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Ok this is my first fan fic.... the Cullens are living in Forks but someone else is there with them....
and what is going to happen between Edward and this someone else????????

All Characters Belong To Stephenie Meyer
Well Except For Some That I Come Up With later In The Story
But You Have To Read To Find Out Who The Additions Are.....
And What Will Happen...........



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Chapter 1
Edward’s POV

Is this it for me? I thought to myself as I looked down at the girl in my arms. We were sitting out in my … I mean our meadow. A light breeze picked up making her strawberry blonde hair ruffle.

“Edward” She spoke.

“Yes Tanya?” I say looking into her eyes. She looked at me with so much care and adoration it made me happy. It felt good to make her happy.

“I love you” She whispered.

“As I love you.” I replied making her smile. I knew I didn’t love her how she thought. She knew it. I can see it in her thoughts, but she doesn’t let it get to her. She want to believe I’m in love with her. I do love Tanya, but I’m not in love with her.

I’m with her because this is all I get. I don’t believe I will ever find my soul mate. You know, the girl that lights up a room just with her presence. The girl that makes me smile at the sight of her. The girl that I want to do everything for and to keep safe. The one girl that I hold on to and never want to let go. My whole world.

Tanya makes me happy because I never thought anyone would ever love me, and here I hold her in my arms. Esme was always watching me and was sad because she didn’t know if I was going to find someone. She’s happy when she sees Tanya and I hand and hand. Jasper and Alice are the only ones who know how I actually feel. Jasper well her knows because of his power and Alice just knows me so well.

Tanya leaned up and kissed me along my jaw making her way to my lips. We were like this for a while. I felt her tongue against my bottom lip so I aloud entrance. The kiss deepened. She climbed on top of me wrapping her arms around my neck. I instantly put my arms around her waist. She pushed me down and started to unbutton my shirt. I pushed her hands away. We continued to kiss. Her hands found her way back to unbuttoning my shirt. In an instance I pushed her off.

“Tanya” I said in a disappointed voice.

“Yes I know, I know. Your not ready.” She said clearly irritated. She was right I wasn’t ready but it was more then that.

“Its not just that I’m not ready. I have morals and values. I’m waiting until I’m married.” I said without taking a second to think. Big mistake.

She jumped up her face beaming and she had the hugest smile ever. “Then lets get married!” She sang.


Tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(p.s. the awsome fan fic name 'Unrequited Love' came from Shellbelle!!! Thanks a bunch=] )


Chapter 1 ---------------------------------------------------------> above
Chapter 2 ---------------------------------------------------------> pg. 1
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Chapter 4 ---------------------------------------------------------> pg. 3
Chapter 5 ---------------------------------------------------------> pg. 4
Chapter 6 ---------------------------------------------------------> pg. 6
Chapter 7 ---------------------------------------------------------> pg. 8
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Chapter 15 -------------------------------------------------------> pg. 34
Chaper 16 -------------------------------------------------------> pg. 37
Chaper 17 -------------------------------------------------------> pg. 40
Chapter 18 -------------------------------------------------------> pg. 41

Chapter 19--------------------------------------------------------> pg. 42

Chapter 20 -------------------------------------------------------->pg. 43

Chapter 21 Coming Soon!!!!!

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cant find chapter 6 :(
Oh wow thats weird its not up i'll post it k sorry
*new reader* i love thi story its so addicteve. keep me updated pleazzz/ post more soon
OK i totally didnt forget about any of you!!!! Ad i m so sorry for leaving u guys like this but im back to writing and i hope i didnt lose that many readers over this... but now the story is gonna be bigger and better lol


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