The Twilight Saga

What if Bella and Edward were best friends and the opposite poles? What if the line between friendship and love started to erase? All Human!

All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer

All happenings belong to me (Emma Cullen!)

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Chapter 1


A normal day in Forks. The sun was in the sky even though the clouds were surrounding the blue, well I guess as it was summer; the sun had to be there no matter what.


Charlie, my father, had already gone to the Police Station, and I was alone. In peace. Eating my breakfast and enjoying the quiet. I finished quickly and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and peep myself one more time in the mirror. I was still too white for July, but I guess being me – it was no surprise.


The sound of a horn made me jump. But the rhythm was just too familiar. God, did he always need to be so punctual?


I grabbed my bag and was already outside the house in a second.


“Hey Bell, why are you running?” my best friend laughed. “Late again, huh?”


“Ha ha,” I mocked as I sat in the passenger’s seat of his Volvo. “You know, Edward, some of us actually have something to do rather than speeding all night till sunrise in a Volvo.”

He arched one eyebrow. “Yeah, like reading for example? What, are you reading Wuthering Heights again?” his deep voice came husky, maybe because he’d been awake all night racing as he some times did in summer.


 “Actually, is Romeo and Juliet,” I mumbled a bit ashamed. Yes, I was geek. I loved reading, so what? Sue me!


I sometimes couldn’t believe how two totally opposite people could go so well one with the other. Edward and I had been best friends since I first put a foot on this town, when my mother Renee died and I came to live with my dad when I was seven. We had been inseparable for eleven years now. But we were truly different. 

He was the popular guy, the best one of the swimming team. And overall, he was charismatic and… well - I had to admit, really handsome. And me, I was the total opposite. Not social at all, more of the indoors sports –with that I mean; reading and watching a movie from time to time, and I was completely average in beauty. I’d nothing that shocked people in my face, unlike Edward. His emerald green eyes killed almost every girl on this town. I said almost, because I couldn’t count me. He was my friend, almost like my brother.   


“Sure,” he amused and then his eyes turned mischievous. “Ready for a swimming party?” he gave me his Colgate smile.


I sighed, always the same with him… “You know I don’t swim, Edward.”


“We’ll see that,” he chuckled as he pressed the gas pedal to the max to go to the lake to spend a sunny day together – as we loved to do in summer.


Chapter 2

“Come on, Bell! Look at the water, doesn’t it look tasty?” Edward pushed standing one foot from the top of the lake and waving me to go to his spot.

“I DON’T SWIM!” I shouted back. Besides, I felt self conscious about being only in bikini around him. He was just Edward and all, I know… but well, we had grown up now, and it wasn’t like if we were seven anymore. And deep inside I knew, that his body was just too perfect and mine was just too average.

I sat on a rock and took the sun lotion out of my bag, when two wet hands touched my back unexpectedly.

“Ouch! You are cold!” I yelled to an all-wet Edward behind me. His childish face made me smile.

“Bell, it’s summer here, on the earth, remember?” He amused as he sat by my side, putting his head back to see the sun.

“Well, my summer is a bit different than yours, all right? I actually like to be in touch with culture instead of always with water and parties and cars and girls!” I stuck my tongue at him.

“There is only a girl I like to be with,” he smiled childishly one more time.

I made a face. “Jessica is just—” he cut me off, putting his index on my lips.

“I was referring to you, silly girl.”

“Oh,” I bragged, content. “Well, she’s still your girlfriend.”

He rolled his eyes. “Don’t tell me you don’t die to go out with Jasper Hale. I’ve seen you watching him during gym class, you almost drool over him.”

I dropped my eyes to the floor, but his stare was so intense that even though I wasn’t look at him I turned crimson red. I couldn’t believe he noticed about Jasper, I didn’t even notice it myself so clearly! God, how could he know me so much?!

“I don’t know what you are saying, Jasper is a jerk,” I said. I didn’t know if he could understand me, I was seriously mumbling.

“Only because he is in the football team?” he arched his eyebrow one more time. And I could hear the skeptical tone in his words; he was in a team as well.

I sighed again. “Not because of that, just because he’s been with almost every girl of this town. And you know I don’t like players.”

He stayed silent for some seconds and kicked a pebbled from the ground. “Romeo doesn’t exist, you know… It’s just a character.” He shrugged and stood up.

“Maybe he does…” I mumbled under my breath and shrugged. We stayed quiet after that, but just for a minute.

He suddenly looked behind me with suspicious eyes. “Hey, what’s that over there?” he said.

I turned around and looked at his spot too. “What’s what?” I couldn’t see anything rather than green and brown.

“Got you!” I heard him shout as I realized I had his arms around my torso lifting me and placing me on his chest. Oh – oh.

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Chapter 27

"Bella, they will be here in any minute. Would you get ready, please?" Charlie said from the other side of my room's door. His tone had an edge of impatience and irritation.

I stayed lying in my bed with my arms folded across my chest. "You invited them, you entertain them."

He sighed from the other side of the door, defeated and worried. "What's wrong with you, Bell? Since you woke up you have been so down, so sad… Don't you want to go to Dartmouth?"

I breathed deeply, my hands finding in the same second my already too broken, too devastated heart. "Yes," was all I could choke out when someone knocked the front door.

"I'll go open, you get ready." Charlie ordered at the same time steps were resounding from the woody stair.

I breathed deeply, once, twice, and stood up. With the worst face I could have, I went to my wardrobe and chose the first thing I saw. Not caring if it suited me, if it was nice, if it was old fashioned. Anything.

"It's just a tiny meeting with your town friends, just that." I kept repeating to myself as I got dressed and ready.

Charlie couldn't have a better idea than inviting my town friends so I could say goodbye to all. The least I needed right now was seeing all of them so they could give me pity looks, or false 'I hope we see you again', or jealous acts.

The least I needed right was a tiny living room full of people that would only remember me of the only person I cared the most and wasn't there. Because I knew he wouldn't be coming, I knew he would put some lame excuse not to be with me today. So I wasn't giving myself any hopes. I was only going to talk the minimum so they wouldn't think I had gone crazy. No, not talk, only fake half hearted smiles so they would buy I was thinking of how much I would miss everybody, of how excited I would be to be in a different state, with new people, with new interests. And wouldn't question me.

The truth was, the only thing my mind could think of, was the pain I was feeling right now. It felt as if little needles were placed in the most painful places of my body. Worse, as if little needles were placed one by one in every cell that formed me.

"Bella," Charlie called from the other side, his voice more impatient, cutting my trail of thought. "Would you come down, please? Four of your friends are already here."

"Perfect," I mumbled incoherently as I finished fixing my hair in a poor ponytail.

"I'll be at my room. If you need anything just ask. Be good, please?" He sighed at the end.

I rolled my eyes. "Sure."

When I reached the living room, I couldn't believe my eyes; there were five teenagers sitting completely uncomfortable. Only two faces remained untouchable; Lauren and JesicASS. They were sitting in a corner of the room, in the big coach, seeing their nails, their cell phones, nothing but themselves.

In the other corner were Emmett and Alice sitting. And there was when I winced. There was when the pain invaded my system once again.

"Hey, Bella." Alice cheered, coming to my side. Her eyes were full of shame and angst, I could see that even if she had a thick mask of joy in her face.

"Hey," I breathed, containing the pain. "How are you, Alice?"

"Good…," she lied, her eyes would always give her away. "You know, Ed—"

"I know," I cut her off, I didn't know if I could manage hearing it. "He can't come, right?"

She nodded slowly, her eyes now meeting anything but me. "He went hiking. You know he likes that… right?"

"Right, right." But I never knew he liked hiking more than me.

"Bella, I need to talk—" Alice started when Emmett greet from across the room cut her off. For some reason I didn't understand I wanted Alice to finish her sentence, as if it was crucial.

But Emmett stood up and walked to me in that same moment. His face resembled to Alice's; he had that thick mask that would try to hide the same feelings of shame and angst.

"Hey, Bella." Emmett smiled, his smile so fake that it looked almost as a grim.

"Hi, Emmett." I breathed back, tired of this big, fat lie.

"So, I didn't know you were throwing a party. Where are the strippers, huh?" He laughed goofily.

I rolled my eyes; big, old Emmett. "They're hidden in the closet, waiting for the right time to come out. Go check if they haven't choked with the lack of air." At least my sarcasm wasn't lost.

Emmett and Alice stared wide eyes at me, shocked.

"All right, Bella. Maybe we should go sit down, now." Alice suggested, her features torn into an expression of worry. I stared back at her, trying to decipher by her eyes what she wanted to tell me before. She looked right back at me; her eyes had suddenly gained five years old. "Later," she mouthed to me.

My heart raised with the intrigue. Alice and Emmett started going to the sofa. When I was about to start walking behind them, I remembered who were sitting in the other corner of my living room. And with that, I diverted my walk to meet them.

"Umm, hi?" I said incredulous. How did they get here?

Jessica looked up at me, and even if her eyes were meant to show fake enthusiasm, I could see the real angriness and sorrow in their depths.

"Hi, Bella." She said with her unbearable voice. "We are here to tell you goodbye, because you are not coming back, right? For now, I mean." She corrected herself giggling evilly.

When I was about to answer her someone knocked the door. Jessica was lucky that the door saved her. I took a deep breath; I was being barely myself right now.

Angela and Mike were both on the other side of door, their expressions showed the real sadness they felt. And for a fraction of a second I forgot about Edward, for a fraction of a second I only thought of how much I would really miss my friends.

They both hugged me before I could blink, and even if I had never liked physical contact so much, I needed this. I needed my old friends to come rescue me from my misery today.

"Hey, buddies." I laughed as they wouldn't let go off me. And for this second, my laugh was genuine. Angela let go off me in that moment, she tried to hide her sorrow by looking at the floor. But I knew her just too well.

Mike was still hugging me, though. His friendly hug went from being friendly… to something not so friendly and much more private. His hands were tight on my back, one too near from my butt.

And there is when I remembered why I had lost contact with Mike, because even if I didn't want to recognize, I deep down knew, that it wasn't the same for him. That he actually had always expected more than friendship from me.

With that thought wandering inside my head, I broke away from him.

"Come inside," I said as I closed the door.

I stayed there, laying on the door, just watching all of them act. Angela stared right back at me when she passed next to Jessica and Lauren.

"WHAT?" She mouthed, shocked.

"Tell me about it," I mouthed back, sighing heavily.

Mike and she went to sit beside Alice and Emmett, they started talking in that moment, even laughing a bit.

But I couldn't go, because I couldn't laugh. I was feeling like the stars that were so far from the Earth, that even if they were dead since many years ago, we still wouldn't notice. I felt like that, as if I were already dead in my inside but my heart and brain and my whole boy would still work.

Why didn't he come? Why didn't he answer the message? Did he hate what happened? Did he finally realize he was too much for me? Too perfect?

"Bella, the door!" Alice shouted to me, her hands impatient at her sides. "It's passed like five minutes since I'm trying to talk to you!"

"Sorry," I mumbled, clearing my head by shaking it softly. My heart rose stupidly. As if it were waiting so badly for it to happen that by only hearing the sound of a knock, it would react. But my brain knew perfectly well the way in which Edward knocked the door of my house, and it wasn't in this way.

Even if I already knew it wasn't happening, my eyes filled with disappointment as I saw Jasper and Rosalie on the other side of the door.

"Hey, Bella," Jasper smiled and pecked my cheek.

"Hi," I said to both. Though for some reason I was happy Jasper was here, as if in our short relationship we had connect in a way that I hadn't with most of the people I knew since I was little.

As with Mike and Angela, they passed by me and went to sit in two chairs next to the Cullens. Rosalie and Emmett were already holding hands, looking into each other's eyes as if nothing else existed in the world. And my stomach felt sick.

I ran to the kitchen, looking for something to do that would distract me. I started putting in a tray the homemade food someone had done for today. I was sure it hadn't been Charlie… but maybe Sue? I smiled to myself; at least someone would cook healthy food to him when I would be away.

I delayed as much as possible, trying to concentrate in the mechanized movements and not in the happy couple that was sitting just feet far from me.

Someone knocked the door, and I held my breath.

"It's Ben, Bella. I'll go answer!" Angela said excited.

"Ugh," I grumbled as I put the cheese sandwiches in a plate. My frustration was so big that some sandwiches ended up a bit disintegrated.

"Come on, Bella. Just fake a smile and everything will go okay." I breathed to myself as I finished with the jam sandwiches.

But it was still hard when I entered to the living room again, now two couples holding hands and giggling. I placed the tray in the table, trying with all my forces not to reveal what I really felt and still faked that stupid mask.

"You need help?" Jasper asked, standing up from the chair.

I shrugged at him, I really didn't care. I walked back to the kitchen and felt footsteps right behind.

I opened the fridge looking for something to drink. Apparently, Charlie had bought some sodas too. I put two on another tray and went to reach for the glasses. I needed to be in tiptoes to reach the cupboard and Jasper came to save me.

"You want help?" he chuckled as he started taking the glasses without waiting for an answer.

I folded my arms across my chest and leaned against the counter. "I don't want it, but I need it." I stared at the floor, the fire already burning my cheeks.

I felt him beside me, in the same position. He sighed deeply, he didn't say anything but I felt as if I were telling everything in this silent conversation. I felt as if I wanted to hug him but not because I felt something for him, only because I needed him…

Though it wasn't exactly him who I needed or wanted.

"Cullen isn't here…," he mumbled, trailing off.

"Clever boy," I said as he wouldn't continue. And then I wanted to kick myself, why was I acting like such a b.?

He didn't seem to take it so badly, he laughed casually and stared down at me. "Why isn't Cullen here?"

"You think I would be here if I knew?"

"And why don't you ask him?" he pushed, frowning.

I turned my back at him, my eyes dropping alone to the floor, my hands finding immediately my chest. "Because he obviously doesn't want to talk to me, if not he would be here. Don't you think?"

"Why is that boy so stupid?" he laughed bitterly. "Seriously, I sometimes think I should give him a chance and go talk to him, maybe we could be good friends. And when these things happen is when I realize we would never be."

I breathed deeply. "How can you even think it twice? He is so amazing… I would never doubt being her friend."

"That's because you love him, Bella. I don't love him, luckily." He chuckled lightly, but I couldn't laugh back. I felt too dispirited.

I felt so weak, that a little wind could destroy me completely. Rip me into little pieces.

"Does it matter, now? I'm leaving tomorrow."

He sighed and made me turn around with his hand in my arm. "Always the same with you, Bella. You seemed more determined last time we… talked. What happened, why are you so sad, again?"

"Because Romeo doesn't exist!" I faltered at the end, my eyes already glistening with tears.

He stared down at me, his features torn. "No, he doesn't. But yours does. And you know that, don't you?"

I looked up at him, his eyes seemed so wise as he comforted me. And again I silently cursed myself for having once thought wrong about him. Nothing ever really is what it seems.

"I knew it before, I don't know if I know that now." I sighed again, exhausted of my stupid mind.

Jasper sighed too. He took my face in his hands, commanding my eyes to meet his. "Look, Bella," he said. "It's not always so easy. Sometimes things are so strong, so deep, so amazing, that are scary. And not everyone is that strong to endure them."


"It's not because we don't want to that we sometimes back off. It's because we can't, because we are scared." He finished softly, slowly.

I looked into his eyes to see if I could find the slightest sight of doubt, but he seemed so convinced of what he was saying, that I found none.

"Have you ever backed off?" my voice was almost a whisper.

He stared at an invisible point, far away, and then looked back at me. "I haven't fought enough. But just because she had already found her Romeo." He smiled half heartedly.

I stayed frozen for a second before I could speak again. My voice came out distorted nevertheless. "Maybe because she wasn't your Juliet."

"Maybe…," he smiled again.

"Hey, there," Alice said, coming to the kitchen. "I was looking for you, Bella."

"I know, me too." My heart rose again, as if remembering the 'Later' Alice had said a while ago.

She stared at Jasper for a moment, her eyes lost in his face, and then she stared back at me, focused again.

"Maybe I should go…," Jasper said, already walking to the door when he sensed the air was too thick.

"No, no, Jasper. You can stay." Alice smiled at him. And it felt so genuine, so easy.

Jasper splashed his hands to his jeans and leaned against the counter. Something seemed to amuse him, he was smiling, but the corners of his lips weren't arched… it was his eyes.

I cleared my head shaking it slowly; I was seeing love bugs everywhere today. And it was actually frustrating.

"Could you please talk, Alice?" I pleaded as she kept on staring at me. Her eyes doubtful.

"I just don't know how to say it…," she said truthfully, her hands finding her temple as she thought.

I sat on a chair of the kitchen, already feeling as if I were about to choke. I tried to concentrate myself in a dark spot on the floor… but when I remembered who had done it a year ago, I turned my eyes at her again.

"Just say it, Alice. Say it at once." I pleaded again, too tired, too hurt.

"It's just that…," she stared at me, looking for the right words. "He looks as if he were dead."

I frowned at her. "What do you mean?"

She shrugged, her eyes finding her hands, worried. "I don't know, he doesn't want to go out of his room. I don't know if he has eaten, either."

I stood up, adrenaline flying through my veins. "Why didn't you tell me before, Alice?" I was mad now, my head spinning around for all the things that were flashing through it at the same time.

I didn't know what I was doing, but my feet were leading me to my kitchen's door, and my mind was already revising where could I have put my car keys.

"Because he told me he didn't want to see you."

I stopped abruptly, my hands finding the mark of the door, my fingers grasping it with all my strength so I wouldn't fall down in that second. Because everything spun around.

"Bella…," Alice cried behind me. But I couldn't turn around, I didn't feel my heart anymore. And the only thing my mind would do would be repeat those horrendous words again and again. Because he told me he didn't want to see you.

I screamed loudly, crazily. Frantically, desperately. "GET OUT! ALL OF YOU, JUST GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" I couldn't handle it anymore, I shouted again. "GET OUT!"

They all stared at me, their eyes wide with surprise and scare.

"Bella…," Mike started walking towards me, his eyes fixed in mine as if he understood.

Hell he didn't. "No, Mike. Just go, please. I'm sorry, but I need to be alone." I breathed deeply, looking down to the floor. "Thank you for coming, really. But now, please leave."

Everyone stayed quiet for some seconds, the silence was so thick with questions that it could have easily been cut with a knife. Slowly, they all started moving to the door, with the usual "Hope you feel better soon," or "Have a nice life," or even some "She's a crazy freak." For the irritating voice, I knew that one had to be JessicASS.

That is what I was imagining it could happen if I'd scream as I wanted to. While my heart seemed to be cracking little by little. Piece by piece. It all flashed so fast through my head, that Alice was still talking to me when it ended. Still pleading.

"If you talk to him, he'd realize everything he already really knows, Bella. Just please—"

"Just please go." I managed to say in a mere whisper. "I need to be alone."

With that I walked to the living room as a civilized human being.

"Guys, I'm sorry, but I need to go pack…," I sighed heavily, as if I didn't want them to go.

"Oh, don't worry, Bella. We understand." Angela was the first one standing up, maybe because she was always thinking of the others… maybe because she knew me just too well. "Text me when you are there, all right? I'll see you very soon, right?"

"Right," I smiled at her. She hugged me strongly and I hugged her back.

I felt moisture in my eyes but I didn't want to look as a whiner little girl, so I broke apart fast from her. "I'll miss you, Ang."

"I'll miss you too." She pouted, cleaning her steamed glasses.

Ben hugged me after her. "Take care, Bella."

"Yeah, you take care of my friend. I'm watching." I threatened, smiling at the end. But the smile was so weak, that I was sure it looked as a grim.

"I sure will," he finished, taking her hand. And I somehow knew he always would, I wasn't scared of him ripping her heart out, I knew he loved her just too much to hurt her.

I looked away, finding anything but their show of love in front of me. Angela opened the door fast and they waited outside.

JessicASS, Lauren and Mike came next. And even if my whole body was aching, my mind had the space to think that this should be funny.

Her eyes were petulant as she approached me, but then, for a second, they were understandable. Maybe because she realized there was at least one thing we had in common; we loved the same man, the same man that had broken our hearts.

"Goodbye, Bella." She said with her high-pitched voice. Huh, I'd miss it in some way, I guessed. "I hope you do well." And even if it sounded ridiculously false, it truly felt as if she had meant it.

"Thank you, Jessica. I hope the same." I smiled at her. Suddenly, as if she had realized her stone heart had melted a bit, she put that petulant face in herself once again, and with the nose up she went outside. Lauren followed her with a quick "Bye," to me.

I wasn't in the mood to deal with Mike's way to touch me a bit more, so before he would bend down to reach me in a hug, I stretched up to hug him fast and break away.

"Goodbye, Mike. Hope I see you soon."

He stared at my eyes, his own drowning in misery. "I'll miss you really much, you know, Bella?" He smiled. "You really are unique, though you probably don't know it." It turned into a whisper toward the end. He bended down and pecked my cheek.

I'm not as unique as for him to want me. My mind added silently. When I was about fall to the floor for the pain, two strong hands caught me.

"You should rest, Bella. You almost fell." Emmett said kindly, placing me back stood.

"Thanks," I muttered. "I should."

He turned me around and took me in his arms in a big, strong bear hug.

"I won't cry; I'll see you soon." He pouted in my neck.

"E—mmett c—an't b—reathe." I choked out, smiling at the same time. Emmett would always be Emmett, I was so hoping he would never change.

"Oops," he grinned hugely as he placed me back on the floor. "Old times, old habits."

"You'll see me so many times that you'll be sick of me." I smiled at his happy eyes.

"I'm counting on that, Bella. I still know some things about you that I wouldn't want to tell…" He said in a whisper and laughed as I stared blankly at him. He messed my hair up and went outside.

"Take care, Bella." Rosalie smiled warmly at me, then. "I hope I had met you sooner, we would have been good friends."

"I'm still coming back, Rosalie." I convinced myself as I convinced her.

"Sure, we'll talk when you are back." She smiled and ran to Emmett's back.

I stared at Alice and Jasper, they seemed so different but yet so similar. I didn't know why I felt it, but I did. I took them both in a big hug. And now the tears didn't ask for permission, they just spilled.

Alice was sobbing silently, her arms stretched up to reach me. Jasper let one hand off me and placed it in Alice's shoulders, comforting her.

"Just go, please. I hate goodbyes. I promise I'll be back so soon that you will tell me to go away again." I cried, wiping away my tears with the back of my hands.

"Promise," Alice breathed, her eyes intent on mine. "Promise!"

"I promise," I spoke with a yarn of voice. "I promise I'll be back really soon. I can't leave you behind, you are too important to me."

She stretched her arms to hug me one more time, and then she broke away and went outside. Jasper following right behind, but before he left, he gave me another one of his wise smiles.

"Don't be afraid," he whispered before closing the door.

12 hours had never been so long in my life. They had never felt so dark, so empty. Every minute of the rest of the day had passed so slowly that it had been almost unbearable. He never did text, or call, or visit. I was so tempted to call him, but then I would remember Alice's words strong behind my eyes, and I would put the phone back when it was.

It was as if those beautiful hours we'd spent together were only a quick goodbye to a long journey that had started eleven years ago. At least I knew he was still breathing, and smiling, and teasing somewhere. Not with me, though. Not now, not ever.

But how could he lie to me so immensely? How could he not feel any of the words he so surely said to me that night? Those words that would appear in my head anytime my thick shell would be distracted. Those words that I was sure would haunt me for so long. How could he do me something like this? After everything he had said about Jacob, after all the times he had protected me. How could he be the one that hurt me so badly, so strongly? That had made a never healing wound?

The hours that had passed after my friends had gone away had been so difficult to live through, that I couldn't believe how I managed to survive. I even hadn't had the strength to spend time with my father, I had been shut in my room, unable to even pack my things.

Now I was lying on my bed, staring to my dark ceiling, waiting for the hours to rush so this pain could end. Just some more hours and I would be out of this tiny town. Some more hours and all my misery would be gone.

Yes, that was what I was trying to make my brain buy. But deep inside, I was completely sure that my misery had just begun hours ago. When our lips touched, when my hands traced his body and his traced mine…

I hided my face on my pillow, so that would reduce the noise of the screams that were too loud to contain inside, too painful. I screamed and cry, and screamed again. And after some hours… I could finally fall asleep.

"Bella…?" I heard somebody calling from my door, followed by a light knocked. "Bella it's almost eight. You have to wake up and pack your things."

"Mhm?" I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't think of how miserable I would be when opening them. I knew my so friendly brain would recreate everything that happened almost 48 hours ago. And I couldn't stand it.

"Come on, Bell. You have to wake up." I could identify the impatient voice of my father beside my woody door. I could just imagine him wrinkling his already wrinkled forehead.

I breathed deeply once, and slowly opened my eyes. "I'm coming, dad. Just give me a sec. I couldn't sleep well last night." I tried to speak even though the lump was already formed up in my throat.

"Oh," Charlie said warily behind the door. "Is because you are nervous?" But it sounded as if he wanted to say something else.

I placed my hands on my chest, trying to stop the pain that was little by little overcoming me. "Y-yeah, something like that." I lied.

Charlie breathed from the door, it again seemed as if he was going to say something, but then changed his mind. "All right, don't be. Everything will be okay. Start packing when you are ready, little girl. We have to be at the airport at four." It sounded as if he had started going away and then came back. "Oh, I almost forgot!"

"What?" I asked, my heart pounding faster. Stupid heart.

"They called from the travel agency, there is a flight that delays much less than this one. It takes off half an hour later. We are still on time, just let me know."

I thought for half a second. I really needed time alone in a plane, I didn't know if I would manage Dartmouth all together. I needed some time to acclimatize myself.

"No, that's okay. I prefer this one."

"All right, kiddo. Just get ready." He finished, walking away.

I packed everything almost without thinking it. The blue bags were already in my room. I tried my best not to think in the history every little thing had and just placed it inside the bag. I tried to work mechanically, robotically, only thinking of saving place and folding everything perfectly.

When an old box that was back in my wardrobe, fell to the floor, scattering everything that was on it.

I kneeled in the floor before the opened box. I remembered very well the day I had done it, when I was twelve and I had thought I was too mature to have some things.

I took the baby doll of my childhood in my hands, and brushed my fingers through her face. I had named it Renee after my mother. A smile started playing with my lips as I remembered how overprotective I always was of her, she was my little girl and I had to always protect her no matter what. Just like my mother had always done with me.

I took the lipstick my mother loved the most, one that I had once hided because I wanted to have some when I would be old enough to use it. I laughed, remembering, as a tear danced all the way down my face.

I stood up and went to the mirror. I applied some of the lipstick to my lips. It was a sweet pink, not too notorious, not too subtle.

"Now I'm old enough." I said to my figure in the mirror. I saw another tear escaping her brown eyes. I looked away from her, and my eyes found one more time the old box.

They found one little thing in particular, one that made my legs shake. I kneeled one more time before the box, and with trembled hands took the little Power Rangers' rubber in my hands.

"Oh," I cried as I placed it where once was my unbroken heart. "I hate you so much. So much."

But then the words changed alone, even if I was making my best not to say them. "I love you so much. So much."

It seemed like forever when the bags were already inside the car and Charlie closing the door of my house. Now everything was ready, everything but my heart.

I breathed deeply and got into the passenger's seat, not before giving a last quick look to my tiny house that would always be my home.

Charlie hopped into the car, his eyes on mine as he tried to decipher my face. I was sure it wasn't anything nice.

"Everything all right in there?" he said lightly, but I was sure he felt truly worried.

"Everything is… as it has to be." I stared at the front. That was for sure.

"Okey dokey," he started the engine and soon reached the driveway.

But he seemed to be going utterly slow. I had never felt the car touching the pavement in such an annoying, quiet way. But as if it was on purpose, my mind started going to other places, to other thoughts. To what I didn't want to think but I desperately needed.

I stared outside my window, memorizing the different sheds of green that coexisted together in nature. It seemed impossible that so many different things were the same at the end. As Edward and I, we had been so different since the very beginning when we met each other in my first day of school when we were seven. But those differences pulled us together instead of breaking us apart. The differences coexisted so we could find the similarities in each other, and so they became what we were. Because we were nothing without the other. I was nothing without him. Just like the different sheds of green, they needed each other to form that amazing, beautiful landscape. Just as what we were when we were together. But not now, I couldn't have him now because I was going away, because this was the best.

And there I heard those words Jasper had told me on the park all too clear in my head, all too loud. He was right, so right that it seemed impossible. I was always trying to run away from happiness, but only because I was scared. I had always been afraid of happiness… because I'd always thought I wouldn't be strong enough to endure the time when happiness was gone. Because it always had to be gone some day, right?


"Dad, go back."

He stared at me for a second, and then with a smile, he turned around. "To the Cullens."

But it wasn't a question. "Yes," I choked out, my heart already beating with violence.

"I thought you would never ask," he smiled brightly as he sped through the streets as I would never imagine the Chief of Police would do.
I Love It
I Found Your Story Today And Well Its Past Miidnight And Im Still Reading. Well Actually I Just Finished.
Im Now Officiially Goiing To Fail My History Class Because A) I Didnt Study For My Exam On Monday And B)I Diidnt Do Any Of My Homework.
But I Can Honestly Say It Was So Worth It.
Escribes Muy Bien Y Espero Qe Puedas Escribir Mas Pronto!
Me Gusta y A Diferencia De Otras Historias De Aqii, Sii Me La Puedo Imagiinar SucediiendO!
Bueno Diios Te Bendiiga

Love YamiiMorales
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I look forward in reading more of your fan fiction stories. You are Amazing!
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