The Twilight Saga

                                          One day Destinee Renee Bennett was walking in the woods alone when she heard something strange. She was thinking of what she should do. She decided to run toward the sound. But when she got to the place she heard the noises coming from there was nothing but a house! She tried knocking on the door. But there was no answer. So than she just kicked the door open. She ran in and checked every door. There was no luck. Than she ran up to the second floor. Again no luck. Her mind thought she would have luck on the next floor.

                                        "Hello? Whos up there?" She asked. When she came to the last door she checked. Yep she had like three-hundred percent of luck. When she walked into the room, she seen her best friend, Renee Elizabeth Stevenson getting tourtured. Destinee felt sorry. The woman who was there was trying to help her. "Renee?" Destinee asked. Than she heard a man talking on the phone. She quickly went into another room. Renee screamed with pain and agony in her voice.

                                           Destinee looked for something to help her friend. She seen a knife. She snuck up on the man. "Oh, no you don't!" His wife said. "I advise you to get your hands off of m....." The wife hit Destinee and knocked her out. When Destinee woke up she had been tied up in a chair. She was forced to watch her best friend get tourtured. She tried to look away but her face was held by the guys wife.

                                            "Margret you can let her go now!" Margret's husband said. "Are you sure Jack?" She asked. Jack nodded. "I have to talk to her. You can go now!" He smiled. Margret left the room. "what do you want with me?" Destinee screamed. Tears were falling down her cheeks. "You retard. She never did anything to you! You killed her!" She said. "I had to kill her! She was going to snitch us out to the cops.

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I lke it so far keep writing n good luck
-love mizz.tw33ty b!rd- 1st to comment yyyyeeeaaahhhh
Thanks. But it's not done!!


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