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Ok this is my first fan fic.... the Cullens are living in Forks but someone else is there with them....
and what is going to happen between Edward and this someone else????????

All Characters Belong To Stephenie Meyer
Well Except For Some That I Come Up With later In The Story
But You Have To Read To Find Out Who The Additions Are.....
And What Will Happen...........



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Chapter 1
Edward’s POV

Is this it for me? I thought to myself as I looked down at the girl in my arms. We were sitting out in my … I mean our meadow. A light breeze picked up making her strawberry blonde hair ruffle.

“Edward” She spoke.

“Yes Tanya?” I say looking into her eyes. She looked at me with so much care and adoration it made me happy. It felt good to make her happy.

“I love you” She whispered.

“As I love you.” I replied making her smile. I knew I didn’t love her how she thought. She knew it. I can see it in her thoughts, but she doesn’t let it get to her. She want to believe I’m in love with her. I do love Tanya, but I’m not in love with her.

I’m with her because this is all I get. I don’t believe I will ever find my soul mate. You know, the girl that lights up a room just with her presence. The girl that makes me smile at the sight of her. The girl that I want to do everything for and to keep safe. The one girl that I hold on to and never want to let go. My whole world.

Tanya makes me happy because I never thought anyone would ever love me, and here I hold her in my arms. Esme was always watching me and was sad because she didn’t know if I was going to find someone. She’s happy when she sees Tanya and I hand and hand. Jasper and Alice are the only ones who know how I actually feel. Jasper well her knows because of his power and Alice just knows me so well.

Tanya leaned up and kissed me along my jaw making her way to my lips. We were like this for a while. I felt her tongue against my bottom lip so I aloud entrance. The kiss deepened. She climbed on top of me wrapping her arms around my neck. I instantly put my arms around her waist. She pushed me down and started to unbutton my shirt. I pushed her hands away. We continued to kiss. Her hands found her way back to unbuttoning my shirt. In an instance I pushed her off.

“Tanya” I said in a disappointed voice.

“Yes I know, I know. Your not ready.” She said clearly irritated. She was right I wasn’t ready but it was more then that.

“Its not just that I’m not ready. I have morals and values. I’m waiting until I’m married.” I said without taking a second to think. Big mistake.

She jumped up her face beaming and she had the hugest smile ever. “Then lets get married!” She sang.


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(p.s. the awsome fan fic name 'Unrequited Love' came from Shellbelle!!! Thanks a bunch=] )


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Chapter 19--------------------------------------------------------> pg. 42

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Chapter 21 Coming Soon!!!!!

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OOH... I'd name it... Unrequited Love
Wow Thats An Awsome Name!!!!!!!!
I think i'll take it if you dont mind.......
way better then my idea!!!
No problem
hey girl!!, i love it ! absolutley awsome!
Its a great twist! I love it.. & Meteor Shower as a title is perfect!
Chapter 2
Alice’s POV

I was in my closet deciding what jasper and I were going to wear this week. Jasper came in with a seductive face on. He started to try and pull me out so we could have some … fun.

“Jasper I’m working here!” I said trying extremely hard not to give into him.

“Working? Your just picking out clothes.” He said irritated. “You look good in whatever you choose to wear.” He looked at me with the most adorable sad face. But I’m not letting him get away that easily.

“Just picking out clothes!” I growled.

“That’s not what I meant!” He pleaded backing out of the closet.

“Then enlighten me Jasper. What did you mean?” I glared at him. “’cause clearly I am mistaken!” Honestly did he not understand what I did? I wasn’t ‘just picking out clothes’! I had to make sure they looked good, pick the right accessories, and make sure it was right for the weather. Not that it would matter to us since we are vampires, but we have to keep up images.

“I’m sorry!” Jasper pleaded shrinking down as I cornered him. He and I both knew he couldn’t run.

All of a sudden my eyes went out of focus and it occurred to me that I was having a vision.

Edward and Tanya were at what they called ‘their meadow’.
“Its not just that I’m not ready. I have morals and values.” Edward said. Where’s he going with this? “I’m waiting until I’m married.” Edward what the he** were you thinking!
Tanya jumped up so excited , “Then lets get married!” She basically sang.

The vision changed.

Tanya and I were in the living room she couldn’t stop smiling. Edward was there too. He was smiling but I could see it was forced. Tanya asked me if I wanted to be the maid of horror… I mean honor.

The vision changed again.

This time there was no talk of marriage. Edward was there and so was the rest of my family. Everyone looked really happy that’s when I saw him. Edward looked as if he was in love. In actual love this time he wasn’t faking. Edward looked as if he was the happiest man (vampire) ever.

I blinked and I was staring at my room. Jasper was looking at me curiously. I guess he wants to know what the vision was, I just shook my head.

I knew what I had to do. I ran out the room, down the stairs, and about to make it to the door when I crashed into Emmett. Great. How come I didn’t see this coming?

“In a hurry little sis?” Emmett teased. Yes I’m going to save my brother from making the biggest mistake of his life. I thought to myself.

“Yes I am, now move!” I demanded.

“Ouch! That hurt. Is there some sort of pixie convention in town? What are you some sort of pixie leader?” Emmett said laughing. Ugh, I hate being called pixie.

“I told you never to call me pixie!” I growled at him.

“But that’s what you are! Just a little evil pixie.” He said trying to push my buttons.

I growled even louder, “IM NOT A PIXIE!” I yelled through clenched teeth. “SO stop calling me that.”

“And what is to happen if I don’t stop?” Ugh, I need to stop Edward.

Ok think… Edward is going to make a huge mistake… on the other hand I’m getting ready to tear Emmett’s head off. No! I have to stop Edward . I can deal with Emmett later.

I needed to distract Emmett. Ok think Alice, think. “Emmett Rosalie is about to touch your doll collection.” That’ll distract him.

“There not dolls!!! There action figures!” He growled then ran upstairs.

I ran out the door and got another vision.

Emmett snuck inside my room. Ugh I’m going to kill him… not now, I have to stop Edward. Emmett grabbed something on my desk. Not my kitty cat Mr. Meowzers!!! “This will show her!” He grinned evilly. Then in an instant he ripped off Mr. Meowzers head, through him on the floor, and stomped on him tearing him more.

“No!” I growled. Ugh! Stupid Edward! I have to go stop him. “Your dead Emmett!” I said out loud but it sounded more like a hiss.

I was about to head into the clearing when I heard Tanya’s voice, “Then lets get married!”

I was to late. Oh well serves Edward right for opening his big stupid mouth. If he would have thought before he spoke none of this would have happened, Mr. Meowzers would still be intact, and his little kitty body would be perfect.

That brought me back. Emmett is still going to die!

I ran back to the house not caring about what was happening with Edward and Tanya. I opened the front door to our house and there was Emmett sitting on the couch nice and peaceful playing with his dolls. Not for long. I thought to myself as I lunged at him knocking him to the floor.

“What the he** is your problem pixie?” Emmett yelled at me. I didn’t respond because I was to busy punching him. We were fighting for a while and I was winning, well only because I can see every move he was going to make, but hey winnings winning.

“What is going on in here?” Esme asked in her stern motherly voice. I had Emmett pinned on the floor with one hand behind his back.

“Hhhheee kkilled mmy kkkiiitttyyy!” I said in the saddest most heart pounding voice I could come up with. And it worked. Esme lifted me off the floor hugging me, but not before she slapped the back of Emmett’s head.

“Mr. Meowzers?” Esme asked. I nodded still not giving up with my sad face. “Jasper.” she called. He came down the stairs. “Can you bring me Mr. Meowzers?” She asked rubbing my arm. He was back with my disassembled Mr. Meowzers. “Carlisle.” She called out. He came from his study. “It seems you have patient in need of some serious surgery.” She said while signaling Jasper to hand my cat to Carlisle.

“Your right I do.” Carlisle said while taking a look at my Mr. Meowzers.

We were in the living room as Carlisle was putting my cat together again. (Was it just me or did that last line remind you of humpty dumpty?) Carlisle had all his ‘doctor stuff’ out when Edward and Tanya walked in hand in hand.

Edward looked around at the scene before him: Carlisle over an operating table with Mr. Meowzers as his patient, me sitting next to Esme my head on her shoulder, her rubbing my arm, and Jasper and Rosalie were holding Emmett down forcing him to watch as Carlisle worked.

Edward composed his face from any signs of laughter. Now he looked nervous. “We hav-” He started to say but was cut off.

“Were getting married!” Tanya said a little to over excited.


TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will see!
i will most likly post tonight or tommorrow morning but im thinking tommorrow morning


okay good writing :-) but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually its supposed to be immature.... that was the whole point of it... Its a story where the charectors actually show there little kid side, yet they also show themselves struggling and they go through a lot i just put the immature things to add a little humor... but i guess you didnt get the point of it.. but anyways thanks for the comment


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