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Ok this is my first fan fic.... the Cullens are living in Forks but someone else is there with them....
and what is going to happen between Edward and this someone else????????

All Characters Belong To Stephenie Meyer
Well Except For Some That I Come Up With later In The Story
But You Have To Read To Find Out Who The Additions Are.....
And What Will Happen...........



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Chapter 1
Edward’s POV

Is this it for me? I thought to myself as I looked down at the girl in my arms. We were sitting out in my … I mean our meadow. A light breeze picked up making her strawberry blonde hair ruffle.

“Edward” She spoke.

“Yes Tanya?” I say looking into her eyes. She looked at me with so much care and adoration it made me happy. It felt good to make her happy.

“I love you” She whispered.

“As I love you.” I replied making her smile. I knew I didn’t love her how she thought. She knew it. I can see it in her thoughts, but she doesn’t let it get to her. She want to believe I’m in love with her. I do love Tanya, but I’m not in love with her.

I’m with her because this is all I get. I don’t believe I will ever find my soul mate. You know, the girl that lights up a room just with her presence. The girl that makes me smile at the sight of her. The girl that I want to do everything for and to keep safe. The one girl that I hold on to and never want to let go. My whole world.

Tanya makes me happy because I never thought anyone would ever love me, and here I hold her in my arms. Esme was always watching me and was sad because she didn’t know if I was going to find someone. She’s happy when she sees Tanya and I hand and hand. Jasper and Alice are the only ones who know how I actually feel. Jasper well her knows because of his power and Alice just knows me so well.

Tanya leaned up and kissed me along my jaw making her way to my lips. We were like this for a while. I felt her tongue against my bottom lip so I aloud entrance. The kiss deepened. She climbed on top of me wrapping her arms around my neck. I instantly put my arms around her waist. She pushed me down and started to unbutton my shirt. I pushed her hands away. We continued to kiss. Her hands found her way back to unbuttoning my shirt. In an instance I pushed her off.

“Tanya” I said in a disappointed voice.

“Yes I know, I know. Your not ready.” She said clearly irritated. She was right I wasn’t ready but it was more then that.

“Its not just that I’m not ready. I have morals and values. I’m waiting until I’m married.” I said without taking a second to think. Big mistake.

She jumped up her face beaming and she had the hugest smile ever. “Then lets get married!” She sang.


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(p.s. the awsome fan fic name 'Unrequited Love' came from Shellbelle!!! Thanks a bunch=] )


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hey love your story plz keep me updated and post more SOON!!
Thanks and of course i'll keep u updated and i will try my hardest to have it up soon
loveeee itttttt :) im extremely late but oh well lol
thanks... woohoo and now that its summer i actually have time to post
love it kewep me updated

Thanks and will do
love this story just read all of it please update soon
Thanks and sure i'll keep you updated
OMG i know i havent posted in like forever but im sososososososossososososo sorry i just had so many things to do and i promise i'll post alot quicker since its summer
Chapter 20
Isabel's POV

I was happy to see my sister so happy. She basically glowed with the excitement. She at least had her soulmate even though he is a werewolf but I don’t think she cares at all. Besides the werewolves, or should I say shape shifters are really cool. I turned to look at my sister and she was basically smiling from ear to ear.

"Come on lets go inside and you get to tell me and Cortney everything that happened today." I say grabbing Sophia's hand and pulling her with me.

"Wait really you want to know what happened?" Sophia asked pulling us to a stop. Okay its true I'm not the most- how can I put this-okay so I'm not the most supportive sister when it comes to relationships, clothing, makeup, gossip, and basically everything that sisters do. The closest we come to having a sisterly thing is talking about guys I mean come on I'm a girl not some robot.

"Ok lets go inside and you tell Cortney while I reminice with my good friend Sergio." I smiled.

She shrugged. "Ok that works."

I took her hand and took in a deep breath. It is going to feel so good to be with my brother again. It's been to long but now that he is no longer with the Volturi we have all the time in the world. We started skipping, yes skipping. Sophia started and I followed suit so it isnt my fault. Once we were at the front door I opened it and stepped aside to let my sister in before me then I followed her.

"Yo Corts we're home I hope you guys didn’t die from boredom!" I looked up to find they werent exactly bored. Cortney and Sergio pulled apart just as we stepped into the door. "Sorry we interrupted you guys we really didn’t mean to." I say sarcastically.

"Uh…" Sophia is trying to think of something to say.

Sergio started to stand up. "No. No stay where you are really just stay there please we can come back later." I say.

Cortney said. "Isabel."

"What?" I hiss.

Sophia jumped away from me. "Whoa whats up with your eyes?"

"Isabel calm down." Sergio said standing up.

I don’t know what was with me. They were just kissing. But for some reason I was so mad it just overcame me like if your surfing on the beach and your in a funnel either you go through it successfully or it closes in on you and your surrounded by water, well at the moment im surrounded by water.

Sergio was walking towards me but Cortney grabbed his arm to stop him making me mad shes touching him. Its not that I’m jealous because I DO NOT think of Sergio that way but its just unexplainable. "I don’t think we should mess with her."

Sergio shrugged her off calming me down just a bit. "Trust me I've known her longer than anyone. You know how when she shape shifts her eyes turn like a violet color same happens when shes mad but they change to a blazing red and when shes really sad then a ocean blue. And since there red now I suggest you not touch me."

"Oh." Cortney backed away and was about to leave the room.

I run to the door she was about to leave through before anyone can do anything. "No don’t go anywhere." I hiss. A car pulled up in our driveway and instintly I knew it was the Cullen's.

"Sergio." Sophia said still by the door.

"I've dealt with her like this before just we need to calm her down." He replied.

"How do we do that?" Sophia asked.

They walked in through the doors. "Hello." Edward said in a happy tone then looking around the room added. "Woah whats happening here?"

In the back came Alice's voice sounding horrified. "Her clothes."

Sergio smiled. "And here's our solution to our problem." He said looking at Edward.
"Glad to know I'm a problem." I growled and ran up the stairs to my room.

I lay on my bed face down and no more then five minutes later there was a knock at my door. "Bells." Edward whispered on the other side of the door. I didn’t bother answering him nor did I get up and answer the door. He waited two minutes and since I didn’t make any gesture for him to enter he let himself in.

"Bells please talk to me." He said to me but I didn’t bother to talk. "Well will you at least look at me please." Again I didn’t move. "Ugh so stubborn." He laughed. Then he sat down on the bed next to me and rubbed my arm. "What’s wrong?"

Stupid question. I thought to myself. "You’re the mind reader you should know." I say bitterly.

"You already know your mind is a mistery to me." He said while running his hand through my hair.

I turn over and lay on my back so he can talk to my face and not the back of my head. "I wasn't refurring to my mind I was speaking about theirs." I sighed.

"Yeah but they didn’t help much." He rolled his eyes. "Well I can't read Sergio's mind, and all I got from Cortney is 'Oh crap Isabel is gonna kill me', and Sophia was 'Isabel is so going to kill them'." He said.

"Ugh! Don't do that." I replied.

"Don't do what?" he asked voice sounding puzzled. "You don’t want to hear what their thinking?"

I giggled. "No, well yeah I do sometimes but that's not what I was talking about."

He sighed. "Then what is it you want me not to do?"


"Curse. You don’t want me to curse." He mused.

I giggled again. "Yeah it doesn’t sound right when you say it. Like when you just said crap. It was just weird."

"What? Like this crap crap crap crap cr-" He was saying before I hit him with a pillow.

"Shut up." I laughed.

"Make me." He taunted.

"I will." I glared at him.

He laughed. "You don’t scare me."

"You shouldn't have said that." I growled.

Before he could say anything else I pounced on him knocking him to the floor. He didn’t do anything he just layed there well I was on top of him.

I looked at him confused. "I cant fight a girl." He smiled.

"You're impossible." I sighed.

I started to get up off of him but he pulled me back down. "I like the position we're in." He smiled.

"You're such a pig."

"See that's where we draw the line no one calls me a pig." He furrowed his brow.

"What are you going to do about it?" I asked.

He had this wicked smile spread across his face. And before I knew it I was on my back. "I thought you didn’t fight girls." I say innocently and I bat my eyelashes just a bit.

"Yeah but for you I'll make an exception." He grinned.

"Perfect." I smiled.

I threw him off me and he landed on his back on the bed. I jumped on him and we rolled around for a while. He had me pinned down on the bed when Emmett walked into the room.

"Woah go Edward!" Emmett hooted.

If I could blush my face would be blazing red. I pushed Edward off of me and gave him a look that said 'wipe that stupid smirk off your face'. And he did. I got up off the bed and just stood there. Then I looked at Emmett and gave him a look that said 'if you don’t get out of my room now so help me I will hurt you so bad you'd be begging you were dead'. So Emmett got the message and he left my room without another word.

"What?" Edward looked at me with a innocent expression.

I smacked the back of his head. "You know exactly what." I stood there with my hands on my hips.

"It wasn't me it was Emmett." He said getting off the bed and holding up his hands.

"Emmett didn’t have that stupid smirk on his face." I pointed out.

He put on his pouty face and walked to me getting down on his knees. He grabbed my hands. "Please don’t be mad at me for that it's just Emmett and our brother bond."

"And his thoughts and the fact that he's telling everyone down there." I said pulling my hands away and turning around. I decided to desend down the stairs so I left the room with Edward trailing behind me. I passed the living room and smiled at our guests.

''Man Edward can work wonders." Rosalie whispered to Alice.

"That’s not all he can work." Emmett laughed. I went over and smacked him on the head.

I glared at him. "Say another word and suffer the consequences."

"Bells." Edward said trying to grab my hand but I walked away. I stepped into the dining room where Cortney and Sergio were having a hushed conversation.

They split apart immediately. I walked up to my sister and kissed her cheek. Then I turned to Sergio and gave him a hug.

"I'm glad to have my brother back." I whispered.

"It's good to be back." He smiled and twirled me around in a circle.

Once he put me down I looked at both of them. "I'm sorry to the both of you. I shouldn't have acted that way I don’t even know why I acted that way."

"You don’t need to apologize I should." Cortney said. "I should have asked you if it was ok before all this."

"No it's ok I just overreacted for no apparent reason and if you two want to be together then go for it. Who am I to deny you that?" I smiled. They both hugged me. "Why are you guys hugging me go do whatever it is you guys want to do." We all laughed.

Sergio led her out of the room and they walked off to our home theatre. "Crazy kids." I giggled. And all of a sudden there was someone clapping behind me. I turned around to see it was Edward. "Were you listening to all that?" I asked.

He shrugged. "Pretty much." Then he walked towards me with his tossiled hair and crooked smile. "Now will you please forgive me?"

"Sure, why not?"

He smiled and leaned down looking as though he was going ot kiss me but I totally wasn't sure when there was a knock at the door.

"I got it." I yelled out and I walked to the door. When I opened it there was a bright and smiling Seth and along side him was Jacob. "So what brings you to the neighborhood?" I smiled.

"Sophia called and said she needed Jacob something about calming you down but you seem perfectly calm to me." Seth said.

I rose an eyebrow. "And you came because?" I questioned.

"He wants to see his woman." Jacob laughed.

I didn’t know it was possible but Seth's smile got bigger. "She invited me over for lunch."

"Wait hold the phone. Sophia. You mean my sister Sophia is going to cook." I laughed. "Good luck with that one. I think she's in the kitchen. You are one brave man." I said and with that I patted him on the back and pointed him in the direction of the kitchen.

"Well come on in Jake." I stepped aside to let him in. He looked really weird. "To many vampires for the big bad wolf to handle?"

He rolled his eyes at me. "You’re to cute." He said sarcastically.

"Who let the dog in?" Rosalie blurted.

Coming from the other room I heard Sophia say, "Seth here's your food."

I pointed at Jacob. "You play nice now, you hear. I got to go save your friend." And I glared at everyone else so they know I meant them to.

I rushed off to the kitchen just in time to see Seth's face cringe when he took the first bite luckily Sophia had her back turned to him and was washing something in the sink. I grabbed a paper towel and walked over to where Seth was sitting. "Spit it out." He shook his head.

"Isabel what are you doing?" Sophia asked.

"Saving this boys life. Now spit!" I ordered Seth. He spit out what he had in his mouth.

"Sophia jeez you barley got with him and now your trying to kill him."

Sophia got a glass and used her powers to fill it with water then handed it to Seth. "Here drink this." She said her head down looking all sad.

"Aw beautiful don’t be sad it's ok." Seth said getting up from the table and hugged her.

"Man she nearly kills you with food she cooked and you don’t care. Dude you have it bad." I shook my head laughing.

"I would like to see you do better." Sophia said then held her tounge 'cause she knows I can cook.

I open the refigerator to find that Sophia had been doing her shopping. I grabbed the simple ham and cheese. The I grabbed the mayonaise and went to get some bread in our once empty pantry. I put together a sandwich and handed it to Seth.

"Eat up." I turned and there was Jake. "Don’t bother asking I'll make you one too."

He smiled. "You know me so well."

Once the boys were all fed it time to fill our needs. Sophia wanted to stay so she did. They were going to be in the game room. Jacob gave me a kiss on the cheek and said bye and glanced at Edward and smirked. Then Edward took my hand and grinned back at Jacob. Ugh stupid boys have to be at it all the time. I pulled my hand away and led the group on our hunt.

We were running it was a pretty good hunt to a couple deer even some mountian lions, but it didn’t satisfy Emmett. He wanted grizzly bears. So we went farther into the mountains.

"Emmett come on we went far enough there aren’t any bears for us today." Rosalie complained.

"No we have to find one!" He growled. He let himself go to the hunt.

So we ran and came across a peculiar sent that you can identify anywhere. Human blood. I could control myself easily but everyone else couldn't. They where letting their senses guide them and it's almost impossible for a vamipre so stop now.

They took off after the scent. "No!!!" I yelled. It was to late.

I know i know its a cliffie but i'll have it posted soon

wow!! cliff hanger and a half plz post soon
sure thing im already writing
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


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