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Smmary: Ever since Bella was 6, she wouldn't talk because her parents got a divorce and the same day, Renne died in a car crash. Her father remarried but got divorced. His ex left Chloe with him and traveled the world. She has 2 sisters and a brother (Alice Chloe and Emmet)  She was always sad. The only person she would talk to was Jacob, untill Edward showed up.


Edward was emo. He hated it all. The fact that His parents are divorced. His father was killed and his mother remaried. and the fact his only friend in the school were his siblings (Jasper Rose and Kyle) He would cut him self and soon ended up doing other things. That is untill Bella showed up in his life.


Many twists in this story!!



Charlie, father: 40

Emmet brother: 19

Alice sister: 18 (20 minutes older)

Bella: 18

Chloe half sister: 13




Esme mother: 41 

Carlisle step father: 41

Rose sister: 20

Jasper brother: 19

Edward: 18

Kyle brother: 14



Billy Father: 45

Jacob: 17


*others will apear later*





I have conseeled my self to silence. I have no reason to talk. I barely even spoke to Jacob. That is till I met Edward...



I hated it all. My world was a black pit, no reason to exsist. Untill I met Bella



Chapter 1, The way it happened BPOV* 12 years ago (shes 6)


I sat in my window, curled up. Mommy and Daddy got into a fight a while back. Mommy said that they just had to get a divorce. She said thats when they aren't married know more.


"I promise this doesn't mean anything!" She said holding me tight. She singed the 'divorce' papers and went down stairs. I cried as she left. I heard of this before. Alot of my friends went through it.

I never thought it would happen. Emmet ran in with Alice, tears in his eyes.


"I over heard mommy!" He cried. "Shes taking you with her!" I screamed and ran down stairs.


"No no no no!" I screeched, tearing through the living room. Mom just shook her head and dragged me to the doors.

"No! Please Ali! Emmy! Dad no! I want to stay with them! Get married again please!" I sobbed. She buckled me in.


"No it's for the best! I promise come on, we're moving out of Forks to Arazonia." As she pulled out of the drive way I seen a car come at atleast 100 miles an hour. The music was blasting and from what I could see the lady had a cell in her hand, not paying attention. Then it hit. Mom was flung from her side of the car to the passenger seat. I was in the back passnger seat. I could feel the whole place getting smaller. Mom didn't make a sound. Everyone rushed out and Emmet was wailing. Daddy smashed the window and pulled me out. He sat me down to pull out mom. I ran to my twin and my older brother.


"Mommy! Mommy!" Emmett chanted. We sat on the side walk as police cars and the Ambulance came.


"Take Isabella!" Charlie whispered as he helped with getting mom out. She was cold, pale looking.


"She was killed on impact, I'm sorry, Renees dead" Said an officer. A lady with short brown hair and blue eyes picked me up a took me away from my siblings. I kicked at her.


"Let me go! I want Ali and Emmett! Daddy! MOMMY!" I begged and wailed.


"Shhhh...shhh....shhhhhh" She whisper taking me to an ambulance. She sat me in and the drove off. Inside I seen the lady who...I scream.

"You hurt mommy  You! How could you! mommy! "  But she was a sleep. I curled up and cried.  That was the last time I talked.




EPOV 10 years ago (hes 8)


I was sitting in my room playing Xbox with my brother Jasper. Kyle running about the room. My came in and told us our father was here.


"Go on guys, Phil is waiting! Now becarful when you get on the boats! Wear a life jacket. Rosalie, make sure they don't do somthing stupid!" Mom sighed. I rolled my eyes and got kyle smiling.


"Ready?" Iasked he clapped.


"Boat boat!" I laughed. and walked out to the car.

We got to the boat dock. It looked like it was about to storm but that didn't stop dad. Soon we were in the middle of the ocean. I felt my pocket vibrate and picked up my phone.


"Mom?" She was crying and panicking.


"Tell me your off the waters tell me our comming home! Theres a bad storm comming!" I gasped.


"Dad! Dad! Theres a storm! we have to go!" I screamed and hung up. Rose pushed her blond hair back and pulled out the ear-phones stuck to her hair. Jasper grabbed Kyle. ad stepped on the gas but it was to late the storm came. lightning struck the boat and dad. I screamed and ran into the storage place, with kyle in my arms. Jasper and Rosey hid under the place where the driver would sit. After 20 minute of rain. It stopped. I called mom and she sent out a search boat and planes. Thye found us soon.


"Dad! Daddy!" Rosalie screamed. I held Kyle close.  And quietly sobbed. I knew he was dead. We got to shore soon. Mom was waiting.


'"I'm sorry Phils dead." Esme hugged us and collapse.


*Heres some of it I'm gonna postr more!* 

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Chapter Two BPOV *Present day*

I now sit in the same room I did years ago. It hasn't changed much, besides a bigger bed. Its purple, with a desk and a old as crap computer. I still sit in the window and watch at the same place the car had been. I still cry.
But I never talk. I feel like it was my fault. If she wouldn't of been so jumpy, she'd still be alive! The only thing I got was a scare, shaped like an x on my cheek.
To day was the same except for the fact of talk going around about these new kids. I sat on the windo seal, fully dressed reading a book. Romeo and Juliet, my favorite. I sat there and finally testted my voice out to my self.

"What is in a name? For that in which we call a rose would smell just as sweet, give up thy name- Jacob," I gasped as my best friend Jake walked in, smling. He had long dark hair and dark eyes, tan skin and was really the only person I could say hi to. I just barely talked to him, and only when he honestly made me.

"Talked again, what is it, the 3rd time this month?" I slapped him and shoved the book into my book case. I straightened out my clothes. I was wearing a black jacket with a short sleeved red velvet shirt that tied around the waist black skinny jeans with sparkley roses and my favorite black Chuck Taylors.

"Your looking good. Did Alice pick the clothes?" I shook my head.

"Did she do you hair?" I smiled as he twirled it in his hand and bit my lip. My hair was straightened and put half up half down. and to mark it Alies work, she put a black bow with red skulls in my hair. Her favorite things.
I nodded and smiled a little. Jake was my sun, when mom died. I met him when dad needed some one to take care of us. His dad and mine were best friends and His dad would take care of me.

"Haha should have known. Well come on Bella,lets get to school and see who the new kids are," I nodded and stepped down the steps.

"Morning again Bella!" Alice giggled. she was wearing a pink and black zebra stripped dress with hot pink heels and a little plasic tiara in her black/brown spikey hair. Her eyes were blue like moms, where as me and Emmett had brown eyes. I giggled at her outfit.

"What I look cute." Jake smiled.

"Lets go with that!" She rolled her eyes and screamed for Emmett.

"EMMETT! COME ON WE'RE TAKING YOUR JEEP!" She was about ready to snatch the keys but out of thin air, Em slipped them away and hugged me.

"Any word Bells?" I shook my head. I owed them noot to hear the worse thing in the world. The voice of a killer.

"Umm good luck in foot ball" Jake said, reading my mind. He always knew what I wanted to say. He nodded.

"Thanks Jacob...Thanks Bells" I smiled and hugged him.

"Chloe! Come on, I'll drive you to school!" Emmet called. Chloe came, looking tired.

"Lets go!" Cried Alice. I walked out to the Jeep and sat in the back with Jake. Alice and Emmett sat in the front. It took 5 minute to get there with Emmetts driving. I wanted to scream but I didn't.

"We're here!" He howled. I glared at him and kicked his seat. He just luaghed harder. I got out to see a Volvo I had never seen. A really beautiful girl was sitting on the roof while a guy with blonde hair, (like the girl) sat on the hood, holding a notbook. I looked around because there was supposed to be 3 of them.
At last,I seen the other one sitting on the bench at the other side of the lot. He had music playing and his hair was a bronze color. He wore a black hoodie with black jeens and kept his head down.
I was confused.
His brother was dressed in a light blue long sleeved polo shirt with jeans, and the girl was dressed in a grey blouse with a jean skirt and light blue leggings like her brothes shirt. I sat there and looked at them, then back at the boy.

"Wait I thought there were 3?" Jacob said. I lightly pressed his face in the guys direction.

"Diffrent much!?" I smacked him. He yelped.

"Sorry sorry!"

"Oh my god, that chick is hot!" Emmett said smiling and winking at her. she smiled back, flipped her hair and waved.
He was gone.
Alice smiled brightly at the guy in the blue.

"Hes adorable. Bella come with me!" I tried to refuse but nodded. Alice pulled me along while Jacob sat there smiling at us.

"Hi! I'm Alice swan! And this is Bella! I seen you were new here so, I thought we'd say hi!" They boy nodded and spoke with a southern accsent.

"I'm Jasper. That girl, my sister is Rosalie but I think your brother likes her. And that's-" He pointed to the boy, "Is Edward." I smiled. and walked away from Alice. I went to the boy. He was still looking down when I sat down. I tapped his shoulder. As he looked up I waved and smiled. He smiled slightly.

"Hi I'm Edward." He said. Taking out the ear plugs. I pulled out my piece of paper I carried that said 'Bella, sorry, I don't talk' He smiled bigger.

"Good cause I hate talking too." I sat there and stared at him, biting my lip. I, for once tried my voice with a new person.

"Whats wrong." I whispered.

"Alot." I nodded.

"I hope we can be friends.." WHAT WAS I DOING I DON'T EVEN TALK TO MY SIBLINGS!

"You talk more than I thought."

"I don't want to write." He nodded.

That was the first day I met Edward Cullen.
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Good story. Keep going. And please do check mine when you get time :)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Chapter 3 EPOV*

I was sitting, tinking. I hated my mother for making us move to forks with her new husband. I wanted to stay with my dad, but she ripped me away. So now I sit here in this room I couldn't hate more and having to go to a new school, I couldn't make friends in a school with 5,000 people in it how am I supposed to make some here, in a school with less the 400?? I sighed.

"Edward come on!" Kyle called. He was the only one I really cared about. I smirked.

"Coming!" I walked down stairs with my Ipod and my favorite book, Romeo and Juliet. I tossed my back back over my shoulder and walked out to my Volvo. Kyle got in the front and Jasper and Rose got in the back. I drove to the middle school first and let out Kyle.

"Make new friends Edward, please!??" I sighed and nodded.
We got to school and I walked away from my siblings. There was a bench on the other side of the parking lot so I went there. 2 minutes later a Jeep showed up. The second car in the parking lot, ours was first.
The first person out was a huge guy with brown hair. He kinda scared me. As soon as he seen Rosalie, he was over to her. The next one to get out was a really small girl with the same colored hair. She was dressed freakish. Then a indian looking dude got out, the first people and him definetly were not related.He started to help another girl out.
She was beatiful!
Her hair was chocolate brown and went to her waist even though it was half up. From where I was sitting I could tell she was really pale, but a had a red tint to her cheeks that made her look adorable. She was the same hieght as the other girl and besides the hair they were twins.
I could see the Indian ask somthing and the amazing girl shoved his head my way. I loked down. Then the weirdly dressed girl she pushed the other girl twords Jasper. The girl didn't say anything. When they got over there she still didn't say anything, but waited for them to get talking. Then she snuck away and came twords me. I looked down, and pretended I didn't see her come over.
She tapped my shoulder so I looked up. Her eyes were a perfect chocolate brown. She waved and smiled a breath taking smile. I smiled slightly.

"Hi I'm Edward." I said, taking out the ear plugs from my Ipod. She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote: 'Bella, sorry, I don't talk' I smiled bigger.

"Good cause I hate talking too." She sat there and just staired at me. Sh ebit her lip, wich made her look even more cute..

"Whats wrong?" She whispered slightly, I felt like she tell my hole story. I looked into her eyes, and for that second, I knew she had been through it all to. But she lived to tell the tale....I didn't.

"Alot." I stated calmly. She nodded to me. After a few seconds she spoke again.

"I hope we can be friends.." She said, waily. But I could tell she ment it. Make friends passed through my head.

"You talk more than I thought." I said, hopping I didn't afend her.

"I don't want to write." Sh esaid blushing I wanted to touch her cheek so bad. I nodded.

"Sure." I simply stated. People came in and she ran over the Indian boy and pulled him over.

"I'm Jacob....Bella's best friend and voice."

"I'm Edward." He looked at e like I was nuts. I think I was!

"Cool. Well Bella we better go.." She shook her head, and pulled up my book and smiled happily. Jacob laughed.

"Bellas in love with that book too. I caught her reciting one of the lines to day, first tim ein forever she taled." She pushed him slightly and blush. We kept taling, well Jacob talked and Bella nodded. Soon the bell rang so we went our seprate way.

*4th pieroid*

I had biology now. I walked into the room and gave the teacher my stuff. He singed and sat me in the ack.

"Your partner is....Bella Swan, here she comes." She smiled at me and waved.

"She hates to talk but is my best student, maybe you can be her mouth." I nodded.

"Hey Bella." She smiled again at me.

"Umm...if you don't mind me asking, why don't you talk?" She gulped but started talking. I loved her voice.

"My mom died when I was six. It was also the day my parents got divorced. It's a long story after that though so yeah." She whisperd. Sje looked at me intently.

"Your the first person I told that, besides Jake. Know one else knows." I nodded. I felt like I could trust her...not enough to show her the scares yet but enough to tel her my story.

"My father died when I was 8. Mom and him were divorced and later mom got remarried. The only thing in this world that keeps me sane is my little brother Kyle."

"I understand I have a little sister Chloe, shes practicly my world." She didn't talk much after that ecsept inviting me to sit with her at lunch.

I think I might love Bella

*I will write more soon!*


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