. Yell if you need me." Alice said as she headed back downstairs.
Nikolas was sitting up in the hospital bed sipping from a cup. He looked much better then he had in a few hours. Nikola looked up at me as I walked closer to the bed.
"I want to be very clear with you." I began talking to Nikola, "If you so much as look at Mary the wrong way, I will personally make sure that you do not survive."
Nikola looked down at the cup he was holding, "I am truly sorry about last night. My brother and I had no right to attack Mary. She had nothing to do with what Jason did."
"Has Edward or Carlisle told you that Mary is the one who healed you?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.
"No they did not have to. I felt her when she healed me and I am very thankful and in debt to Mary." NIkola replied finally looking up at me.
"Are you up for answering some questions?" Edward asked with an impatient look on his face.
Nikola sighed, "I will answer any questions that you all may have for me."
"Good" I started, "Why would you want to hurt Mary in the first place? She had absoulatley nothing to do with what Jason done to your family."
"My brother and I were hell bent on revenge. We thought that Mary was part of Jason's coven. Therefore we wanted to destroy her." Nikola started to tell us.
"What made you stop?" I asked more curious then ever.
"When he saw Jasper, Emmett, and I move into the field." Edward answered my question partly.
"When I seen the Cullens I realized that Mary was not part of Jason's coven. I also seen all of the shape shifter and how you were willing to do anything to protect Mary." Nikola finished answering my question.
I looked at Edward. He gave me a small smile of confirmation. I began to finally relax. I was glad to hear for myself that Nikola no longer watned to hurt my Mary.
"Will you tell us what happened to your Heart?" Mary asked as she walked into the room. I instantly went to Mary and put my arm around her waist and gave her a kiss.
"When werewolves mate it is for life. Much like the imprint you share." Nikola began telling us, "About 85 years ago Jason and William were hired to eliminate the Children of the Moon. They traveled to Siberia. My pack was located in the Ural Mountains. My brother, myself and several other member of our pack were going out hunting. Alik and Kira were both with child and stayed behind to rest." Nikola paused and took a deep breath, "Nebojsa and I both felt it when Alik and Kira were murdered. Our hearts ripped and is unable to heal from the loss."
My grip tightened on Mary. She nestled her head into my chest. I could not bare to lose Mary like that. I do not see how Nikola or Nebojsa made it this long.
"Revenge." Was all Edward said as he read my thoughts.
"Is there any other questions I can answer for you?" Nikola asked. I could tell that he did not want to talk about this subject any longer.
"I thought that you when there was a full moon you automatically transform? Last night you shifted on your own right?" I asked changing the subject.
"Well like many things in this world we have evolved." Nikola said glad for the subject change, "It took many many decades but our kind finally have been able to change some things. We no longer need a full moon to transform. It can be done at will now."
"Interesting. Tell me more." Carlisle said. Always wanting to further his knowlegde of other beings.
"Well my kind has always been able to reproduce but because of the transformation process our females have had trouble carrying full term." Nikola began tellin us all.
"I thought you could only become werewolf if you were bitten." I asked becoming more interested in the conversation myself.
Nikola snickered, "That is still true. That is how we first came to be. There is also true bloods as well. But our true blood numbers have decreased because of the Volturi."
"Are you a true blood?" Mary asked. I guess her curiosty was getting the best of her as well.
"Yes my brother and I are true bloods." Nikola answered, "Our mother was well taken care of while she carried us. She came very close to losing Nebojsa several times."
"I wish things could have been different with your brother. If he would have been willling to stop like you...." I began to say to Nikola.
"No he choose to not see reason and you did what you had to do." Nikola said as he looked from me to Mary.
"Well Seth we have hundreds of things that we need to get done. So we should let Nikola rest." Mary said taking my hand.
"We will talk to you later Nikola." I said as Mary and I walked out of the study. Nikola nodded at us.
"So Alice said you and Jacob are going to get fitted for your tux's." Mary stated as we walked down the stairs.
I began to laugh, "Yeah and Jacob is just so excited about having to go. That is the joy of being the best man."
"What? Jacob does not want to be your best man?" Mary asked flashing me her brillant smile.
I started to laugh even harder, "It is not the best man part that he has a problem with."
"Then what is it?" Mary's smile began to grow wider.
"It is the having to dress in monkey suits. Plus Alice has a tendency to take things a little over board when it comes to things like weddings." I tried to explain to Mary, who finally started laughing with me.
"Yeah I know. It is only the first day after we got engaged and she almost has the entire wedding planned." Mary laughed.
"Just make sure the wedding is what you want." I began tellilng Mary.
"It is. I told her everything last night. She quikcly got on the internet and picked ou several options for many different things. Then broght them to me and I picked out what i liked. Alice is busy placing orders now." Mary explained to me.
"Good. I want you to have the wedding of your dreams." I said pulling Mary closer to me and kissing her. She jumped and wrapped her legs around me. Our kiss began to deepen.
"OK. Come up for air Seth." Jacob said walking into the living room. "It is tiem to go get fitted for our monkey suits. I do not understand why I cannot just use the Tux that I wore at my wedding."
"Because I said NO!" Alice hollered from somewhere in the house. Mary and I laughed.
"Come home soon and we will finish what we started." Mary told me with a devilish grin. I gave her another quick kiss before setting her down and heading out the front door with Jacob.
"Yours or mine?" Jacob asked me as we headed for the garage.
"Did Rose fix the truck?" I asked. Jacob had followed Emmett and messed up his truck, like Emmett had done with the Jeep.
"Dang! I forgot. No she is still waiting for the parts to come in. I guess we will be taking the Escalade." Jacob explained to me as he headed around to the passenger side of my Escalade.
Alice had set us up for our fitting at The Toggery in Port Angeles. Alice said it was the only nice Tuxedo and Formal wear place in Port Angeles. Neither Jacob nor I have been there before. For Jacobs wedding Nessie had sent him to a place in Seattle for his tux. Alice told us that if she had more time we would have gone to the same place but The Toggery was really good and could fit us in faster. Nessie had to print us off some directions.
"Which way Jacob?" I asked before we got to the stop light.
"You need to take a left on 1st street." Jacob told me as he looked at the directions again to be sure.
I put my left blinker on and merged into the left lane, "How much further?"
"When you turn it is going to be on the left side of the rode. Nessie wrote you cannot miss it." Jacob laughed as he showed me the paper.
"Here we are. 105 E 1st St. The Toggery." I said as we pulled into the parking lot and parked.
Jacob began to climb out, "Let's get monkeyed up."
We walked into the store, "Hello. How can we help you?" A short chubby bald man asked walking over to us.
"We have an appointment. Clearwater." I told the man.
"Oh yes we have been expecting you. Miss Alice said you were big guys but we were not expecting this." the man said looking from Jacob to me and back again, "My name is Donald. Max and I will take your measurements." Donald said moving us to the back fitting rooms.
Jacob and I were put in some formal jackets. The guy named Max had a really thick french accent and he was the one measuring Jacob. Donald began to measure me. After they finished with our jackets they had us put on pants.
"Whoa, there frenchie. Careful of the family jewels." Jacob said as Max began to measure and pin the inseam of Jacob's pants.
I laughed, "Yeah we wouldn't want Nessie to come down here."
Once they finished measuring us, Jacob and I tried on some shirts.
"Your best man colors have already been picked out. Miss Alice told me everything that was needed. You gentlemen can pick up your tux's in about 4 days." Donald told us before we walked out of the store.
As we headed for the Escalade I looked at Jacob, "See that was not so bad.
"Hey the guy doing your pants did not almost take out your family jewels." Jacob complained as he climbed inot the passenger seat.
"Oh you are beign dramatic." I said laughin as I started the engine and pulled off.
"Hey can you hurry home! Esme was cooking something special for dinner tonight." Jacob said with alot of excitement.
It only took about 45 minutes to get back home. As we walked in you could smell the food cooking. Jacob took off to the kitchen. I stood at the front door and listened. I could wait to eat till after I kissed Mary hello. Mary was up in Alice's room talking about music for the reception. I took the stairs two at a time. The door to Alice's room was open as I got to it. Mary caught my scent and jumped up and came to me.
"So did you get everything done for your tux's?" Mary asked as she wrapped her legs around my waist.
"We are all good. Everything is all set. We can pick up the monkey suits in about 4 days." I told Mary as I gave her a kiss.
"Where is Jacob?" Nessie asked from the other side of the room.
"Esme is cooking. So guess. Oh and while we were getting measured he was saying something about his family jewels being messed with." I told Nessie with a huge grin on my face.
Nessie looked up from what she was doing, "What?" then she was gone.
"What about Jacob's family jewels?" Mary asked with a sideways glance.
"Do not worry about his family jewels. Mine should be the only family jewels on your mind." I told Mary as I nibbled on her ear.
"OH they are. In fact, Alice we are leaving." Mary said over her shoulder.
"Ok but we still have a lot to get done." Alice replied.
"I will be back later. We have unfinished business that we need to tend to first." Mary told Alice, "Let's go to our room Seth."
I turned and took off for our room.
I love the drama over the monkey suits!!! I am so excited for the wedding!!!!!!!
LOL - great chapter!!
LOL I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a great chapter. Write more soon please.
love it, Those boys should be use to the tuxes by now ot at least Alices demands for clothes. I think they just like to fuss. Can't wait for the wedding.
lol thats so funy....
cant wait till u write more


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